(1866-06-16) Off to Garfana
Off to Garfana
Summary: A Tracano Princess and two Cassomir ladies ride out, for a trip to Garfana's Great Library; with the appropriate retinues, of course. A minor chase is given and some interesting conversation is had, which all in all constitutes a nice lead-up to the evening's impending artistic competition.
Date: 16-25/06/2015 (Date of RP)
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Garfana - Couviere
In the scene.
Juin 16th, 1866

After the morning fast had been broken, Emilia had seen to gathering up her cousin. Having extended on the invitation from her friend Clara, to join them for the day in getting a bit of a tour and some exploration beyond the immediate area of Rovilon and perhaps some escape from the main tournament crowds.

"Am of glad you were wanting to of come of with, Adrienne," says Emilia, "was of thinking you might be of enjoying some chance of away from crowds." Or having to put on a dress to go to an afternoon tea, OK, perhaps not high chance of occurrence. But likely both carry such worries!

One of those patented, Emilia smiles with the slight tugging to the corners of her lips is given to Clara as the pair meet up with her for the day’s adventures,"Good of day, Clara. How has of your morning been of treating of you?"

And no doubt, there will be some added shadows as well for the future King-of-Rivana's little sister as they might make to explore.

Of course! Adrienne would seize any opportunity to evade the impending danger of afternoon tea in the company of fashionable nobles, to whom she in her best attire, along with those freckles that adorn her youthful features would look as misplaced as a bowl of stew among the numerous courses of an exquisite courtly dinner!

So… today’s attire of choice is the combination of tunic and leggings most Huntresses usually wear, with that slight difference in quality of the fabric that would mark Adrienne as Cassomir with easy access to quality equipment. Brown hair tied into a ponytail at the back of her head, one single guard to follow along, and for now tasked with carrying her bow, in case it was needed. A green cloak, adequate for the early summer, is worn against the slight breeze, and as soon as Adrienne steps outside it becomes apparent how much she enjoys being outside - her lips curving upwards instantly.

“Thanks for asking me along,” the freckled Cassomir cousin intones towards Emilia, sparing the touched one a rather friendly glance. “I’d really appreciate a change of scenery.” Green eyes flicker with a bit of mild annoyance towards the practice yard. Too many hours already she had spent there, training for tomorrow’s archery contest.

When Clara arrives, Adrienne will offer the required bow (much more fitting than that foppish curtsey, especially in her current attire) to the Princess, grinning cheerfully as she straightens with her few words of greeting. “Your Highness.” Leaving the conversation to her cousin at first, who - as everyone knows - is good friends with the Tracano royal.

“No matter how many times I hear that title, I still have a difficult time believing it is referring to me.” The words from the Tracano royal are spoken in truth, even if there is a little hint of amusement within. “Please, dear Adrienne, do feel free to just call me Clara. Or, if honor insists you must use a more elaborate appellation, then just Lady Clara. But, there really is no need for the royal moniker, unless, of course, we truly care to keep up appearances at all times.” The wink tipped to the Huntress will certainly speak to Clara’s own feelings in that matter.

The smile from Emilia is immediately returned, as Clara brushes a wayward lock of red hair out from her eyes. “The morning finds me well, Emilia. Since I am not near the palace, I am not struck by my usual bout of awestruck silence, which may be a boon or a bane. It is far too early to tell, as of yet.” There is a light giggle at that, Clara laughing to her own self-deprecating joke. “I always feel somewhat particular around that place. So, I must freely admit…this little exploration is completely selfish of me. It allows me to not only escape from the shadow of pomp and circumstance for a while, but also allows me to visit childhood places I haven’t seen lately, in the company of friends.” A hint of Clara’s past…she does seem rather confident in her mannerisms. Rovilon is certainly not foreign to her.

“And….I thought it would be exhilarating on horseback.” Clara herself is dressed for riding. Not the leggings and tunic the other two prefer, but a riding dress. It isn’t as elaborate as some dresses, clearly crafted for practical purposes and not decorative. It is also unique in that it doesn’t follow any ‘necessary’ design, as dictated by fashion, but clearly is crafted specifically for her. As if Clara’s own two hands were responsible for the dress. “I had thought that we could visit Garfana. It is not far from here, and the Great Library there is simply amazing. It is much too far for us to ride out to Varna and be back at a decent hour, but I did spend more than a little time at the Library. That may be fun. What do you say?”

