(1866-06-16) An INNteresting Lesson in Etiquette
An INNteresting Lesson in Etiquette
Summary: People gather in the inn after the artistic competition
Date: 1866-06-16
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The Lobbed Scimitar
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The inn is of course bustling due to the grand tourney that is happening these past couple of weeks in the capital of the Couviere. Both commonborn and noble alike are enjoying the festive atmosphere in the inn though they are usually separated, not mingling together too much. Elrick is one of the nobles that is having a good time, perhaps trying to lift his own spirits after taking some pride wounding losses in the tourney. For the time being, he is at the bar with his squire, a tankard of ale in hand while eyeing the card game in the corner.

For the moment, Gastogne is over in the back. He has his eyes on the barmaid. The barmaid likely is better armed than some of the participants in the tournament. That is why only his eyes are upon her, for the moment. He has not yet realized that the Lord of his Realm is present in the room. For the moment, Gastogne is otherwise sipping some of the ale, listening tothings about the room.

Artos is one of the nobles currently using the inn, though he appears to be relaxed for now, favoring the table he is a to just drink from his cup and wach the room. The t'Acuto baron does not have a scowl or smile, he simply looks around the room and occasionally glances at thet table in front of him.

Gastogne is not the only one who has noticed the pretty barmaid though Elrick appears to be a bit bolder, actually willing to throw her a few compliments and teasing jokes from time to time when she comes back to check on his drink, causing her to smile and laugh in response. He makes it appear as if it is just natural for him, though half of the t'Tremaine's attention remains on that card game, itching to play.

In the case of oafish looking commoner and well mannered Lord, it seems quite apt that the barmaid will likelier be to return the affections of one or the other. In this case, the oafish commoner is not going to be the winner. And so Gastogne grumbles as he then looks over at the card game and watches forlornly. HE'll get hernext time.

Artos watches the flirtation from his table and finishes his drink. The man takes his empty cup to the bar to seek another before he turns to Elrick, "Sir, I see that you have recovered from yesterday, I heard it was a rather brutal day for all involved." He pays for the refill before taking a sip.

The door opens to the inn, allowing entrance to the male figure just now passing over the threshold. With blonde hair and an outfit at least on par with the merchants found within this particular circle of Rovilon, he looks pleasant enough, though certainly no noble. And then, with a half turn, another accessory is spied upon his back. That of a lute. And, without a word, it becomes clear as to at least what the figure is…a musician. And possibly a good one, too, judging from the state of his dress and his instrument.

Philippe, having passed through the door, makes his way to the bar. He unslings the lute from his back, setting it down gently besides him as he pulls up a stool, all smiles as he takes his seat and orders up a drink.

At the moment, Elrick is currently situated at the bar, attention split between the corner table hosting a game of cards and the pretty barmaid that is handling the drinks, who he had been flirting with on and off. When Artos approaches though, the t'Tremaine did not see the other noble present earlier. Bowing his head respectfully, he says, "Evening My Lord, and you heard right, though more brutal for some than others. Wasn't much to recover from, to be honest, the tourney blades were blunted so the chainmail they provided us was more than enough protection." A quick glance is given towards Phillipe who has just arrived, but being that the new arrival is a commoner, a second glance is not warranted for now.

As the barmaid goes over to return the flirts over from Elrick in all likelihood, Gastogne, seeing no real opening to otherwise get over into the card game. At this point, Gastogne has the option of either trying to escalate to get attention, or nursing his drink for the rest of the night and having nothing to show for it. So, somewaht drunkenly, even as he sees Philippe enter, giving the bard a cocky grin, Gastogne goes over towards Elrick, "I saw her first.." Then, a quick, almost dooming realization hits him as recognition filters into his brain at remembering having seen him in the tournament.

Artos nods, "I see. I have never been too fond of tourneys, get in the way of the things I either want to do, or should be doing." He shrugs and takes a sip, "But I am glad you are well." The comment made by the unknown commoner catch Artos off guard, which causes him to observe quietly to see what Elrick will do.

"Well, with Our Majesty declaring that we are to have peace, it appears that we will be focusing on martial prowess on these tourneys again, instead of the south." The t'Tremaine's dislike of the Rivanans is not a surprise. When Gastogne interupts though, despite it being an honest but intoxicated mistake, the deed was done. What Elrick would do can be pretty predictable at this time, a combination of not feeling too happy about his performance, a bit of drink in him as well, and having been spoken to in that manner by a simple commoner, the result is certainly not as pleasant. Turning his body slightly so he can get a better look at Gastogne, the noble knight smirks as if he is looking down on the other man, "Is that so? And do you think she would prefer to be with the likes of you?" The question is rhetorical and mocking at the same time.

There is the dual hit of realizing that he is interrupting someone of higher social rank than himself, and someone who knows howot use a weapon, despite his showingsin the field. And so the unlucky commoner does an immediate backpedal. "My.. My Lord! I did not know who you were!" Stuttering, almost stumbling, Gastgone holds his hands up. "And for no reason! She would obviously be much more pleased with a superior of your stature!" Backpedaling very, very badly.

