(1866-06-20) Coronation Tournament: Tourney Ball
Coronation Tournament: Tourney Ball
Summary: Awards have been received and now it is time to celebrate, bringing the tournament to a worthy conclusion.
Date: 20/06/2015
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Main Keep - Rovilon - Couviere
In the scene.
Juin 20th, 1866

The banquet and ball are already in full swing. Perhaps not as lavish as the coronation ball and banquet, but still, platters of dozens of types of food and plenty of wine and other drinks are made available.

The awards had been given out for the tournament winners… a fair sum of coin for all, just differing amounts depending on the win. With the recent wars, it may be no surprise that the hosts simply did not have time (especially since the coronation came off of something that was so unexpected and sad, with the previous king's death)…

But the room is alight with the soft glow of dozens of everlights, and a quintet of skilled musicians play stringed instruments in the background.

A ball… and Adrienne Cassomir is wearing her finest dress, which will still not be on par with many of the other fashionable attires paraded around at this courtly occasion. It is of emerald green colour, moderately cut out at the front, tied at the back as to make a pleasing display of her physique, wide skirts and long sleeves showing off some minor decorational pattern. Worn about the neck, which is emphasized by tonight's hairdo, dark brown tresses pinned up to reveal all of that swan-like light-skinned magnificence, is a fine chain of silver with a malachite pendant, picked to match the colour of the dress. Green eyes wander, searching for faces of people she is acquainted with, her freckled cheeks slightly rosy, perhaps from the goblet of wine already in her hand from which Adrienne carefully nips now and then - not intending to get drunk, but still intending to celebrate. A proud smile curls the freckled Cassomir's lips when she glimpses her cousin Raelyn Cassomir, Mistress of the Hunt, future Viscountess - and winner of the Archery. Her gaze drifting next to her brother, Graham Cassomir… winner of the free-for-all, the duels - and tourney champion.

Graham dressed in his best tonight wishing to continue making a good showing for his house even matching a bit of the house colors through his outfit though its mostly a dark color and a cloak and all that, but he's just glad to be here it seems with the others competitors and on-lookers alike. He looks over catching his sisters look and smiles a small wave given to her he will gain a glass of wine himself taking a sip. He looks to his side "Quite the affair, eh Emilia?" he says and looks over "Shall we join my sister?"

Dressed in a gown of deep blue with hints of silver and black trimming, the gown well tailored and fairly fashionable. Even if not upon the cutting edge, for certainly that had been seen to for Emilia, for the One knew the girl herself likely knew little about fashion herself. Her dark hair was done within an particular elegant style as befitting the banquet, perhaps a touch more so then she might have usually tried to get away with. Hints of silver flicker in her hair from the pins that hold it in place, the tiny flowers upon the ends upon them. There had been a hint of pink that might have come to her cheeks when called forth to claim the award for the art prize of the artistic turn of events, managing to keep her pace even enough as those ethereal steps had carried her up there. Perhaps some turn of a sheepish tugging smile to her family and assorted friends on her return to their table. There had been proper enough clapping when the other prizes where given along, before turning on to the evening of enjoying the banquet.

Emilia nods a touch towards Graham,"Of aye, quite of so. It is of something, to but of on right after of the other fine of banquet." Seeing to taking up a glass of wine herself, a small sip. Wine will be needed to survive the evening. "Oh, of aye of course."

Tonight is a contest, much like the week prior. However, this contest is political and social in nature. The rules, for those that do play, are simple. One is to be seen, with just enough splendor to be noticed, but not enough to detract from one's hosts. The Tracano princess has learned her lessons well. Clara is dressed in a gold gown, certainly elegant enough to be considered 'royal', but with simple accents. A pair of emerald earrings….a matching emerald pendant. An ensemble that does not draw attention away others, but certainly not lacking in style, either. Clara herself stands over besides the Tracano table, conversing softly with what seems to be some Couvieri courtiers. What the conversation happens to be is unknown…but there are more than a few looks from the courtiers.

Thaddeus Greycen is present at the event, having accepted his prize for winning the joust. He currently makes his way through the room, cup in hand, speaking with a couple of Rivanans who made the journey north about the joust. Thad's attire is in dark blue and white, and he is at ease, not bothered by being in a foreign court, just enjoying the festivities.

