(1866-06-20) A Colloquy of Cousins
A Colloquy of Cousins
Summary: Michael and Edwina speak of current events and of squires.
Date: 1866-06-20
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l'Corren Manse, Rovilon
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Juin 20st 1866

Coronations and tourneys are busy affairs and despite being in the capital for weeks since the Battle of Three Crowns, Michael l'Corren is only now getting down to the business of well…business. The first matter to attend to was the promised discussion with his cousin, so a servant was sent to bid her join him for some wine and a discussion in the l'Corren manse.

Michael waits by the sitting room window, the tall one which gives a view of the sea from above the rooftops of the royal city, a cup of wine is in his hand and a crystal decanter of white wine from house Vanille sits waiting on one of the tables. The servants have been instructed to let his cousin in at once rather than standing on formality and protocol.

Because they're good servants, they've done as they were instructed and it's within minutes that the door to the sitting room is opening to reveal the summoned Edwina. She's in l'Corren colors tonight in a dress of modest cut with an expression that turns from neutral to warm upon seeing her host.

"Cousin, how good to see you." Closing the distance between them, she stops short of embracing or any other greeting, waiting for him to engage first. "Indeed, I'm glad that things have died down enough for this meeting to finally take place. Your nephews are delightful little creatures," she praises with a grin, looking out the window briefly to admire the view.

"Edwina," Michael greets warmly with a smile on his face. "That's true for the both of us. As much fun as these last weeks have been I am glad they are over. I could use some peace," a chuckle there and a smile as he asks "Which nephews? I am collecting them these days before long mother and father will be looking to me and Bella expectantly. By-the-by how do your children fare? You were saying at the feast that Arthur is well on his way to becoming a talent horseman."

"Gabriel's boys," she clarifies with another demure grin. "I went to meet them last week. Sweet, sweet little things that remind me of my own when they were that age, though they're far past that now and, thank you for asking, doing well." Turning and finding a nearby chair as she glances around the room, Edwina approaches it and settles in easily. "He is, much to his father's joy. He's a natural in the saddle. His younger brother complains that he isn't as proficient, but to be honest, it's what he deserves for not practicing as often." Sitting forward, she folds her hands in her lap. "And you? How have you been?"

"I need to see them again," Michael says of Gabriel's boys. "This tourney has been keeping me away. Though I was pleased to hear that they named one of them Eduard, though it shall be strange to hear that name said with the name l'Sainger to follow," he pours Edwina some wine and the sits back considering her question. "How old is Arthur now he must be about the age to squire, no?" he asks before he answers her question. "I am well and trying to enjoy my time here at court as much as I can before I must return home to help father run the Duchy."

Gratefully accepting the wine, she lifts the glass gently in a silent toast to him. "Squiring age, indeed. He's fourteen. Carey's been teaching him some, but with all the uproar with the coronation…it's been difficult to find a placement and it seemed easier to keep him home until things quieted down." Edwina sounds a little protective there before taking a sip of wine and nodding at Michael's answer. "There are many reasons I'm blessed I wasn't the firstborn. That," she indicates with extending her pointer finger of the hand holding the cup, "is one of those reasons. Is Duke Cesare as imposing as a father as he is a patriarch?" She sips the wine again.

Michael nods listening to Edwina's report of her eldest son. He catches that note of protectiveness, something he didn't anticipate but surges on anyhow. "Well if no placement has been found I'd like to offer him the chance to squire for me and help foster another generation of close ties between house l'Corren and house l'Faust. If you and Carey agree of course." He takes a sip of wine then, less formally than his cousin. "And yes he is. It's not that I fear him, he's a kind man and a good father but is the knight's knight and the lord's lord, his is a difficult example to follow."

"Mmm." Edwina looks into her glass. "I don't see a reason why that wouldn't work, but husbands do sometimes throw wrenches into things." Chuckling, she looks up at Michael. "Thank you for your offer, regardless of outcome. That's exceptionally generous of you, cousin." After listening to his description of his father, she chuckles some more, shifting in her seat to get more comfortable. "Indeed, he's rather a high standard against which we must compare ourselves, and often fall short. Our house has done well thanks to him."

