(1866-06-14) Coronation Tournament: Bracketed Jousts Night One
Coronation Tournament: Bracketed Jousts Night One
Summary: The first round of the Bracketed Joust.
Date: 1866-06-14
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Tourney Grounds - Rovilon - Couvier

The tournament grounds stand ready for use at a moment's notice. The stands are setup with the nobles sitting in the center, with the best seats and the Heraldry of the House set about them, and for any courtiers the Royals would have present. A half canopy has been established to help keep the shade in the area and protect from any of the elements, a thick leather trim going across the area where the royals are sitting raised up about fifty feet and supported by heavy wooden poles and tethers tying it. The benches have been formed of thick wood in the gallery, with lesser galleries set to the side for commoners, guards, and those who are watching and not immediately involved over in the arena. There are roughly eight rows of seats set up for the commoners stretching off the full length of the viewing gallery, and roughly three rows thick for the nobles to sit upon. Among the rows are those who are bringing beverage and refreshments.

The arena is dusty, a pit formed in the ground which has been dug down flat with padded dirt roughly two feet down from the main tents, the incline designed to give the crowd a better view. The center of the arena betray tell-tale markings where it is apparent that the rail for jousts could be set, if not set already. The dirt is thick and solid, packed down as firmly and evenly as it can be to ensure good footing. From the opposite ends of the exhibition pavilions are a pair of berths where the combatants would enter from and where judges and guards would otherwise sit, as well as attendants to quickly go and tend to the injured or break apart the combatants should it be necessary. The main pit is larger than the pavilions, being roughly fifty horse lengths wide, enough for all the combatants to have plenty of room to brawl without being so spread out that the main viewing area would risk losing track of them.


The proper jousting has begun; the first of two days that will decide placing not only for this tourney but for circuit tourneys that follow. The sun is in evidence blazing brightly in the sky and gleaming in thread-of-gold on the banners of House lValdan which fly above the tourney grounds. Below servants in l'Valdan livery ensure the final preparations are in place while the commons press to the fences of the list trying to get the best show as their betters batter one another for fame and glory.

The nobles boxes are filled as well under the shade of a blue and gold canopy plied with chilled wine and morsels of food served on fine plates. The King is there with his wife and eldest child as is the Rose Queen, escorted by her kin and a pair of black armoured lancers who along with the Blue Cavaliers ensure no harm comes to her or any of those in the box.

In front of the nobles on a raised platform the short cavalier and his 'friend' the circuit official stand front and center though this time with the official taking pride of place. After all this was the proper part of the joust not one of the early events meant to whet people's appetites for valour and glory.

Looking to the king for permission and receiving it in the form of a slight nod the circuit official steps forward and in turn signals the trumpeters to sound their brazen call. When it has died down he smiles "My lords and ladies, people of Rovilon let us bring this joust to its start," he says raising a hand in the fashion of the orators of the old Etharian Empire. There is a general cheer at this news and when it dies down the official continues. "Our first pair is to be Sir Gabriel l'Corren, the Red Knight and Champion of Couviere. His opponent, Sir Joffrey t'Synclare, the Unbroken and Lord of Edgebrooke, may the One guide their lances!"

Sitting astride her horse in armor, Evelyn nods for the two competitors as their names are announced. This, she knows, is going to be a fine match. She shows no favorites when the names are called, but watches with a measure of near fascinated intensity.

Michael stands beside his horse as the day's events begins and hearing his brother's name he smiles and looks to Gabriel. "Luck to you brother," he says and then quickly calls for a cup of cool water to drink while he watches and waits.

Graham has readied much as he's able to both getting his arm back into working order from the previous hit too trying to find a better way not to get knocked off in the first place. He sits astride his horse as the first match is announced. He will turn to watch each of the passes interested in the other competitors as well.

Already clad in his full plate and with tourney lance in hand, Joffrey t'Synclarre makes his way to his mark, offering a salute towards the royal viewing box, and then towards his opponent. He smiles across the field towards Gabriel and calls out, "Luck to you, Goodbrother, though I fear I'm the one that's going to need it!" And with that, he lowers his visor and prepares to charge!

Thaddeus sits astride his horse watching the tournament preparations begin. His tourney helm is held under his left arm so that Thad can see the grounds better, as well as it being more comfortable to be without a helm. A squire is nearby with a lance, but it is not needed now, so the boy is silent as is Thad, for he holds no strong opinion about who he wishes to see win this bout.

Gabriel sits upon his horse, his armor polished up for just such an occassion. His eyes drift around to see who is going to compete in the event, nodding to himself as he catches several familiar faces. Having been waiting to hear his name get called, when that moment arrives, he simply glances over at his brother and nods. "You as well." He rides forth, taking a lance that has black and purple ribbons tied at the very end of it that seem to go well with the ribbons he has tied around one of his upper arms.

Glancing towards Joffrey, he smiles and nods. "Luck to you as well, Goodbrother." He slams down hsi visor and then prepares himself for what is to come.

Gastogne sits up and over in the stands then, taking a seat to the far off. He's in a corner in the commoner's section. He's hunched up. He has his elbows in his lap. HE WILL NOT HAVE FOOD ON HIM THIS DAY!

Aidric has found a place for himself in the noble's box. A knight though he was he wasn't a tourney knight and so preferred to leave jousting to others. Still, even though he didn't sit a horse and hold a lance it didn't mean there wasn't some sport to be had. "A crown on the Lord of Edgebrooke, any takers?" he asks of those within earshot.

