(1866-06-12) Naming
Summary: Gabriel comes to check on Alina and the children. They name the unnamed second son, and she tell him one of the secrets she's kept.
Date: 1866-06-12
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Alina's Room - Rovilon - Couvier
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Alina's room was a bit different than he left it. For one, a pair of cradles sat at the foot of the bed… for now, at least. It was unlikely they would be sharing a room overlong with their mother. but the babes are both in their small beds, bundled and sleeping.

Alina is abed as well, though a tray that is mostly empty rests on the bedside table, evident that the young woman had been feeding the fleshknit coursing through her veins. She still seems pale, but she is awake for now.

When Gabriel enters, she looks as if she wishes to rise from the bed and move to him, but she does not— even with fleshknit, she is still not capable of being out of her bed yet.

Gabriel steps into Alina's room, still wearing his armor from the joust. He frowns with concern as Alina makes some sort of half-ass attempt at rising. He lifts a hand and murmurs. "No, rest." He steps over to the two cradles to gaze upon his two sons for several long moments. Nodding to himself, he steps over to the side of Alina's bed and then kneels at the side.

"How are you faring?" His voice is low, a little more than a whisper as he tries not to awake the children. "I apologize for stepping out to do the jousting, I… I didn't know what else to do. I feel a little useless right now, all I felt like I could do was let you and our sons get the rest you all need."

Alina leans a bit over towards him, and frowns a bit, her face whitening with the pain from using her stomach muscles. She lays back into her resting position, but she uses one hand to gently tug Gabriel towards her, though he will have to come of his own volition… she isnt strong enough to drag him, especially not now. "Come here and kiss me," she murmurs quietly. "You've nothing to apologize for." She winces a little. "I… hurt some. But the fleshknit will heal me quickly enough."

Her gaze slips down towards the foot of her bed. "Its my fault," she murmurs. "They are small, sickly. I've hurt our sons— it must be something I did, or didn't do." She looks distraught.

Leaning over, he kisses her forehead, and then pulls back, resting a hand on her shoulder to keep her from moving. "Yes, you will heal and be on your feet before you know it…" He pauses, frowning.

"Alina…" He begins, pauses, and then shakes his head. "Your fault? No, maybe it is mine. Maybe I…" He shrugs, glances downwards, sighing. "Despite everything perhaps I have a weakness within me." He puts on a considering expression and then hmms.. "Maybe twins are just born like this as the strength of one is split between two. Perhaps I should ask my mother."

"Perhaps," Alina murmurs. "Maybe it is just that, strength split between two." She actually looks hopeful at that. "And then they'll grow well enough. You and Michael have." She forces a smile, then turns her head to kiss the hand he has on her shoulder.

"But it was not you, Gabriel. How could it have been?" she opens her lips to continue when a small whimper comes from one of the cradles. The unnamed son, the second born, squirms.

"Gabriel, pick him up please. If one starts crying, the other will too," she pleads with him.

He shrugs, "Maybe, as I said, I can ask my mother what her experience was. As to how it could be me? I do not know, I simply do not want to hear you blame yourself for this." He offers her a reassuring smile. When the babe begins to squeal, he turns to face the cradle. Glancing back at Alina, he looks nervous for a moment and then nods. Standing up, he moves quietly to the cradle containing the squirming one and bends down to gently pick him up. He tries to hold it as tenderly as possible as he steps over to the bed to hand Alina the child.

Alina cradles the squirming babe and gently rocks him as best she can without moving herself much. "Shh shh shh, little one," she murmurs. "Do not wake your brother." She looks up to Gabriel and smiles at him. "What should we name him? I do not want him to go unnamed while his brother is not… it is ill luck, I think."

Gabriel watches Alina cradle the babe in her arms, and he smiles, content to watch Alina be a mother for a while. He blinks at her question and then glances down at her. "Yes, a name…" He scratches his chin in thought for a moment before shrugging. "Before I suggest anything, do you have any preferences for a name?"

"No," she frowns. "His brother is Leonard, for my grandmother. But I have no thoughts on a second name, at all. Perhaps you should choose… I chose his brother's, after all, and you are both second sons, true twins." She smiles brightly despite her pains at that. "And he is stubborn too, like you. The midwife said he died… and came back to life."

Gabriel glances at his son for several long moments, considering a number of possibilities. He frowns in concentration, before nodding. "I can see a couple of options, I suppose. It depends on what you think, of course, but I suspect that we can either honor my house and perhaps name him after my father or even Saint Eduard, or we can honor our kingdom and perhaps name him after Maris."