Asking opinions rather than simply commanding to do as she wishes? Clara is certainly not a typical royal.

It was the ethereal grace that marked every movement of Emilia's that marked her more than anything, least to those who knew her. Which thankfully here in the north were few, here she was just some unearthly graced creature that was rightfully born to be a Huntress. Wearing that common attire of tunic and leggings, her dark hair braided back as it so often was. A keen eyes perhaps might pick up the finer tailoring to her clothing, but just such. "You are much of welcome, mine-cousin."

A respectful bow of Emilia head had been offered along to Clara as well, but the full on formalities had been forestalled, for the sake of Clara…and they were not at court, neither of them need suffer such a show. "I am of certain you will make of the most of being of there, and it will come to be of a boon. " A little turn of her hand,"But of aye, let us all be of a bit of selfish in finding of a bit of escape, am thinking all are of wishing for of a bit of it. Even if not minding of the tournament of events."

Emilia's head cants along to the side as she listens to Clara's suggestion,"A ride does sound of lovely, and I do of think it could be of interesting to see of the Great Library. " Her dark solemn glance flickering over to her cousin,"Your of thoughts?"

"I will call you Clara then," Adrienne concedes, obviously relieved to drop formalities. Rolling her eyes ever-so-slightly at the Tracano's elaborate phrasing. "And keep my… more refined forms of address to courtly occasions." The proposition of going for a ride does meet with a most appreciative grin of the freckled Cassomir. "A splendid idea, and one Checkmate will be most grateful for." Referring to her mahogany bay steed of fine quality there, which must have been neglected a bit recently due to a certain lady having to do archery practice…

"Garfana? How far a ride is it?", Adrienne inquires, shooting a glance towards Emilia, to gauge her cousin's enthusiasm for the idea. Meeting the dark gaze, noting the approval on the touched one's part. "A library, indeed?" Her glee dimming there just a tad. But why not? "Anyways, I'm sure the ride will offer us some nice scenery and landscapes.", this added with an intrigued gleam in her eyes, as they shift back to Clara and Adrienne starts to walk over towards where the stables are.

A tilt of the head signifies Clara’s mind is hard at work, figuring out the distance. “Oh…not too far. Perhaps a ten to fifteen minute ride, depending on how hard you wish to work the horses? It is right along the coastline, just south of here.” A quick glance towards Adrienne is given…the slightly less-than-enthused reaction was not missed. “I know it isn’t the forests of Ironhold, but I also know that our respective retinues wouldn’t dream of allowing us…or at least me…of making the half-day or more journey to the forests I would know best. I am grateful I was able to negotiate the 15 minute jaunt to Garfana. And, really…there is a reason it is called the Great Library. It is rather impressive.” There is that smile of hers, bright and warm, as the three walk over to the stables.

“And really…the fun is not necessarily the Library itself, but the ride there. Anything for an excuse to ride.” Clara reaches up, patting the nose of a particularly frisky chestnut mare, which seems to calm down nearly instantly for her. “I don’t get to ride nearly as often as I would like. So, we can take as much time as we want, though we might want to return in time for the artistic competitions. I hear they have some outstanding minstrels here…and Queen Cynthia always prizes her Songbirds. They might enter the competition. We surely do not want to miss that.”

With a check, Clara swings herself into the saddle, without assistance. It seems she was planning this all along, as her horse is already packed and set, including her personal longbow set upon the horse. With a glance around, she waits until the other two are mounted. “shall we, then?”

The reaction of Adrienne's is not missed by Emilia either,"Come of now, cousin, it is not like you will be of having to actually of read of any of the books, or are going to of lessons. Be of sides, I am of sure, being of Great of Library, they have much of books with great of tales, not just books that make eyes of cross and put of to sleep." The mild tease made lightly on the matter. Though while Emilia says nothing, Clara's comment about retinues does have her giving a flickering glance at her slightly expanded group of shadows. A mild sigh, she still did not see the point or purpose, but Emilia was not going to openly complain about her siblings wishes. She was not important, that was her brother. Someone might yet be in a bit of denial on that front.