The t'Tremaine may not give Philippe a second glance, but the bartender sure seems to know the minstrel. "Philippe! I didn't know you was back in town! What brings you this way?" The minstrel flashes a smile over towards the barkeep, jerking a thumb back outside the door. "Had the artistic competition just a short time ago. Figured I could try my hand and see if I could win." The comment brings a laugh out of the barkeep as he slaps a hand down upon the counter. "Hah! See if you could win? Why, I would wager a week's wages that you took the competition!" Philippe offers a small, knowing smile and replies back. "When it came to the performance portion? Musician to musician? It was absolutely no contest." Another laugh rings out from the bartender as he exclaims "I knew it! Hah!"

As the barkeep exclaims that Phil can play at the Scimitar anytime he wants, Philippe himself shifts his attention just slightly. He catches a certain commoner degenerate trying to save face before Elrick…a fact that draws a soft chuckle to Philippe's own lips. He doesn't move from his spot…but it is apparent he is slightly amused at the situation.

"Best that way. I remember that war and I wishto not repeat it." Artos says bluntly. The reponse given to Gastogne makes some sense and Artos does not interfere in it, though it seems to have been defused. Philippe's arrival gets a raised brow at the response from the barkeep, but Artos then returns his attention to Elrick, "Trust me, enjoy the peace, we've been long overdue for some."

Now Elrick has a choice, if he wishes to pursue this and extract some sort of punishment from the commoner or just let it be, not to ruin the festive mood. Philippe isn't the only one that is watching the exchange, those nearby are also drawn to the slight commotion. The t'Tremaine noble appears to be delaying his decision, perhaps to let Gastogne's worry linger, "Your name, commoner." A demand, not a request. Time will tell if Elrick will follow Artos's advice and enjoy the peace.

Stammering, his hands up and out in front of him in a plea for clemency, which may or may not be granted, Gastogne can only gulp and let out a halfthroated whimper then. "G.. Gastogne, My Lord. Gastogne Originne. I am.. I am merely in town to watch the tournament and the festivities." He's thecenter of attention, all right! But definitely not the sort of attention he wanted.

Even the demand from the t'Tremaine lord manages to silence the barkeep, as his attention turns to the little exchange at hand. The bard, for the most part, seems content to watch. Though, he does observe with a sharp eye. It seems a person might need to learn some etiquette…provided he makes it through the experience to warrant the lessons.

Artos listens and takes another sip, curious to see how the t'Tremaine knight handles Gastogne's faux pas. He rubs his forehead and sighs, obviously this had gotten a bit more tense than anticipated.

Despite hearing the name that is offered, Elrick doesn't dignify himself in repeating it, though he no doubts is keeping that name in mind, at least for the next couple of days. Finally, another smirk appears, "Count yourself lucky, baseborn, that we're here to enjoy ourselves. Remove yourself from my sight." Another command issued, it appears that Gastogne will not suffer any further punishment except a few demeaning words and a lashing of tongue, this time. All that talking though has made the t'Tremaine thirsty as he turns away from the commoner than, in his mind, insulted him. Draining the rest of his ale, Elrick motions to the barkeep for more before looking back to Artos, continuing the conversation as if they were never interupted, "Peace… is certainly something everyone would cherish and enjoy. Though fleeting it may be."

The commoner definitely takes those words to mind, Gastogne stumbling over hsi feet and nearly tripping over a stool then, loudly stammering, "Thank.. Thank you my lord! For your mercy at my imper-impertinence!" Tumbling over the stool in his haste to walk backwards then, nearly breakingit and falling flat over uon his chin, then quickly scrambling up to his feet in his haste to get out the door before the offer of mercy is retracted.

A raised brow follows Gastogne's retreat, "Could have gone worse." Artos takes a sip, "But yes, enjoy the peace. I will be glad to be able to relax back home at Garfana in the library." He takes a seat, having seen his old spot taken. "What are your plans for this sudden outbreak of peace?"

The stumbling Gastogne is not noted or observed, Elrick already considering Artos's question, "I will be returning home, to Hartwood, there are some… important business at home that I need to handle. It has been far too long since I've returned home and spoken to my Lord Father." Before the northern war fully occupied him, physically and mentally, as they were still easing into the war against the barbarians, the t'Tremaine heir had received some disturbing letters from home.

"I see," Artos says and takes a drink, "Hopefully it goes well enough." He sets thte drink down, "But only time will tell. I had best be off to return to my chambers, this damn tournament is taking a lot of out me and I am not even competing! I cannot imagine how some of the more battered competitors feel."

An amused laugh comes from Elrick as Artos goes to excuse himself for the night, "Well, I can tell you that the knights who won no doubt feel just fine, if not better. The ones who have lost… well, I'm sure they've had better days, but are still enjoying the festivities." The young noble knight will most likely remain here in this tavern for a bit longer, "Have a pleasant night though, My Lord."

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