(1866-06-20) A Meeting of the Minds
A Meeting of the Minds
Summary: Aidric pays a call on Baron Artos to get his help with a project and permission to visit his library.
Date: 1866-06-20
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Aidric  Artos  

t'Acuto Manse
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Juin 20th 1866

Word was sent ahead of Aidric's coming. One of his men, tall, blonde and slender had come sought out Baron Artos to extend Aidric's request for a meeting. The man was polite enough and explained that his lord had matters to discuss with the baron and would be happy to so at a time and place of his choosing. Provided the baron wished to see him of course.

Artos sent word back that he would be willing to meet with Aidric that a meeting at the chambers Artos was renting for the duration of the coronation celebration. The room that had be repurposed as an office provides a couple of chairs and a table, ink and parchment all over the place. Fortunately, Artos has it somewhat tidied up and is prepared to accept visitors at this time and had left instructions for the guard to admit the Carling lordling.

Aidric appears at the appointed with a sheaf of papers and a bottle of good brandy. He smiles as he enters the room shifting the papers and drink from one arm to another as he makes a low bow. "Your Excellency, it is good to finally meet you," he says with a smile. "Thank you for seeing me," he he says before making his way across the room with his things in tow.

Artos returns the bow with a nod and gestures at an open seat, "My lord, it is no problem. I have little interest in the tournament, so my days are relatively free. Please, have a seat." He makes sure that there is ample room on the table to be used for the sheaf of papers and two cups, which the baron rises and sets on the table, "Now, what is it you wished to see me about?"

Aidric sets the papers and the bottle down and takes a seat. "Ah, I wish I could say the same for my days. As little as I care for the tournament it has dominated much of my time. Time I'd rather have spent on other pursuits," he shakes his head ruefully before he shuffles the sheaf of papers. "These are the results of my other pursuits. Accounts of the early battles in Valetta and some tales of the happenings at court during the Cardinal's unhappy reign," he lays one of the accounts before the Baron as an example. A first hand tale of second siege of Valetta. "Had I been wiser I'd have spent less time celebrating and more time talking to people about that had transpired. I am writing a history you see, or rather, I am trying to write one and these notes are just the beginning."

Arttos sits quietly as Aidric speaks, his usual cold expression watching the Rivanan knight speak. Artos picks up the account to be glanced over quickly, "I see. Celebrations tend to catch people up in them instead of other things." He looks up at Aidric, "Forunately, there are pleny of veterans alive to ask what has happened, thank the One." A moment of thought before speaking again, "And how is it that I can help you with this?"

"You're right," Aidric says. "Celebrations have an almost siren allure to them don't they?" he says before getting down to the business at hand. "What I was thinking Your Excellency was this, I must leave soon as the celebrations are coming to an end, but, you and your family remain. I was hoping I might be able to engage some of the scribes in your service to continue my work and send on what they learn to me in Rivana, after making copies for your own library of course. As well as any advice on who to speak to of course. Since I understand you played a signifigant role in the northern wars yourself."

Artos taps on the desk as he mulls over what Aidric says. He then looks up at the Carling knight and says, "It can be done. You will have a copy and your notes sent back to you upon completion." After a further moment, the baron says, "Lord t'Synclarre would be a good man to talk to, as would Sir Nadine, though she has seemed a bit closer to Sir Elrick, and hte t'Tremaines are not exactly… fond of Rivanans."

Aidric nods graciously. "Thank you Your Excellency," he says when his proposal is accepted so swiftly. "You may have these copies of the existing notes then," he says gesturing to the papers before them. "And I can send you a final copy of what I write for your library as well," after all if the baron was being generous no reason for him not to be so as well. Then, he turns to the bottle of brandy and then looks to Artos "Do you have glasses? I can pour if you do. As for Lord t'Synclarre I plan to speak to him before the feast tonight. As to Nadine, I think I know the woman you mean, blonde, pretty, wears wings on her armor?" he asks.

Artos nods and gestures to the two cups on the table, "These should suffice." He moves them closer to the brandy, "It would be appreciated, as I would be interested to have a copy for my collection. And yes, she is the one you describe. It seems her house favors such wings, but no matter. Sir Gabriel would also be a person to speak to, though he is likely to be kept busy enough." Artos waits for he glasses to be filled before saying, "Any word from Rivana? I am sure your delegation is pleased with the tourney, but surely there are plans for after the tourney?"

Aidric rises, retrieves the cups and pours two generous tots of brandy, one in each cup before passing one to Artos. "Yes, Sir Gabriel would be good to speak to. He and his brother had something to do with the King's return from exile didn't they?" at least that's how the tavern talk went. "As for Rivana. I suspect we will enjoy some peace for a change now that we are not plagued by rebels. What of Couviere? Will you be pause in your warring against the Tirians or does the crusade continue?" he asks.