Adrienne shifts a little in her stance when she sees Graham and Emilia approaching. A warm smile is given her brother once he is close enough, her free hand reaching for his arm in a sisterly gesture. "You look splendid tonight, dear brother. For once wearing some decent clothes, instead of your armor?" That smile will dim just a tad, when her attention shifts to cousin Emilia. "You look marvelous as well, Emilia." And yes, there is that impressed flicker in Adrienne's fascinated gaze as she studies the gown and the exquisite hairdo the touched Cassomir sports on this eve. It is almost like a game, dressing up in attires they would rarely wear, these Huntresses and knights, a display of what-ifs and possibilities, where the giving of prizes is certainly not the only purpose of this social occasion.

Graham will begin the process of making it across to where is sister is he'll give nods and greetings as they go of course until they are at her side. "Hello sister." He comments with a smile giving a small hug careful not to rumble or smudge anything or the like. He looks back "You both look wonderful tonight." he compliments the two he looks to his sister and chuckles "I know it feels odd not to have it, I can go get it. I mean if it'd help?" he teases. He had accepted awards as well though a plan in place likely will take those winnings already he's given them to be stored and the like. He looks around "I wonder where Cathrynn is, she did make a bet to show up and if so i'd take her camping when we're back home." he says in whisper to the two a grin on his face.

There had been a nod along to Clara from Emilia in the evening when a glance had been exchanged, though the pair were destined to not be seated with one another, not unsurprisingly. Walking along with Graham, each movement tinged with that odd unearthly grace of hers. She does incline her head to the few she knows, such as Sir Thaddues.

A mild tugging occured at the corners of her lips at Adrienne's tease to her brother. Though Emilia does dip her head, her expression yet stoic, murmuring softly,"Of thanking. Thought of best to be of making of attempt, with of having to of…." there is a small turn of her hand in the direction of where prizes were of given…." do of that. " Least she could look the part properly, right? "You are looking much of lovely this of eve yourself, Adrienne. " Her dark eyes turn along towards Graham as he speaks of his bet with Cathrynn, "Sounds of a bet that I am thinking she would not wish to be of losing upon."

As if on cue and fashionably late, well, late anyway, Cathrynn walks in, though, some might double take to realize who she is. Most usually seen in her Huntress attire with her hair slicked back in a braid this is a different side to the Huntress altogether. Her dark hair is drawn back but instead of a long braid, the tresses are coiled up into a classy chignon. Instead of leathers she is in silk, blood red, with an empire waist and sleeves that fit to the elbows where sheer chiffon flutters to her palms. A band of royal blue encircles the high waist and just above the elbows, and over a straight underskirt of red silk layers of crimson chiffon ripple, like water over stones. Her chin is held aloft just a touch and she walks with ease and grace, slippered feet moving softly as she seeks out Graham. She smiles and inclines her head to him, "My Lord," she says then grins to the others as well. "As promised, gown and all," she says to him.

"Quite true, though after being here for the tournamnt and all I think she's more than earned it anyways." Graham comments to Emilia about the camping though he looks back at the approach and smiles broadly. He will wait until she's closer leaning to kiss her cheek. "Well worth the suspense of the surprise gown indeed. You look wonderful." he says "They handed out prizes to the winners of the tournament and now its full banquet and dancing and mingling time. So you havent missed too much. Would you like a glass of wine?" he steps back so that they all can speak a circle of Cassomir's.

Aidric Carling is in attendance of course, he is never one to miss a party. Trading whispers with one of the Queen's ladies he smiles and parts ways with her head towards Thaddeus. "All hail the champion," he greets with a smile and a sip of wine. "Pleased with how all of this has gone?"

Michael l'Corren was on hand for the awards but then slipped out with one of his old friends from court to discuss some business. Returning now, he finds himself a drink and marks out a place to stand at the edge of the gathering watching as others enjoy themselves.

Thaddeus nods to Emilia in response to hers. He takes a sip from his cup and resumes talking to the knight. After finding a way to get away from the small group of nobles he runs into Aidric, and has some surprise, "I believe you have me confused with Sir Graham." He chuckles and says, "Though I see you are enjoying yourself much more than I am. They kept talking about very boring things that I can deal with when I get home, not something I want to talk about at a fesive occasion."

