(1866-06-12) Coronation Tournament: Joust Preliminaries
Jean-Paul's Coronation Tournament: Joust Preliminaries
Summary: A round of jousting for preliminaries for points only. A bit of a preview of what is to come for the jousting brackets. Perhaps?
Date: 1866-06-12
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Tourney Grounds - Rovilon - Couvier

The tournament grounds stand ready for use at a moment's notice. The stands are setup with the nobles sitting in the center, with the best seats and the Heraldry of the House set about them, and for any courtiers the Royals would have present. A half canopy has been established to help keep the shade in the area and protect from any of the elements, a thick leather trim going across the area where the royals are sitting raised up about fifty feet and supported by heavy wooden poles and tethers tying it. The benches have been formed of thick wood in the gallery, with lesser galleries set to the side for commoners, guards, and those who are watching and not immediately involved over in the arena. There are roughly eight rows of seats set up for the commoners stretching off the full length of the viewing gallery, and roughly three rows thick for the nobles to sit upon. Among the rows are those who are bringing beverage and refreshments.

The arena is dusty, a pit formed in the ground which has been dug down flat with padded dirt roughly two feet down from the main tents, the incline designed to give the crowd a better view. The center of the arena betray tell-tale markings where it is apparent that the rail for jousts could be set, if not set already. The dirt is thick and solid, packed down as firmly and evenly as it can be to ensure good footing. From the opposite ends of the exhibition pavilions are a pair of berths where the combatants would enter from and where judges and guards would otherwise sit, as well as attendants to quickly go and tend to the injured or break apart the combatants should it be necessary. The main pit is larger than the pavilions, being roughly fifty horse lengths wide, enough for all the combatants to have plenty of room to brawl without being so spread out that the main viewing area would risk losing track of them.


And so the crowds have gathered for yet another day of Tourney events, this time filling the stands that surround the jousting field, already boisterous as they settle in to watch the day's proceedings. The Royal Box is not occupied by the King today, likely because this is simply a preliminary event. That doesn't mean it's unoccupied, however, as instead Queen Louisa sits within, along with their son and now Crown Prince, Lyonal. Both are dressed splendidly in the colors of House l'Valdan, and of course a bunch of servants and bodyguards look after them as they observe the day's events.

The loved/hated Blue Cavalier steps forward at a gesture from the Queen, and gestures for the crowd to quiet, calling out in his rapidly-becoming-famous voice:

"Come one, come all, and witness the spectacle and the grandeur of big, strong, strapping knights poking each other with their lances! See their strength as they thrust at each other, seeking to find their target and achieve victory! I'm talking about the Joust, of course! Welcome to the preliminaries!"

The Circuit Official that's been shadowing the barker for the last few days just looks somewhere between resigned and exasperated, noting in his supercilious tone, "You know that innuendo doesn't quite work when there are female knights on the field, don't you?"

"Of course it does!" The Blue Cavalier responds, "It just makes it kinkier! In any case, let us welcome our competitors to the field, and let's get on with the show!"

The circuit official groans, shaking his head as they move off, and today's jousters line up, saluting the royal viewing box and receiving the acknowledgment of the young Crown Prince, who does seem to be taking the matter seriously (and having a ball at the same time, clearly eager to watch the proceedings).

Sitting up and over in the commoner's stands, Gastogne is currently settled in with a cup of what is the local ale being passed around, and a hunk of meat on a stick freshly cooked over bought. This time, there will be no repeats of flung and lost food. This time, the delisciousness shall be all his, and there will be no loss. He hunches his elbows close on his lap, making sure nothing jabs him which makes him drop things as he looks up and over at the knights on the field.

Joffrey makes his way to the field and renders his courtesies with the other knights gathered. Seeing that he drew the first tilt against the Rivanan Lord Marshal, he moves to take up his starting position, offering the man a salute, "Good luck to you, Lord Thaddeus. Let's give them a show, shall we?" He smiles to the man, then lowers his visor and waits for the signal to charge.

Evelyn l'Faust stands near her mount in her polished plate armor, ready and waiting for the jousting to begin. Her eyes remain riveted on those running the first bout, while her mind recalls the mistakes she made in the last she was in. Near her, perhaps for moral support, perhaps simply because she couldn't make him stay, is a creature far too large to be called a dog - it's her Warhound, Blaze, whom many of her compatriot Knights know. The Warhound stands both near Evelyn, and the all-black mare she will be riding in this day's event.

Thaddeus Greycen is wearing his tourney plate, a blue ribbon wrapped around his right arm. He looks up in the stands to see those observing the preliminary rounds. A squire rushes up to hand him a blunted lance as he sits astride his warhorse, his tourney horse being back in Rivana. As Thad is preparing to ride, Lord t'Synclarre speaks to him, and Thad responds with a salute and, "And to you as well, a boring tourney does no one any favors!" The Greycen lowers his visor in preparation for the signal to charge

Gabriel sits his horse rather stoicly. The events of the previous evening had been rather hard to deal with. He salutes the royal box as the others do, and then goes back to his brooding. He had actually given some thought to bowing out of this event, but riight now it was something to take his mind off of other affairs. Rather, that had been his hope, but as he sits and watches Joffrey ride against the Rivanan, his mind comes back to what he cannot stop thinking about.

Dark eyes cast a faint glance towards the Cavalier announcer as the event starts to get announced. The look briefly looking past him as Emilia's thoughts seem to go else where for perhaps a moment before she gives a faint shake of her head and turns her attention to the jousting field with the first of the knights being called forth. The young Cassomir settled within the stands, to watch her cousin and a few of others in the event. Dressed in the simpliar turn of huntress leathers, again. Cause she can get away with it!

Nadine watches the first bout from the sidelines, already astride her steed her visor up and her attention on the field and her friend that is about to tilt. Her normally stoic demeanor is a bit cheerier than normal, and she glances over to Sir Elrick and gives him a small smile.

