(1866-06-08) Coronation Tourney: Free-For-All
Jean-Paul's Coronation Tourney: Free-For-All Event
Summary: The free for all tournament event, it is quite a bit of excitement for all. In the end Graham ends up the victor of this particular event.
Date: 1866-06-08
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Tourney Grounds - Rovilon - Couvier

The tournament grounds stand ready for use at a moment's notice. The stands are setup with the nobles sitting in the center, with the best seats and the Heraldry of the House set about them, and for any courtiers the Royals would have present. A half canopy has been established to help keep the shade in the area and protect from any of the elements, a thick leather trim going across the area where the royals are sitting raised up about fifty feet and supported by heavy wooden poles and tethers tying it. The benches have been formed of thick wood in the gallery, with lesser galleries set to the side for commoners, guards, and those who are watching and not immediately involved over in the arena. There are roughly eight rows of seats set up for the commoners stretching off the full length of the viewing gallery, and roughly three rows thick for the nobles to sit upon. Among the rows are those who are bringing beverage and refreshments.

The arena is dusty, a pit formed in the ground which has been dug down flat with padded dirt roughly two feet down from the main tents, the incline designed to give the crowd a better view. The center of the arena betray tell-tale markings where it is apparent that the rail for jousts could be set, if not set already. The dirt is thick and solid, packed down as firmly and evenly as it can be to ensure good footing. From the opposite ends of the exhibition pavilions are a pair of berths where the combatants would enter from and where judges and guards would otherwise sit, as well as attendants to quickly go and tend to the injured or break apart the combatants should it be necessary. The main pit is larger than the pavilions, being roughly fifty horse lengths wide, enough for all the combatants to have plenty of room to brawl without being so spread out that the main viewing area would risk losing track of them.


The first event of the tourney already has the stands filled and the Free-For-All area of the tourney field has been outlined with posts and ropes with blue pennants with yellow sunbursts in the center.

The knights awaiting the start of the melee all wait outside the demarcated area, already dressed and ready for the combat.

A short man in the colors of a Blue Cavalier with a rather fancy feathered hat steps up onto the announcers box beside the area, bringing his fingers to his lips under pointed moustachios and letting out a shrill whistle for attention. When the grounds quiet, he begins.

"Welcome to this, the first event of our blessed King's coronation tournament. This is also a Circuit tournament, lads and lasses, so this is for points! Ahem." He reaches into a sleeve and withdraws a rolled parchment. "Ah, yes, rules." He begins to read. "No unknightly conduct. The winner recieves fifteen circuit points; the second, ten. Every other participant recieves one. Tourney weapons only. Hmm hmm hmm…" He's obviously paraphrasing what's on the paper, as a much more reserved man wearing the circled chain of a Circuit official is beginning to sweat from beside him, giving him a gobsmacked look. "Ah, yes. Try not to kill each other, then! May the best… or at least the most vicious, yes? man— well, it could be a woman, women do make lovely knights, quite vicious themselves, in their own ways —, ah, err, win!"

He beams and steps down, gesturing for the knights to ented the area, but not to start yet— the King will call the beginning of the melee. The Circuit Official looks like his eyebrow might twitch off.

The King actually chuckles from where he sits esconced in the Royal box… and from the look on his face, he may have expected such a scene when he chose this particular announcer for the tournament. His wife simply shakes her head. Queen Alysande hides her amusement behind a green-gloved hand, seated as she is beside the King and Queen of Couviere— two sets of Royals sharing a Royal box. How fun.

In the ducal box just beside the royals, Alina l'Saigner sits, garbed in a dress of purple and blue, empire-waisted to help still look fashionable despite her condition. She looks relatively bored senseless, though she is there to watch her husband-to-be, whether he wins or not.

Sir Nadine steps into the ring warily, wearing maile with a balck and white tabard over it, the back with embroidered white wings. She sarries a tourney sword loosely in her hand, waiting for the beginning of the match to be called.

Sir Evelyn steps into the ring as well, nodding to Nadine. She rolls her shoulders, and swings her sword back and forth in a mere exercise to stay loose, ready, for the Tourney combat that is to come. Her eyes, though, her eyes sweep the field, surmising her opponents and choosing whom she might go after first.

The last check of armor and assigned weapon ahve been completed, and the announcements of the rules listened to and overheard. Graham is standing waiting for the offical start of the round there are some nerves simply from competing in such large scale it is diffrent then combat. Its time though and so he will move into the ring area as well giving nods to the other knights in greeting as they do likewise.

Elrick is looking more relaxed than usual when he steps into the ring in the position next to Nadine, either due to the Blue Cavalier's unique introduction or that he is wearing chainmail instead of his usual full plate. Since in his hand is only a tourney knight and not a real blad, the t'Tremaine heir plants the dulled tip into the ground, casually leaning against it as his gaze studies the other knights. Finally, his speaks quietly to Nadine, "Seems like you've decided to bring those pretty wings with you… might end up attracting unwanted attention though." Elrick's tone is light though, not admonishment, a touch amused at how she chose to kit herself.

Present for the fight is Thaddeus Greycen. Over his maile he wears a blue surcoat with the white lion of his house, and a blue ribbon around his right arm, his wife's favor. He checks his equipment and hefts his sword a little to get a bit used to it. Thad takes a few moments to look out over the field and takes a deep breath. He looks to Aidric, "Let's hope this goes well."

Gabriel l'Corren fusses with his maile, making sure it is situated properly for the contest ahead. Glancing over, he gives his brother a grin and a nod before turning to view the field for a moment. Nodding to himself, he draws out his tournament sword and then attaches the black and purple ribbons that constitute Alina's favor in a way that it can be clearly seen by all, but won't prove to be too much of a distraction. Nodding, he sheathes his sword once again and then looks over to Michael. "Good luck, brother. I hope it is you and I who are standing last." The comment is without any meaning, just a simple wish for his brother to do well.
With her cousin competing, Emilia has found a place in the stands to watch shiney-ones beat up on each other with sticks. It shall be loud…and shiney. Lots of both. But at least she didn't have to wear a dress for this one. Right?

Up and over in the commoner's section of the stands, Gastogne goes to take a seat, eyes watching of the contestants assembled. Going to take a bit eof something.. To realize he didn't have it in his hand. Murmuring quietly up, "Fiddlesticks."

Aidric enters the ring behind Thaddeus, sword gripped in his hand as well. "I hope so," he says, "All the same I'll watch your back if you do the same for me." He tests his sword a few times and satisfied with the weight takes up a position beside the Greycen heir. Then looking to his side and spotting Graham he calls "Cassomir, come stand with us."

Tristan sits in the royal box, positioned behind and to the side of the Queen. Sipping on some wine, he glances around the at the people ready to beat the shit out of each other for sport and shakes his head. He wasn't even sure who he should cheer for. There was Thaddeus, he was a good enough sort. Aidric was too, then there was the Cassomir fellow. Certainly he could not cheer for anyone from the north. Or could he? "This wine is rather good." He says to no one in particular as he takes another long sip of it.

A sense of uneasiness is settled in Cathrynn's dark eyes as she takes her place with the other spectators. She is attired as a Huntress should be, sans weapons, and as she looks for a seat she occasionally scans the ring as if looking for someone. The someone would easily be guessed as Graham, for anyone who knows the pair, and when her gaze lands on him she gives him a little nod of her head then sits, ready to watch.

Joffrey t'Synclarre fastens the chinstrap of his helm and rolls his neck a bit to make sure it's securely seated. He picks up his blunted blade and moves to the starting area, giving it a few practice swings. He usually prefers a shield, but well, that's not how these things work. He gives a brief smile and a nod to those assembled that he knows (That being Nadine, Michael, Gabriel, Elrick, and Evelyn) and scans the stands briefly for a particular face. Whether he sees it or not remains a mystery though, as his attention soon turns back to his soon-to-be opponents.

Michael grins over at his brother. "That's my hope too. I still owe you for the last time we stood here," he jokes lightly as he fixes his own ribbon of red and gold about the hilt of his tourney sword. The knight then turns to the rest of the knights in the ring. "Good luck to you all," he begins with apparent good natured humility. "You will need it the l'Correns are here," he adds on at the end with a bit of a chuckle.

Gwen sees Joffrey looking and she presses her lips together, her expression completely left to his interpretation, he knows her, after all, and knows the look of concern tinged with a bit of pride. She clasps her dainty hands together then looks for her family members, smiling, at least for now, no lines drawn in the sand just yet.

King Jean-Paul rises to his feet, surveying the men and women in the melee ring in silence for a minute or two. He nods, satisfied with what he sees.

"May the One guide your strikes. Begin." he intones, his voice pitched to carry across the field and through the stands.

Nadine winks at Elrick, and gestures towards him. "Pick your target, Sir," she says simply. Whether that means she will assist him by attacking the same or defending his flanks isn't clear.