"Congratulations on your win at the arts competition," Adrienne says to Emilia, suddenly remembering she watched her pick up that prize a bit earlier. "And yes… One does try. Although I'm glad it is not that often." Her hand reaches to check on the hairdo she is certainly not used to, hoping it is still in place. "Seems you lost that bet, Graham," she smirks towards her brother when Cathrynn appears, looking all stunning! "Cathrynn," the freckled Cassomir greets, smiling as she watches the kiss offered by her brother to his consort. "Seems we Huntresses have done our best not to look like Huntresses on this eve, eh?" Green eyes drift to where other familiar faces are. To Princess Clara, Aidric Carling… briefly lingering on Thaddeus Greycen, the Rivanean noble married to a Couvieri Princess, and the winner of the joust; while she continues to sip from her goblet of wine.

Raelyn Cassomir steps off the dance floor which had occupied her time, much, after eating and gravitates towards those of her family, and her friends. "A fine close to the festivities," she says. "It was good to be here with all of you. Better still when we go home."

Cathrynn smiles at Graham at his compliment, "Thank you, I hoped you'd like it," she replies. She nods over to Adrienne, "And you are lovely as well, everyone is," she says as she looks around. Oh, there's probably at least one hideous gown in the lot but it would be terrible to mention it, even if one's eyes lingered a bit wide for a moment. Orange, really, who wears orange?! She smiles at Raelynn, "Good evening, M'lady, and yes, it will be good to be home," and her eyes flit to Graham. "I'd love a glass of wine please," she answers to his first question, finally.

Emilia nods a touch in agreement to Graham,"Of true." Her dark eyes turning along as someone walks on up, and there is a mild rise of her brows as she does recognize Cathrynn,"You look quite of lovely this evening, Cathrynn." Taking a small sip from her own wine glass. Dipping her head to Adrienne with a soft,"Of thanking," she was still the judges must have tallied something wrong there. "Oh much of agreeing of there, glad it is not much of often." Emilia is quite certain she doesn't have enough dresses for that! Giving a gentle incline of her head along to her sister as she joins the group agreeing easily,"It will of be, been of having to many of delays in of lessons."

Clara steps away from the courtiers, maintaining her pleasant demeanor until out of their view. Then…A sigh escapes from the princess, coupled with a shake of her head. Too troublesome to deal with former acquaintances, it seems. Clara turns and moves towards more familiar territory.

Aidric laughs and glances back to the lady he'd been whispering with. He turns back to Thaddeus and shrugs "I am free of responsibilties so I have nothing to put before pleasure," he replies. "The joys of being born second I suppose. Though I hope you have some fun tonight. We will be home soon and then who knows what will happen." Spotting the look from Adrienne he lifts his cup. "Seems a good many Cassomirs are in evidence tonight to celebrate Sir Graham's victory. Should we join them?"

Graham looks to his sister "Did I though?" he asks with a grin given the gown and how fancied up Cat is seems a win to him. He chuckles "I am not sure though I think all huntress showing up in their leathers would have turned a head or two all their own." he looks to Raelyn and smiles waving in greeting. "Hello cousin." he greets when she's close enough turning back to Cathrynn and nodding he'll grab the first glass of wine which goes by offering it over to her. "I do like it very much, beautiful as always." he says to Cat. Before taking a sip of his own wine. "It will be nice to get home, and yes returning to giving lessons."

Thaddeus laughs, "I was born second as well, some good it did me!" He does nod and looks to the Cassomirs, "It certainly could not hurt anything." He walks forward towards the Cassomirs and says, "My ladies, my lord." The Greycen relaxes his posture a little bit, "I hope you are all enjoying this feast, it seems that it is going well, all things considered."

"It was certainly a Cassomir invasion," Adrienne remarks to Raelyn with a wink. "Oh… and by the way… that favor of yours seems to have worked quite well. I am still having a hard time guessing from who it came." The freckled Cassomir attempting some ladylike smalltalk there, which is in fact more of a tease. The Carling's raise of his cup is noted, her own raised in turn. Her gaze drifting towards Clara then, seeing the Tracano goes for a stroll about the ballroom that may lead her towards them. "Home…", she echoes Raelyn's remark. "Woods. Archery with a purpose…", she murmurs with a wistful sigh.

Cathrynn is no flawlessly trained lady but she seems to be holding her own at least for now and she takes the glass from Graham with a smile, "My thanks," she says then smiles at Emilia. "Thank you, as do you," she says to her before she grins at Adrienne's teasing both of Graham and Raelyn. "Ah, home.. fresh air, tall trees, moving targets," she agrees. That they are being joined by others draws an incline of her head in greeting then she takes a sip of wine.