Moving on to the stable where Onyie is kept, the light-charger already whickering at Emilia,"Oh, of aye, I was of hoping to be of returned for of the art of competition, have of wish to be of seeing of the many of entries for of it." Giving the Great beasties nose a pat and trying to push him back,"Back of you, cannot be of charging right of out, have to be of getting of ready first, silly of thing." Oh the look the ethereal Cassomir gets from one of the stable hands as she casually goes about her horse and helping getting him ready, something about having nearly lost a finger to the moody beast when it got a bit chompy. "Even it not of entering, surely they might of favour of us with of song, of aye? The Songbirds, being Coronation of Tournament and Contests, would you not be of thinking?"

Once Onyie is readied and a check to make sure that Adrienne is ready as well, Emilia swings easily into the saddle with a light pat to the black stallion's neck. Her own bow, the shorter hunting style by all appearances, settled in place behind her. A nod goes to Clara,"Of aye, let of us."

“Hmm…” Adrienne looks almost disappointed when Clara says it will only be a fifteen minutes’ ride. “As hard as they require,” she states with a wry grin. “Checkmate will be eager to run, she’s been in the stables for too long.” That glance is caught, a brow raised when the Tracano princess explains her idea. Adrienne’s arms cross before her and she nods with a smile. “True, any excuse to ride out is in order. Even more so if we can see some of what Couviere has to offer…” The mention of the artist competition draws her attention only briefly, that smile turning into a smirk. “Songbirds, eh? Can they compete with Rivana’s bards? But yes, I’d love to hear them.”

Green eyes shift from the princess to the touched Cassomir, and Adrienne tilts her head a little to the side, that smile remaining on her freckled features. “It’s not like I am illiterate,” she states with a bit of mock huffiness, even though her gaze may be lingering for a bit longer on Emilia, assessing her attentively. “I’m fond of tales, though… I’ve always been. I’ll have a look and see if I can find a book that catches my fancy.” Retinues. In her case her one guard will do, when both Tracano and touched Cassomir have their own flock of guards. Adrienne gestures for him to get his steed as she goes to fetch hers.

It does not take long and she leads her mare out, Checkmate stomping with some unrest and anticipation that will draw a grin on Adrienne’s face. “Easy… Off we go on a little ride, you and I… Now, does that sound promising or what?” The words are murmured into the animal’s ear, before the freckled Huntress draws herself up into the saddle, accepting her bow from her guard who will then mount his own horse and fall in behind her. “I am ready,” Adrienne says, looking from Emilia to Clara. “Off to Garfana, then.”

Once the two ladies claim their places in the saddles, the Tracano princess shifts a glance back to their collective retinues, working to claim their own saddles. A wicked little grin curls upon her lips…causing the knightly guards that know her to let out a groan. “She’s got dat gleem in ‘er eye again. Watch it! She’s gonna bolt!” With a laugh, Clara turns to her two companions and, with a jerk of the head, signals her intent. Then, without another word, off she goes! Clara glances back, only to ensure that the pair of Huntresses follow, but not really seeming to care if her multiple shadows catch up. With some good-naturedly groans, the knights scramble to at least keep Clara in sight.

Then…once they get out of the city proper, with countryside to the left of them and the coastline to the right, there is a single cry from the Tracano princess. “Come on!” Clara leans down, whispering within her mare’s ear and a moment later she is off like a shot, allowing the horse to run free. The unbound red hair streaks behind Clara, as the noblewoman cries out in joy. It is quite apparent that Clara has done this sort of thing countless times…perhaps the very same gallop from Rovilon to the library. The horse and rider appear as one, enjoying the run together.

Clara soon slows down, enough to allow the ladies to remain together, yet not completely out of reach of her guard. She does know better, but it is always fun to give her knightly escort a bit of a work out. Traveling at a speed that doesn’t require yelling to be heard, Clara begins her role as tour guide. “Following this path southward will take us straight to Garfana. If we head more towards the east…” with that, she points in a south-easterly direction…”that will take us over to the Lonnaire duchy, which the l’Saigner control. Varna is part of Lonnaire, once of the t’Myrin house…and Varna is where I grew up, until circumstances changed.” The geography lesson is short…it seems Clara would rather talk about something else, as the topic is changed back to the Library. “The Library is the biggest I have ever seen. Not even the libraries at Sunsreach nor Rovilon compare to the size of the Great Library of Garfana.”

