(1866-06-14) The Hips Don't Lie
The Hips Don't Lie
Summary: Emilia and Graham go out for a trip to the markets in Rovilon to check out art supplies, but get a bit diverted from this when there is a bit of a mishap with some wayward hips! And it seems they don't lie none at all!
Date: 1866-06-14
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Mercat Circle - Rovilon - Couvier
The home of most of Rovilon's shops and businesses. The Mercat district centers around the market at the crossing of the King's Avenue and Goldcoin Lane, the latter of which runs the full circuit of the district. The market is well-kept with a large central fountain, white cobble stones and a wide variety of stalls to suit almost any decent taste or need.
The rest of the district is managed by the guilds and shops of the same type can usually be found close together along with the hall of the guild they belong to. These areas are obsessively well-kept as a matter of pride as each guild tries to outdo the others by making their area cleaner and more inviting then that of their rivals.

With the tournament events in full swing and the trips end not exactly in sight, Emilia had managed to get out of the habbit of entirely hiding away in the rooms allotted to the for the duration of their stay and had actually sought to venture out for a trip to the markets. Like a proper female, she had dragged along a male family member along,"Have you of been along to see of them of yet?," inquiring to Graham as they reached the edges of them. Even if likely having passed through a time or three to the tourney grounds by now. Though unlike a 'proper' Lady, least 'proper' Courtly Lady, or Knightly….Emilia was dress in her usual turn of leathers, the typical tailored cut and styling known to the Huntresses. "Am of curious to see of their paint of selections." Of course! The streets did have added crowds with the influx of people from the tournament and coronation. Added street vendors were moving through the area trying to sell their wares, as there were additional street performers trying to earn additional coin.

Graham walks along side his cousin. He always enjoys the times when she's a bit more animated. It usual seems when she's not being forced into doing things she doesnt want to do like wear poofy dresses and such. "I have traveled through but didnt stop, but I imagine they will have a great selection i've seen some of the art in the castle and its diffrent to our own. Makes me wonder if I could match its likeness." He grins though he does stay close to her especially in the crowds Lily knight Fretting knight indeed.

Poofy dresses usually means nobly functions! Which means stares and whispers words and not so whispers words, and lots of fakes smiles from Emilia! And thankfully, Emilia has a little while before having to worry about another of those functions. "Of aye, I have of noticed there is of different of styling. Of course different of scenes, to be of expected. Of curious to be of seeing what shall come of in the art of contests of next of week. Though to be of seeing of now what kinds and of selections might be of amongst of the paints. Of know, end of seeing fine of enough in Pacitta of what might be offered." Canting her head a little as she casts her stoic look his way,"Was there of being a particular of turn in there of styling you were of thinking to try to of match?" The young woman making her way along easily enough with that ethereal movements of hers.

The Lord and Knight considers the question a bit "Hm I noticed their backgrounds are a bit sharper typically kind of giving it a certain look and the pictures themselves they must use finer tipped brushes typically then I do for the lines on the painting to be so faint. He grins at the idea of trying to recreate this art form. "What about yourself, and quite true about the art competition." he looks around a moment but they are well not a lone but not a place to be overheard. "Emilia, do you think I should continue with the joust? Even though im under-equipped in armor?"

A slight cant to Emilia's head comes as she consider,"I had not of thought of really, but could be of interesting to try a little of the styling in of pieces. Might be of worth of while then to be looking at of what of brushes they have in of shop as of well, of aye? " There is a mild turn of her hand, fingers dancing on the air at this thought before they fall back to her side as he asks his next question. "Under of equipped? Because you are not having as of shiney of pieces as some of the other of accomplished of knights? " There is a mild down turn to her lips, a hint of a frown,"There is of worry of injury, of aye, such is of risk in entering. Even of with of the best of equipment. I am of thinking, you should be of doing what you are most of comfortable of with. If you are thinking you are of to of ill-equipped to be of riding in of the joust, then be of not..and we will see you of better of equipped for of next of time. If you think it can of do, for even if not of shiney, there were of others with of similar on of the field. But of aye, I do think it of risks more of injury, perhaps not of going as far for of it."