In the crowd sits Artos t'Acuto, the baron not being known for riding in tourneys. He sits by himself today, his wife absent as well as his children. The stern baron glares at the announcers' commentary and shakes his head, but pays them little more attention as he observes the lists.

Michael rides into the lists and does a full circuit of them before waving to the crowd before he comes and makes his submission before his nephew the Crown Prince. Seeing the taking the proceedings so seriously, he bows deep and low and gives the boy a smile "May the day bring you joy Your Highness," he offers before turning his horse back towards where some men of Murnord have set his pavillion, eager to watch the match.

Even though today's joust is more of a preliminary competition instead of the main one, Elrick had opted to participate, most likely due to being away from the tilts for far too long while he was in the north. With his squire's assistance, the t'Tremaine heir is already kitted out and ready for when his name is called. For now, he is at the side with the other knights who are also waiting to compete. Gaze leveled at the first two, Elrick is looking forward to see the skill the two knights will be showing off. Catching Nadine's gaze, he flashes a quick grin to the northern lady knight, a touch amused that she is settling into the role of a tourney knight quite well for these events.

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance but Thaddeus DODGES!

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance but Thaddeus DODGES!

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance but Thaddeus DODGES!

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance but Joffrey DODGES!

The young knight was glad for days to recover from the melee tournament and now it's time to compete again. Graham has checked everything he needs for the joust one last look over everything before is called forward to joust everything seems to be in order and so he will just watch the first competitors as they begin their first pass. It seems fairly evenly matched to him thus far as they each trade blows each pass he watches interestedly.

Gastogne is happily watching the knights as they exchange salutes, and then charge at one another in passing! Gastogne moves to raise up his hand which has the ale over in it in a cheer, which sloshes and spills much of it's contents. Looking chastened, he's about to grump to get another when he realizes he's also sent his meat on a stick flying off the stick, where it has been otherwise squished by someone passing.

Gabriel watches Joffrey and Thaddeus. He frowns slightly as Joffrey seems to come up short against the Rivanan. A shame, he had hoped that the man would come out victorious. No matter, it attested to the skill that the Rivanan had that he could ride so well. As the next contestants are named, he reaches over and idly runs a finger along the purple and black ribbons that he wears.

After three very unsuccessful passes, Joffrey salutes his opponent again, laughing a bit ruefully, "I don't think I quite held up my end of the bargain there, Milord. Perhaps next time. Well jousted, Sir." And then he moves off to the sidelines to await his next round.

"Ooooh, looks like "The Unbroken" was talking about his lance, because it still looks altogether brand new after that dismal showing!" The Blue Cavalier calls out, which…actually does earn him a few boos from the crowd, though he seems not to notice as he continues, "But no matter! I'm sure he'll be quite comforted by his lovely wife this evening!" He sighs, "But alas, the Rivanan Lord scores the first points! And now on to our next competitors!"

Nadine looks disappointed as Joff scores no points in his series of tilts with the Rivanan knight, but gives him an encouraging smile anyway as he rides away still hale and hearty for the couple of blows he took.

Thaddeus nods as soon as signal to charge is given and spurs his horse forward. He barely avoids taking a hit from Joffrey and is only able to land a weak hit on the great lord, but as he avoids the lance on the second pass Thad's lance is able to land a more potent hit, though sadly with the same value as the previous one. As the Greycen heir picks up his third lance, he charges forward, though as he is again able to avoid being hit, his own lance fails to score him any points. Thad looks to Joffrey and returns the salute, "You did fine, and good luck to you, my lord." With that, Thad returns to his previous spot to observe with the other Rivanans.

Also in attendance is Gwendolyn and she watches intently as Joffrey makes his way to the lists. Her expression, too, is writ with disappointment for her husband as he scores nothing three passes in a row but her smile is genuine for him, even if he might be too far away to see it.

Evelyn, too, looks disappointed, but she offers Joffrey a nod and a brief smile to show she'd been rooting for him against the Rivanian. She didn't miss Thaddeus' skill, though. And, she watches as the next match readies to begin, moving now up onto her horse to ready herself for when she must face her opponent.

Watching the first pair ride against each other, their lances missing or only landing blows without shattering, Elrick appears slightly disappointed. However, they both looked like good riders, so it makes sense that neither were unhorsed. When Nadine and Michael are called for the next pairing, the t'Tremaine gives the former a slight nod of confidence, though not verbally rooting for either in the pairing.

Gastogne lets out a sigh over at the loss of his food (well and the knights) and looks about - the commoners cheering otherwise means he has no room to go and get food unless he wants to mis the rest of the jousts, and his rumbling stomach reminds him of this.

Emilia's dark eyes follow that match between Joffrey and Thaddeus and as one might expect, there is little change to her stoic expression through out. Though there is a round of clapping when Thaddeus is announced to have scored the most points. Even if the Cavalier seems not so impressed upon the matter!

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Michael with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Michael has been KO'd!

Joffrey winces a bit at the abrupt and spectacular first pass between Nadine and Michael, then blinks as the l'Corren heir is unhorsed. Still, he cheers for Nadine, giving her a bright smile as she rides off the field.

Michael makes a face when Joffrey scores no points. "Damn," he says to one of his men nearby. He'd had coin on his brother-in-law. When he is called next to the lists the face he makes becomes a grin and he brings down his visor and reaches out to have a lance placed into his hand. "Well then let's see how well the Snowshield jousts," he says as he takes his place in the lists.

Well as it turns out. His lance breaks but he is driven from his horse in turn and sent to the dirt. "Abyss," he curses as he get himself to his feet. "That could have gone better." He waves to Nadine though, demonstrating he was alright and when he raises his visor he is smiling, though that is for the crowds.

Graham claps along with the others for the end of the first round, and then waits as the first pass goes for the second. The hits are both solid and the clash is something to make him look on to be sure both are well. One looks to be unhorsed and though he claps for the winner he will watch to be sure the other will get up and hopefuly be mostly unharmed as can be at least. The Lily knight glances to the stands and waves to his cousin if she looks his way before back.

