(1866-06-16) Hearing of Wrong
Hearing of Wrong
Summary: After the judging for the artistic competitions has been announced, Emilia and Graham take some time to look at some of the other artwork on display.
Date: 1866-06-16
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Tourney Grounds - Rovilon - Couvier
The tournament grounds stand ready for use at a moment's notice. The stands are setup with the nobles sitting in the center, with the best seats and the Heraldry of the House set about them, and for any courtiers the Royals would have present. A half canopy has been established to help keep the shade in the area and protect from any of the elements, a thick leather trim going across the area where the royals are sitting raised up about fifty feet and supported by heavy wooden poles and tethers tying it. The benches have been formed of thick wood in the gallery, with lesser galleries set to the side for commoners, guards, and those who are watching and not immediately involved over in the arena. There are roughly eight rows of seats set up for the commoners stretching off the full length of the viewing gallery, and roughly three rows thick for the nobles to sit upon. Among the rows are those who are bringing beverage and refreshments.
The arena is dusty, a pit formed in the ground which has been dug down flat with padded dirt roughly two feet down from the main tents, the incline designed to give the crowd a better view. The center of the arena betray tell-tale markings where it is apparent that the rail for jousts could be set, if not set already. The dirt is thick and solid, packed down as firmly and evenly as it can be to ensure good footing. From the opposite ends of the exhibition pavilions are a pair of berths where the combatants would enter from and where judges and guards would otherwise sit, as well as attendants to quickly go and tend to the injured or break apart the combatants should it be necessary. The main pit is larger than the pavilions, being roughly fifty horse lengths wide, enough for all the combatants to have plenty of room to brawl without being so spread out that the main viewing area would risk losing track of them.

With the judgeing completed, the announcements made, Emilia was slightly in shock…partially hiding behind Graham truth be told. The dark haired Cassomir had barely talked herself into even entering a piece, certainly not figured that she would manage to place, let alone manage to…win. Not against seasoned and practiced artists of renown from….both kingdoms. Worse, she's even worn a dress, cause that was the proper thing to do when entering a constest of this nature. So she actually looked like a proper courtly lady. With her hair done up, that dark green perhaps not showing her figure off to the best as other colors might, but it was still finely tailored and showed that she was a fine young woman far better than the huntress leathers did. "Of Graham, surely I have been of hearing of wrong, of aye?"

Graham looks to his side spotting his cousin as she half-steps behind him. He smiles to her warmly and shakes his head with her words. "I'm afraid not Emilia, but not really this time. Your art was amazing. If you wish I will go with you to accept your prize?" He comments and offers his arm to her if she'll wish to take it or not. He cannot stop smiling happy for her quite a bit so.

"Are you of sure," Emilia asks again, still with some mild disbelief. A faint glance towards those who drift past her piece, some giving a glance her way with curious look of their own. The young noble was something of an unknown to the northn, an enigma to the south. "Thinking prizes are of awarded at of banquet, like of prizes for of you and of your of events? But can be of looking of other of works, of aye?" Her had lightly settling to his arm, setting out form behind him just a little to do so.

"Ah, well that makes sense. I suppose this being my first tournament, i'm a bit green." Graham says a bit embarrassed himself at not knowing everything perhaps he should. He recovers quickly enough "I'd like that, I didnt get to look at everything before hand with getting setup and all. The young man moves forward towards the first row of artwork. "Congratulations Emilia, your art really was wonderful."

"Think makes of easier for of them, less of worry of carrying of prizes of about, of of having people saying of not of getting…if some of giving of out here, others of at banquet." A mild corner tugging given on to Graham from Emilia,"First but not of last, be of sides, you have been doing quite of well for it being of first circuit of tournament." Stepping lightly at Graham's side with that ethereal grace of her coloring each step,"Of thanking," before admiting softly,"almost did not of bring of piece…but Uncle of Raymund….had spoken of before of how I should of try to be of challenging of self, showing of more of people…So I thought to least try." Managing a minor tug to the corners of her lips,"Did of well for of him, of aye?" Looking at one of the near piece in that first row, with the colors and the sea scape piece. "Do of like of the turning of the waves."