There is a dead pan,”Are you of sure?” tossed back by Emilia in the way only a Cassomir can at Adrienne with the mock huffiness she does. Just a hint of sparkle to her eye in that teasing fashion that could be picked up with Adrienne gaze having been lingering upon her as it were. “Do of imagine they have many of books with much of tales, surely of ones we are not of knowing as of well.” Along with such a wide range of topics, great and small.

Dark eyes do flicker over towards Clara to hear the talk of the guards, a slight lift of her brows. There is just a mild tug to the corners of her lip to to watch that jerk of Clara’s head, Emilia giving Onyie a quick kick and sending him after Clara with a leap. There is just a brief fleeting flicker of what might have been a smile to hear her friend laugh, and that groan of the knights scrambling on behind them. Though rightly, her shadows do have a fair easier time of it, being huntresses themselves and perceptive. They were already upon and after, and rightly giving a laugh of their own. Mostly at the knights, perhaps not having quite as much of a worry about their charge then the knightly guards did upon their own.

The young Cassomir is silent as she allows Onyie his head to gallop after Clara, a glance to ensure that Adrienne is with them as well. But other wise, Emilia leans, half laying upon Onyie as the the horse is allowed to stretch his legs at will for that brief run til she is setting up a bit in seeing Clara slowing, and pulling him up as well. Though he gives a mild snort and toss of his head at this idea. Emilia pats the side of his neck, murmuring,”I of know.” Dark eyes glance in the directions that Clara points in speaking of the various area, a faint nod taking in the information with little change to that solemn expression. Though what of her Huntress protectors that have caught up by the time the House l’Saigner is mentioned, faces are made. Though nothing specifically is said. Emilia gives a look along to Clara and does inquire,”What was of your of favorite to be of studying when of at the Great of Library?”

An outwardly playful glare is given Emilia at her deadpan remark, catching the tease of the touched cousin, and Adrienne’s lips curl into a smirk. It seems a retort is about to jump from those plump lips of hers, before the freckled Cassomir holds the words back, a light shrug of a shoulder given instead, and a nod to the remark that follows.

There is a slight pull to her reins when Adrienne brings her prancing Checkmate back in check. "Easy… I told you," she murmurs to her horse, leaning slightly forward in her saddle. It seems it has caught on to the excitement of Clara, through the horse of the princess, sensing already some hint of the plan forming in the Tracano's mind. The freckled Huntress meanwhile, catches that remark of the Tracano guards, a curious glance given to them, before her green gaze shifts to Clara herself, observing that whisper towards the princess's steed. And so she is not all that surprised to see the young princess darting off on her horse, Emilia following next, with Adrienne herself joining the race with a pleased chuckle of delight, as she lets Checkmate run as she pleases. Once they are far enough ahead, the freckled huntress dares to shoot a glance over her shoulder, and indeed, she cannot help but giggle at those knights that try so hard to keep up with them.

The pace slows down a tad, to such speed that a conversation can be had, and Clara's interesting explanations can be benefitted from. Adrienne's gaze flits in the direction indicated by the Tracano, towards Lonnaire. A nod comes, curiosity sparkling in Adrienne's gaze when Varna is mentioned, and the fact that Clara grew up there. l'Saigner. To hear that House's name makes any Huntress make a face, and Adrienne cannot help but join in. Making a face in silence. Damned Wraiths. She hears Emilia's question about Clara's studies at the library, but it seems, Adrienne is content for now to leave the conversation to the two other ladies.

“History” is the answer given towards Emilia in response to the question posed of the princess. “Thought, decidedly bent towards Couvieri events, there are some accounts from a Rivanan point of view within the library’s walls.” There is a slight shrug from Clara. “I had read them…but didn’t think much about it, at the time. I did not know of my true origins then.” Then a brightening of her countenance. “But, they have tomes on all sorts of knowledge. Including art…and paintings! They have paintings throughout the library. There is bound to be something there for everyone!” Clara seems to put great stock in the library…it must be truly grand. At least, in her mind.

The faces made at mention of the l’Saigner name are not commented upon. It seems that Clara may not have even noticed them, though it would not surprise her any to have seen such reactions. Instead, she glances back to ensure her knightly entourage have caught up, then forward to see how close they are to their destination. “Ah…Garfana is just over there. It’s the only holding that is completely surrounded by Rovilon. Everyplace else in Couviere has at least two houses bordering each other.” Clara does know her history, it seems…at least, her geography. As the trio approaches, she calls out. “We should be seeing the library at any time.”