Graham grins "That is exactly my thought try to get some of the supplies here as well not just paint." He chuckles at sometimes how they read each other so well comes with spending so much time together no doubt. He continues on towards the art stall but looks abck to listen as she speaks. He sighs "Makes me sound a bit of a coward if I dont compete and i'd be letting down the house and the country." uhg yeah he takes it a bit seriously. "I will do my best and hope i'm in some shape to get points in the duels." he gives a shrug he'd watched her hand flutter before grinning.

Emilia nods,"Of aye, brushes would be of easier to be of taking of back as of well. take of less of room." There is a mild shake of her head,"Do not think it is of being of cowardly to be of considering of such things, is of practical to consider of safety when of competing. And of Graham, even of those in of shinest of armors were of being knocked of from their horses. " There is a little tugging to the corners of her lips,"Just don't of get of hit, and there will be not of worry, hit of them knock of them from horse and all is of good, of aye?" Giving a little nudge with her elbow at the mild tease, as she knew it wasn't quite so easy as that. It is just like saying just hit the center of the target with the arrow…every time. A glance is given back as the sounds of some of the wandering minstrels are caught.

"So that's what i've been doing wrong.. hit them.. dont let them hit you.. got it." Graham says with a grin he reaches over and ruffles her hair lightly after the jab from the elbow. "Hm perhaps I should give you jousting lessons next? Though hmmm that might take some planning to be sure." He looks forward at the minstrel sound "Hmm new music styles too?" he wonders mostly to himself.

There is a sage and solemn little nod from the ever stoic little Emilia,"Of aye, exactly. Just of like so." Her nose give a little wiggle as he ruffles her hair, though with it being braided it doesn't get mussed to much. "Of aye, you of should. Jousting of lessons, would be of perfect. " Turning to give a better look at the minstrel,"is of seeming of so. Sounds of pleasant of enough. just un of familiar of song." And then comes the hip bump. There is a hmm and a glance down. Some hint in her eyes that she thought it was him, but there there is a surprise to see that her hip is moving in the other direction. Oy! The One help her. A hand moves to stop the motion.

Graham smiles "I'll have to figure out how to do that in a fairly safe fashion. If i can i'll teach you to joust." The Lord and Knight listens further to the music when he's bumped though he regains his balance when he looks her way his eyebrow raises. He looks about the crowd as nobody yet as seen he closes any distance between them whispering. "Mmm bad hips?" he remembers the events of them traveling together quite well and asks to find if its the same?

"Think could be of interesting to least of try, even if of only of one of lesson, perhaps of once we are of returned of home?" offers Emilia, since that would likely be the safer place to try, and least likely to cause gossips! There is a mild frown though as the hand has little success in getting the hip to stop, as it just goes back towards Graham, though it seems to be trying to make time with the music. Looking up with a little nod,"It is of seeming of so. Trying to have of mind of own with….of music," glancing towards the mistral again." Whoops..>Graham gets another bit of a hip bump.

<FS3> Graham rolls Dancing: Good Success. (8 3 3 3 5 2 8 4)

He is bumped but laughs lightly as some of the crowd seems to have noticed. "I agree the music is quite good here." he speaks to cover this movement though escape seems a bit odd where they just to suddenly run off only one thing for it. Until the minstrels stop. Yep Lily Knight and hips dont lie lord and lady Graham and Emilia Cassomir…also never to live this down most likely. He bumps his own hip out against hers int time with the music.. joining her "dance" a hand will reach to take one of her own the other joined to her hip and unless opposed they will dance the booty-shake.