"It doesn't count if the one before you is a bastard," Aidric answers as he follows along to speak to the Cassomirs. "Good evening, I hope we find you all well," a pause as the last bit of speech is processed. "And eager for home apparently."

Emilia does offer a respectful bow of her head along towards Thaddeus and Aidric as they join their group, offering softly to the men,"Evening, Sir of Thaddeus, Sir of Aidric. Am doing of well, I hope the evening finds you of the same." The younger Cassomir taking to sipping on her wine a little with the group growing.

"I'm certain that you will find out soon enough," Raelyn says with a casual smile to Adrienne. "Though, I will give you a clue, if you are that curious. I first met him in Goldhollow." She's enjoying the game, such as it is. She nods to those who agree with her about going home, mentioning quietly, "It's been long enough that I could spend any amount of time at home. Though I've little doubt that the Master Steward will have me drowning in books within the hour of my arrival," she jests. She inclines her head, "Lord Carling. A fine showing in the melee."

The first impulse is to execute a bow… which would be the usual way of showing respect to another noble. At the last moment Adrienne catches herself and remembers to lower herself into a curtsey instead, with her fine dress and all probably the better choice. "Lord Thaddeus. How does it feel to be the winner of the Joust here in Couviere?", the freckled Cassomir inquires with a smile, her eyes glinting as she is obviously in good spirits. She nods to Aidric's remark. "Indeed, seems we Huntresses are only content in the woods," she jests. A brow lifts at Raelyn's retort, and as a true cousin who knows how to dampen the mood of her relative, the Mistress of the Hunt has chosen to mention Goldhollow - which will have a slight shadow pass over Adrienne's features briefly, the smile dimming momentarily before it returns. "Ah… I will take that clue and be eager for the next…. Whenever I shall be lucky enough to be graced with another one…"

"You never specified that!" Thaddeus laughs as he nods to the other Rivanans. "Indeed, I too look forward to being home. Though not he gate sickness." He looks to Raelyn, "I remember similar lessons. I hate to say that they seldom get more exciting. Though it could be far worse!" The Greycen takes a sip and shrugs, "No doubt the Queen is pleased with our showing here, as well as the viscount."

"Good evening m'lords. A fine evening indeed." Graham greets a bow of his head to each to Thaddeus he also adds "Congratulations on the joust, it was quite a good round to watch. I hope to make a better showing the next time I compete, we'll see I suppose." He looks back to his family and nods in agreement to their words of home. He looks back to Raelyn though having only caught a comment about Goldhollow and arches a brow he does look to his sister a moment a small smile to her, but turns back around towards the others. He looks over to Cathrynn a moment and moves over a step closer to her.

Aidric smiles "I was surprised by my performance in the melee to be honest, but I shall take the complements all the same. Though since we have so many winners gathered in one place let us drink to them," he says holding up his cup looking from Graham, to Thaddeus, to Raelyn and to Emilia. "To Rivana, long may we triumph," he offers in toast though he keeps his voice from carrying too far in the room full of Couvieri.

Cathrynn hears the mention of Goldhollow and it elicits a moment of thoughtfulness but she schools the expression away with a smile and looks to Graham when he draws near. She curls her hand at the crook of his arm then looks from person to person, listening, watching, "Congratulations, indeed," she adds to the others then her glass is raised and she sips to the toast along with the others.

There is just a mild nod towards Raelyn as her sister makes mention of the steward and the lessons he shall heep upon Raelyn further, but Emilia does not comment outwardly upon the matter. Though when Aidric does include her within his gaze upon talk of winners, there is a faint blink before Emilia dips her head a little, with her win having not been upon the field of combat. Who even knew the Cassomir could even paint? She raises her cup to the toast,"To of Rivana," she echos.

Raelyn briefly touches Adrienne's arm, then nods in agreement, "I'm sure the Queen and my brother are more than pleased with our performances. Sir Thaddeus was quite amazing in the jousts, and Sir Graham took the Tourney entire. Well done, both of you."