As the three approach, Garfana lays out before them. It is a smaller holding, of this it is certain. The town is essentially a circle, with its own docks upon the ocean, a market section, and residential housing. The t’Acuto manor, home to Baron Artos t’Acuto, is situated on the opposite side of the circle from the docks, the dwellings appropriately splendid for the ruling house of Garfana. However, it is the building in the center of the circle that draws the eye. Tall, with a dome and spire that points to the heavens, the Great Library lives up to its name. It appears as if the town was built around it, for the library is in the middle of the ring itself and visible from all points within. It is easily the most elaborate of all the buildings within Garfana, with the manor coming second. As the sunlight shimmers off the spire, Clara lifts a finger, pointing directly to the building. “That is our destination.”

There is a mild turn of mock shock in the look given by Emilia, well if one knew what to look for, most people would still just see the usual turn of solemn stoic-ness by alrights, in return to that mock glare from her cousin. But then there is that brief race on out of the city and a short distance along. Emilia’s dark hair trailing down her back, and Onyie’s black tail flies out behind him in the mad dash.

A nod goes Clara’s way at the answer that comes,”Makes of sense of really, you would not have known to have give much of thought to. Does of sound like a maraviouls of place, and of indeed something for of everyone of one.” Especially for a day trip, surely something can be found to keep anyone busy for least a day!

Dark eyes lightly flicker on occasion to take in the surroundings as they continue to travel along, a habit perhaps of keeping track of her environment, and from patrolling. Giving little mind herself to where her own Huntress guard might be, trusting they are where they are meant to be, after all, if they are not, well…they end up in trouble with Raelyn. Emilia’s dark eyes drifting along as Clara ends up pointing along in the direction they are to go, and speaks of their destination.

Emilia’s head cants slightly as the city begins to come in sight, taking in the details of it, even if the eyes do get drawn to the building that is truly the focal point of it, and earns its name as Great. “It is of no wonder you spent much of time of coming here, would of been of something just to of enjoy of sight of traveling of in every of time.” Her dark eyes do again sweep over the full view before coming back to the building itself,”Are there of those who come to just of sketch and paint of the view?”

There are certain quirks developing over time in the interactions of siblings and people who are similarly close, like friends – or Huntresses. Even in the case of Emilia and Adrienne, the exchange of mock glares, deadpan remarks and such would be an expression of comradery, a routine that would just happen occasionally. Even though Adrienne’s gaze does linger for a moment longer on the touched one, as Emilia rides off in pursuit of Clara, before the freckled Cassomir eventually follows along. The three of them indulging in the exaltation at moving at such high speed, a sentiment shared with their horses, obviously.

Adrienne lets her gaze drift over the scenery, as she rides along with Clara and Emilia, even though her silence does not mean she does not overhear the exchange between the two others. The mention of paintings has her head turn, to shoot Emilia a glance. But soon her attention is distracted when Garfana comes into view. Even for a young lady who prefers woods over towns and buildings, the magical view is not lost on Adrienne. Even if in her case, there is attentiveness playing another part here, because if they would ride into that city, it would mean she would need to know how to get out – in a worst case scenario any Huntress instinctively takes into account. She studies the circular structure of the city with curiosity, nodding to Clara’s explanations. Green eyes lingering soon with a bit of awe on the impressive building that must be that Great Library, a masterpiece of architecture that will tower over them, the closer they get.

“To be truthful, I do not know, Emilia. But…I would imagine there are those that have just paused to attempt to capture the view.” Clara slows her mare down to a casual trot, to offer her guard an opportunity to catch up…perhaps even send a scout or two forward, now that they are aware of where they are going. It is also just as much of an opportunity for the three ladies to take in the view before entering the town. “Honestly, I enjoy the ride in almost as much, if not more, than the library itself. Though the library did offer a chance for me to remain outside of my manor’s walls for a short time. Always, there was escape waiting within a book.” Clara urges her horse onwards, though just to a canter…no need to run now that they were so close.

There is a glance from the princess over to the other Lady Cassomir…the huntress Adrienne, so quiet upon the side. It is soon followed with a light teasing remark. “I am used to Emilia being the stoic one. Surely you are not in a contest with her to see who can be more serious about me…for that shall be most troublesome, indeed.” There is a light laugh, as the three near the city limits, the library filling more and more of the sky as they get closer. “Pray tell, what is on that mind of yours, Lady Adrienne? Does it long for the woods of Ironhold and not so much the untamed lands of yonder library? Or is it simply that I said the dreaded name of that which should not be named?” Obviously, referring to the face when the name l’Saigner was mentioned. “I know that there is unrest between the Huntresses and the Wraiths…but I assure you that there are no Wraiths here.”