Michael bows his head in thanks. "I hope we do not do so too often," Michael says of husbands now that he is one himself. "Though of course the decision belongs to both you and Carey so whatever is decided is decided but I think Arthur would do well at Murnord." He lets that subject drop there and continues of Cesare. "Yes he's done well for us, our house is secure and free to do our work on the northern border without worrying about what the other houses might do while our backs are turned. However that is not to say there aren't still problems elsewhere, we will need to be attentive to this peace agreement and of course the choice of the next Cardinal. What of the l'Faust? How do they fare and if you can share them I'm curious what their thoughts are on the peace and the cardinal."

Nodding, she acknowledges the offer to foster her son and keeps silent. It wouldn't do well to talk about it ad nauseum if it isn't to be. When she hears him ask about the cardinal, Edwina rolls her eyes and sighs. "A real mess, that was. Those who aren't devout surely saw that as a reason to continue as such, citing hipocrisy in the church." Tilting her cup to swirl its contents, she takes another sip. "Like the rest of us, it would seem my new family is pleased that peace is here to, by the looks of it, stay, if only to continue their cross-border trade expeditions. You know how the l'Faust are about their money." It's not said with contempt; clearly Edwina has benefitted from said money. "I'm not sure they'll weigh in too heavily on who they think will make an adequate replacement."

The talk of the Faith ignites a fire in Michael and he says emphatically "I hate the old Cardinal and hope he suffers in the Abyss for a thousand eternities," he huffs and takes a sip of wine. "It is hard to believe one man could do so much damage to both the faith and the kingdom. The kingdom's wounds were serious but we will recover, the wounds to the faith I am less sure of, you grew up in Sanctum, cousin, what do you think? Will the High Priest be able to repair the damage?" he asks. He nods absently at the talk of trade with the south. "I imagined the l'Faust would be happy with the peace for those reasons and there is nothing wrong with coin, it can do much good in the right hands."

Edwina's eyebrows rise slightly at hearing 'the right hands,' but she says nothing about it specifically. "I'm not certain, to be honest. Sanctum isn't the place of my childhood any longer, and new people are always coming and going. It's its own living thing, in a way. You would hope Sanctum would easily recover, being the seat of the Faith, but one can never tell these days. I've been thinking of making a trip there sometime soon, if time allows, to get a better idea of the landscape."

Michael catches those raised eyebrows and holds up a hand. "I did mean the l'Faust there cousin, they're an old and honourable house who have done much good for the realm," he assures her before he takes a sip of his wine. When he lowers the cup he says "Hmm, I had not thought of how much things might have changed in Sanctum," he smiles then. "It's easy to think of it as immutable as the One's Own Golden Halls, but I suppose it is just a court of another kind, hmm if you go let me know, I've never been and I think I ought to given all the One has done for me and my family. It is time I showed proper gratitude."

"It's a delightful place," Edwina replies, grinning from Michael's insistance about the l'Faust and waxing poetic about the city where she grew up. "I'll never forget it, as long as I live. Though," She adds, taking another sip of her wine and setting the glass on the table beside her, "It seems I have much to discuss with my husband. If there was a time more preferable for you to make such a trip, when would it be? Carey is one for specifics."

Michael smiles in return glad to see he had conjured up a happy memory for his cousin. "I have heard it said of the place," he agrees before pausing to consider the specifics. "Provided there aren't new troubles in the north I should be able to get away whenever you're ready if we travel by gate, if we go by horse, boat or carriage I may need a week or two," he answers.

"Let's put it off for a week or two, then, at the very least to allow me time to prepare the household to function without me." Seeming resolute and rather pleased, Edwina nods and rises, smoothing the front of her skirts in a mechanical, habit sort of way. "I'll send word when I know more, and then we can meet again soon to discuss specifics — of both the trip, and Arthur." Grinning at that last, Edwina walks around the chair and toward the door. "Thank you again for your hospitality, Michael. I doubt your father will have much to worry about in a successor."

Michael stands when Edwina does so. "A week or two then," he confirms as he sets aside the wine. "And I will be in the city for a while so send word here when you want to meet and we'll make the needed arrangements," he says before the compliment makes him smile and he bows to his cousin. "Thank you cousin, I hope you are correct."

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