"To Rivana…" Clara's voice carries over, as she lifts up her own cup towards Emilia. It seems that the princess finally made her way over to the Cassomir congress, and not a moment too soon, judging from the relieved sigh from Clara. "It seems that Rivana very nearly ran the table with the tournament. I would daresay it may not be the most diplomatic approach for inter-kingdom relations, but it certainly makes a statement."

Graham reaches to pat the hand of Cats which rests on his arm and smiles warmly her way. He does look back "To Rivana." he echo's and drinks the rest of the wine in the glass. He smiles "Thank you Raelyn, and you took the archery and Emilia painting in the artistic contest. Both very well done indeed." The knight comments turning to the newest arrival "Your highness, it is good to see you." he bows his head to Clara pondering her words "Well hopefully grace in victory will show that we are committed to working together all the same."

"To Rivana," Thaddeus says and looks to Graham, "And to you in the melee, hopefully I will not embarass myself next time." He affords a chuckle at this and turns to Clara, "In all fairness, they outnumbered us in the melee what, three to one? But yes, it might not have been ideal for them, but hopefully they remember that it is just a tourney and not the end of the world." He gives a nod of thanks to Raelyn.

Aidric bows to Clara as she joins them "Your Highness," he greets before rising from the bow and offering his opinion. "They will forgive us our superior skill at arms I am sure," he says. "After all I think, like us, the Couvieri are sick of war."

Cathrynn inclines her head to Clara as well, "Your Highness," she says, her voice soft, just mingling with all the others greeting the Princess. She smiles at Graham's comment and her head nods in agreement then she sips her wine again, eyes scanning around the other attendees both in the current Cassomir circle and out. It's a habit, really, being attentive to one's surroundings, people watching.

"Your of Highness," offers Emilia in greeting to Clara as she manages to make her way over, along with one of those patented corner tugging smiles of hers. Though she does give Graham a faint glance, her lips giving a twitching as if about to say something and seeming to think the better of it. Taking a sip of wine before she does nod towards Aidrc, agreeing,"Of aye, am thinking all are of sick of war by of now." Surely!

"If any are not sick of war, then they can gladly be of use in the Red Sails, though I doubt many would forsake land duty for being aboard a ship," Thad shrugs, "It is not so bad, but if there is a hunger for fighting, it is likely the best place to be." He frowns and takes another drink, "But yes, peace will be most welcome. Court will be… interesting to say the least."

Graham squeezes Cats hand which rests at his arm with a smile. "I am hoping that yes everyone is indeed entirely sick of war, i'd like some time to just be home." He comments lightly though he wonders looking around he will nod to familire faces from the other country. "We can hope this lasts a good long time at very least. Perhaps next time their is trouble we will march together with them." he gives a small shrug.

There is a slight shake of the head, and a small smile from Clara. "You are all so formal! There really isn't the need." Of course, it is her usual argument…and one that she will most likely lose. "The Couvieri did have the strength in numbers…" is the statement to Thaddeus. "But that did not seem to matter much. But I do believe that they are tired of fighting…as are we all."

Aidric takes a sip of his wine and looks to Thaddeus when he mentions there is room for fighting men in the Red Sails. "Not planning a naval campaign are you, Thad?" he asks with a bit of a smile. "You may have to do that one without me. Ships," he shudders and has another drink. "And of course there is a need Your Highness," he adds to Clara with a cheeky grin. "You may one day rule the kingdom."

Emilia does give a quiet, stoic look along to Clara as she gives her usual protest about formalities, it was surely needed here though. "Can only be of imaging,"says Emilia with a slight incline of her head concerning how court will be. Quite literally. It was not a place the 'touched' Cassomir frequented as it was. "Of thankfully, much of quieter amongst of trees and of shadows," she murmurs softly, mostly into her wine cup before she takes a sip.

Thaddeus shrugs, "Welcome to Couviere, were formality is the norm, even if we are Rivanans." Aidric's remark on Clara's place in succession gets a deep breath, but the ship comment gets an eyeroll, "Still afraid of going to sea? It is not so bad." Thad looks to Graham and nods, "Should we need it, I believe they will come, just as we did for them, and would do again. Let us just hope it never comes to that." He takes a healthy drink from his cup and thinks for a moment and looks to Emilia, "Perhaps, perhaps. Still, Ironhold will be getting a lot more political attention than it has in the past. "

Dark eyes gently drift between the people as the conversation continues on. Though Emilia does have to give a nod to Thaddeus,"Is of true, much more of parchments, ravens of coming even when of Jaren and Raelyn were of away. Much of to be of attending of too. "

It is with a look over to Thaddeus and a grin. "I do hope your wrong there m'lord, but i'm sure you are not." He ays about Irongold being more politcal in the future though it seems quite inevidable at this point. Graham ponders this future and shakes it off nothing really to be done but wait and see anyways.