<FS3> Emilia rolls Dancing: Amazing Success. (5 8 4 1 8 7 3 6 7 7 8 8 3)

"Of aye," says Emilia softly, shooting Graham a mildly gratefully look for his comment and the return bumping that comes. His hand taking her does have her other hand going out. A small tug to the corners of her lips. And it does seem to spur a few others to take a few steps as well it would seem to the tune. Pleasing the minstrels as he earns a few extra coins. But well as the minstrels near and the music grows, Emilia's hips work to the music, the bump and sway timing perfectly to the tempo. While, Graham was good….Emilia's ethereal movements take the whole dance up a notch or five. It certainly was no dance from the courtly ball rooms! Having such a performer to their song, has the minstrels lingering awhile as well. As Emilia comes to dance with, and in turn about Graham some, that one hand held, the other snaking and dancing about the air in turn. Did Graham even know his cousin could dance so?

Graham tries to keep up with the pace of the minstrels but dancing isnt exactly his best he's no slouch but his cousin could move gracefully he's seen it more so then any animal or human he'd ever seen. He still moves though playing his part even when he's standing still while holding the one hand he dances to the movements until he can join her once more on a beat which he can follow. He smiles the the crowd seems to enjoy the dance his hips bouncing side to side as he moves. One cannot help but be amazed by his cousins dancing skill.

It is a pace that Emilia is able to keep up with, and while she had done well in the various functions she's had to attend. It was not that she had ever truly tried to show off her dancing skills before. Though the ethereal edge to her movements did tend to draw a certain attention at times, that edge of mystery to her. The almost unearthly nature to her grace. Those hips worked along with the music, and around Graham, managing to find beats to work with as well with his own motions. That hint of training to working with a dance partner to make them look good as well. Though Emilia's eyes do widen just a touch in a look to Graham, which is wholely apologetic when her hips do a little sway and turn that is just a touch to close and wholly uncalled for! Not entirely scandalous, but still! Thankfully though, the song is ending several beats later, to much clapping by those about.

One can never say that Graham doesnt love his cousin this much must be certain. Graham he moves along with her in the dance the brush of closeness with her is noticed but he cannot fault her when he knows she's not fully in control. He knows the song is coming to an end at the signal from the leader of the minstrels grabbing his cousin back up into his arms he will spin around one last time and on the final beat end with their hips bouncing together *bump* The Lord and Knight's arm around her wait he will stand and give a bow to the waiting crowd before nodding for her to take her own.

There is a mild flush, the really is more of a blush by the time the song comes to an end. But only Graham would likely know that, for knowing just how little Emilia usually put herself on such a display. The spin is taken gracefully, her hips giving the final bump into his with her arm snaked about his back. Bowing with a hint of a curtsy, but mostly a bow given her outfit…Which just allowed those hip movements to be seen so well! The One Help her! A bit of a smile forced to her lips, knowing it would be expected. Especially to hear the clapping. And well it did help the mistrials as well, the dancing was earning the a few extra coins!

Graham waits for the clapping and cheering to die down.. Hey look their being diplomats of hip shaking fury! He will gently let her wast go though if she will allow he'll place her hand on his arm the courtly way a Lord might escort a lady. He leans over to whisper "Perhaps we should retire before they play an encore?" he says into her ear though he will await her choice naturally. Its not too long for him to catch his breath at least.

Emilia does keep that courtly forced smile for a few moments, one Graham would know well enough to be such a thing. Dipping her head to him as her hand is placed to his arm, murmuring back softly,"I am of thinking of so as well. Of please?" Giving that forced smile again, and finding a coin to toss to the minstrels as well, before Graham might lead her along. Though then the minstrels strike a note as the make their departure, her hips give just a little wiggle to their new fans, and Emilia murmurs,"Of hurry!"

The young man gives her a nod and turns them around to move away. Graham begins to walk when the music starts and well hey.. give the people what they want right?! Its only as he feels Emilia's hip try to begin its dance again that he will wiggle his butt quickly sending a cheer up from the crowd. They are a hit! It is lucky though they can move quickly through the crowd and the music being left behind until it cannot be heard any longer and they can escape back to the Cassomir accommodations. Welp the hips dont lie.. now do they?

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