Nadine is prepared for when she is called to joust, but her attention is on the Lord of Edgebrooke and Sir Gabriel, looking stoic and interested in how this will turn out.

Sitting on his steed in front of the t'Tremaine pavilion, Elrick is already prepared for today's events. Kitted out in his full platemail, his eyes are on the first tilt that is about to take place. If the prelimary jousts were a peek into what is to come, it had shown that nothing is to be taken for granted in this tourney, even the circuit this year. His squire stands at the side, holding his tourney lance, waiting.

Lucas l'Saigner is dressed down for today's event dressed for all the world like the woodsman he sometimes wishes he were. Still, he does still wear a fine ring with a purple crescent of amethyst in a bed of jet, and the dagger at his hip seems too finely made for a common woodsman. Jostling through the common crowd he finds the rarest of jewels an empty spot. He sits down beside the man with his elbows in his lap. "I hope this spot isn't taken," he says to the man.

Settled once more within the nobles box to watch how her cousin fairs, Emilia perchs upon the edge of her set to check out the current pair called forth for the match. Dark eyes flick from one end of the field to the other, before a stoic look is sent along towards Aidric. Nope, Jaren likely wouldn't approve.

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

Though the last pass manages a solid strike against him, Joffrey does manage to remain in the saddle against the Circuit Champion of 1865, which by his measure is no poor showing. Indeed, he tallies himself only bested by a point. He turns his horse about and salutes once more, "Well jousted, sir! Perhaps if the One favors me, I'll see you again in the finals!" But he wouldn't count on it. Still, never know! In any case, he moves to the sidelines to await the next go-round.

The Lily knight watches each pass and some good blows taken on each run. Graham is settled in on the third pass a rather strong hit taken. He will clap for the pair when the winner of the match is spoken. He listens closely to hear who is next to joust. He looks back to the stands spotting his cousin and waving to her. He hears his name though and so he must make his way to position for his own match.

When the signal is given, Gabriel urges his mount forward. On his first pass, he knows he truck a true hit. Smiling, he continues towards the end where he turns and charges again. The second pass sees his lance get deflected off of Joffrey's armor just as he feels his Goodbrother's lance hit him solidly in the chest. Grunting, he grits his teeth and rides on. Wheeling about, he charges again, another solid blow is given and taken. Hearing he has been victorious on points, he returns Joffrey's salute. "Well done, Sir. I wish you the best of luck." He nods and then rides back over towards Michael. "That certainly could have gone differently."

Gastogne applauds over as the first exchange goes off, and leans to sit back and over to watch the next pair ready for their charge at one another, going to cheerout along with anyone else in the crowd.

"Hm," Aidric sniffs. "Good thing there wasn't any takers, but I'll put two crowns on Cassomir," he says before turning to look at Emilia. "Surely you can't disapprove of that?" he needles with a sharp grin. Yes, he felt that stoic look sent his way.

Even though he isn't competing just yet, Elrick tenses up when the first tilt of the official joust starts. The sound of the hooves down each side of the tilt brings back memories for sure. As the exchanges are made, the t'Tremaine sees that it would be down the last pass and when Gabriel's lance shatters. A brief nod is given towards last year's circuit champion's direction, then Elrick nudges his steed into motion, heading to his end of the tilt.

Lifting his helm into place, Elrick secures it while keeping his visor up for the time being. Reaching out, he takes his tourney lance from his squire before moving into position. A respectful bow of his head is offered to the royal box before he glances across the tilt to the southern knight, his opponent. Nothing is offered or said as he lowers his visor, ready to go.

In the ducal box, Alina l'Saigner applauds as her husband-to-be wins the first bout on points. She's looking pale and tired, and she has a variety of snacks and a wineskin to herself (though the skin hold water rather than wine), the food she picks at absently as the jousts continue.

Nadine looks disappointed for her friend as he loses by a single point but when Joff comes to the sidelines, she gives him an encouraging look. "You jousted well against the champion," she notes pleasantly. Then her attention moves to Elrick preparing to joust.

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Head.

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance but Elrick DODGES!

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Graham with Tourney Lance but Graham DODGES!

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance but Elrick DODGES!

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Head.

As the man comes up and goes to sit down over by him, Gasgotne goes to look up, "Oh, hello there. Well met." Craning his neck up and over to try and spot the latest exchange of horses. "And this is a smashing joust isn't it!" Tryin to bobble his head up and over above his hunched elbows to get a better look without risking dropping food.

"It was close," Michael agrees. "Our brother-in-law despite his protestations has the makings of a decent tourney knight." Then as the next two are called he glances up. "This should be a good one," he says. And it is, Michael applauds as Elrick wins, though not without a flinch for the Cassomir who took a hard blow at the end.

Evelyn watches as the first Tourney joust turns in Gabriel's favor, nodding to them both as they return, "Well ran, well ran." Both, afterall, performed admirably. She then focuses her attentions on Graham, and Elrick - this time her cheers go up for her fellow countrymen, and seems pleased when he takes the bout in points, cheering further.

Emilia watches the match and gives the polite clap due when the winner is marked at the end of it. Setting up a little when the next match is called. looking along to Aidric at his comment,"Of course of not, it is a fine of bet to be of making." Still looking stoic, before the look turns to the field itself and the match which…does go well enough for the first few rounds…and even hope for that bet…til the last tilt when Graham takes quite the hit. Emilia winces a little. Managing a faint sigh,"He did not take of mine-advice."

Nadine flinches at the solid blow her lover lands on the southern knight, but is pleased he comes out ahead on points.

