(1866-06-15) A Toast to Victory
A Toast to Victory
Summary: Graham and Adrienne have a little drink at the Lobbed Scimitar, to celebrate his win at of the duel contest.
Date: 16-17/06/2015 (Date of RP)
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The Lobbed Scimitar - Rovilon - Couviere
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Juin 15th, 1866

The duels were a hard fought series of fights and for those in the later rounds they'd been through three or four fights already. The crowds dispersed and the fighters left to rest a bit. It seems once out of armor and back into more comfortable clothes the winner of the duels has decided a drink is in order. Graham enters into the pub glancing about before stepping further in to see where he should sit and if company joins enough room for them.

Adrienne is in good spirits, how could she not be? After the brilliant showing of her brother at the Coronation Tournament Duels, she is actually standing beside the winner of the contest now, as she has followed along when her brother has headed out for some drink in celebration of his victory.

The Cassomir lady is attired in a dress, yes, given she had been to an official occasion. The fabric of her gown is a shade of green that matches the colour of her eyes, the cut elegant but not too fancy, while still adequate for a woman of noble birth. Her dark brown hair has been worked into a braid with a bit of golden thread added to emphasize her station, and there is a plain necklace worn about her neck, with a pendant of malachite - nothing too spectacular or valuable. Her lips are curved upwards in a smile as she turns toward her brother. A hand comes up gesturing towards a vacant table in a corner.

"Why not over here?", she asks, already tugging at Graham's sleeve to lead him over. "Oh my, the place is reasonably packed. It may only be a question of time until they will spot you, brother." Green eyes glint mischievously , as Adrienne lowers herself onto a seat, her gaze raised to meet that of her brother. "What kind of drink would you like, Graham, to toast to your victory? Some wine, perhaps?"

Graham chuckles he reaches out his non-sword arm which feels heavy at the moment and gives her a one armed hug should she allow it. "That looks like a good spot." he will move through the crowd and sit down across from her. "I am a southern knight not sure that would be a good thing sister dear." he ponders a moment nodding "Wine would be good remove some of the soreness." he will indeed be sore from the beating taken.

"Why would it be?", Adrienne replies, her lips curling even more. "They would recognize the knight who bested everyone else and won today's contest." She smiles, before she gestures for a barmaid and orders some wine according to Graham's wishes. Beaming as her eyes shift back to Graham. "I am so proud of you, first the free-for-all, now the duels… what's next, I wonder?" A delighted chuckle leaves Adrienne's lips. "Don't tell me you are afraid these Northerness might be sour on you for…" she leans a bit forward to add in a low murmur, "showing them how it's done?"

Graham chuckles "It wouldn't be bad, I'd like to think I've earned their respect and hopefully we may become friends with the peace between the kingdoms." He comments lightly smiling warmly across the table. "Thank you, Adrienne that means a lot." he shakes his head "Now I attend events until the ball and hope my points total more than the next knight."

The wine is brought, two goblets of a fine red wine of some region in Couviere. Adrienne accepts them both from the barmaid and hands one of them over to her brother. Raising a brow when he says her words mean a lot to him. "Why that? I love you, Graham. You are my blood, my kin… a Cassomir. Your victory reflects well on our House. To your victory, brother. A worthy cousin to the Queen’s Champion you are," she intones, raising the goblet. Taking a moment to taste the wine, to see it meets her taste, before she puts the goblet down before her, fingers curling about the stem. "Now it will be on us Huntresses to secure the next win." A pensive smile there, Adrienne's gaze lingering on Graham. "We'll see how that particular contest will go…"

Graham will accept the wine with thanks to her and a smile. “I love you too Adrienne, I don't know wasn't sure about competing and my first tournament, but win or loss my family’s stood by me and Cathrynn has been great. I am glad for the house being well honored of course.” He raises the glass to her and drinks a little bit himself. “I look forward to cheering you all on during the archery I wouldn't miss it. I know you are well skilled sister just do your best nobody can ask more.” he smiles.

"It seems like the best first tournament showing imaginable," Adrienne smiles back. "And this is you finally earning some fame for all the hard work you put into your training, brother." A sip of wine is taken, a ghost of a smirk occurring when she adds: "I will not embarrass you by asking you'd be cheering most for at the archery." Still, the expression on her face when she inclines her head to his advice to do her best, seems to be more solemn. "Tis a thing with the arrows, Graham… And the hand that aims, as well as the one releasing the arrow… They all need to be in tune, for the shot to be perfect. I just hope I can manage such perfect shots, when all eyes of Rivana's and Couviere's nobility are lingering on me."

Her green eyes are raised to study her brother with a bit of concern next. "Graham. I almost forgot… After watching you on the field, your arm… Is it alright?" Her gaze slips from her brother's face to said arm.

The Lord and Knight takes another drink of the wine and seems to relax knowing hopefully he may soon ache less. Graham "That is a good way to look at it, and next one i'll be better equipped I hope and even more skilled." He smiles taking another drink. The light laugh at the smirk and question. "I simply couldn't choose I wish all of you to win. I know that well even sometimes my foot work or sword work has good days and bad days, but you must content with the wood of the bow.. the wind. I'm sure you'll make us all proud and i'll be proud either way." he sobers up a little bit at the next question. "I will have quite a few bruises as badges not just my arm mind, my arm will recover its quite sore and a bit stiff."

"I will certainly do my best," Adrienne assures, as she takes another sip from her wine, cheeks turning a bit rosy now from the beverage. But after all, this is her brother, and he won today's contest, so why bother! "It did look painful now and then," she admits after a moment, "your matches, but… well… In this I can deem myself lucky. I won't have any bruises after the archery, apart from a possibly hurt ego…", she jests.

Graham drinks another sip nodding "I am sure you'll do fine, and your family stands behind you either way so do not fear losing respect, mind for you shall never waiver." The knight says truthfully he nods in truth "Some of them were, the fight with Sir Elrick went on a long time and with some quite serious blows on both sides. I should hope you aren't bruised at all."

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