Before going north Lucas would have rolled his eyes at the thought of watching the melee. Loud clanky knights battering each other for sport? No thank you. Give him hand to hand fighting or even staves any day. However the war had taught him some respect for knights and more than respect for one knight in particular. So, Lucas finds himself in the stands with his family, watching the knights prepare in that quiet way of his, sizing them up and trying to gauge who among them was best.

When the king gives the command to start, he leans forward intently as the battle begins.

Evelyn is not as lucky as the l'Corren's, or Nadine and Elrick, she has nobody perhaps, to watch her back. She flashes a grin to Joffrey, noting right before she heads into the fray, "Shall we fight together, Sir? Once more? Seems everyone is pairing up." But, she leaves the offer on the table, making an eye for Aidric. Afterall, there will be plenty of time to attack her comrades later and test her blades against them.

Elrick's gaze turns to the King when he rises to his feet, anticipation quickly building. When the announcement to begin is made, the t'Tremaine heir offers a quick salute to His Majesty before glancing back towards Nadine, "And the target will be a southerner for sure, Sir." Question is which one. Elrick is not one to shy away from those who are skilled, perhaps as a way of testing himself as well. Not finding the Rose Queen's Champion on the field, the t'Tremaine finds another, Thaddeus. He approaches without any hidden intentions, with a rather confident grin, "Welcome to the north, Sir!" The verbal greeting is offered, as well as a physical one, a quick strike from his tourney blade.

"A fair match all and each well fought." Graham salutes those competing. He will look to the stands nodding to Cathrynn as he finds her a smile given and to his cousin Emilia as he sees her. The kings words are brought back to focus and he's got to focus on the task before him which with so many assembled seems daunting. The Cassomir knight moves out into the field keeping his eyes on the other and it seems that he's matched with another who moves to him raising weapon ready to fight.

"We'll see what comes, Sir Evelyn, but if there's to be a test, I may as well test myself against the best, hmm?" Joffrey has no malice whatsoever in his voice as he approaches Gabriel. Maybe he's looking for an early out? Or maybe he's just looking for a test after all. "Shall we, my still relatively new brother?" He salutes Gabriel and takes up a defensive stance.

Gabriel watches the King stand and when the words are spoken, he turns to Michael and nods. Then he draws his sword and then steps forward, eyeing potential targets. He can already see some of the matchups taking place. Well, it was time to make things a little… interesting. Now wasn't it? Lifting his sword, he sees others squaring off with one another. Spotting Joffrey, he raises his blade to him in a salute, and then squares off with the man. "Yes, let us give my dear sister a show!"

Joffrey grunts and staggers back a bit as Gabriel's first strike lands solidly against his neck, even as his own glances harmless across his opponents' armor. He doesn't seem inclined to give up, though, resetting his feet and maintaining the mostly-defensive posture. "Well struck, Sir Gabriel. Let's see if I can return the favor!"

Evelyn is not too dissuaded, at least for the moment, when Joffrey turns her down. Instead, as people pair off, she's pleased that she and the Rivanaian Knight are left to their own devices as well. She moves fluidly, utilizing a new way of attacking learned over the course of the campaign, and manages to score a well-placed score into Aidric's arm. She grins, wildly. Apprently, the female Knight is rather enjoying herself.

"Well, looks like you can talk peace treaty all day long with the courtly types, but when it comes to knights, they are gonna fight who they're gonna fight, and that's the opposing country, amirite?" The chatty Cavalier elbows the Circuit observer, who groans and looks like he'd rather be with anyone else.

The melee is met in earnest, with blows exchanged fairly evenly on both sides, though Sir Thaddeus Greycen, heir to Stoneshield, almost drops quickly as he is beset by both Sir Elrick and Sir Nadine almost immediately.

Nadine nods slightly and bows her head towards Sir Thaddeus, but continues to harry him as Elrick presses on.

His sister will probably be very cross with him if he knocks Joffrey out of the contest, but one did have to test out new members of the family… right? Stepping to the side, he keeps his eyes focused on Joffrey, and then as he sees the man begin to move, steps forward and to the side, letting the man's attack glance off him. He connects with his own hit and then he steps back, nodding. "Of course, Sir Joffrey." He nods to the man, but still keeps a wary eye out on his opponent.

Well, there have been better starts to melees. Thaddeus is soon set upon by two Couvierian knights, and while he can land a hit, he is soon overwhelmed by the two knights, though instead of being felled, he is simply forced to try and retreat a little to keep in the fight for a little bit.

Michael grunts as he's struck but shrugs off the wound quickly with a laugh. "Well struck Cassomir!" he calls to his foe as he launches a vigorous counter-attack.
Graham knows this is going to get busy very quickly with so many fighting so closely and well no teams. He moves onward towards the one who moves towards him. Its not far really, the blade is in action before he's there and though he lands a blow his armor is struck which will surely bruise. "Nicely played." He must step to try to not only not be struck again but to launch his own attack.

Gastogne cheerfully applauds from his place up in the stands, going to watch as the melee starts, then going to look from somewhere that he can grab some food to enjoy the tournament!

"Well…" Tristan says, sipping his wine before he continues. "It would seem that today is not Lord Thaddeus' day. A shame, I rather like him. Perhaps he can mount something of a comeback." He turns and eyes a pretty face in the crowd. Smiling, he gives her a slight wave.

"Damn it!" Aidric curses not for the blow he took, which still throbs with pain but because Thaddeus is down. "To hell with it," he mutters as he lurches away from the wildly smiling woman in front of him to strike at the winged one who presses Thad.

Gwen's attention is on her husband and brother, but then.. there's the other brother, and she looks toward him occasionally too. She does try to avoid looking like a puppet swiveling back and forth, content to watch Joffrey, her hands gripping each other in anticipation as the contest progresses.

Seated upon the edge of her seat, Clara watches on with unmitigated excitement. Excitement that quickly shifts to concern as Thaddeus threatens to fall. Only to turn to relief when he doesn't.

While Gabriel is testing out Joffrey, it appears that Elrick is doing the same to Thaddeus, though it is not family but royalty in a sense. Eager to strike out at the Rivanaian, he had left himself open slightly to reward himself with a decent blow, one that Thaddeus had taken. The t'Tremaine does give his opponent a brief moment to regroup, nodding slightly to Nadine, "Seems like it's hard to shake our experiences up north, Nadine, glad to be fighting at your side again. Now let us see if Sir Thaddeus is deserving of our Princess." The words spoken perhaps to poke at the Rivanaian but still spoken more in good fun than actual offensive taunting, more like rivalry talk. They cross blades this time but it appears the trio are more wary of their defenses this time.

Joffrey staggers back again, as a strong blow strikes against his chest. He doesn't speak, mostly because the wind has definitely been knocked out of him. Still he keeps his sword up. After all, it wouldn't be in his character to yield easily, though he does shift to a more defensive posture, even if he knows it'll likely cost him much opportunity to counter-strike against his opponent.

As Aidric turns to go to Thaddeus' aid, Evelyn does not appear to be done with him. What's the saying? Never turn your back on an enemy while in combat and they're still armed? Something like that. Evelyn swings her sword, perhaps to teach the man a lesson - perhaps to take out an opponent. She hits him square, and hard.

Damn this Cassomir was good! Michael is rocked back by the blow to his neck and takes a couple of desperate defensive swings to try and win a bit of space. There are no more words now, mostly because his neck still aches, but Michael presses the Cassomir knight with another offensive trying to turn the tide back towards his favour.

Again, Gabriel attacks Joffrey. The two exchange blows, though Gabriel knows he has gotten the better out of them, even if the man did score a glancing blow to his leg. Taking a step back, he nods as he observes his opponent. "Come, Sir. Let us cross blades at least once more, but so far I know that Gwen has married well. Know that my brother and I are proud of you." He assumes his normal combat stance and then waits.

Thaddeus takes a breath, avoiding a couple of swipes from the knights. Aidric's arrival gets a nod, and the hit a wince. Though this seems to throw off Thad's attention and he fails to find any success in his attack. "Compete in the tourney, they said. It would be fun, they said."

Emilia perches upon the eddge of her seat as she watches the fighting below. Dark eyes flickering about the action, but that is about the only movement in that stoic expression of hers. Though there is perhaps an edge less of the solmen nature as she pay partcular attention to Graham's progress, especially as he seems to get in a particularly good hit.

Aidric is knocked to his knees from the blow from behind. He spits a bit of blood into the sand of the ring but stands, turning and swinging his blade in one reckless motion trying to catch his attacker off-guard.

Graham eyes the other knight closely trying to judge which direction he will go. It may be by luck that he steps in such a way to be missed by the strike his sword brought around it lands a solid blow but the other is still standing which is impressive all its own. He must be mindful of this strength as he moves to both defend and attack once more.