Thaddeus watches the two bouts and nods as the first one concludes. He watches with interest as the only other Rivanan remaining enters he lists. This interest turns into a sigh of frustration as Graham loses on points, though the Greycen does take comfort in the knowledge that Graham is not yet out of it. When Thad's name is called, he secures the jousting helm on his head and takes the lance from the squire, giving a polite nod and taking his place in the lists.

Lucas turns and looks at the man beside him. "Well met," he says and extends a hand. "I am Lucas," he says. "And yes, there does seem to be a bit of smashing going on, doesn't there?" he jokes lightly.

"Sir Elrick jousted well." Joffrey notes to Nadine, with perhaps only the barest hint of an amused smile and tone backing up the statement. "And as for myself, well…about as well as I could have hoped for, I think." Joffrey shrugs a bit, looking out into the crowd and waving to a certain someone there, before turning his attention back to the field.

"Indeed." Gabriel comments to his brother, nodding. "I do hope Gwen is proud of how he has done so far." He turns and watches Elrick beat Graham. "That Cassomir knight has done rather well too, though Sir Elrick hit him pretty hard there at the end. It is good to see lots of new talent make their names in these affairs."

Gastogne nods and goes to lift his hand up, intent on flexing a muscle. "Gastogne! Well met good sir Lucas." Watching as the jousts go on. "This is always fun and sporting. You have anyone you're looking forwards to wager upon?"

Aidric flinches when a second man he's favoured to win is beaten. "Probably best to stop better," he mutters before asking Emilia. "What advice was that?"

Graham doesnt fall off so that's a start but no Emilia's tactic of hitting but not being hit hasnt worked.. well.. drat.. He manages to avoid the second lance though the third attempt strikes the plate on his chest hard and he's hard pressed to remain on horse, but he does "Well jousted Sir Elrick." he says before making his way off for the next grouping.

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!

On the first pass, Elrick was more focused on staying on his steed, keeping a firm hold on his steed as his lance comes down a touch late, delivering only a light blow, just enough to count officially as a strike. The second pass proved to be elusive for both riders, a last second shift causing him to miss completely, luckily he was not struck in return. It was on the last pass that the t'Tremaine claims victory, perhaps a touch annoyed that he is not doing as well as he had expected against the Rivanaian knight. Focused, he leans forward slightly and guides his tourney lance perfectly, the satisfying feeling of it shattering as he rides past his opponent. Glancing back, the t'Tremaine heir tch's quietly under his visored helm after seeing that the Cassomir remains on his steed and not unhorsed. Tossing his useless lance off to the side, Elrick bows his head to the royal box one more, before a last glance is offered to Graham.

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Michael with Tourney Lance but Michael DODGES!

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Michael with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Michael with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance but Thaddeus DODGES!

Emilia gives a slight nod to Aidric,"Might be of best, or bet on second of choice of perhaps?" Fifty-fifty shot after all! In true Cassomir fashion, she notes deadpanly,"I told him to not get of hit. " Giving a glance towards the field again as Thaddeus takes the field. A mild hmm,"Perhas he was of taking of such advice in of stead."

"Agreed," Michael says to Gabriel as he mounts his horse. "Well, let us see if some of the old talent has some skill left in them," he says speaking of himself. He moves to his place in the lists.

When the joust begins it seems that his skill has fled him, three times he charges and each time he fails to strike a solid hit, while on the second pass Sir Thaddeus hits him hard in the chest almost knocking him from his mount. When it is all said and done he rides back towards his opponent smiling ruefully. "Shame I could not give you a better challenge, sir," he says before he heads back to his brother and dismounting beside him. "Well, that could have gone better."

Cheering for Michael, Evelyn cannot help but look a bit disappointed as the Rivanian gets the better of the man who was her co-commander in their campaign. She rides her horse to her position and looks across to Nadine, the Snowshield and a woman she counts as friend. She smiles, warmly to Nadine, "May you ride well, shield-sister. I look forward to testing my skill against your own." She nods her head in an honorable assent, before closing her visor. And when the signal comes, she charges.

Joffrey applauds for Michael and Thaddeus' joust, though he's a small bit disheartened to see the future Duke of Murnord not performing better. Still, as always, it's on to the next match! "Good luck, Sir Nadine. Sir Evelyn seems to be on a bit of a streak this tourney." Joffrey notes in good humor as Nadine moves off to take her position.

When Nadine is called, she nods in response to Evelyn, and then takes her position with a sense of seriousness. She glances to Elrick before she flips her visor shut, then prepares to charge.

The next match is turned to as they make their passes they seem fairly evenly matched until one strong blow. Graham is glad though the other stays horsed and he will clap for both of them when the score is announced.

Gabriel nods to his brother and then watches him ride out against the Rivanan. As things unfold, he frowns and then turns to offer his brother a sympethetic smile. "Yeah, aside from that single hit he got on you, it looked like you two were really well matched. I'm sorry things didn't go better for you, but hey, maybe now you can make a comeback story possible."

"Good advice," Aidric says snorting a laugh before watching Thaddeus ride and win. "It seems he did take your advice, either that or he won because I didn't bet on him." A small smile there.

Thaddeus gives the obligatory salute to the royal box and presses his spurs to his horse as the signal is given. The first pass proves fruitless for both ducal heirs, Thad's lance missing and his armor causing the other lance to glance off. As he charges the second time, Thad's lance snaps as it strikes Michael in the chest, but the third pass proved fruitless for both. Thad removes his helm as Michael rides up to speak and responds, "It was a fine challenge, I simply got lucky with that second pass. Good luck to you, sir in the rest of the contest." The Greycen knight then returns to the sidelines and makes sure tha the favor is still attached.