While Adrienne and Emilia had once been close, but that had long since changed when Emilia had been changed. She had become used to her cousin's distance and those longer looks, even if they had recovered something of a relationship. There was much the 'touched' Cassomir had come to terms with since then, or simply tried to deal with.

"Would be of a shame, I am of thinking if none of have, is seeming of good of place to sit and do of such," Emilia's head turning and bit, even a tilting of her head along as she takes in the sight. Perhaps pondering a return to do something of that herself, if there was time for it later, or to escape away from some function or another. She knew not if there would be need to linger any beyond the actual tournament. "Books are of an escape of their of own, of aye."

There was a small tug to the corners of Emilia's lips when Clara teases Adrienne. Emilia knew that she even gave her infamous brother more than a run for it when it came to the who most stoic. "That is of one contest, I could actually be of winning," quips Emilia with just a little hint of the usual deadpan nature, as she gives Onyie that nudge to set him into a cantor as well. Least one of the huntresses that keep watch over Emilia having already gone ahead to scout the city area a bit and get a lay of things.

A brow lifts when Adrienne finds herself suddenly being the focus of attention of Clara Tracano, and faint amusement sparkles in her green eyes. “I am a Cassomir, princess,” she confesses, as her young freckled features twist into a lop-sided grin. “Stoicness runs in the family. So this is not a contest, rather a character trait that distinguishes us from the rest.” Green eyes shift to Emilia, and Adrienne tilts her head a little to the side, quirking a brow. “But even so… if it were… I believe I have too much of my mother in me to seriously compete with Emilia in that arena…” It could be deadpan humor expressed in that light tone of her voice, or it could be irony, who can tell? Fact is, that Adrienne can be actually outgoing at times. Alas, usually not when there is talk of House l’Saigner or Wraiths.

Her gaze turns back to regard Garfana, her eyes going a bit distant as if considering Clara’s words about that slight ‘unrest’ between Huntresses and Wraiths. “Tis more of an Old Grudge, really,” she clarifies. “Old wounds never heal, it would seem.” Even if these wounds were caused in a war that was ended when Emilia and her were not more than three years old. “And you can assure me there are no Wraiths down there all you like, princess, no offense. But if there are, we all know they will make sure not be noticed that easily.” An ill-boding remark, that will be slightly tempered somewhat by the giggle that follows. “Oh… We are guests in Couviere. The Thirty Years War was ended fifteen years ago. I would assume the One has allowed us to learn from the past, right?”, she adds, looking from Clara towards Emilia, turning her remark of concern into a jest. Her hands giving Checkmate more rein, encouraging her to move at a moderate trot that keeps pace both with the Tracano and the touched Cassomir.

There is a glance cast towards Adrienne from Clara. It isn’t a stoic look, like Emilia would cast, for Clara is far from the stony countenance that both Cassomirs favor at times. However, it is a piercing look, as if Clara is looking through the huntress to determine her true feelings on the matter. It is the look that signifies that the princess /knows/ that the levity that was heard in Adrienne’s voice is only superficial. And still, Clara does not comment on it, but continues to ride forward, not paying attention to where she is going. “The One knows that the past is in the past and the future has yet to be determined. What we can only hope to do is live in the present, as He would wish us to.” It is a strangely mature phrase, which seems odd spoken from perhaps the youngest person in the excursion, but no less true. “Yes, Wraiths would not be noticed easily…and they do have their share of darkness. But…twas a Wraith that freed me and my mother of a dreadful fate within the t’Myrin manor and it was a Wraith that delivered me back to Rovilon, so there are some redeeming qualities.” Then, as an aside, she adds…”well, maybe only a few.” The slight grin upon her face shows that Clara is, indeed, fully aware of the Wraiths’ reputation.