Nadine frowns slightly, but nods to Elrick, choosing not to speak, rather to keep pressing. She would turn to defend herself against the southerner's friend, but Sir Evelyn seems to have him well in hand.

The Cavalier chortles as both Joffrey and Aidric threaten to drop. "The Unbroken should have suspected he'd break going against the Red Knight, eh? Eh eh?" he elbows the man in the side again. "Should have been a Cavalier, that one. Which one? Either of them! Well, except they both need a better sense of style."

The Circuit official rubs his temples. "I do wish you'd stop elbo—oof!" he takes another elbow to the ribs.

"And look at that Southern boy drop. Never turn your back on a woman with a blade in 'er hand, innit that right?"

Tristan winces. That hit that Aidric just took look like it hurt. "This all reminds me of why I am glad that I never became a knight." He nods to himself before sipping some more wine.

Gabriel exchanges another several blows with Joffrey. He laughs as he takes a solid smack on the arm, and he shakes that arm a little as he takes a step back to regroup. "It is as I thought, I do hope my sister is entertained by this!" He lifts his sword in a salute to the man, and then assumes a more defensive stance, showing the man that he respects his abilities too much to give him any potential openings.

The mad slash worked but at a cost. Aidric struck the women with the wild smile but he took a hit in return. Still standing, Aidric presses on, hammering at the woman's defenses with sword blow after sword blow.

Joffrey's defensive posture doesn't seem to be keeping him from getting hit, but miraculously despite another blow to his neck (Again with the neck?) and his chest, he remains on his feet, and even manages to score a couple of quick counterattack against Gabriel's extremities, but as yet no telling blows. Still, he seems to have regained most of his wind, even if he's still a touch breathless when he notes, "Either that or worried sick, but I hope the former." Joffrey replies, and moves in, still cautious on the attack.

A fierce flurry of blows, many of them scoring hits on the knights only clad in maile. Nadine seems content to keep Thaddeus is a more defensive position so that Elrick might whittle him down further.

The cavelier Cavalier watches with childlike glee. "This is going to be one for the books!" he declares. "Hit after hit! And look at these guys, they just take a hitting and keep on… uh… hitting. That works, right? Right?"

"Stab me now," mutters the Circuit official at his side.

"This /is/ fun, is it not, Sir?" Elrick says in return, his grin widenly as he steps in for another strike, intent on disarming his opponent instead of going for the legs or the hand. His blow strikes true but the Greycen appears to be made of sterner stuff than the t'Tremaine thought.. Especially when the counter-blow comes, one that Elrick does not parry in time as it rings his head. Taking a couple of steps back, Elrick shakes his head slightly, "See? Fun!" He steps back to engage the Rivanaian once more, without hesitation.

Evelyn misreads Aidric's desperation at first as he gets up and surges, only managing to turn enough to have the hit score against her off-handed arm, before countering with a blow of her own across Aidric's chest, "Mistakes here can cost you. That much I realized at my first Tourney, Sir," Evelyn wagers to Aidric, the grin still on her face. Even after the hit? She's still enjoying herself.

Michael was fast running out of breath, his wounds ached and damn it if the Cassomir wasn't as fast and quick as ever. Still he carries on pressing his opponent with strikes meant to bring him to bay.

Gwen is certainly enthralled at least, if not 'entertained' per se. She winces with each blow to either man, and then looks to the other brother and winces again. She inhales and one hand moves idly to her throat, toying with a bit of lace at her collar, a nervous habit, better than twisting her hair at least.

Graham steps in for a new strike and he must act quickyl not to be struck and so his blade doesnt hit as hard as it might do though he somehow manages not to be struck. The combat is in full swing as they say as each knight warms up into the battle. They continue another round and he moves swiftly to strike.

Alina leans forward in her seat in the stands, chewing on her lower lip as she watches Gabriel fight. She'd seen it before, of course, but it's different to be able to watch with a careful eye towards his skill rather than watching out of idle boredom and mockery or in the middle of a true battle.

Thaddeus grumbles and continues fighting, weathering a strike from the t'Tremaine knight, and avoiding the t'Cadri's blade. Thad then strikes out and is able to smack Elrick in the head with his tourney blade, though he was not trying to. He grumbles to himself as he continues fighting.

Lucas smiles when Evelyn seems to have the better of her foe. He doesn't take his eyes from the fight but asks his sister sidelong "How does Gabriel fare?" only to glance briefly at the Greycen knight when he falls.

Gastogne can't make out everyone in the midst of the melee, so just settles for enjoying the spectacle from his point in the stands, where he can pick out the occasional cluster of figures as he goes to fumble in his search for food.

It'd be too cliche to wave a flag with Ostvor's colors, wouldn't it? So instead, Edwina sits, back straight and hands folded one over the other atop her knees as she watches her cousin-by-marriage. There's no betraying her smile when Evelyn performs well; like some others in the audience, she's been exposed to some degree of fighting and, at the very least, knows how hard the competitors have worked to make it here. When she manages to didge a blow, an audible 'yes!' escapes her lips and she leans forward in her seat.

Nadine turns as Thaddues drops, stepping up to assist her future leige. "Sir Michael," she says grimly, before swinging towards his opponent, the Cassomir knight.

"Mm. He is still standing," Alina says to her brother quietly. "He has taken several blows, though… but he is a stubborn man, isn't he?" Her tone lilts slightly.

"OHHHH!" the Cavalier cheers. "And the first man down of the match! Pity its a Rivanan— who am I kidding? SIR ELRICK!" he cheers. "He's been a show on the tourney circuit, I'm sure you know— no Gabriel l'Corren! that's for sure, but I think the kid has talent—"

"Will you shut up?" the Circuit official snaps.

The Cavalier blithely continues as if not snapped at, "And he's a pretty good looking guy too, I bet he gets LOADS of tail. Courtesan AND Songbird and well, probably anything he wants, really."

Evelyn finds herself unable to score a hit, as if Aidric were possessed, and she'd knocked some sense into him. She doesn't recognize those watching her, her focus is on the field. "Now you're getting interesting," Evelyn praises Aidric sincerely. She presses on.

Cathrynn looks on with no small measure of pride at Graham's success thus far. She smiles over at Emilia and then looks back to the competition sitting forward a bit as if those few inches can allow her a better view than she just had.

The Cassomir knight is fighting well, but the strength of the other is impressive he's still standing after yet another firce blow. is landed on him. Graham must step back quickly to avoid the strike before he presses once more. He must try to end this quickly as he notes there is yet another knight approaching and well that is never any good.

Once more Elrick takes a blow to his head, stunned for a moment but not before his own attack hits, a light one. It's Nadine who helps him finish off the Rivanaian opponent, a formidable one for sure. "Well fought, Sir." He offers, words spoken with some grugding respect as he tries to clear his head. Surveying the field, the t'Tremaine sees that another Rivanaian is relatively unharmed and is giving his future liege a hard time. But before Elrick can move to assist, Nadine is already off, so he is a couple of steps behind.

Thaddeus finds his blade strike true again, but sadly he is struck twice by the two knights opposing him and he founds himself in the dirt. Fortunately this is not a real fight, as the Greycen is allowed to leave the field safely and to vent his frustration.

Thad falls. "Damn it," Aidric curses. He turns to the women he faces. "You were always interesting," he grins at her, a gruesome expression with teeth still tinged with blood. "But time to end this ," he says and then hurls himself at Evelyn, carless of defense focused on landing a telling blow.

Gabriel isn't quite able to dodge Joffrey's attack, and he feels the blade hit his swordarm. Grunting, he attempts a quick counter, but it only scrapes along the man's armor. Licking his lips, he grips his blade tighter and then circles the man for a moment before making any further moves.

Raelyn claps, "Graham is opening some eyes, no doubt," she tells both her sister, and Cathrynn with no small amount of family pride. "I never doubted he would. It will only get more interesting as some opponents get eliminated." She frowns, perhaps in empathy, for Thaddeus being the first out. She comments, "Sir Thaddeus was invaulable at Goldhollow."

Joffrey seems to be continuing to counterstrike against Gabriel's arms when he makes those attacks, perhaps because the man's core is too strongly defended. He keeps up his evasive posture, trying to avoid Gabriel's strikes more so than ferociously attack. Gabriel's just too good to allow any opening. He pivots, keeping Gabriel before him, waiting for the strike to come.

Emilia gives a nod to Cathrynn as the huntress gives that smile, noting, "He is doing of well." He had gotten some fine hits in. Leaning foreward just a touch as she notices not one, but two more turning to attack Graham, this would certainl make this far more difficult for the Cassomir knight. It was the way of these things, and not uncommon on the battlefield either.