Reaching out, Gabriel gently pats his mount's neck as his brother's name is called out along with Nadine. He watches the two come together in a loud crack, and frowns with concern as Michael is knocked off his horse. When he sees him get up, he nods and then applauds for Nadine. It took quite a bit to stay on a horse after getting hit in the helmet like that.

Nadine reels from the combined strike, her lance hitting Sir Michael firmly in the chest, his jarring upwards and clipping her in the helm. She rides off the field, shaking the stars from her head, then lifts her visor to waves back at Sir Michael.

Evelyn doesn't bother to mask both her surprise, and perhaps even delight as Nadine unseats Michael, cheering for the other female Knight in the competition along with Joffrey. She nods towards the Snowshield for a job well done, encouraging.

There is a blink of those dark eyes as there is an unhorsing, not entirely uncommon. Emilia does give a polite clap for the round of clapping for the knight who did the unhorsing, once it is known the the l'Corren knight is fine.

Watching the second pair of competitors ride, Elrick's gaze was fixed at the point where the two would meet and quite a meeting it was, a spectacular collision of lance and steel. Releasing a low whistle, the t'Tremaine looks very impressed by both, and especially so for Nadine who appears to stay in her saddle despite taking quite the blow from their future Liege. Elrick can't help but applaud both knights, his gaze more focused on the northern lady knight who is no doubt much more talented at this tourney than she or anyone else would have thought.

Gastogne watches as the next set goes on, applauding then over at the deft riding and sportsmanship then. Watching, and hoping he can pick up something from his voyeurism to get an idea of who to bet on as the tournament goes on.

Seated in the stands, Clara applauds as the Couvieri knights face each other down. There is a bit of interest there…but not as much as there could be. The attention drifts…from the arena to the crowd, as the Tracano indulges in a little people watching.

"Oooooh! The Red Knight, toppled in th-, Oh wait, that's the other one! No worries, then!" The Cavalier belows, then adds, "Looks like the lovely Nadine t'Cadri really gave the heir to Murnord the what-for! Though he went down fighting, that's for certain! On to to our next pair…my true love Lady Evelyn l'Faust, versus…Oh shit, the Red Knight. Good luck, my love!"

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Gabriel has been KO'd!

"HA! My love has carried the fair lady to victory!

And certainly whether or not the Cavalier's support had anything to do with it, the crowd is on their feet…some cheering, some shocked, and others not quite sure what to do. "And now we'll see if the l'Corren heir can redeem himself against the winner of our Melee, Sir Graham Cassomir! Come on, Lord Michael, we can't keep letting these Rivanans show us up!"

Evelyn replies as she moves to the starting position, "Again, we are matched, Sir Gabriel. I wish you well." She tips her head, then closes her visor, and charges. She sits forward, knees dug into the horse, and manages to raise her lance just in time, and while she takes a hit upon both passes herself, the second pass she manages to raise her lance in time to hit Gabriel with a jarring hit. She's rather exhilerated, as she raises her visor, and inclines her head to the King, and then looks over towards Nadine, and back to Gabriel. "Well ridden, Sir."

When his name is called, Gabriel moves his horse forward. Taking lance in hand he waits. When the flag is dropped, he charges forward and exchanges blows with Evelyn, though she gets the better of them. Lining up for a second pass, he once again charges forward and exchanges blows with Evelyn, again the other knight getting the better of him, and he is knocked off of his horse.

The air explodes out of him and he lays on the ground a moment before rolling to his feet. He offers Evelyn a nod and a small bow as he moves off of the field, managing to come over to his brother. "Looks like it is not our day today, brother."

Michael barks out a curse as his brother falls to Evelyn. Not that he did not think well of the kight of the Lightning Brigade but damn it, he expected better of his house today. Then, he is called to face the Rivanan who had stood like a hero of legend in the melee. "Well best be cautious then," he mutters taking a new lance and advancing to his starting place.

THe women seem to be doing quite well over in the field today At the loud *CRUNCH* of impact, Gastogne lets out over what might be a quiet wince under his breath thenas he watches then, and unconsciously crosses his legs.

There is a light wave in return from Emilia to Graham, having just barely caught her cousin's glance. Her head canting a touch as there is another unhorsing upon the field. This time after such a hit to the head! Casting her solemn expression Clara-wards, noting to her friend,"Am of thinking not to of many are of keeping their of seats of today." Before her attention returns to the field with her cousin being called in being part of the next round, actually moving to the edge of her seat a touch.

Graham hears his name called and will mount his horse dropping the flap on his helm. He moves onto the lists to get into place and await the word to go though he raises his lance in salute to his opponant hopefuly he can at least make a good show. Its with a spurr of his horse and a leveling of his lance.

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - Critical wound to Left Arm.

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Michael with Tourney Lance but Michael DODGES!

<COMBAT> Graham has been KO'd!

"Huzzah! The honor of Murnord and Couviere is saved!" The Blue Cavalier calls out, grinning from ear-to-ear. "Let's hear it for Sir Michael!" Indeed the crowd is pretty much just staying on their feet now. Who knew the preliminaries would be so exciting? "And now we'll see if the Snowshield can keep up her streak against Lord Elrick t'Tremaine, heir to Hartwood! Will the Tourney novice score another upset? Let's find out!"

Evelyn cheers for Michael, who at least has some 'revenge' for the l'Corren family against the Rivanian who took the Free-For-All. However, she does not seem to have a favorite in the next matching - instead watching with a nearly fixated interest on what, to her, is perhaps one of the most interesting pairings of the competition.

Nadine cheers for Michael's unhorsing of the southern knight, and when her name is called, she salutes to Elrick, flashing him a bright smile before closing her visor. To be fair, it was likely regardless of who won this tilt, both would win later, given the current rumors.