Fortunately, for Clara, her mare knows enough to stop when they reach the library, for Clara, in her moment of introspection with Adrienne, would have rode right up the steps if the horse did not stop on her own. “Ah! We’re here!” Clara sits astride her horse, allowing herself a moment to look upon the building before the combined retinues of knights and huntresses gather about them. “I was thinking that we can all go in. You two can see what the library has…and then, once we have had enough, we can return towards Rovilon and let our horses run free once more.” With a glance to her knightly guard, she adds…”we can let my vanguard go first, and allow the huntresses to take the rear, for I know that the Lancers could use a head start.” That is punctuated with a giggle…and also shows Clara’s thinking. She knows the huntresses may be better riders than at least her own particular guard.

“Surely, we should stay long enough for Emilia to receive inspiration for her paintings. Who knows? Maybe what we find here may spark a prize-winning portrait! Let us enter!”

There is a slight glance to Clara, Emilia /knows/ that look. She has had it turned upon her a time or three. Though Emilia remains fairly silent upon the matter herself, the matter between the Wraiths and Huntresses was not exactly a secret. And her cousin was speaking well enough on the matter, and there was this view to be taking in. The colors the play of light and shadows upon everything. Though she murmurs softly at one points,"There is of shadows and there is of true of darkness, where even the Light cannot of behold."

Her head turning upwards as the library steps are reached, before her head tilts back with Emilia bringing her gaze back about to Clara. Onyie being brought along to a stop in the process as well. "It is sounding like a fine of plan.." A slightly bemused spark touching her eyes as she does glance to Clara's knights,"And for of best there. I am of thinking."

Shaking her head a little bit about the comments as she does walk with to enter,"Will never be of prize of winning. But there is of plenty to be of inspiring and considering for of painting."

If Adrienne is aware that she is being the subject of such extensive study, it does not show in her rather casual bearing. "Of course," she concedes to Clara's remark about the One wishing them to live in the present. Even so, the Tracano princess's remark about a Wraith saving her and her mother from their dreadful fate with the t'Myrins will draw the freckled Cassomir's attention. "A Wraith… Well… Seems they can be useful then, under certain circumstances. Surprisingly so. Does that Wraith hero have a name, I wonder? And did he get a reward for his… valiant deed?" The question leaves Adrienne's lips without thinking, she is curious, obviously, as the attentive glance she shoots Clara betrays.

Bringing Checkmate to an elegant halt, she will dismount as well, her green eyes moving up to take in the impressive building from such close a distance. A nod is given to Clara's suggested formation of Lancers and Huntresses, a faint smirk curling Adrienne's lips. She has after all only one guard who looks explicitly after her.

Emilia's comment about the difference of shadows and complete darkness will draw Adrienne's attention only fleetingly. "Are you meaning to insinuate there is something worse than Wraiths?", she inquires, keeping the tone low as not to attract attention from the Couvieri in the area. As she follows along with the others, her senses alert, but even so she will allow her gaze to wander and take in the treasures this Great Library may hold.

The phrasing of a reward for the mystery Wraith’s ‘valiant deed’ draws a slight blush of red to Clara’s countenance. Even if Adrienne’s question was innocent enough, the unspoken connotations of what constitutes a reward is enough for the slight tinge of embarrassment, real or imagined. There is a slight clearing of Clara’s throat, more for her to regain her verbal footing, and chooses to answer the reward first. “There was no offer, nor asking, of a reward, though compensation was offered to my brother due to being held unjustly for so long within l’Saigner domain.” As for a name…none comes from Clara. “Naming my Wraith liberator will not change opinions of him or her. Therefore, I choose to leave the Wraiths clad in shadow, as they no doubt are at this moment.” The phrase is spoken with a polite finality that can only mean that the subject is closed, for now.

Emilia’s comment is greeted with a raised eyebrow of perplexment, but also the warm smile of encouragement. “Not prize-worthy? Why, my dear Emilia, I would not be surprised to see you win the painting segment of the artistic competition tonight, should you decide to enter. You just wait and see!” There is a soft laugh, as she approaches the door with both Cassomirs. “I do certainly hope you find inspiration within. I know I have before in the past.”

Then…with a pause, Clara turns, facing both Emilia and Adrienne. “Thank you both for coming with me. Raised as I was, believing I was an only child, I did not have many I could share with. I appreciate that you two are here as friends…and not because a certain precocious princess told you to be.” There is a playful tip of a wink at the last comment. “So, thank you again! Now, enough of my babbling…let us go in!”

The doors open…and the trio of ladies pass through into the cool embrace of the library beyond, to take part of the treasures within until the outside world beckons once more.

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