It seems some patience has paid off, and when Gabriel strikes, he adapts to follow one of Joffrey's tactics. He strikes at the man's arms, perhaps even throwing off the man's attack, as he was easily able to side-step it. Resuming his defensive posture, he continues to keep his eyes open, his focus on his opponent in front of him, and as such he has missed most of the difficulties that his brother has been facing.

"It appears that another Cassomir wishes to make a name for himself." Tristan observes as he allows a servant to refill his goblet of wine.

"Whoduya think is going to be the next man out?" the Cavalier asks as Michael looks as if he might falter for a moment. "I think it's going to be the l'Faust girl, myself. No one's bothered hitting that girl with the wings— oh, yeah, is that Snowshield? Huh. I didn't think she did tourneys. Anyway. I figure if a couple of them get half their brains working, they'll start winging at her, maybe. You think?"


Nadine strikes a light blow on the Cassomir knight, and presses again, less cautiously.

Alina presses her lips together and shakes her head, mentally going over the contents of her room. Yes, yes, she had healoil. She suspected she would be massaging some of it into Gabriel's muscles later. Bruises were likely for him, after all.

Michael finds himself sprawling in the dirt. "Abyss," he laughs as he rolls onto his back and vaults to his feet to the cheers of the crowd. Though ready for more he doesn't press his foe but stands back to let him share his talents with Elrick and Nadine for a time.

Unrelenting, Evelyn sidesteps and then swings on her her off foot quickly. The blow won't be a hard one, but it might set Aidric off balance, and for a more powerful strike. Her gambit pays off, and her sword hits the man's arm cleanly.

Elrick appears to be still recovering from the two head blows he received from Thaddeus, lucky for him the other competitors' attention are turned elsewhere. His attempt at getting in a blow on Graham was a lackluster attack this time around, more worried about getting in the way of the other two Couviere knights than anything else. As he continues to shake off the stunned feeling, the t'Tremaine appears to be slowly gathering his bearings again.

Graham has been fighting hard for a while now and it seems that this strike at least will buy him a breather though its not to be so as two others now join the orginal knight he'd faced. Though he must quickly decide who's his biggest danger here. It seems to be the the most fresh knight who lands a blow against him though he winces at this and so he will turn to press her

"Ha…I suppose I had that coming." Joffrey replies, pulling his arm back and rolling his shoulder a bit, "I'll admit, I've held up better than I expected." And with that, Joffrey continues to circle Gabriel, occasionally exchanging strikes of the blunted blades, both looking for the opening to land a felling blow.

Aidric's mad attack fails to do much good so he turns and takes a more cautious approach. What was it Sir Paul had taught him? The calm fighter is the one who survives to the end of the battle? He circles his foe then, trying to make his tired and throbbing body keep up with his foe while he searches for a weakness.

Gwen watches Joffrey and Gabriel, brows furrowing somewhat. She's concerned of course though she simply lets her expression become more and more intense, making not a sound. She does manage a little bit of a smile, at least it is her brother, she can be happy in that.

Aidric is once more knocked to the dirt, though he can't find it in him to rise as easily as the last time. "Teaches me to look to battle advice from a dead man," he murmurs as he tosses the sword from his grasp as a sign of surrender and then is helped from the field. "Well fought Sir," he offers his foe. "Come find me after and we'll drink to my defeat," he offers. Might as well salvage something from this loss.

Evelyn's strategy seems to work - the blow wasn't quite as hard as she might've liked it to be, but given the battering Aidric has endured, it's enough to send him down to the ground. "Well fought," she acknowledges to him, then, she's moving fowards, calling, "Sir Gabriel!" Yes, Evelyn's a bit bold, and there's enough people on the only remaining Southerner. "I believe we both made promises to each other. Come face me!"

Joffrey manages his most solid strike of the duel at last, but he pays for it in the end, as Gabriel's strike hits his hand, and sends his weapon from his grasp. Putting his hands up, Joffrey signals that he yields, shaking his head and laughing a bit, "I think that's fairly won, Sir Gabriel. Best to leave myself with some unbruised patches for the events to come." He moves to retrieve the fallen weapon, then salutes Gabriel and moves off the field, sitting down and pulling off his helm, not looking at all displeased by his performance, though he does rub at his neck and roll his head a bit. That's definitely gonna be bruised.

Gabriel is able to deliver another hit on Joffrey, but it seems the man adapts well, and he leaves enough of an opening to take a solid blow to his torso. Grunting out a laugh, he offers the man a nod of respect. "Well fought, Sir Joffrey. Well fought indeed." He salutes the man, and then moves to find an opponent before being called out by Evelyn. Offering the woman a nod, he approaches her cautiously.

His waiting done Michael turns towards Nadine. "Let Elrick have the man on his own, come face me," he shouts and then comes forward to press his challenge with steel.

And Aidric's down? "Yes!" Definitely loud enough this time as Edwina watches Evelyn best her opponent. She bites down gently on her bottom lip to keep from saying anything else - shouting, even at sporting events, isn't especially ladylike - and it's a good thing she does, too. When Evelyn challenges Gabriel, Edwina's eyes widen and her teeth press a bit more firmly into her lip before she turns to watch this next portion of the fight.

The Cassomir is hard pressed now from all sides and though he's fought well he's getting tired no doubt. Graham is struck hard even after he dodges one blow though he strikes a lighter strike of his own though it is less severe then the one he took. He steps back to re-evaluate things here. It seems two of his opponants go at one another and he moves his move at the last attacking.

"He may yet pull this out, now it's more even," Raelyn says to both Cathrynn, and Emilia. "Still, regardless, he's put on quite the showing. And, no doubt, made a few impressions on folk." And this pleases her. "As it should be."

With the two Couviere companions disengaging to fight their own duel, Elrick's grin is slowly return as he faces off with the southern knight, a Cassomir even. "Looks like it is you and me, let's see if I can't help you join your compatriot, Sir Thaddeus." Resting outside of the ring of course, not to the afterlife, since the newly crowned King has decreed that there will be peace.

Cathrynn's expression grows more intense and she glances to Raelyn with a nod, "A name to remember," she agrees. She cringes when the Cassomir knight faces so many at one time, the hard hit making her gasp a little under her breath. Then they move off and he's left to face one again. Exhale.

"The Unbroken is broken on the Red Knight's blade!" chortles the Cavalier. "I have coin on Sir Gabriel, you know," he asides to the Circuit official.

"I can't hear that," the official grumbles. "You're supposed to be impartial."

"Why?" the cavalier asks. "I'm not judging the damn thing." Then Evelyn calls to Gabriel. "Well, then. This should be interesting. And by interesting… I wonder if she'll be interested in a drink after she gets bruised up a bit by Sir Gabriel, eh? Eh eh eh eh?!?" he elbows the man in the side repeatedly.

"Ow ow ow ow ow ow…"

Nadine salutes with her sword towards Sir Michael and turns to face him. "My lord!" she snaps a quick bow of the neck and then moves to strike.

Alina sighs. "Lucas?" she asks. "Do you think this is completely idiotic, or just half-brained?"

Michael is bested again and this time there is no quick recovery. The heir to Murnord falls into the dirt and raises a hand. "Yeild! Well fought Nadine," he says as he gets to his feet with the help of his sword. It seems like someone else will be facing his brother in the final round.

"Of aye, mine-sister," Emilia agrees, her dark eyes keeping to the combat as things do start to end up a bit trickier with so many on Graham. Trying to watch all the hits bein traded about. Or even keep an eye upon her cousin with the gang pile of northern folk upon him. Though that does end up changing about again, the ever fluid turn of the melee. "He is of making a fine of show."

Evelyn dodges Gabriel's first attack, but Gabriel isn't deterred by her counter. He goes with the blow, and then rolls to the side before coming up in an attack, smacking the woman in the chest with his blade, even as she hits him in the neck. Again. Damn, he's going to be sore after this. Grunting he stands and takes a step back, giving the woman some room. "You have improved Sir Evelyn, well done."

Graham looks to the knight he's left to fight though he bows his head "To a well fought match." He is breathing heavily by now though he trades a few more blows taking another heard blow on the second with a bit more movement he will move to strike once more.

Sir Evelyn is either very, very brave, or perhaps very, very crazy. A little of both? She knows who she's calling out - one of the best knights in all of Couviere. But, the best is a good way to learn your own failings from, and test your mettle against. It's no secret the 'hero-worship' Evelyn has for Gabriel, either. And it's with caution she approaches him, in turn; and that caution earns her not one, but two hard hits against her opponent successively. The last costs her though, as Gabriel scores a hard hit into her chest that sends her to the ground. She coughs, just a little, but then is back on her knees. "I've learned from the best," she answers, "And under the worst conditions. But I'm not felled yet." She grins, with absolute abandon in the moment, and moves to attack again.