As the next two riders are called, Elrick knows that Evelyn is certainly in for it, being that she is facing last year's Circuit Champion who made the majority of his points on the tilts. When they ride against each other though, he is surprised at how well she is doing, an equal exchange on the first pass. It is the second that the t'Tremaine heir actually takes in a sharp breath with that brutal blow to the head. Luckily tourney lances are being used, made to shatter when it connects with such a force. Not only is Nadine doing exceptionally well, it looks like Evelyn is equally dangerous, something to make a mental note of. Applauds are given once more by Elrick as he hear sthe next pair of names, waiting silently and patiently to be called, in due time.

With Michael up again and against a southern knight, Elrick finally voices words in support for his future Liege, "Sir Michael, show him the talent of the north!" An eager grin appearing, his dislike of the south no doubt in play there. When the result of the competitor is shown, the t'Tremaine quickly applauds for his northern brother and he was about to voice out his congratulations when he hears his name called. Against Nadine. This shall be interesting, it appears that he will be able to test her out himself and as he rides to his side of the tilt, he flashes a grin right back to her. Turning to the royalty in the stands, Elrick bows respectfully before saluting his opponent, then lowering his visor.

Gastogne watches as the latest line of jousters go up and over, and he goes to break out into a cheer then as he goes to cross his arms and settles back. At least with no food now he won't be having anything else for him to drop..

Michael is in much better cheer when he unhorses his foe with a shattering of lances. Taking the broken husk of his lance he tosses it into the crowd (carefully) to the enjoyment some of the common boys who tussle for the prize. Then, turning his mount towards Graham he checks on the man, bidding him "A good effort. We'll meet again this tourney no doubt."

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance but Nadine DODGES!

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Left Hand stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance but Elrick DODGES!

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

It is a brave and stupid thing to go charging on a horse towards someone with a pointyish stick. Graham feels this most keenly as he fails to strike and is struck hard alas an unprotected spot is struck and thus he's tossed off back of his horse landing with a thud. It is a moment but he does stirr and finally will recover his feet and seriously needs a plan before any further matches take place. "Thank you, well struck m'lord." he will make his way off the field to be seen to.

Emilia leans in her seat and her breathe is held when Graham follows in this trend of people being unhorsed. There is even a look of concern in those eyes, not that most would liket notice, with that ever present stotical expression. But it is there! The breathe is released in relief when he does appear to be ok. Easing back into her seat with a slight shake to her head as she partially watches the next match. Eyes flickering a bit off to where her cousin had exited the field.

"Well done." Gabriel says to Michael as his brother returns. He nods and then faces the field again, watching Elrick and Nadine head out. The two are evenly matched it seems as the points indicate, he grins, rather glad to see that a bit of a show can be provided to the crowds. Even if he doesn't have his heart in this, it's still good to see skilled jousting.

A most interesting round indeed, and instead of cheering for the results, Evelyn cheers for the well-matched round, before her own name is called. She tips her head to Joffrey, "Sir Joffrey," she says once she is in position, "May we both prove the valor of Couviere." She grins at him, in friendly manner, and with a certain intensity that suggests this is going to be fun for her. As much so as was going against Gabriel. And certainly with such a result from last round, she's confidence boosted. She lowers her visor, and she charges her horse forwards.

The feeling of being back on the tilt is truly amazing as Elrick urges his steed on with more speed. However, on the first past, it appears that Elrick is a touch late in lowering his lance and that is all it takes for him to miss. He gets hit in his leg in return but it isn't nearly enough to send him off his steed, luckily. Gritting his teeth, Elrick prepares for the second exchange and this time he does only slightly better, a glancing blow which is worth nothing. Luckily, he was not hit in return and on the last pass, he finally manages to land a decent blow but it's high, most likely unintended. When he reaches the end of the tilt, the t'Tremaine heir quickly raises his visor to look back at Nadine, to ensure the headblow was minor and when he sees that she is just fine, he tosses her another salute.

Gastogne applauds at the even trade of blows made by the latest exchange.. Right in time for someone passing by to end up having dumped thier own drink on his breeches. WIht a half cursed vocalization that's drowned out by the crowd, Gastogne is just not having any luck today.

"Well, looks like they both came out relatively unscathed. How boring!" The Blue Cavalier bellows once more, "And now we'll see if my love Lady Evelyn can prevent the Unbroken from making up for his poor showing in the last round! Here's hoping! I'm with you, my dearest!" The Cavalier actually blows a kiss towards Evelyn. Totally unbiased this one. And in case anyone was wondering, the Circuit Official is just…sitting and stewing, with a cup of some strong drink in his hand.

Nadine takes the last bow well, though she is glad to be off the tilt for the day. As soon as she can, she dismounts and pulls off her helm, rubbing the side of her head ruefully. She flashes Elrick another smile, though, then leans on the fence to watch the remaining jousts.

Joffrey smiles to Nadine and Michael as they leave the field and he rejoins it, saluting Evelyn and noting, "You've done an oustanding job so far, Sir Evelyn. Good luck to you." And then he lowers the visor and awaits he signal yet again.

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!

Gwen sits up in her sit a bit watch her brothers leave the lists then Joffrey is up again and she inhales, clasping her hands together. "Better this time," she says to herself, eyes ahead, hopeful for her husband to do well. She glances to Eveleyn when her name is called out then back to Joffrey before finally letting her gaze survey the whole of the scene to watch it unfold.

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance but Joffrey DODGES!

Michael dismounts and takes a wine skin from one of the l'Corren men attending him. "Thank you," he says as he comes to stand next to his twin. "And they'll be alright, brother. The t'Andalucci are the best healers there are, so try to find some joy in the day if you can."

When Joffrey and Evelyn joust Michael turns to watch clapping as their brother-in-law claims the victory by points.

"Bah! Clearly Sir Evelyn was taking it easy on him after his earlier show! See how gracious and magnanimous she is, Ladies and Gentlemen? Let's give her a round of applause!" The Blue Cavalier calls out, before adding, "Oh, and I suppose for the other fellow too!"