Graham nods in agreement. "I suppose it is not likely my only tournament no. I've had a lot of support from all my family during this, its what's driven me to make you all proud." He looks at the seascape and nods "I wouldnt have thought to do the crests of the waves that way very interesting." he says as they move onto the next though he leans over to speak in whispered words. "I'm quite proud of you for joining in this contest and see you won." he comments.

Emilia gives that solemn look of hers towards Graham,"I am of proud of you, is not of easy to go of out of there. And know you have of have of worry to be of entering." Her hand giving his arm a light squeeze,"Will always of have of support of family, of me, Graham." Even if Emilia was not exactly the most energetic cheerleader in the stands. "Nor of I, but do not of have much of time of seeing of waves and of sea." A side effect of living in forests and mountains. There is a slight nod comes, Emilia murmuring,"Was not figuring to of win…to become of noticed." Her dark eyes drifting as there are a few looks cast her way yet. Some perhaps trying to figure out how she had escaped notice before. Her piece having been an interesting number, though typical of her styling, with the many hidden images and items to find as one studied it. Her head cants to listen to some of the music that touch the air, the musicians continuing to play and show of their talents this evening. Some surely also trying to earn a few extra coins, or next engagement. "Of look at that one," Emilia's hand raising, fingers dancing lightly in the air to motion to the next piece.

"Thank you Emilia, it means a lot." Graham says to her about any support especially hers matters to him." Graham shakes his head to her next words "Of course you were noticed cousin. You are dressed so elegantly. I think you need to stop growing up…" he grins over to her. He looks over to the next art that she points out to him. The young lord notices the dancing fingers but doesnt seem to think it odd plus it could be worse. "Ohh that one is nice look at these lines." he points out.

Emilia shakes her head a little bit,"Am not having of control of growing up or of not, Graham." A hand faint smooths a her dress a little bit, noting softly,"Did of think…was more fitting to be of wearing then of usual. Though would be of funny, well get of funny of look to of present of piece when of dressed in of leathers." Not that she isn't used to a certain number of funny looks by and large. But why invite extra ones? "Of aye, and of how smooth the colors were of turned and of blended, think they were of using those of smaller of brushes you were of speaking of about." There is a slight glance towards her cousin as the move towards the next piece,"How are of you doing…after of yester of day?" Knowing her cousin had taken some rather serious blows in the dueling.

Graham chuckles "I know it and was just teasing of course, but seriouly stop hm?" He adds though he does now give a wink tossed her way reaching over to pat her hand lightly. The words makes him grin a little "Indeed that would have turned heads indeed, I saw that it seems that style is popular here." He takes a deep breath at the next question. "I feel quite rightfuly so that I took many beats with a stick, quite sore, but I will recover."

There is that gentle little tugging to the corner of Emilia's lips,"Of alright, I will of try to be of stopping." A soft little hmm of consideration comes,"It is of a popular style. Not sure if of a thing I could quite be of working in. But am of thinking to of use such brushes, could make of working of more of things into of pieces for of finding." Which Graham being more familiar with Emilia's art would know how she has the tendancy to have 'hidden' things within her work. Tiny details to be found the longer one looks upon them. "I am of betting quite of sore, looked like quite of serious of blows. And some long of fights. "

He gives her a nod appreciative of her trying not to grow up any further than she has already. Graham looks closer at the painting. "I am not sure I could work well with it either cept it would be handy for smaller details exactly like background images." he knows how much she likes to put those into her art and had fun finding them even. "The knights here are quite sturdy, and well trained it is an honor to compete against them, anyways nothing a bit of heated water wont fix." It seems after the win of Emilia she and Graham will look over all the other entries before finally they retire back to the Cassomir quarters.

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