"That's what the rumors state," Artos nods and takes a drink from his cup, "I do envy your peace. I will likely stay at Garfana until summoned to war again. My people likely would not take well to another levy and with the victory at Three Crowns, I do not see the Tirians making another foray south any time soon, at least not in a way that would require us to act with great force." After another sip, "I pray for peace and prepare for war, I just hope my children have seen the last real one for their lifetimes, a hope in vain."

"Peace would be a nice change of pace for us all," Aidric says with a smile pulling at the corners of his lips. "One willing the Tirians will stay beaten in their icy hell and this proposed peace between our kingdoms will become more than just words spoken in welcome, if that happens who will we have left to fight?" he asks spreading his hands. "Well except for the Brodlunders, Myrned and Alhazred of course," he says gleefully poking holes in his own arguments. His face takes a more serious cast as he takes a sip of his brandy "So, your way is likely the wisest, pray for peace and prepare for war, at least you get to prepare in Garfana, which I hear is a wonder to behold."

"Indeed, I've only known peace for a few scattered years since I earned my spurs. But yes, there are others who would wish to cause problems for us." When Garfana is mentioned, Artos nods, "I do enjoy being home, with my things. Far more comfortable than an army camp, even with a good tent. It has been several months since I have been able to visi, having gone straight from Three Crowns to here, so I will be surprised if I remember my way around the place."

Aidric chuckles softly. "Ha. I barely remember my home either. Though it has been court and other places more comfortable than an army camp that have kept me away so you have my sympathies," he says with a slight incline of his head. "Anyhow since we're speaking of Garfana, I was hoping I might be able to get your leave to visit the library before I head south. It is a wonder I would regret not having seen for myself before I left."

Artos nods, "Duty called, and I answered." When the mention of visiting Garfana comes up, Artos raises a brow, "That explains a little bit, and yes, you are welcome to visit, I tend to bar no one save those who are careless or have caused me sufficient problems in the past. Provided you do not do these things, then you shall be considered welcome. I do believe we already have a copy of your text on Prince Giorgio."

Aidric smiles and gestures at the papers. "I hope you don't think all of this was a ruse to get in the library, I do need your help with it and I am grateful that you've agreed," he explains with a touch of insistence. "But how could I call myself a man of learning and not want to see the Library of Garfana, it would be like not seeing…" he pauses unable to summon the words for once. "…whatever would be important to people who are not like us." He takes a quick sip of brandy after that to hide the depths of his own satisfaction that his book already stands as part of the collection. "I am pleased it made it this far north,"he says as he lowers his cup. "If you ever come south I must show you the beast itself. I used to stare at its bones for hours when I was a boy at court."

"Far too elaborate for something that almost anyone can achieve," Artos says bluntly, "It is certainly no bother, as I will gladly help with such texts. Besides, there will be plenty to write on the matter, and best to have it done by people who know what they are doing, and not some lackwit in Pacitta spreading lies for a few easy coins." The mention of hte dragon's bones gets Artos' attention and he says, "I will take you up on that offer, and if I have the time perhaps seeing what the Bazans have in their library. I do envy that, you have both a fine library and dragon bones."

Aidric settles back in his chair and snorts something of a laugh. "I know those lackwits well," he says with a cynical smirk. "And I would not trust them to pen a word of this project so your help is most definitely appreciated. As to the dragon bones we are blessed in that regard, I'd wish Couviere some but it would mean wishing you a dragon to deal with. I am sure that would not be help create the peace you are looking for."

"Indeed, I'd prefer to envy you for dragon bones than having to deal with one in Couviere." Artos snorts in approval, "But we are blessed in other ways, we have good roads and bridges, but they are not exciting." He shrugs, "We shall see what will come of this, One willing it will be good."

"It's funny how often the unexciting parts of life matter the most," Aidric counters before he finishes off his brandy and shuffles the parchments back together neatly. "Anyhow I think it will work out wonderfully, but for now I suppose we both have a banquet to prepare for?" he asks as he stands.

Artos nods, "Indeed." He rises and nods to Aidric, "I thank you for your visit and if I do not see you at the banquet, that you enjoy your visit to Garfana and a safe return home."

Aidric bows and smiles. "Thank you and I hope it won't be too long before you are heading to Garfana yourself," he says then after extending a hand to grip, he turns and departs leaving both the parchments and the bottle behind.

Artos accepts the handshake and nods, "I hope for the same. Farewell." With that, the t'Acuto baron begins gathering up the notes and organizing them, leaving the bottle to be dealt with later.

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