With now ale on his pants he didn't get to enjoy, the appaluse from Gastogne doesn't quite match in well with the rest of the crowd form the commoner's end. Oh well,t here will be more booze..

Perhaps it is that very same confidence that halts Evelyn's performance, for as she rides towards Joffrey, her lance is unable to find it's mark, but she's able - just enough, to only take two light hits from her opponent. Still, she smiles towards Joffrey, "Well run, Sir." She gives credit, where it's due. And underneath her visor, she can't help but laugh - just a little, at the Blue Cavalier. Joffrey -might- be able to overhear her before she guides her horse to the side to dismount

Well, that was a little better, at least. Joffrey turns about after the final pass and salutes Evelyn again, "Well jousted, Sir Evelyn! We'll both see how we fare in the finals." He just shakes his head bemusedly at the Cavalier, and heads off to the sidelines to dismount and begin removing his armor, his own jousting done for the day.

Emilia gives polite clapping for the winners of the tilts, shifting again in her seat though when Graham is announced to ride again. A faint twitch at one corner of her lips as her dark eyes turn to him as he rides back in. Before she does give a glance over towards Thaddeus as well.

Thaddeus watches politely as the others joust, wincing as a few major blows are landed. He stays quiet for the duration until his name is called and ensures that his wife's favor is properly secured. The Greycen makes his way to the lists and salutes and says, "Good luck to you, sir." And readies to charge at the order.

Graham has remounted and brought himself back to ready. He seems to have checked out fine by the healers and so he grabs his lance and readies for another pass though he at least wishes to do better in this round then the last if at all possible. He will raise his lance once more in salute and stands ready for more. "Good luck as well to you." he speaks.

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance but Thaddeus DODGES!

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance but Thaddeus DODGES!

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Graham with Tourney Lance but Graham DODGES!

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

Thaddeus makes his three passes, but grumbles as his lance fails to find any success in scoring any points, and his mood is worsened by Graham scoring another point. The Greycen gives a nod to the Rivanan knight and the royal box to go get into more comfortable attire.

Graham charges forth for another round and this time it seems more evenly matched as they both fail on two of three passes to land a scoring blow. Its only the final pass that he's finally able to level his lance and strike a blow to the other. "Well jousted m'lord." He comments with a nod before heading off the field once more.

Gastogne goes to applaud over at the next exchange, still grumpy from the booze on his shorts and his lack of food, but well fought matches are always a cheer as he continues to watch for the next series of passes to be mad.e

"Oh yes, a couple of Rivanans just jousted, but nobody really cares about that, do they?" The Blue Cavalier notes, before adding, "Oh, I suppose a token bit of applause is in order." He claps a bit, then notes, "And our final bout…The REd Knight versus the Heir to Hartswood! And then on to drinks. I'll wait for you, Sir Evelyn!"

Emilia gives some slightly more energetic clapping and does breathe easier as Graham fairs better in this round, more importantly not getting unhorsed. She wasn't the one who was supposed to end up fretting after all. Giving a wave his way, should he glance towards the stands. Before giving some vague attention onwards to the last tilt.

The last tilt of the day which means that it will be their responsibility to try to make it impressive for those watching, a duty in Elrick's mind of a tourney knight. Whether it will hold true though they will see, being on the war front and away from the tourney does appear to have some affect on some knights. Trotting his steed to his side of the tilt, the t'Tremaine heir again bows his head respectfully to the royalty watching before turning to face his opponent, last year's Circuit Champion. With a salute of his lance, Elrick lowers his visor into place and shows that he is ready.

Gabriel perks up once again when his name is called. So far the competition has done much to occupy his mind and he is glad for that. Moving forward, he gets to his side of the tilt and then offers a nod to Elrick before lifting his lance in a salute. Lowering his visor, he readies to ride forward, hoping he can at least give a better accounting of himself this time around.

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance but Elrick DODGES!

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Left Leg stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

Graham dismounts and will look to the stands returning the wave to Emilia as its offerd though he doesnt seem to be very happy with his showing all the same. He will manages a smile her way to show he's at least not hurt badly or anything.

With the signal given, Elrick quickly kicks his horse into speed, hooves thundering into the ground as the distance between himself and Gabriel shortens incredibly fast. Leaning forward slightly in his saddle, the t'Tremaine appears to be rather focused on this last bout, his lance coming down at the right time but he only manages a decent hit, not hard enough to shatter his lance. In the second pass, Elrick's aim was off a little bit again but close enough for another decent strike in passing while taking one in return, remaining in his saddle. In the last pass, he does not manage a good strike, connecting only a glancing blow with his lance and is rewarded with a blow to the head. Slowing his steed as he reaches the end of the tilt, Elrick pulls his visor off to survey the damage briefly, seeing it was only superficial and turns to give Gabriel a salute.

Nadine applauds for Elrick, waving him over after he has finished his final pass. He may not have unhorsed anyone today, but she is just as pleased with the results as if he had. Today has been a relatively wonderful day in her estimation, and she might even be convinced to have a drink or two to celebrate— in moderation, of course.

Gabriel rides forth, leveling his lance. The two men make one pass, then two, and then a third. When it is over and a tie is announced, he lifts up his visor, smiling. He nods and salutes Elrick in return. "Well ridden, Sir. Well ridden." He offers another nod and then back over to where Michael is to await anything else that may yet come.

Gastogne watches at the final exchange of passes, applauding over and half rising.. Unfortunately, his rising to applause ends up having him stumble on his slippery seat, falling down and getting the wooden end of the bench hitting at a very painful angle as he can only wheeze in a rather high pitched note. "Owwie.."