"I do not really know who to wager on, besides Sir Gabriel of course," Lucas says "And it is simply Lucas, I am no knight," he says. "What about you? Do you have coin on anyone?"

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance but Nadine DODGES!

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance but Evelyn DODGES!

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance but Nadine DODGES!

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).

There is a tugging at the corner of Emilia's lips as she looks over to Aidric, giving up a round of clapping for the match along the way,"Could have of been of both." Turning her attention back along to the field with the next round of knights with sticks trying to stab and hit each other with them. Some clapping for them as well, it is the polite thing to do. "Seems they are of keeping of their seats of today, unlike of the other of day."

Watching the final tilt come to an end between Michael and Thaddeus, Elrick can't help but wince as he waits in front of his pavilion. But his attention quickly shifts back to the jousting field as the next to competitors are called. Seeing Nadine glance his way, the t'Tremaine heir gives her a nod of confidence, his helm resting on the pommel of his saddle as he watches. After the first pass is completed, Elrick nods his head again, remaining silent. Once the last pass is done, he manages a grin as he watches Nadine be declared the victor.

Gastogne mms, "No, I don't. I keep on thinking that I should try and find one to puton, but I haev little ideas of such affairs. And money ill spent is money lost. I'd rather enjoy myself and my coin than lose it with no sense of enjoyment."

"Ha! One hopes," Michael laughs. "Though to be honest brother I am just here to tire some of these knights out before they have to face you, got to keep the champion title in the family, you understand," he jokes lightly.

When Nadine takes the next round he applauds though in truth he would have been equally happy if either woman had won.

Evelyn rides, and rides well, taking two hits from Nadine, without being able to score her own lance against the Snowshield. She pauses a moment, furrowing her brow beneath her visor before guiding her horse over towards the sidelines to watch, expelling a breath of frustration, but calling to Nadine, "Well ran. You had the better of me, but should we meet again, it shall be different." There is humor in her voice, warmth.

Nadine delievers two blows in three tilts, though none break the lance. Still, she seems pleased as she leaves the field, giving Evelyn a rare grin. "Of course, Sir. I expect it shall," she notes, before moving her mount over by Elrick to watch the next rounds.

"Perhaps," Aidric agrees with a faint nod and a faint smile. Then he turns to the matter of the results being less dramatic than the day before. "A shame, it would be fun to see some of those competing today fall on their asses."

Joffrey heads back to the starting mark, giving Nadine a smile as he goes, "Well done, Nadine. Let's see if I can match it." He once again salutes the royals (and the audience) and then his opponent, "Good luck to you, Sir!" And with that, he lowers his visor and prepares for yet another pass.

The next match goes fast and is over in rather quick passes. Graham didnt have much rest-bit but he will heft his lance when his name is called, and make his way back out onto the line ready for the next match hoping at very least make good showing.

Lucas nods. "Sensible," he agrees with Gastogne. "Food and drink is a much better investment," he says. "Care for a cup of ale and some roast-" he makes a face. "Whatever it is on the stick?"

Gabriel snorts, shaking his head. "If I somehow managed to become Champion again, I do believe the title would end up being in the l'Saigner name by that point." He turns and watches Evelyn and Nadine go head to head and frowns slightly. He had hoped Evelyn would have pulled out a victory. "Ah, here comes Sir Joffrey again. Let us hope that he wins this one."

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Leg.

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance but Joffrey DODGES!

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Graham with Tourney Lance but Graham DODGES!

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance but Joffrey DODGES!

Gastogne sniffs, "Yes I would. And my round first then." He offers his hand, "Given you've been sporting wit the companionship."

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance but Joffrey DODGES!

While Joffrey seems to be having difficulty breaking any lances this eve, he does seem to be eking out ahead on points in his matches so far. He gives Graham a salute and adds, "Well jousted, Sir! No doubt we'll see you in the next round." And then Joff's back to the sidelines to await his next round.

"Seemed most of matches in of puliminaries ended in such of way," notes Emilia. Turning her attention to the field with more attention as Graham is called again. Clapping soundly when Graham gets that hit int. Setting up just a little bit more when the match comes about so evenly,"Avoiding of hitting of better…still not of bad for his of first of tournament."

"One's mercy, you're right, in that case I should go easy on your foes to keep that from happening," Michael says shooting a smile towards his brother. "Sir Gabriel l'Saigner," he fakes a shudder. "That'll take some getting used to."

He turns to watch the match. It's a close fought thing but Joffrey comes out ahead. "Another close match," he remarks before his name is called. "I miss the Cavalier, less dramatic but funnier," he says of the announcers. "Wish me luck brother," he says and then advances towards the lists.

Once there he dips his lance to Sir Evelyn, the royal box and finally his wife before setting himself ready for the charge.

"Sir Michael," Evelyn greets. She nods to him in turn, and then exhales, attempting to calm herself, regain her confidence, composure, before charging, her lance ready to knock her opponent off his steed. Hopefully.

Gabriel lets out a little cheer as Joffrey finally manages to squeak out a victory over the Rivanan. "Alright, looks like Sir Joffrey survives to ride another round. Good on him." He turns to face his brother. "Luck to you, my brother, I hope to face you in the final." He smiles and then watches Michael ride out.

Nadine cheers for Joffrey, glad to see him advance to the next round. She leans forward a bit on her mount, patting the side of his neck with a gauntleted hand while watching the next round.