"What a bloody round!" the Cavalier exclaims. "I mean it, I think there was some blood flying there. You sure those blades are blunted properly? But wow. WOW. I think that was quite a show, eh? Too bad our future Duke of Murnord went down like a Lonnaire courtes—"

"HEY NOW." The official interrupts him. "This is a game of fine showmanship."

"You say sportsmanship, I say— wait, is that kid there bringing out wine for sale? Kid, bring me one of those!"

"Because exactly what you need is wine…"

Nadine drops her leige, and then bows her head to him as he departs the field. "Well-fought, sir! We shall have to try this again soon!" Then she turns to assist Sir Elrick once more.

Lucas flinches when Evelyn falls. "What?" he asks hearing his sister's voice. The words register belatedly and he offers a shrug "I don't mind it so much to be honest. It helps them prepare for the real thing and it gives the people something to cheer," he says waving his hand at the common-folk packed in close to watch the spectacle.

He smiles when Evelyn regains her feet. "What do you say sister, if Evelyn wins you have to tend to Wraith and Rogue for a month, if she loses, I'll do it?"

Sir Elrick's movements do appear more sluggish as he weathers another pair of blows from the Rivanaian opponent, two slahes to the chest, luckily from blunted blades. The chainmail dulls the blow of the tourney weapons but they will not doubt leave some bruises afterwards. The t'Tremaine's first swing is off its mark but the second strikes true, a slash in return across Graham's chest. Despite taking quite a few hits, Elrick doesn't appear to be backing off, in fact, the northern knight is trying to press his opponent! No more words are offered now, most likely trying to conserve what strength he has left.

Saved by the northern lady knight yet again, but Elrick is currently not in any shape to voice any complaints about what this may do to his tourney image, or perhaps he doesn't care at this point. "I owe you yet again, Sir Nadine, much like when we were in the north." Further north that is, compared to Graham who is from the south. As his opponent stumbles, the t'Tremaine heir has enough tourney honor to give the man a brief respite to regain his footing, then he is slashing out with his tourney blade yet again.

Gabriel awaits for Evelyn to recover, and once she has, he presses another attack. This exchange accomplishes very little other than some dinging up of each others armor. He steps away and nods at her, circling to her right, attempting to wait to find an opening. All while keeping himself from giving her an opening to properly counter.

Graham has been fighting hard though he trades another blow and doges, the next he strikes armor but does no damage and the attack drops him to his knee a moment breathing deeply. He manages to find his footing and stands raising his blade in a salute to being given a moment but he takes his stance once more ready for a last effort at least.

"The midwife says I'm not to be near either of the cats," Alina says with a scowl. "Or wine. Or makeup. Or truly, anything of fun or value. So I suppose we'll have to trade something else. Speaking of, I'm sure Rogue will be displeased with you for being gone so long. She keeps pulling the blankets off your bed."

"Only one Rivanan left! And it looks like Sir Elrick and Sir Nadine are intent to knock him down together. Sayyyyyy…" the Cavalier squints. "You don't think that's all they're knocking, do you? I mean, I've heard— hey hey hey. If you're gonna bring a friend to the tourney, better to butter 'em up first, that's what I always say."

"Crudely put, sir."

"Nah, that's not crude. You wanna hear crude? Let me tell you this joke. So, a courtesan, a paladin, and two goblyns walk into a bar…"

Nadine grins at Elrick as she continues to press the southern knight. "After this," she says simple, "you will owe me."

Disappointment is evident in Gwen's sad little smile for Joff once he's off the field and the helmet is off and she can see that he at least seems unharmed. She exhales and sits back in her seat then finds her brothers on the field, watching them continue on, for a time at least.

Evelyn's own sword glances off Gabriel's armor, an exchange of inefficient blows. She tips her head, licks her lips and briefly with one eye takes a sweep of those left. "Your brother has been taken out," she tells Gabriel, "A pity I shan't have a go at him, after I take you to your knees." She's boasting. And having far more fun than she should.

On the heels of her words, Evelyn does just as she'd promised. She moves in, finding what she sees - thinks, is an opening in the man's defenses. And, it is. Perhaps more than he'd intended it to be, or maybe Evelyn has improved that much to take better advantage of it? She strikes another hard blow into Gabriel, this time into his midsection, sending him down. Yet, she was too focused, or still just enough inexperienced - Gabriel's own blade falls even as hers lands, cracking against her and sending her down to the ground, breathless, hurt, and stinging from the blow. She gasps, after a few seconds of working her throat, "Did," she ventures, "What I said I'd do." She coughs a few more times, then looks up at Gabriel, still grinning. "Well fought, Sir Gabriel. Drinks shall be on me." There will, perhaps, be a lot of drinking. Aidric, her, Gabriel. And likely others.

"…and that is how the paladin ended up with her smalclothes on his—AHAHAHAHA!" chortles the Cavalier. "See that? SEE THAT? Again, beautiful ladies swoon before the might that is the Red Knight!"

"I believe she took a hefty blow from his sword—"



Nadine continues ot press Sir Graham, allowing Elrick to take the combat to Sir Gabriel.

"Your midwife is a tyrant, sister," Lucas observes amusedly. Then flinches when Evelyn goes down alongside Gabriel. He stands and applauds knowing Evelyn will be proud of that alone. "Guess we both win?" he asks looking at his sister. "Anyhow, it won't be long before the children are born and you will be free of her commands, no?"

There is a cheer sounding out for the lone Rivanan left in the field. Coming not from the commoner seating, but from the VIP section…in particular from the young Tracano princess. The words are lost in the din, but the tone and intent are clearly heard. Clara is fully caught up in the excitement…and really doesn't care who else knows of it.

Waiting, waiting. He sees Evelyn move, and then he moves forward, bringing his blade up, and then down. He steps right into her attack, taking it hard in the torso, causing his breath to explode out of him, but his swing is true. He watches her go down as he takes a step back to catch his breath. After a few moments, he offers Evelyn a nod. "Well fought, Sir. Well fought." He surveys what remains of the field, and nods at Elrick. He will let Nadine take the Rivanan. He gives Elrick a nod as he salutes him. "Come Sir Elrick, let us cross blades."

"I am large enough that she says soon enough," Alina agrees. "And that day cannot come soon enough," she scowls.

Rats. "Well fought, the pair of you," Edwina calls, unsure if Gabriel or Evelyn can hear her, but it makes her feel better to say it nonetheless. Hoping the latter will be in fair enough shape for speech, Edwina rises, smoothes her skirts, and bustles off to find her.

Graham swings though it goes wild luckily the others does as well as he steps away, but the comabt is ever changing and so the lady knight steps back up and he nods before raising his sword once more though he's tired he's still standing. The cheering from the crowd reforces him for at least another round of fighting.

Another miss by Elrick, his sword arm certainly growing heavy but he knows that the competitive field has thinned quite a bit. In his peripheral vision, he sees that Evelyn had taken down Gabriel, but in return took a blow as well which took her out of the grand melee. Which means the t'Tremaine knight also sees the l'Corren coming at him. For this opponent, grabs his tourney blade with both hands, may end up shortening his striking distance but it will at least strengthen his hold on his weapon, in theory. "So, have you taken care of the rest of the melee competitors, Sir Gabriel?" A quick glance at Nadine, he tosses her a somewhat cocky grin, "I shall return, in a moment." Confidence against last year's Circuit Champion, no surprise there.

Gabriel circles Elrick for a moment, and then he steps forward and swings hard for his midsection. He connects with a rather hard blow, but isn't able to do much to stop Elrick's counter. Again, the air is knocked out of him and he goes down to one knee. "I yield, I yield. Well done. I am only glad that I was able to give as good as I got." He chuckles. Hey, knocking out two contestants personally in what were one-on-one fights was good enough for him. Sheathing his sword he steps off of the field to go see how his brother and Joffrey are faring.

Alina lets out a sharp gasp as Gabriel drops, and acually rises to her feet until he moves to get himself off the field.

"One damn it," the Cavalier snorts. "Well, at least it's Sir Elrick that dropped him, not one of the southerners. We'd never hear the end of it then."

"I much prefer the Royal Lancers," the official notes irritatedly. "They don't talk so much."

Nadine grins and continues her spar with the remaining southern knight, seeming to enjoy herself throughly.

Elrick's tactic worked… in a way. Since the range of his strike was shortened, he had to pick his blow and when Gabriel steps forward for a hard swing at him, he chooses to go for an attack on his own instead of steadying himself to defend against the blow. The strike has the t'Tremaine stumbling quite a few steps, the only thing preventing him from going down is him planting the dulled tourney blade into the ground to use it as support. Looking over to Gabriel, Elrick gives the other knight a salute, "Till next time, Sir." Then he slowly rejoins the remaining two opponents, once more going after the Southerner despite Nadine being the one that has not taken as many blows.

Gastogne is in the stands, moving to go and get some refreshments as he enjoys the melee. About to take a bite out of a meat on a stick.. Rightin time to take an unfortunate elbow, which spills both drink and sends meat on a stick flying. "Aww come -on-!"