As the preliminaries end, Evelyn applauds for the even-matched showing of Gabriel and Elrick, both of whom she would consider friends to one degree or another. She nods both then towards Elrick and to Nadine, having been impressed with Nadine's performance on the field as well. She, certainly, will be having a drink today. And it's for that purpose she goes over towards Gabriel, once the man has ridden back, telling him, "It was an honor to face you in the joust, even as on the field, Sir Gabriel. You fought well enough that there should need be no ransom. Instead, I shall twist your arm," despite having no hands on said arm, "To buy me a drink. And then I believe I also owe you one." She grins, capriciously.

Joffrey applauds for the final combatants, then moves to approach Thaddeus, bowing to the man, and noting with a smile, "Well, Lord Thaddeus, it would appear we have the matter of a Ransom to settle."

Graham turns to watch the last joust now that it is over he will find the man who'd unhorsed him. "Well jousted m'lord." he comments though he looks back. "I come to ask of you. The price for my horse?" He asks wondering what will be asked of him all the same.

Thaddeus walks out of the pavillion to see Joffrey and shakes his head, "No need for a ransom, for I did not unhorse you, nor would I have wanted one if I had. It's but a preliminary round, no sense in people charging over horses before the real contest."

A final clapping is managed for that final tilt, in polite fashion by Emilia. Mildly noting to Clara,"Has been of interesting. If of being preview of official brackets, should make for of much of unhorsing of ahead, I am of thinking."

Watching as the post-tilt activity begin, especially for those who had been unhorsed, Elrick sees Nadine's wave and nods to her, letting her know that he will be on his way shortly. First, he heads to his pavilion where Joseph, his squire, waits, "Joseph! Make sure Havok is watered and cleaned, and check his hooves. You know the drill, then see to my armor." The orders given without hesitation to his common born squire as he dismounts. The helm that was tucked under his arm is tossed to the youth as well, and then the t'Tremaine heir departs, heading towards where Nadine is waiting.

Michael had removed his helmet by the time Graham had found him and when asked he runs his hand through his sweat soaked hair. "No doubt a fine horse sir, but I'll take no coin for him. Instead have him back with my compliments or if your honour demands you must pay something, buy me a drink."

Nadine meets up with Elrick, leaning up to brush her lips across his cheek. "You did well!" she says with a smile. "Now what shall we do to celebrate?"

There is a nod in return to Emilia's comment from Clara. "indeed. There was some rather surprising turns this day. It shall be a most interesting tournament."

The l'Corren knight turns to Evelyn, offering a smile. "Yes, you did well. A very well struck blow, Sir Evelyn, you should be proud. I also expect you to do the same should we ever have need to ride against a foe in the future." He grins, and then nods. "My thanks, and it is agreed. I shall agree to your terms. Let us set up a time and a place for this drink, you may invite others and I shall try and drag my brother along." Another smile. "I am afraid that at this moment, I needs return to the l'Saigner manse to see about my betrothed." He offers her a bow as his apology for having to delay the drink.

Gastogne applauds up as well as the final blows are traded, and as near as he can tell from his position the jousters are exchanging well wishes and luck to the next round. Otherwise, Gastogne goes to rise up and out of his seat, taking a few breaths to steady himself from his hard knock on wood.

Graham smiles glancing back "He's lead me through many adventures as of yet it is true." He bows to the lord at his gracious return. "I thank you m'lord though not for loss of honor. The drink is still on me for a well fought match and unity for our countries." He offers gladly.

"/I/ did well?" Elrick answers with amusement, his smile appearing when she greets him with the gentle peck on his cheek, "So you are choosing the path of the humble tourney knight, I see." Resting his hand firmly on Nadine's shoulder, he offers his own congratulations, "Taking down Sir Michael was no easy feat, Nadine. As you can see, it's rather difficult to unhorse one who is skilled in the saddle, especially the l'Correns." Finally he teases her, knowing how she felt about Tourney Knights when they were up north, "Looks like you have the talents to be a very impressive tourney knight, perhaps even a circuit champion."

"Accepted then," Michael smiles and then sticks out a hand to shake for proper greeting. "Sir Michael l'Corren," he says. "It is good to meet you without weapons in each other's hands."

Nadine shakes her head and allows a small laugh to escape her lips. "No, Sir Elrick, I think you flatter me… or try to, at least," she kisses his cheek again and chuckles. "But I should speak to Sir Michael and make sure he is faring all right—" she looks to find the heir to Murnord, and, linking her arm with Elrick's, begins heading in that direction.

Evelyn only looks a little disappointed, but moves to clasp Gabriel's arm in friendship, nodding, "Do so. And may you and she both be well. I hope we both continue to fare well as the Tourney progresses." She seems pleased enough with the outcome, and moves to find Joffrey in the midst of the winding down of the event. "Sir Joffrey," she calls to the man. "It would seem we've something to settle, yes?" She smiles, warmly, "But I've no quarrel. You held yourself well."

Joffrey bows slightly and smiles, "Couldn't agree more, Lord Greycen, but always best to observe the courtesies anyway. Good luck to you in the rest of the Tourney, Sir. Perhaps we shall meet in the Duels." There's no threat in it, just sportsmanship as Joffrey bids his farewell to Thaddeus, and moves back to see that his horse and equipment are properly tucked away before Evelyn approaches. He laughs softly and notes, "Even if I were inclined to ransom your steed, given the courtesy Lord Thaddeus has shown in not ransoming my own, I'd at the least feel guilty for doing so, and at worst incur the disfavor of the One for such miserly conduct. No ransom will be required or accepted." He notes to Evelyn with a grin.

"I am sure Sir Michael is uninjured… at least physically." Elrick says with a nod of his head and when Nadine takes his arm and begins to lead them towards where Michael should be, he follows without resistance, "Pride though, can also be wounded." He admits from experience, and even though he had two draws according to the points, the t'Tremaine heir had expected to unhorse someone, so his own pride did not come through today's events unscathed.