Lucas looks at Gastogne with a furrowed brow. "Are you sure?" he asks of the man paying for their food. "I have coin to pay."

Gastogne smiles, "It's in good sport. And it's more enjoyable to watch this with a confederate. And you can pay for the next round then."

The first exchange to go to extra rounds, Elrick watches on eagerly as both knights appear to be evenly matched. He, of course, favors Joffrey, rooting for the northern knight and on that extra pass, the north holds strong. A nod is approval is made as he continues to sit on his steed, waiting. Elrick does glance to the side towards Nadine, "Good luck in your match, Nadine, take him down."

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance but Evelyn DODGES!

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Michael with Tourney Lance but Michael DODGES!

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Michael with Tourney Lance but Michael DODGES!

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Michael with Tourney Lance but Michael DODGES!

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Michael with Tourney Lance but Michael DODGES!

"He seems to be doing well," Aidric agrees applauding the Cassomir knight's performance. "It's a shame your brother is not competing though. How is his arm? Is he recovering well?" he asks as the two Couveri knights battle.

"Fine then, if I am getting the next round," Lucas says and waves for someone to bring food and drink to them. "So what's your trade if I may ask?" he inquires casually, words to pass the time and nothing more.

It is a few passes, but finally Michael manages to score a hit against Evelyn, and she fails again to hit her mark. As the round ends, Evelyn exhales, and nods to the victor, "Well done, Sir Michael. I wish you well. It would seem I'm not destined to continue in the joust." There is disappointment in her tone, but it's not harsh. She is earnestly pleased for the man, and then she rides off the field to gather near Nadine, and Elrick to finish watching the bouts.

Graham loses the match, though this is indeed his first tournament and he knows how good the competitors are the fact that it had to go an extra round is pretty good in his book. "Well Jousted m'lord." he comments to the other on the way over towards the side he will look up to the box trying to find his family and offers a wave and a smile to Emilia to show he's okay and not too disappointed.

Nadine watches Evelyn and Michael expertly dodge each others blows, until finally Michael lands a solid hit— not a lance-shattering one, but a solid hit none the less. She nods, pleased at how the tilts went, finding such to be a show of even skill.

Then Elrick is called ot the lists, and she gives him a smile. "Good luck," she says to him as he rides out.

Gabriel watches his brother ride against Evelyn, each pass that happens, he waits for something… anything to happen. Finally on the fourth or fifth? Twenty-second pass? Well, whatever it was, Michael finally scores a hit. As his brother rides up, he laughs and claps him on the shoulder. "Well done. It seems you live yet a little longer." His name gets called and he sighs. "This should be a hard fought one." He rides forward and then positions himself across the way from Elrick, offering the man a salute.

Gastogne sighs, "Oh, this and that." He holds his hands up, "I tend to ply my wares from place to place and travel. Taking some time off with the wonderful tournament here."

When his name is finally called, Elrick glances towards Nadine again and flashes her a grin, "This will be a challenge… a welcomed one." First, he plucks up his helm and pulls it securely over his head, then he nudges his steed once more into motion. Reaching out, the t'Tremaine takes a new tourney lance from his squire, his gaze fixed on last year's circuit champion. Gabriel's salute is returned with a similar one, Elrick certainly not shying away from this matchup. To be the best, you must beat the best.

"Of aye, I am knowing several are of disappoint he is of not competing," comments Emilia. Her eyes watching as this next match seems a never ending thing. No hit after no hit. Air wiff! "He is of recovering quite of well of though, and his arm is coming of along of well. Not of quite of allowed back to full of practice. Much to of his dismay."

It's a long fight but one that Michael wins if only by a slim margin. On the return to the pavilion he nods to Evelyn. "Next time," he says and moves on to his brother. "It seems so, but it was too close, I am losing my touch," a pause. "If I ever had it." When Gabe's name's called next he grins. "You'd best show me how it's done to be sure. Good luck, brother."

Lucas nods "Well a good reason for a break," he admits and then when the food comes, a couple cups of ale and some meat best not looked into too deeply he takes his and takes a bite. "Mm, I've had worse," he allows and glances up across the lists to where Alina sits imagining what she'd say about his food and his dinner company. "Any interesting wares?" he asks.

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!

Gastogne glances over at Alina, "Lady you appreciate?" Grinning then and looking her over. "Lovely taste." Resting his hands together. "And I suppose you could say I'm the middleman. I help sell the damned things. Each region tends to have a fluctuating market so I try and stay a little haead of the curve of what's going to be popular when it comes to crafts."

"No doubt," Aidric says with a nod of Jaren's dismay. "And I am sure he is kept busy now with matters of state as well which I am sure are a thrilling consolation," he says with a shake of his head. "Especially with talk of a formal peace between the kingdoms." The fight is largely missed except when the crack of Gabriel's lance draws his eye which is quickly returned to Emilia. It seems he's more one for talking than jousting.

f"Looks like you're up again, Nadine. Let's have a good show against the Rivanan future-Duke." Joffrey notes with a smile, "Good luck." And with that, he watches intently as his friend moves to the field once more.

Thaddeus continues watching in silence, as few Rivanans remain in the area, and he is not too familiar with the Couvierans. When Elrick is struck by Gabriel, Thad winces, though is surprised to see the knight still ahorse after it. It is all over too soon, though, as Thad is soon called to the lists after the third pass. Thad lowers his visor and grabs a fresh lance from a squire before returning to his spot in the lists.