Raelyn whistles, low, and pats Cathrynn's arm, "Well, well, well, look whose second in the Tourney now? After all that ganging up on him, even I'm impressed he's lasted this long. And only one more to go. The … Snowshield they called her?" She looks over to Emilia, "She hasn't gone down yet, to my recollection."

Cathrynn grins over at Raelyn and nods her head, "I see that.." and then she smiles more broadly, looking out to the field. "Hmm.. well.. we'll soon see how this will end.." she says quietly.

"Well doesn't that beat all?" the Cavalier scratches his head. "Looks like… well, shit. I didn't put any coin on either of these two."

"A real pity," the Circuit observer mutters dryly.

Nadine salutes her foe and lashes out with her sword. Her expression is stoic as she presses on… win or lose, she has enjoyed this— melee spar.

Tristan almost chokes on his wine as he watches Graham put another on his ass. He sputters for a moment and then croaks out, "Well… fuck me, he might actually pull this off." If he does this will be cause for some celebration. Hrm. Whoring and drinking might be on the menu tonight. Or at least drinking. Yes.

As it it comes down to the last few, Emilia does inch a bit further to the edge of her seat and down to the last two! "As am of I, especially with all who have taken of turns at of him. He has done of much of well." Emilia gives a nod to Raelyn,"Am thinking of same. Still of chance, he has much of proven of himself."

While Elrick was once more gathering himself to strike at the southerner, it appears that Graham had stolen the initiative, something the northerner wasn't expecting. A poor attempt was made to strike at the knight coming at him, and in turn his blade was knocked out of his hand. Disarmed, Elrick has no choice but yield, certainly not pleased about it, "I yield, sir. Good blow." He then gives Nadine a nod of encouragement before taking himself of of the field.

Graham breaths heavily as its once more two on one, he must make a quick decision, and does so. The one he'd seen go down at lease once he turns and makes a quick stroke towards him which ends up striking though he takes another blow to the armor because of this "Likewise well fought indeed." He says he must turn though and face the last opponant though tired to be sure his blade is raised either way this will end soon.

"I'd say they are pretty evenly matched," the Cavalier points out. "Also, if the southerner doesn't take out the Snowshield, he'll have been beaten by a girl."

"Women," the Circuit observer states, "make perfectly good knights."

"They do, they do," the Cavalier agrees. "As I mentioned before, vicious, vicious, beautiful things. That doesn't change that he will have been beaten by a girl."

Nadine staggers after delivering a couple of blows toSir Graham, once he catches her hard on the sword arm. She drops her sword, and drops to a knee, scrabbling to grab it and bringing it swiftly back up against, using the momentum to shove herself up as well.

When the northern knight staggers, Emilia's eyes widen just a touch with a glance towards Raelyn,"It is getting much of close." The young Cassomir might actually risk not looking entirely stoic at the rate this is going!

Graham is still standing more out of sheer will. He takes another strike and winces at the blow he'll be hurting tomorrow sparring blades or not.. He steps back after his blow lowers her blade to allow her to pick it back up and regain her footing. Honor is the name of the tournamenet especialyl when one is a guest in the land, well and peace being made and stuff.

"Heh…I guess it really does run in that Cassomir blood, doesn't it?" Joffrey comments to Gabriel and Michael, shaking his head in bemusement.

Nadine takes one final blow, hard, to her wrist, then drops to her knee. "I yield!" she says. "Well-fought, Sir Rivanan," she bows slightly. "Well-fought."

"Welp!" the Cavalier says disappointedly. "I suppose he wasn't beaten by a girl after all."

Gabriel shrugs, clapping Joffrey on the shoulder. "Perhaps, there is still a good deal left of this tournament. I do think it will be worth watching him at least. In any case, our knights gave a good accounting of themselves, and I think there is something for everyone to be proud of."

Gastogne is at a point where he doesn't get a good view over of the takedown, and lets out a grumbling sigh. Breaking into a quiet applause over of his own. Murmuring under his breath, "Well done."

Cathrynn leans forward more and nearly slides right off her seat, eyes widening as she watches Graham. What ever unease she felt before is forgotten as her focus is solely on him and his seeming command of the competition today. When Sir Nadine yields she gasps and then regains her more stoic demeaner, nodding her head approvingly.

The fight is over? Alina stands. "Lucas," she says in that bossy voice just between a request and an order, "Escort me down to Gabriel, please. I need to see how bruised he got himself." She pauses. "And while we're there, you can moon over that l'Faust girl." Like she hadn't noticed. Pfft.

Michael grins and nods. "An impressive display," he says. "If he does as well as this in the other events my brother will have a real challenge on his hands," he teases.

Gabriel snorts out a laugh and shakes his head. "If he wins, he wins. I care not about winning tournaments any more, brother. I participate in order to earn what money I can to help pay for Alina's fashion habits. I am already trying to put some gold aside early." The way he says it makes him sound completely serious, although he is mostly joking. Mostly.

Lucas rolls his eyes but stands and offers his sister his arm. "Fine," he sighs, though there is more humour to his tone than petulance. "It was an interesting fight however. Don't you think?" he says as he leads his way down to the fighters.

When Sir Graham's opponent yields, Emilia does actually give a tiny hint of a smile before there there ever stoic expression returns. Her hands clapping soundly though as other surely applaud the fine display. "He has done so of well. We shall have to celebrate, after he has had a moment to of rest." And likely seen a healer, some of those hits were hard!

Raelyn stands up. Yes, she stands up and claps - for all the participants, but most of all for her cousin. She grins, down towards her sister and Cathrynn, "Well, he's certainly made a name for himself tonight. More than a remarkable performance." She shakes her head in both wonder, approval, and some disbelief considering the trials Graham had to go through to win it all.

Alina slides her arm into her brother's. "Interesting enough. I favor the bareknuckle, you know that. Have you healed enough, by the way, to compete in that, little brother?" she asks as they begin to make their way down to the field.

When the Rivanaian ends up standing strong against Nadine and claims victory, Elrick's expression turns passive for a moment. Finally, he releases a long breath, grudgingly admiting that it was a well earned victory, even if a southerner won. He will remember the name of the victor this time though, perhaps for next time. For now though, the t'Tremaine heir goes to seek out Nadine who claims second, an excellent result for her first actual tourney event.

Nadine slides her sword into her scabbard, and is making her way to Elrick when he is making his towards her. As soon as they meet, she slides an arm around him and gives him a half and embrace. "An invigorating spar," she notes cheerfully— well, as cheerfully as she gets.

When other Cassomirs rise to applaud her brother, Adrienne will certainly be among them! Green eyes drift down to the arena where Graham is, glinting proudly as her hands are brought together, lips curving into a very very proud smile. "Graham!", she yells, forgetting all ladylike countenance, waving down to him. Despite her behaviour, attired in a finer dress of green, dark hair worn in a braid, just as would be expected from a noble spectator.

Graham moves though he's still struck to the armor once more a wince though he has to push through. He make another strike which lands and she's forced to yield. The sword is raised in salute "Well fought indeed, I thank you for such a match." He says sincerely. He is breathing heavily to be sure and tired the sword lowerd to his side soon after it. He turns towards the stands finding his family first a smile given to Cathrynn and his cousins and a wave to his sister as wel.

"Not sure yet," Lucas answers with a bit of a frown. His left arm was not fully healed from his trip to the north. "But if I am, I will fight. However Evelyn has learned a lot in the last few months, so, I am confident a Couvieri will win, even if it isn't me." Stepping down onto the dirt of the field Lucas casts his eyes about for both Gabriel and Evelyn.

From her position where the other combatants have gone to get bandaged up, Evelyn nods her approval. She isn't upset a Southerner won. She can only clap for Nadine as the Snowshield makes her way off the field, "Well fought," she calls. Both to Nadine, and to Graham. She seems quite high in spirits, despite her placing. And, when she aspies Lucas, she gives the young Lord a wave, also waving Edwina over once she is spotted.

Michael laughs. "If that is the case brother, then you can have anything I win too, you'll need it," he jokes then spotting Alina and her brother he nods to them for Gabriel's sake. "Speaking of your betrothed, here she comes," he says. "And here I go, I should go see my wife, but drinks later?" he asks the question meant to include Joffrey as well.

Adrienne leans over to Raelyn, telling her: "Now I don't look so bad, losing against him in my sparring match a few days ago," in an aside, grinning widely with pride and joy for her brother. Today's winner, Sir Graham Cassomir.

"It's 'Evelyn', is it?" Alina says mockingly. "Ooooh. Did you teach her wrestling, too, while you were teaching her to throw blows?"

Gastogne watches as the fight ends, and the champion is announced. Otherwise seeing if he can get a seat then and hopefully a chance to grab some more food, shifting his way through the commoner's section.