Gabriel notices the look as he takes Evelyn's own arm. He offers another smile, trying to reassure here. "I appreciate your well wishes, and I hope that you end up winning this tournament, all things said. How you have performed so far is an indication that you have a bright future this year." He reaches out and clasps one of her shoulders before nodding at her and then heading off, giving both Joffrey and Michael a passing nod as he makes his way out of the area.

Thad nods, "It is certainly appreciated. And indeed, it would make a good contest. Though hopefully more eventful!" He nods again to the great lord and resumes getting ready for the post-contest festivities.

Evelyn smiles, wide. "Well spoken." She gestures, away from the field in the general direction of the tavern, "At least, then, let me buy you a drink for a joust well fought? I'd asked Sir Gabriel to join me as well, but he's a bethrothed to attend to."

He will gladly accept the hand to shake. "Sir Graham Cassomir. An honor. The games have been great so far. I look forward to watching and taking part in any others i'm able. What of yourself?" He will ask curiously if the other plans to compete further which really only makes sense.

Gastogne takes the moment as the jousts are over to start to file out of the Commoner's stands, heading in the direction of the food. Intenton filling the rumbling in his stomach.

"Well met," Michael says before the question brings a smile to his lips. "The bracketed jousting at least, perhaps the melee duels, depending on what duty demands of me. What of you?" he asks as he offers up the skin of wine he had been carrying.

"I've no objection to a drink Sir Evelyn. But let me find my wife to join us" Joffrey notes to Evelyn, smiling and glancing towards the stands, "Or just name the place and we'll meet you there shortly?" Joffrey replies, looking questioningly to Evelyn.

"Your wife is, of course, welcome to join us. She's pleasent enough company," Evelyn assures, having met the woman once before in Alasce. She names the tavern, then offers, "I'm going to get out of my armor, and see to my horse, though Blaze may join us as well." She laughs. "He's used to waiting outside, though. It depends if he's up to staying with Ash, or not." Ash being her horse, of course. "I shall see you shortly, then." She nods to Joffrey.

Gwen is there, waiting for Joffrey to finish up with the other jousters, occasionally chatting with other specatators as they all make preparations to leave. Her impatience gets the better of her and starts to make her way to him, weaving around this person and that, lifting up on tiptoes now and then to keep sight of him as she moves through the crowd.

Nadine waves to Joffrey as she and Elrick are making their way to Michael. She looks rather happy to be with the t'Tremaine knight, though she sees Michael in conversation with the southern knight and does not wish to be rude and interrupt.

Graham shakes his head at the wine "No thank you, feelin a bit off after that spill i'll admit." He says with a grin though he ponders a bit further "I belive the same, though i'll likely come see the other events i'm not participating in if i'm able. My cousins, sister and consort are entering archery and soo that will be fun to watch."

Thankfully, Joffrey spots Gwen after nodding farewell (for now) to Evelyn, and then moves through the crowd to meet her, slipping an arm around her waist and giving her a brief kiss, "Well my wife, we've been invited to drinks by Sir Evelyn. Feeling up for it?"

Gwen smiles and returns the kiss in a sweet manner then she nods, "Of course, I have not been whacked with a lance tonight, I am feeling quite fine," she teases him lightly. "Maybe we'll see Michael or Gabriel too," she adds then curls her hand at the crook of his arm and nods, "Lead on."

Seeing the other knights in conversation, Elrick tugs gently at Nadine's arm to get her attention, "You'll get use to this after a couple more tourneys, especially when brackets are involved. There will be a lot more knights competing, especially in the sub-brackets just to get a chance to challenge renowned knights like those that are before us, willing to risk injury and their steeds just for that chance." The chance to become renowned themselves, a road that the t'Tremaine has walked before.

"As you wish, milady." Joffrey notes with a smile, and leads his wife off away from the crowd and to where the drinks are to be had. And no doubt a night of pleasant revelry ensues.

Michael takes back the wine and takes a swig from it before nodding. "Never had much hand for the bow, but I hear that is something your family shines at, I shall watch out for them," he grins, then seeing Elrick and Nadine he waves them over. "Sirs, come join us."

"More tourneys?" Nadine lifts a brow at Elrick. "I agreed to the one—" and Sir Michael waves them over. She moves over to her future liege and gives him a half-smile. "Well-done today, my lord," she says.

At the interupted protest from Nadine, Elrick can only grin and pretend he didn't hear, as if his attention is now on their future liege. Bowing his head respectfully, the t'Tremaine offers the proper greetings, "If today's event had anything to reveal, it would be that this year's circuit is going to be /very/ interesting."

"Many of them do at least I dont have much skill with the bow either my cousin Emilia would call me a "squeaky-knight." He comments with a chuckle "Though the ones I mentioned are all huntresses so they excel with the bow." he looks to the other two who approach "Good day, m'lord and m'lady." he will offer his hand to each in turn. "Sir Graham Cassomir, its been an honor so far competing." he smiles friendly.

"Squeaky-knight?" Michael asks with a bemused expression before he turs to greet the others. "Well met, the both of you," he says, "Graham this is Sir Elrick t'Tremaine and Sir Nadine t'Cadri," he hands over the wine before smiling to Nadine. "You did well too, so, I suppose there is the question of what it will take to get my horse back?" he grins.

Nadine blinks. "Your horse?" It takes her a moment, then she shakes her head. "Oh. Ransoms. I recall being told of them." She frowns. "I suppose… whatever the standard ransom is," she shrugs, unsure, and glances to Elrick for confirmation that she is doing the right thing… since this is her first tournament.

When Michael makes the introductions with the southern knight, Elrick gives Graham a brief nod, the most he would most likely offer a southerner he doesn't really know. "Certainly do remember Sir Graham, he did well in the grand melee, standing firm against both myself and Sir Nadine." When their future liege poses the question of ransom, Elrick looks over towards Nadine and tries to hide a grin, waiting to see how she handles this situation. Her response was expected and the t'Tremaine can't help but lean over and whisper a few words.