It looks like this time is not the time for Elrick, very evident in his second pass when he gets nailed in the chest by Gabriel's tourney lance. Luckily it was only a tourney lance, shattering upon contact. It takes an incredible amount of effort by the t'Tremaine to remain on his horse, almost on the verge of falling off. Once the last pass is made, suffering no hard hits, Elrick gives Gabriel a nod, to show that he is not wounded from that second pass, at least physically.

Kicking his horse into motion once the signal has been given, Gabriel charges forth, lowering his lance. He gets the best out of the first exchange, and then winces as he breaks his lance against Elrick's chest on the second pass. Pausing at the end of the pass to acquire another lance, he turns and charges again, but it seems both of their attacks just glance off one another. Turning he nods at Elrick, offering a nod of his head. "Well ridden, Sir. My apologies for that second hit, but I am glad you are unharmed."

He rides back over to Michael and then lets out a sigh. "I am glad that went my way, Sir Elrick is a tough challenger for anyone to ride against."

Lucas almost spits out his ale at the notion he fancies Alina. "One, no," he says. "Just someone I know. She's betrothed to the man beating Sir Elrick right now," he says nodding to Gabriel in the lists. "Ah, a trader then," he says. "I feel less bad about you paying for this round then, good money in trade."

Alina leans forward slightly to watch her betrothed and his match against the heir to Hartswood. When he does well— at least, his pointy-stick thing hits the other knight more often that the other knight's pointy-stick thing— she applauds and waves to him, looking pleased.

Nadine winces as Gabriel's lance shattered on Elrick, but is happy her does not lose his seat— he is a tourney knight, after all, and accustomed to these sorts of things. She looks as if she might move to him and console him for his loss, but then her name is called. Squeezing her knees into her mount's ribs a bit, she takes her lance and moves to the head of the lists.

That has Lucas turn another shade of pale as he likewise coughs. Coughs some more. "Oh, completle understandable andmistaken on my part." He nods over at Lucas, "Aye,ther'es enough. But it also means you have to be both canny and wary. For one dumbtrade away,and you've losta good year's crafts and pay."

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance but Thaddeus DODGES!

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Nadine has been KO'd!

Michael applauds when his brother wins the match. "Yes, he's good alright," he agrees. "Though I am still caught up in thought of a l'Saigner Circuit Champion, not sure if it's just hideously perverse or amusingly so," he says with a light chuckle. "Let's see how Nadine handles this Rivanan."

Not well it seems as she is sent tumbling from her horse. "Abyss," he breathes in astonishment.

"Ride well," Evelyn wishes Nadine as she rides to face Thaddeus. She, too, had winced when Gabriel's lance shattered on Elrick. But, as Elrick rides back, she nods to him, "It would seem Sir Gabriel's skill at these matches has returned. But well to you for not faltering on that hit, Sir Elrick." Evelyn flashes the Knight a smile of approval. "Many would have fared worse." She then turns to watch Nadine's run. And winces again, as Thaddeus' lance crashes into Nadine's, and she is unseated. "That Rivanian Knight is a monster." The words, of course, are those of praise. There is brief concern in her eyes, as she watches Nadine to make sure her friend is not seriously injured by the fall.

Emilia nods,"Of aye, much a thrilling consolation. He is kept busy going from of one of meeting to the next of function. " Some flicker of her dark eyes taking in the fact there is movement of horses upon the field. But really not knowing the riders with them being mostly northern knights at this point. Not much attention is given on. Save being able to give polite clapping where appropriate. "Peace is of work in of its own of way. Just of differnt sort of work." A flicker of her eyes touches to the field as Thaddeus again takes the field and..well..by golly,"Oh..of look, seems we finally got of that un of horsing."

Joffrey sits up sharply, concern on his face as he sees Nadine take a terrific strike from the Lord-Marshal of Rivana. He breathes a sigh of relief when she's soon back on her feet, and moves to his starting position, saluting the royals a third time, and then Nadine, sighing, "I know you'd only be cross with me if I went easy on you after that. So I suppose we'll trust to the One and our skill and see what happens." He lowers his visor, then his lance, and prepares to charge.

"Hah. Just remember, it was father who started the whole thing." Gabriel gives Michael a bit of a grin. He turns to watch Nadine and Thaddeus. After two passes, he nods, "They look well matched right now." Then that third pass happens and Nadine gets unhorsed. "Ah, well, I would have hoped to have faced Sir Nadine in the next round, but I hope that Rivanan loses his grip when I go against him. That last hit looked like it hurt." He looks relieved when Nadine is able to get up and then continue on. "Oh let us hope Sir Joffrey pulls this one out."

Nadine's luck is not with ehr today— or, more likely, she is riding against someone who is far more skilled at the joust than she. One, two, and the third blow she takes is mighty and lifts her up off her saddle and throws her back heavily. She lands on the ground behind her mount and it takes a moment for her to rise, but she lifts her arm and then slowly gets to her feet. Sorely she waves tot he crowds and the noble box, then to her opponent.

But no rest for her bruised muscles— she is to joust again immediately.

At Evelyn's words, Elrick nods his head in an appreciative manner as he pulls off his helm, taking in a couple of breaths. He can't toss it to the side though, not yet as he still has one more to ride today. When it is Nadine's turn, the t'Tremaine shifts his focus back to the tilts and on the final pass, his brows furrow up in worry. When she gets up again, Elrick leans back slightly while still seated on his saddle. Thaddeus is certainly one to be wary of in the joust.