Cathrynn does smile when Graham smiles at her though it quickly disappears and she looks to Adrienne and nods, "I am certain you did not look bad, either way," she says. He won. "I am happy for him and not terribly surprised," she says and tilts her head, as if that has just occurred to her, she's not shocked he won.

She's heard bits and pieces, but Edwina's polite enough not to barge into the conversation the l'Saigner siblings are sharing on their way toward the fighters. Instead she comes up along beside them, sandwiching Lucas between two ladies as she waves to Evelyn. "It seems each and every competition brings better and better righting to the tourney, does it not?" There's a smirk playing at her lips, but she doesn't pry. "I trust you're both well, Lord and Lady l'Saigner?"

"Of course." Joffrey notes to the offer of drinks, plucking up his helm and nodding to Michael, only rubbing his neck a bit. "But first I'd best go assure Gwen I'm all right. He inclines his head to Gabe and Michael, and moves off to go find his wife and do just that.

"You shouldn't feel bad losing to him," Raelyn agrees to Adrienne with a laugh. "Especially now. But even before that." She's in high spirits - she has every reason to be. "Now, of course, we're going to have to force him to win the Joust." Then her attention turns to Cathrynn, "Perhaps it was the luck of the favor," she teases her Huntress, and Graham's love and consort with an amiable smile.

Gabriel grunts as he looks up and spots Alina coming. He gives Michael and Joffrey a nod. "Sounds good, see the two of you later then." He watches them move off and then he turns to offer Alina something of a smile. "Did you enjoy yourself today, Alina?" He asks her as she and her brother approach. He offers Lucas a nod in greeting.

With his left hand, Elrick returns Nadine's half embrace with his own, laughing, "Is that what you call it, Nadine?" He asks, amused once more, the result of the first tourney out of mind. "Well fought, coming in second is no small feat, especially with the participants, all major competitors." She claims that she is no tourney knight but he can see raw talent. Not a surprise though, with how well Nadine fought in the northern war.

Lucas missteps…onto Alina's toe. "Sorry sister," he lies badly. "Sorry what was that about wrestling?" he asks before Edwina's arrival. He turns then and nods a cautious greeting for Evelyn's cousin. "Lady Edwina, have you met my sister Alina?" he asks. "And yes, it was an interesting fight."

Evelyn's wave is noticed too, and gets a nod in reply from Lucas, along with a jerk of the head indicating she should join them.

Adrienne smiles to Cathrynn, "Aww, of course you never doubted he'd win," chuckling there with a slight roll of her eyes, the tease good-natured, of course. "And, no, I don't," she adds towards Raelynn. "Force him to win the joust? And in the archery it will be one of us ladies, I suppose." A statement rather than a question, as Adrienne's eyes drift from Raelyn to Cathrynn - and even to Emilia!

Graham nods over as he's spoken to "Thank you, all fought well. It was an honor to be sparring with such knights." He says he is glad for wining no doubt though very tired he'll move the practice blade back into his side at last shaking his arm out though he'll move off to the side to join the others before they likely will soon go seporate ways for either healing or drinking or both.

"Ow!" Alina exclaims as her foot is stepped on, stumbling a bit. She staggers just as Gabriel greets her, and her cheeks flush with embarrasment. "Gabriel," she greets him. "Sir Evelyn, Lady Edwina…"

Cat grins at Raelyn, "And we'll have to tolerate him.." she says with a feigned sigh. She nods about the favor, "I told him the feathers would make him fleet of foot and give him wings," she says then she smiles at the Cassomir ladies and back to the field, watching Graham.

"Lord Lucas, I'm confident there are rules about tripping one's sister, no matter how nagging she might be, while she's in such a condition," Edwina replies before answering his question, leaning in to say so in a hushed voice but by no means whispering. "We have met, once or twice, at court." There's a grin flashed, a look of brief concern for Alina that fades as Gabriel approaches, and then a wide smile offered for Evelyn. "Well fought, cousin. I'm rather impressed, which is saying something." Clapping her on the arm gently, Edwina asks Evelyn, "How're you feeling?"
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Gastogne moves over to step to the side, shuffling his way through some of the stands as he goes to try and take a seat.. Or rather, he's a little too slow - probably some of the alcohol spilled on his shirt fermenting as he ends up about three inches too far to the right and takes a ker-whonk in a most undignified fashion, biting his tongue.

"Lord Lucas, Lady Alina, Edwina," Evelyn greets. And, by the rather large grin streching across her features one might guess she just won. "A pleasure to see you all. I'm merely regretting the chance to face you again in the fisticuffs event, Sir Gabriel. But," she states, "I couldn't be happier with my performance out there. I stood toe to toe with Couviere's best Knight. And, for a moment, felled him. Still, I owe you a drink," she tells the Knight. She leans, briefly into Edwina, answering, "I told Sir Gabriel I'd take him down at the Coronation. And I did. Even if I didn't win, I'm as pleased with myself as if I did." The war taught her much, it'd seem. Moreso than mere practice could.

With all applauding aside for the combatants, Clara herself seems rather pleased with the evening's results. She is certainly surprised, even if she does not speak of her amazement to anyone in particular. But, it is a pleasant surprise. Clara shifts, attempting to leave her seat to move down, through the crowd towards the field, perhaps to offer congratulations directly or, more likely, use the excuse to stretch her legs. For whatever reason, the lady Tracano can certainly be seen through the crowd.

"I think we are remembering different bouts," Alina snips towards Evelyn, "For I recall my Gabriel getting up and you remaining down. So I am unsure as to how you supposedly felled him."

The pride on Edwina's face doesn't diminish as she looks in the direction of Alina, her response still ringing in her ears. She says nothing, though; it's not her battle to fight. Not now, anyway. "I'm so pleased for you, Evelyn. A spectacle, to be sure. I'm only sorry Carey had to miss it." That last makes her look a little less proud.

Gabriel glances over at Evelyn and Edwina. He offers Evelyn a nod and a smile. "Sir Evelyn, worry not, you did quite well. I think everyone had a rather good showing out there. It is good to keep our skills honed and readied in case we are ever called to deal with anything. A drink? Well, we shall have to do that soon." He nods and then smiles at Edwina. "Lady Edwina, I hope you are doing well?" He moves to stand beside Alina and offers her his arm. "I am sorry to do this, but if I may, I believe Lady Alina wants to be assured that I have not had all of my brains rattled too badly." He gives Evelyn and Edwina a smile, even as he gives a look at Alina. "Please, Alina, Sir Evelyn accounted herself well out there and has much to be proud about. Come, you should rest anyway. "

He is glad to see the others as they move off with family and friends and he'll move towards the edge to be seen to himself he will need a badage or two and well likely something for bruising but he'll live is the result. Graham looks up perhaps he'll move further towards the stands to see if he can reach his family.

Lucas fell into one of his customary silences as greetings were exchanged but he shakes his head at Alina's protests. "Yes sister, she did fell Gabriel He just got back up again," he says smiling then nods to Gabriel. "It was a good fight though."

Cathrynn notices the crowd thinning and she rises to stand, "I am going to go see how he is," she says to the Cassomir contingent. "My Ladies," she says then inclines her head and turns to make her way down toward the tournament field and to Graham. "Congratulations," she says to him, smiling.

Evelyn takes a glance at Alina, her smile diminishing some, and she merely looks at Alina sort of oddly, and seems about to speak before Lucas does. She instead voices, "Perhaps we shall meet in the Joust, Sir Gabriel, if we are drawn. If so, I will be honored to raise my lance against you. Until then, or until we drink, whichever comes first. Lady Alina. I wish you well," she offers, in civil manner. Edwina earns a sideglance, "Yes, Carey would've enjoyed it as much as I, I've little doubt of that. Still, I'm most grateful for your attendance."

Alina gratefully takes Gabriel's arm, leaning on him a bit heavier than she otherwise might. "Oh, that I do not disagree with," she says cheerily. "Sir Evelyn accounted herself well enough. And here I thought it was felling someone when they don't get back up again. Silly me, thought admittedly I'm not much for watching these tournies." She winces, her other hand moving to her stomach. "They are excited though. Perhaps they can hear the noise…?"

She looks up at Gabriel. "Are you well? Bruised? Everything intact, I hope?" She leans up and kisses his cheek. "You did well, my dear."

Tristan has slipped away from the royal box and he manages to step over to Graham. Approaching the man from behind, he spots Cathrynn approaching the man. He grins slightly, especially as a messenger that he sent for earlier approaches carrying a bottle. He grasps the bottle and hurries the man away as he steps up to Graham and Cathrynn, a smile on his face. "Well now, was that not something to behold. It does indeed appear that congratulations are in order." He extends an arm, holding the bottle out to the man. "Here, consider this a little token of appreciation. You certainly have made our Queen proud today."