Alina considers. "I… I like Eduard. Perhaps it was he who sheltered our son and kept him from the Abyss so early," she murmurs, uncharacteristically pious.

She glances up at Gabriel. "You were with me, during it. I felt you there, protecting me. Holding me and not letting my soul go." Tears well up in her eyes. "You're always there to save me, Gabriel."

He nods, smiling. "Eduard l'Saigner it is then." He glances down at the little boy with a fond smile before glancing back at Alina. "Indeed, I admit it is the first I have heard of a babe coming back, but I also admit to not searching out stories from midwives and such either." He sits down on the edge of the bed, trying to give her and the child some space while somehow being closer at the same time. "Was I? Well, if I have to stand in front of the One himself in order to keep you out of harms way, I will." He shrugs.

Eduard ceases squirming and snuggles against Alina, closing his eyes and yawning. After a few moments, Alina carefully offers him back to Gabriel to tuck back into his cradle.

"I know you will," she murmurs in response to him. She frowns. "Gabriel… I… need to tell you something." She looks weary and almost frightened when she tells him that much. "After the babe is abed."

Nodding, he takes Eduard from her and gently steps back over to the cradle and puts him back inside, doing his damnedest not to do wake him up or anything. Once that has been finished, he comes back over and takes his seat back on the bed. "Alright, he is back asleep now. What do you need to tell me, Alina?"

She reaches over to slide her hand into his. "I… had thought that this would wait until after we wed," she murmurs. "But after last night, I realized there are some secrets I must share now. Even if something happens to me, Gabriel, you must know. Because what you do not know could kill our sons."

She trembles a bit, and her voice drops to a whisper. "You may think me mad after this. Please believe what I tell you, but this secret must never be shared with another, Gabriel. Not even your father, your brother, or our king." She looks at him seriously, a tear trickling down her cheek. "Do I have your vow?"

Grasping her hand gently, he listens, frowning. "Some secrets? Okay, well, I cannot promise how I may think of you after whatever it is you have to say, but if you require my oath not to betray your secrets, than you have it. I shall not speak a word of it to anyone." He frowns at that though, a secret from his brother or father, well, he could keep that. To his king though? That was a bit odd. Still, he nods. "You have my vow, Alina."

Alina swallows. "I think I know why Father chose you for my husband," she murmurs. "I cannot fight them, but you can. You are right… we need knights." She swallows, her grip tightening on his hand.

"They are all real, Gabriel. The dead that walk. Demons. Creatures of nightmare that I have no names for." She shudders. "They are real. My brother faced one in the north, with others at his side. Many died, but the Tirians had their unholy power stripped from them. I myself have been…" and a shiver goes through her as the memories of her captivity in the ruins surfaces. "…witness. To dark things."

Well, he would have been shocked at the fact that she admitted that their house needed knights. What was more shocking was her following admissions. "Walking dead? Demons?" He shakes his head, frowning. "Alina, are you some of these things are not some people who have been given various potions in order to augment their combat abilities?" He shakes his head again, holding out a hand. "I am not calling you a liar, simply asking a question. If what you say is true though… well, what am I supposed to do against a demon? I admit, I once dreamt of fighting a dragon. I hear they have a dragon on display in Sunsreach."

He pauses, realizing he got off track. "Anyway, yes, I don't even know what I would do against a bloody dragon should one reappear, how could I hope to even fight a demon with any measure of success?"

Alina shakes her head vigorously, tears welling up and spilling. "No. No, I know what alchemicals do. The mouth… eyes… One, her mouth…" she is shaking now from fright. She forces herself to take a couple of slow breaths, wincing as she does.

"There are… ways of fighting them. Lightsilver. Sidhe steel. Fire." She swallows. "Demons… I don't know if even Jaren Cassomir could fight a demon. But thankfully those are not so apt to plague the realm as… the dead. And other creatures. Vampires. Abyss spawn." she shivers. "I cannot teach you, but I know who can. And as soon as I am able, I will send for her." She sniffles.

He nods, scratching at one of his cheeks, considering. "Yes, I suppose you would be familiar with what alchemicals do. Very well, I will have to meet with this person that you send for. Worry not about it right now. You should rest and get some sleep." He stands and stretches his neck, feeling a few clicks. "We can discuss these things more later, especially where there is more light." He chuckles at this last. "I will be back soon to check on you. For now, rest." He bends down and runs a hand through her hair and then kisses her forehead before stepping back and moving towards the door.

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