Graham looks on from the ground this time at the new competitors as they match the latest round seems fairly even at first though the last is bad blow. He will watch and hope the knight is able to get back up. He lets his breath go when she gets back up.

Thaddeus charges down the list at the signal and smiles as his first two passes land hits, despite giving up one. His third charge is able to unhorse his opponent, who he recalls as one of the two knights to gang up on him in the melee. After finishing his pass he rides up to her and raises his visor upon seeing her wave, "Are you all right, sir?" Thad's voice has some concern in it but the fact that she is up next seems to give him reassurance that she will be all right.

Aidric listens nodding with the field kept in the corner of his eye. "And the meetings go well?" he asks of her. Though when Thaddeus sends the northern woman flying from the saddle he stands. "Ha! Well done Thaddeus!" he shouts before he settles back. "Finally some action," he says to Emilia as he sits again.

Alina winces as the lady knight is thrown from her horse. "No wonder my husband to be is so stubborn," she notes to Big Pie, the Wraith who is acting as her primary guard this afternoon. "He's probably been rattled around too much in those cans they call armor."

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance but Nadine DODGES!

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Joffrey with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Joffrey attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

Joffrey turns about and salutes Nadine, chuckling after he raises his visor, "Looks like my run for the evening is done. Well done, Nadine. Take a bit of rest and get ready for your next round." He rides off, and dismounts, starting to loosen and unfasten his armor with the help of a squire, while his Horse is prepared to be led off and back to the stables.

Gastogne winces at the throw then and turns his attention back to the matches, "Ouch.." Crossing his legs over once more in sympathy.

"True enough in many professions," Lucas says over a sip of ale. "Where do you travel?" he asks. "I don't think I've seen enough the kingdom myself."

Gabriel watches Nadine ride against Joffrey. Once all is said and done and she has won on points, he offers a sigh. "It is good to see her bounce back from what the Southerner did, but I had hoped you could face Sir Joffrey next. Anyway, good luck to you, Michael." He reaches out and claps his brother on the shoulder before turning back to watch what is to come.

Despite being rattled, Nadine managed to make a solid hit on Joffrey in all three of their passes, though the final pass he shatters his lance on her gorget. Though she wins on points, she rides from the field towards Evelyn, slumped in her saddle. "One save me, I'm sore all over," she notes. "At least in battle one has their blood up to make the hits hurt less!" she notes, then turns to watch Elrick in the last round of the night.

Gastogne nods, "Currently coming over through Couviere to here for the tournament. It's wonderful. Such amazing hospitality for the crowning."

Emili nods a bit,"Of aye, seeming of so…though am thinking these are of the ones where of lots of words are of spoken, but of little is actually of said, of done. People are of met." There is a faint tugging to the corners of her lips,"Of knowing, of aye?" Some minor flicker of that stoic look given as there is more stick action upon the tournament field.

"She is definitely tough, one of the more formidable tourney knights." Elrick comments to no one in particular, watching Nadine bounce back from her previous tilt and managing three decent hits despite taking a serious one on the last pass. The t'Tremaine heir does not have much time to ponder over that exchange though as he now has to go up against his future liege, the twin to the circuit champion.

Michael applauds Nadine's victory which is more impressive for having come so soon after her unhorsing. Then he's called and he mounts his horse and nods back to his brother. "Thanks," he says. "I'll do what I can," then he urges his mount forward and when he has a lance in hand he dips it to Elrick, the royals and his wife before he spurs his mount forward, lowering his lance to aim square at Elrick's chest.

"I'm pleased she's well," Evelyn breathes, releasing much of that concern. Then, she watches the next few tilts as Nadine is forced to compete again, this time against Joffrey, who'd bested Evelyn in the preliminaries. She looks over at Elrick, "This should be a good match." And, it is. It's close. But, she frowns, a little, when Joffrey is bested, but she's just as pleased for Nadine. Holding her helmet loosely at her side, she greets Nadine as she comes back, "An admirable run, Sir. One to be proud of against Sir Joffrey. Let us hope that Sir Elrick takes this one."

Joffrey blinks as he watches Michael unhorse Elrick in two passes, shaking his head a bit and chuckling, "Well, it took him a couple rounds, but it seems Sir Michael found his fire after all."

Emilia's words are met with a smile at first "I know those sorts of meetings," he says before he quirks his brow. "Of knowing what?" he asks before he snorts. "Damn it now you have me doing that." The end of the day's fighting is barely noticed except to look back and smile when some northern knight falls.

Gabriel watches on as Michael unhorses Elrick. "Damn. Only took you two passes to get that done. Congratulations, now let us hope we can make it a l'Corren final, eh?" He laughs as he salutes Michael, and then moves off to see about getting out of his armor getting something to eat. Hitting people with lances makes for hungry work after all.

Graham watches the final two matches which go by in a blurr really and he claps at the end though he watches to make sure the other knight does get back up. He is silent as he watches. Sir Elrick. The tournament is supposed to bring compettion and the spirit of togetherness and he doesnt want anyone harmed during it.

Lucas nods. "Well there has been plenty of hospitality to go around to be sure," he says turning as the resounding crack of a lance draws his attention. "I think that is the end of this event," he remarks as he juggles food and drink to applaud. A thought occurs and he asks his dinner companion. "Actually any of your wares something a lady of good birth might like?" he says. "Not the one in the stands, another one."

This time, Elrick does not fair as well against the second l'Corren brother. It appears that Michael is just as talented as his brother, nailing the t'Tremaine in the chest twice with lance shattering blows. Elrick manages to weather the first one but the second knocks him back, off of his steed. Laying on his back for a moment, more in disappointment than pain, he slowly sits up and pulls off his helm. With a sigh, he raises his gauntleted hand to give Michael a signal that he is fine.