Gabriel gives Evelyn an apologetic look. Sighing, he shakes his head at Alina. "She certainly knocked the wind out of me and gave me pause. In any case, let us go see you to a comfortable seat and make sure that you can get some rest." He offers a nod to Lucas, Evelyn and Edwina. "Please excuse us, and yes Sir Evelyn, I look forward to riding against you." He nods, and then begins to walk Alina away, murmuring, "Yes, I am well enough. A little bruised, but nothing is broken."

"Of course you are!", Adrienne says with a good-natured smirk. "Just go ahead and congratulate him. I will do so as well…" She'll follow after Cathrynn, allowing her the congratulatory moment, lingering there until Graham has time to accept sisterly greetings. Green eyes shift towards Tristan, a curtsey offered - all courtly manners at once! - if he should indeed look her way. Lips twist into a smile below cheeks and nose that are showing off her freckles.

"I'll go with you," Raelyn agrees, prompting Emilia, if she wants, as well as Adrienne, to join the group to go see Graham. Once she makes her way through, she gives Graham a very gentle hug having oft practiced after Jaren's competitions she is delicate. "I think," she says, "You may have made Jaren jealous that someone is going to outshine him, cousin-mine. An admirable fight." She grins to Tristan, "You see? It's just in our blood."

Clara manages to pick her way down to the field and join Graham just a few moments after Cathrynn. There is a nod for the both of them, as Clara addresses them as formally as she can manage. "Greetings, fair Huntress and noble Knight." That formalness lasts…for about ten more seconds, before the princess personality momentarily melts away to reveal the excitable 17 year old young woman beneath. "Sir Graham…that was amazing! I had thought for certain that you would have been taken down sooner, if you don't mind me saying so. All that doubleteaming by the Couvieri. It…it was really quite thrilling! Congratulations!" As Tristan joins the gathering, Clara tries to gather herself once more…but really, all hope is lost. The teenager has been let loose and there is no reigning her in for the time being.

Aidric emerges from his tent in clean clothes and better spirits. "See my things to my lodgings," he tells his man Goat who played squire for him today. "And then you and the rest of the men may have the day to yourselves."

Goat nodded eagerly and departed with the armour and weapons leaving Aidric to cross the field to where those wishing the winner well had gathered. "Sir Graham!" he calls as he passes. "The celebration will be waiting for you and all with you at the Lobbed Scimitar," he says naming a tavern he'd frequented a few times while in Rovilon, before moving on to get an early start on that celebration.

Alina nods as she allows Gabriel to lead her away. "I have healoil for your bruises back at the manse. I don't wish for you to sleep altogether sore."

Graham looks up towards the stands to see at least Catherynn coming down. He smiles to her pointing at the favor given to him by her. He knows it wasnt easy for her to be in such a crowd "Thank you Cat. I will live look worse then it is." to Cathrynn his consort. He shifts as another approaches "Your Highness." he bows low before accepting the bottle "I am honored." He looks next to his sister "Thanks sister." it seems now that he's off the field he's been seen by many. He will return the hug given to Raelyn "Not hardly, my cousin will always stand far above me." though he smiles all the same at the compliment. "Your Highness Clara, thank you I admit I had thought likewise when the three knights joined in the attack on me." He turns nodding to Aidric "Thank you, I will be there soon most likely." he grins.

Gabriel nods and continues to walk with Alina. "Yes, that oil does tend to keep the worst of the pain away. Very well."

Evelyn watches Alina and Gariel walk off, then tells Lucas, "Your sister is quite … practical." It's the nicest word she can come up with at present. But then she grins at him, "Though, I'm pleased you were watching, as you'd promised. Thank you. Don't think I'll spare you any, however, in the competition to follow." She looks over at Edwina, commenting, "Lord Lucas is the one whose helped me improve my fisticuffs. He rather trounced me last year." A memory which - oddly, seems to be a good one, by her countenance.

Cathrynn smiles to Raelynn and the others of Graham's family as they all descend on the winner. "You will be fine, certainly," she agrees of his wounds. Rub some dirt on them, you'll be fine! She offers a bow to Tristan and Clara, her head dipped low, then rising she smiles and just enjoys the moment while people congratulate Graham. It's his moment, the first of many, no doubt.

Of course. Her sisterly hug will have to wait, when Adrienne watches the champion being surrounded by high ranking nobels and Royals. Shifting from one leg to the other she will wait for a pause in congratulations. Her hug heartfelt, when she gives it, murmuring a "I knew you would best'em all," into his ear, before she steps away, leaving room for the next round of congratulators.

A hello and goodbye are both offered to Gabriel before he and Alina set off, and Edwina grins and waves as they depart. "Does your brother make all his money so you can drink it off with your combattants?" she teases Evelyn, smirking and, for the moment, ignoring the comment about her husband so as to not fall down that rabbit hole.

Gastogne has gotten himself a replacement meat on a stick. Watching out of the corner of his eye as the combatants and some of the royals congegrate. Otherwise, quite content to remain in the stands. he has food to eat after all!

"Good evening sister, Sir Gabriel," Lucas says before he lets the pair pull further away. "That's one word for it,' Lucas smirks to Evelyn. "And yes, I kept my promise this time," he adds before including Edwina with a chuckle. "From what I see they buy her drinks as often as she buys them one, besides, if there's cards or dice at hand, she usually wins back what she spends. Very efficient, really."

Tristan's gaze catches Adrienne's curtsey and he smiles, bowing his head towards her. "My greetings, my lady. It seems as if all of Rivana has come to congratulate Sir Graham here all at once." He laughs, and then gives Raelyn an amused look. "I daresay that while a lot of skill is involved, there is some luck too. For most of the fight, it seemed as if other Rivanans seemed to provide more appealing targets. I shall have to find poor Lord Thaddeus and Lord Aidric and offer them what spirits I can."

His eyes twinkle, amused, at Graham as he nods. "Now, now, none of that. Celebrate your vic…" He pause as Aidric goes walking by. "Aidric, you bastard, is there not anything seedier in this town?" He turns to face the group, offering them all a smile. "Please, do excuse me. Once again, I offer my congratulations." He gives Graham and Cathrynn a nod, smiles at Adrienne and Raelyn, and then grins at Clara. "Cousin." Then he turns and begins walking after Aidric, limping slightly and using his cane as he favors one leg. "Carling! I hope drinking is not all you plan on doing to celebrate!"

Graham nods to Cathrynn's words "Indeed." He chuckles softly turning and returning the hug to his sister as its given the words spoken in his ear makes him grin "Thank you sister, that means alot." he will comment to her though he bows to the Prince as he departs bowing once more. He looks back to those gathered though his mind hasnt exactly turned to celebrating mode "I should probably clean myself up a bit before any drinking or rest is to be had." He comments.

Aidric slows his pace as he sees Tristan limping after him letting the other man catch up. He grins as he replies "Of course not. Drink not coupled with fair company is a waste of wine," he says. "So, let's find both and celebrate Sir Graham's victory," a glance back to where Graham still stands with his kin and consort "Even if we must do it in his absence."

"Your highness," Adrienne intones, to Tristan's greeting, "with so many of Rivana present for this event, it only seems fair enough, does it not?" A light wink, perhaps encouraged by the Prince's light manner, is tossed his way, as this freckled Cassomir is in good spirits today - for obvious reasons! Her eyes following Graham as he moves off, pride for his win glinting there in her gaze. A slight incline of her head given, when Tristan excuses himself.

Tristan pauses to turn back to look at Adrienne. Offering the young woman a smile, he nods. "Of course. Besides, there is always a reason to celebrate if you look hard enough. You are welcome to come along, of course, but if not, I understand." He nods a farewell and then catches up to Aidric. "Indeed. Also, have you noticed how fair the company these northeners have in their court? They call them songbirds too. Ha. Think of that. How wonderfully do they sing, I wonder…"

Aidric chuckles at the observation. "It's true, there is no shortage of beauties here, but I admit I have not thought to hear them sing," he adds sidelong to the prince with a grin. His eyes flick to Adrienne then and he nods his agreement with Tristan's suggestion. "Yes, come join us."

Well. Adrienne has good ears, that have helped her overhear Aidric's remark from before towards Tristan, which is why the Prince's invitation to come along is met with a moment of hesitation, albeit slightly gratified and surprised. When Aidric seems agreeable to the plan, the freckled Cassomir considers and finally inclines her head with a light shrug of her shoulders. Straightening and smiling she replies: "How could I decline." She turns towards Raelyn and the others. "See you later.", before she moves off, and joins the Prince and the Lord.

Tristan flashes a smile, nodding. "Of course." He turns to Adrienne as she seems to accept the offer. "Excellent. Well then, let us be off. We shall have at least 3 rounds to toast House Cassomir, I think." He grins and then walks with them to the bar.

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