Walking over towards the other Knights before going to clean up and meet Joffrey, Evelyn greets them, "Sir Michael, Sir Nadine, Sir Elrick and … Sir Graham." The latter she is only most recently aware of. "A fine showing, all. I can only help the rest of the jousts go as well for me, and for all of you as well." She tilts her head to Nadine, "Blaze went out hunting, yesterday. I've saved some scraps for Talon, if you'd like them."

Elrick whispers: Since there are still more tilts to go in this tourney, I usually would let the other knight know that we can resolve the ransoms at the end, in case I end up being unhorsed in the near future by that very knight.

Nadine blinks at Elrick's whisper. "Ahh. Or… we should resolve ransoms at the end of the tournament, my lord." She looks fretful for a moment, as if she might have overstepped.

She smiles at Evelyn, greeting her with a nod. "Sir Evelyn. Talon would like that, I'm sure."

Graham nods to each as they are introduced. "An honor to meet you both properly." He says though he knows he's sorta odd man out here the tournament is about repairing bonds and all right? He's doing his best. He remembers to answer "Squeaky because of the armor, she has been teaching me to be more quiet with my movements and the like." He is silent while they speak ransome but another showing up. "Thank you, all have shown great skill so far." he says.

"If you like," Michael shrugs at Nadine's suggestion they wait until the end of the tourney. "Does give me the chance to win it back if we meet in the brackets," he jests lightly. Evelyn's joining them gets a warm smile of greeting. "And Blaze did not catch me anything? I am offended," he jokes. "Sir Evelyn, meet Sir Graham Cassomir. Sir Graham, Sir Evelyn l'Faust," he claps a hand on Graham's shoulder and says pitched low but still audible to all assembled. "Don't play her at cards or dice unless you want to lose more than your horse." A jest? Maybe.

When Evelyn joins the group of knights in conversation, Elrick offers her a smile and a bow of his head, "Sir Evelyn, very impressive earlier, unhorsing the circuit champion of last year. Both you and Sir Nadine were exceptional today, I must say." When Michael mentions cards and dice, the t'Tremaine heir can't help but quirk a brow, looking back towards Evelyn, as if seeing a challenge there.

"Sir Michael, your brother seemed in a hurry to leave," Nadine notes. "I would have thought he would have been willing for a drink or two, and perhaps even playing his lute."

The mention of cards and dice pass right over her head. However, she gives the southern knight a half-smile. "And well met, Sir Graham."

"My pleasure. Our friends must be taken care of," mentions Evelyn to Nadine in a friendly tone. She can only laugh a little, towards Michael's comments about her however, "Well, Sir Michael, you are merely lucky we were playing out of boredom rather than for stakes," she ventures to the man.

"Thank you," Evelyn offers to Elrick in return for his compliment. "You did well yourself, as could only be expected. And yes, I was thoroughly impressed with Sir Nadine's run," she says sincerely. "I feel we all peformed well today. And Sir Graham?" She turns to the man, nodding. "A most impressive performance in the melee. You caught the attention of many, I assure you."

"Pleased to meet you Sir Evelyn. You as well Sir Nadine." Graham says a bow given to each he looks as they speak about the melee. "I am not sure about my peformance today though the runs were good to watch, though thank you. The field was very skilled all told I was honored to compete." he says simply.

Elrick's gaze shifts towards Michael after hearing Nadine's question about Gabriel, he had his own questions as well but he had left them unvoiced in the open, hoping to catch a chance with the Red Knight in a tavern or a similar situation. For now though, he just keeps his ears open.

Michael smiles. "Indeed, that we played for fun is likely why I still have my clothing on my back," he jests to Evelyn. The question about Gabriel earns a slight frown. "He has family matters on his mind," he explains cryptically, then surmising that they would guess his meaning adds. "Alina gave birth to her children."

Nadine lifts her brows, then grins. "A new father then? No wonder he seemed so distracted!" She looks pleased. "We should buy him drinks when he can bring himself away from his children. Sons or daughters?" she queries.

"He said nothing of it," states Evelyn, frowning a little, then smiling at the prospect of Gabriel being a father, and siring children. "But yes. We should buy him drinks, at the very least" she agrees wholeheartedly to Nadine's suggestion. "But I ought to be off. I will see you all soon enough, I'm more than certain. Until then, may the One be with you." She lifts her hand in farewell.

Eyes widening slightly, Elrick was not expecting that particular bit of news, though it would explain why Gabriel seemed rather distracted today. "Congratulations are definitely in order then, I can see why he had excused himself from the tourney grounds so quickly." When Evelyn announces her departure, he gives the lady knight a wave, "And with you as well, again, well done Sir Evelyn."

"Two boys, but let us not celebrate too early, they were born early and so the danger hasn't entirely passed. However, I am sure Gabriel will enjoy the offer of drink to help ease him through the time until we can properly celebrate," Michael says trying to recover despite perhaps saying too much. He looks up as Evelyn departs. "Good eve, Evelyn, you fought well."

Graham looks to the assembled knights "I should go and recover myself as well. "Sir Michael I still owe a drink in return for my horse." He comments having not forgotten. "It was an honor to meet you all properly at last." he gives one more bow before he will move off to stable his horse and move to the Cassomir's lodgings.

Nadine yawns, leaning against Elrick a bit. "Perhaps we should all celebrate together tomorrow evening." She gives Elrick a glance. "And rest well tonight."

"Sounds like a possibility, Nadine. I'm going to get out of this armor and let my squire tend to it…" Elrick says, looking towards the direction of the t'Tremaine pavilion, "Then probably head to the inn for a bath and a meal. Care to join me?" He asks, before adding quickly, "For the late meal?"

Michael laughs at the quick change to the request given to Nadine. "No need to hide your meaning when it's just me to hear it, Sir Elrick," he says before clapping his cousin on the shoulder. "Enjoy the rest of your evening," he looks to Nadine. "The both of you." And with that withdraws to his pavillion to change.

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