Gastogne winces over as he sees the final exchange, and gives a nod, "OF course. I think I can come up with something. I don't have anything on myself now, mind, but I can head over to where I'm quartered and see what I can come up wtih for a lady of good standing. Are you looking for a gift or anything over in specific?"

Alina actually rises to her feet, though the three Wraiths that have accompanied her all start as she does, Big Pie moving to help support her. "I'm not an invalid," she snips annoyedly, taking a drink from her wineskin. "It's over for tonight, isn't it? And Gabriel is still… whatever. Able to do the pointy-stick thing?" Small Pie shrugs laconically, nodding. "All right. Well, then I wish to go home. I'm tired."

Big Pie might actually roll his eyes at that. "I figured," he notes.

Nadine looks disappointed and worried when Elrick is unhorsed, but when he sits up, she lets out a breath she had been holding. "Well," she says with a sigh, "at least he is all right."

There is just a brief tugging to the corners of Emilia's lips when there is the snort by Aidric,"I am of having excuse for of doing." Least seeming aware of enough of that fact it would seem. There is a glance to denote that final fall, claping for it…or well the match. Perhap both. "But it is of seeming you are of knowing."

Relief again in Evelyn's features as Elrick signals he is well, and she can breathe a little. She nods to Nadine, "Aye. I wish the One with you, in the next round, Sir. You must give those men notice, as my own skill and luck this day wasn't as with me as it was in the preliminaries, alas." She smiles some, shrugs the despondancy of her loss off as best she can, which all things considered is pretty well. "I shall hope to fare better in the melee, and make a show of it."

Michael waits in the lists with held breath until he sees Elrick sit up and wave. "Good," he says seeing the man is not so badly hurt. Then he urges his horse forward to join his brother. "Yes, but one of us will need to best the Rivanan Lord -Marshall first," he smiles as he removes his helm. "It should make for an interesting final however it turns out."

"A gift," Lucas confirms. "Tell me where you're staying and I'll come call sometime this eve to review what you have."

Gastogne nods over at Lucas, "Of course." He names a nearby inn. "I'll expect you sometime this evening. Knock thrice. You can get my room number from the housekeeper."

Cathrynn arrives from the Gatehouse Circle.

"Knowing what?" Aidric asks perplexed. "Clearly I am missing something," he says as he he reaches to take a cup of wine from the tray of a passing servant. "Care for some?" he asks as he holds out a hand to stop the servant from getting much further until he has an answer.

Lucas notes the name. "I am sure I can find it," he says and then finishes off the last of his meat and washes it down with his ale. "Well, I will buy you my round at the inn but thank you for your company and I will speak to you later tonight," he says preparing to take his leave.

Gastogne nods at Lucas, "Well met." He goes to stand up, "And I will look forwards to your time. I'll admit I don't have much stockwtih me.. I came here for fun, but business is business. I'm sure we can come up wtihsomething that fits your lady."

Rising to his feet, Elrick makes that long walk back towards his pavilion, his squire having done the proper thing by fetching his knight's steed. With his helm tucked under his arm, it looks like the young knight is in thought, perhaps reviewing what happened during the joust that lead him to this point.

With the event wraping up, Emilia does start to rise,"I should be of going, but of thanking for of offer." Canting her head though when Aidric does seem perplexed. "Of knowing," a hand raising and gives a little dance in the air,"where there of people of met, little of spoken, much of being of seen between and measured of up. Of judgements of made. Of knowing of these things, importatance of in them, what is not only of being of seen and said, but of un of said as of well. You are of knowing of that."

Graham will let someone take his horse to stable and remove his armor and let them take care of it. He will look towards the stands looking for Cathrynn. He finds her without too much trouble smiling softly. "Hm I lost, though my first tournament i've tried to be part of." he gives a shrug "Still one more event for points perhaps i'll do well in the duels?"

Aidric stands as Emilia does, manners were still important, and lets the servant go about his business. "I perhaps understood only half of that, but I get the gist, and you're welcome," he admits bluntly. "Anyhow, I will not keep you. Enjoy the day."

Emilia gives Aidric a brief study when he is so blunt, hard perhaps to tell just what sort of study given her ever stoic like expression. But she does eventually say,"Of thanking, for honesty. Will try of…" her hand gives a faint turn in the air," different, next of time. Enjoy of day as of well, and of tournament, Sir of Aidric." Giving a bow of her head to the Lord Knight before she makes her way from the stands.

Cat is up there in the stands and she starts making her way down to meet Graham, "I saw, but you competed honorably," she says and rests her hand on his arm. "I suspect you will do well in the duels, you are making quite a showing."

"Good," Lucas says as he squeezes past Gastogne in the stands. "I will see you tonight then," and with that he drops down from the stands and hops the fence to go in search of Evelyn.

Gastogne gives a wave at Lucas, "Well met." And then scurries away. HE has a few hours to steal enough petty trinkets to pass himself off as a trader!

Graham smiles at the touch to his arm leaning in to give her a peck of a kiss. "Thank you Cat, means a lot. I sure hope to and i've been told i'm doing well I will come better equipped for jousting next tournament I attend see if I might fair a little better. Well and practice too of course cause its not just the armor." he smirks he looks up to where his cousin had been and waves her over if she wishes before looking back. "I am excited for the archery and the artistic competition though i'm not competing in either."

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