(1866-07-23) A Reunion
A Reunion
Summary: Ariane and Thaddeus talk.
Date: 07-24-1866
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It is a quiet afternoon at the Greycen manse. Not much moves save the servants as it has been rather quiet outside of the occasional guest. Thaddeus is in the yard, apparently instructing his squire, though they appear to be on a break as Thad sits with a wineskin filled with heavily watered wine. The Greycen heir holds a wooden poleaxe in his free hand and looks to the sun, gauging the time. He is wearing leather training armor, and looks rather pleased to be where he is right now.

Ariane has returned to the manner where her husband has claimed, she was greeted by a few servants as she set her things down. Carefully she moves through the house, picking some fruit along the way, until finally she finds her husband in the yard. She watches him with the squire and she carefully sets a table with the fruit and water, to ready them when they finish.

Thaddeus trains with the squire a little longer before stopping the training for the afternoon. He sets the poleaxe aside on its rack and sees his wife. Thad nods from afar and says, "I see you have finally returned." He shrugs and takes a swig from his waterskin and picks up an orange as he approaches the table. "Faegates give you much trouble? Cannot say I enjoy traveling by them, but it saves so much time."

Ariane shakes her head "Everything went well, a very slow and uneventful time." she says as she watches him with the fruit. A smile to her lips - and she moves to hug him lightly "I missed seeing you, how is everything here?"

"Outside of the baron's murder, nothing horribly eventful. Though I hope whoever did it is brought to justice quickly," Thad returns the hug, "As usual work continues, even in peacetime. Be it ensuring that we have sufficient supplies or simply navigating court, there's always work to be done. I am just glad to have been able to get some time in the yard away from it all."

Ariane frowns at the news of a murder, "are we investigating this at all?" she asks him her eyes flicker to his squire ."Eat lad" she tells the youth. A tilt of her head as she watches her husband and a shift of her shoulders is subtly given.

Thaddeus nods, "Stephen is, of course, involved. I tend to leave such matters in his hands, it is outside of my talents." He relaxes his posture and shrugs, "If anyone can find them, Stephen will, especially with the others looking as well. We shall hopefully be rid of that issue soon enough and then there will be other work to deal with."

Ariane nods her head slightly as she listens to him, "would you mind, If I asked him if he would like my help?" she wonders of him. Her eyes watch as the squire eats and she smiles a bit - picking up a banana and unpeeling it. I am glad to finally be with you again". She offers him a little smile before she thinks about the things yet to come.

"It is up to you, though if he tells you no, I'd leave him be," Thaddeus remarks, "He has enough things to deal with." He takes a swig from his wineskin, "What are your plans now that you are back here? Hopefully your healing talents will not be needed in the near future, just as I hope I am not needed to fulfill the duties of the Lord Marshal, it means something bad has happened."

Ariane nods her head to her husband, she listens to him as he asks her about her plans. "I am not exactly sure what I will do here. Perhaps I will start a healing school here and take on some apprentices". She says slightly as she tilts her head slightly and help you, it is about time we get more time together no?" she asks him

Thaddeus listens, "Perhaps. It would be worth considering their utility. Though it will be interesting to see who will join it." He nods, "Indeed, there will be more time." He leans up against a wall and takes another drink. "At least there will be time now for some actual court life, though things might be a tad strained with that witch and her insane husband gone. I just hope I did not cause more problems than I fixed by killing Ranulf."

Ariane tilts her head as she looks to Thaddeus, she sighs a little nodding her head slightly. "I am sure, things will settle." she says quietly "What are your court goals if any m'dear?" she pauses as she flushes her cheeks redden as she thinks about personal wishes.

"Currently just trying to keep things in order and ensure that the best interests of our house are served, as long as they do not run counter to the best interests of the realm. With the archduchess dead, there will be an election, and we need to be ready for it." Thaddeus takes a seat at the table, "But we are currently in a relatively good position. So this could be far worse. What is it you are wanting to accomplish?"

Ariane moves to take his hand "giving you a son perhaps" she grins then she laughs. "But more seriously setting up a healers academy of sorts." She pauses then and she looks to squire before looking back to Thaddeus "is this one staying with us for a bit?"

Thaddeus laughs, "Understandable. And the boy lives here, he is my squire." He takes another sip, "Will be here for a few more years before he is ready for his spurs, I believe, about on time with others his age, barring any chance moments." Thad relaxes in his seat, "But if this peace holds, it will likely provide few opportunities, fortunately, for such heroics, unless we have to go deal with pirates, which plague us in all seasons."

Ariane nods her head a little - her eyes meet his and she looks to the boy "What is his name?" she asks as she looks over them both. "I should get started on dinner for you, have you brought a kill for us?" she asks her eyes shimmer gently.

"His name is Gawain Rosendal." Thaddeus says and shakes his head, "No time for hunting, and you should probably leave the cooking to the servants, as it's their job. Should not be too long until it is time to eat." He rubs his chin, "Though I do thank you for the fruit," he begins peeling an orange, "Are you not hungry?"

Thad nods, "I understand." He smiles and relaxes, "But it is all right." Thad takes another sip, "At least the weather is better here than up north, even your summers are too cool to have such a name." He snorts in amusement.

Ariane smiles as she rubs his shoulders lightly and then she sits beside him. "I rather enjoy being here." she says quietly "have you seen my brother recently?" she wonders of him before she looks around. Her eyes flash with enjoyment - being near him. She truly has grown loyal and supportive of her husband, even flashing him looks of adoration from time to time. She sips on her wine when it is brought and she looks about thoughtfully.

Thad responds, "Not since I left Rovilon after the tourney. Then again I doubt he was terribly pleased to see Rivanans sweep the three main events." Thad laughs, "I do intend on spending that purse wisely, perhaps putting it towards a ship, or simply saving it." He grins and looks to Ariane, "Do you have any suggestions?"

Ariane says, "do you know how to man the boat? or would we need to figure out how to pay a crew?" she wonders of him her eyes lift slightly as she thinks of him pirating about.. she frowns as her eyes move to his wineskin and she mms "In either case I think you should save it, you will have an heir someday"."
A brow is raised, "I was a captain in the Red Sails. I could easily find a crew to man it if it came down to it and simply add it to the fleet," Thad grins, "Besides, sailing is probably one of my favorite things to do if I have the time for it." He does give a nod, "Though yes, saving would likely be the wiser course of action, who knows what expenses may crop up that I will need to cover."

Ariane mmms a little "still if you really would like a ship.." she says after hearing of his passion, "I suppose we can account for that.. I will set aside a bit for such a thing." she considers "maybe in a year we can get you one?" she wants to help him.

Thad shrugs, "Perhaps some day I will return to the Red Sails, so there is no reason to worry about it. If I need a ship, I can get one with ease. The joys of having one of the biggest fleets in the Edge" He takes a deep breath, "Though I doubt that will be any time soon."

Ariane nods her head and she chuckles "get you home for barely a day alone and you are already planning on going eah?" she teases him good naturedly. She kisses his forehead "I must go - it was a long journy and my maids have promised me a bath."

"I am a busy man, and I like to stay busy!" Thaddeus grins and nods, "I understand. I hope to see you at the evening meal, then. Hopefully you will recover quickly enough, gate sickness is always a bit of a mess." He rises and says, "Besides I had best get ready for the meal myself."

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