Cathrynn follows the conversation with her attention even if not with comments. She sips her wine and listens, falling into her normal manner of being, which is quiet. The mention of formalities and their necessity brings a half-grin to her lips and she glances up at Graham but her comments remain unspoken.

The mentioning of ruling the kingdom does cause the Tracano to pale slightly…which is quickly covered with a comment. "well, we can't have that. That will leave me no time whatsoever to lose to the huntresses in archery tournaments, then." It is a quick jest…an attempt to gloss over whatever reservations she might have of that particular line of thought. The next comment earns a glance towards Emilia, with the tell-tale curves of a smile tugging at the corners of Clara's lips. "And tree climbing is right out. I would have to appoint someone to climb trees for me…and that will never do."

"What sane man wouldn't be afraid of a ship? They're like cages, with the added danger of drowning thrown in for spice," he says only half-joking. "As for Ironhold, it will all calm down when Jaren weds the Queen, then there will just be the suitors for Lady Raelyn to contend with. Which I am sure can be managed." Then the woman he had been trading whispers with earlier catches his eye and Aidric smiles and finishes his wine in a gulp. "It looks like you will have to carry on the celebration without me for now, if I don't see you all before you leave, safe travels and we'll meet again in Rivana."

Thaddeus shrugs, "It is how it is, there is little that can be done about it, Jaren will be king, and he is of your house, so people will likely try to seek favor through you." Aidric gets another eyeroll, "It really depends on which ship you are on. Many seldom are beyond sight of land!" He laughs and shrugs. "Have fun, and safe travels!"

A hand drift, a brief touch to Clara's arm before Emilia's arm is back along to her own side, with the Tracano paling as she does. There is a stoic nod,"Of aye, would never do of that, not of same to have of another to do of the tree of climbing." Fingers just faintly twitch and shift along her wine glas at the talk of Jaren and Raelyn, though it is it is not til Thaddeus speaks of peole seeking favour that Emilia raises a slight brow. Commenting to Graham,"It is of true, they will be of doing of so, especially after of your of win," the 'touched' Cassomir entirely discounting herself. Dipping her head towards Aidric as he makes to leave,"Enjoy of your evening and safe of travels of well, Sir of Aidric."

Graham has his own reasons for wishing to stay under the radar as it were. He nods to Thaddeus's words knowing them to be true but if it is only favors and those seeking to gain through them it wouldnt be well but he could deal with that. He looks over to Cathrynn and feels need to lean over and kiss her cheek once more perhaps the thoughts do it. He looks to Emilia and arches a brow a frown coming to his face wondering if she means favors or other things.

"Thank you," Aidric says to his companions before finishing his wine and slipping off to join the company of the lady.

There is a half-rise of a shoulder at the frown Graham gives towards Emilia, there was attention to be gained by his performance and people would be seeking favours. Access to the soon to be King, from people who were sane. Dipping her head to Thaddeus,"If will be excusing as well, do be of enjoying rest of celebrations." There is a light touch to Graham's arm before she drifts off, leaving him to enjoy his evening with Cathrynn as well. The young Cassomir eventually fading off into the shadows and making her way from the banquet as she was want to do.

Cathrynn smiles at Graham and the kiss does draw a blush to her cheeks but she lifts her glass to obscure the sheepish look on her face at least a little. "Shall we make the rounds?" she asks then she inclines her head Emilia and smiles, "Good rest to you, M'lady," she says.

Thaddeus finishes his cup and nods farewell to the others departing, "I do hope you all enjoy the celebrations, but it seems that I have an empty cup, and likely need to speak with some others before this celebration finishes. Again, congratulations and have a good night!" With that, Thad departs.

Graham looks to Emilia at the shrug and touch to his arm. "Rest well Emilia." He manages to smile her way before looking back to Cathrynn and smiling warmly to her and the blush on her cheeks "We likely should speak to everyone yes before we depart." he will bow to each in turn before he'll lead her about the room before likely retiring themselves back to the Cassomir commons.

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