(1866-06-25) Ale, Flesh and Secrets
Ale, Flesh and Secrets
Summary: Gastogne goes seeking news of Hartswood for Talia and finds two mercenaries willing to talk for a price.
Date: 1866-06-25
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Horseshoe Inn
Room description
Juni 25th 1866

The Gatehouse circle is the place where most come and go from Couviere's capital and it's a good place to pick up information on happenings around the kingdom, such as the late troubles in Hartswood. More than that word is there are a couple of mercs laying low in one of the district's taverns who have had some business in the barony recently and are currently staying in the Horseshoe Inn. A smelly dive of a place but a good place to lay low and get pleasantly drunk while you're doing so.

The inn is crowded with the recent tourney, but two men matching the decription of the mercs sit in a corner booth watching the crowd with a couple of empty pitchers of ale between them.

It smells bad, but the alcohol is cheap. And it being cheap means that eventually if you drink enough you tend to think that the women are as pretty as they should be. For Gastogne, it is just in that sweet spot of what he can afford and what eh can manage to buy drinks for others. His cheek still stinging over from the blow, he's sitting in a corner booth rubbing at his cheek as he heads over to the mercs.

"That woman has such fine spirit.." And said spirits have him trying to pop his jaw back into place. "Hope youmen are having better luck."

The men look up grinning to themselves at Gastogne's misfortune. "Doing better than you it seems," one of the men grins broadly. The other raises his cup "The trick is never let 'em hit you when you don't want to be hit," he advises with a rough laugh before he takes a swallow of cheap ale. As he wipes the froth and spillage from his chin he adds"Or if you do make sure we can see it, I enjoy a good laugh."

Gastogne lets out a good natured sigh, "Of course. Let me get the next round for you good men? And might we all find ourselves some good entertainment tonight. For sometimes one can just enjoy what fortune swings them. And hope that it doesn't swing too hard." Laughing, signalling for another round of the cheap ales the tavern served.

The men look at each other in surprise when the round is offered but there is a shared shrug and one of the men reaches over the table to move his discarded cloak to let Gastogne sit. "Kind of you," the man says. The other one had been joking before nods "Wondered when it was our turn," he says. "Buying everyone else a drink. Come into some cash?" he asks. There is a vaguely predatory glint in his eye along with the drunkenness.

There's a smile over from Gastogne then, his hand down over, "I recently had some.. Luck over in some quick sales, yes." Assessing the merchant's gaze. "Money comes, money goes. I'd rather get som eenjoyment for it as it goes. What betterway than in a place such as this where money stretches further?" Playing up his drunkenness. "And for good men such as yourselves, I might be able to stretch it a bit more if you could.. Help me make some more of it."

The two men listen and one of them nods. "You've got business then?" he asks. "We like business," he says before he looks to his partner. "I'm Cas and this is Ben," he says handling the introductions. "So, my friend what's your name and how can we help you make some coin?" Ben looks up from his drink. "An' what's our cut if we do?"

Gastogne leans over at the two men and smiles, "I'm always upf or hands that make coin. And I tend to specialize in.. SHall we say short term procuration. Many items have spikes in sales based upon market need or want. And the first to get them to market wins. However if you don't realize the market and get there first you have overstock which no one wants. So if you men can give me.. Infromation on one of these short term fluctuationsin the market that I can make some good moving of my stocks with.."

Gastogne goest os ignal for another round of ale.

The barmaid comes by with that round and the two mercs grin brightly up her and Ben helps himself to a squeeze of her rear. The girl seems unfazed and pours the drinks then saunters away. Cas chuckles "Told you only tough birds work in a place like this," he says to Ben. "Ah, one of those then?" he asks when Gastogne explains his plan. "Merchant looking for a sweet deal." Ben jumps in then elbowing Cas in the ribs, "We got a couple of sweet deals for you but they'll cost."

Setting back then Gastogne smiles, "Well then my good lads, I think we have a deal. Do tell me then." He gestures. "And, as a show of good faith I'll get you the services of the lovely lady tonight if she's offering. But I want to make surethe information you give is good profit for me beyond that."

"Bugger that I'm not sharing again!" Cas exclaims with a laugh. "Get us each a girl and we'll tell you about this deal." He looks to Ben who shrugs and nods.

There's a twinkle in Gastogne's eye, "But of course my good men. Two lovely ladies and an ale for you all then." The men have had, by his estimation, a good five or six mugs of the local mead. The promsie of girls and more of it should be more than enough as he goes to put some coins up on the table to 'rent' some of the ladies affections for them.

The men share another look before Cas speaks for the both of them. "There's a merchant out in Hart's Home. Tommard Oakes, he's the man who's got his fingers in all them pies there. Furs, wood and a bunch of other things. See, there's been raiding out in Hartswood, means that those that should be fell'n trees an skinnin things been busy pissing their pants and hiding instead. So, Old Tom, well he's been smart seeing to it he's got what others don't and making a fortune on it."

Cas pauses to take a sip of ale and looks to Ben. "Should I tell em the rest?"

Ben takes a long pull from his ale and squints at Gastogne. "You an honest man?" he asks.

There's a look over in Gastogne's eyes as he quickly takes mental notes, and gives a half bobble of his head, "So long as there's good coin to be made, I'm as honest as a priest. Particularly when I'm the one making it m'lads. And I think I'm evenhonest enough for it to want to give you the ladies for not only this night but the morrow if the next bit you pass along is as useful."

"What my friend means is what's your take on the law when coin is involved?" Cas says more plainly. "You the sort to go running to the lords an' telling them when a man cuts a corner to earn his coins?"

Gastogne glances over at Cas, "The local lords take enough fo my coin as it stands. I'm not the sort to mind a little more for myself. After all, as far as the lord knows I'm being fully honest in what I'm making. And I'm being honest to myself in it." Taking another gulp of his ale. "The lords take enough as it is, I'm hardly one to mind a little bit for my own sake."

"Good enough for me if it comes with two night's company," Cas says to Ben and Ben nods. "Tell 'em."

Cas leans forward pushing his tankard aside and palming one of the coins on the table rather clumsily. "Old Tom's got a big store of goods he's not supposed to have that I bet he's dying to get rid of now that the priest is dead and the whole barony's gone mad. If you convince him you aren't with the law I bet he'll kiss your feet if you take it off his hands."

There's a smile over from Gastogne, "Good enoughf or me lads. I'll try and make sure even Ole Tom gets his cut of things. Particularly if he has so many things and needs unburdened of them. No reason he can't get a little more than he's owed as well."

"You're a kind soul," Cas says clapping Gastogne on the shoulder before slumping back into his seat and smiling. "So, that good enough for two nights of fun?" he asks.

Ben chimes in "It better be."

Gastogne grins, "Aye lads, it is. Enjoy yourselves." He goes to lightly flip some coins over to the table to cover the ladies for two nights and another round of ales as he gets up.

"As I said," Cas says before downing a swallow of ale and belching. "A kind soul. If you need a couple of stout swords to watch your goods in the next couple of days, come find us, always happy to do work for a generous man," he calls after Gastogne.

Gastogne nods over at the men, "BUt of course lads. If I get ready to move some things in the next few days I'll be sure and contact you so long as the lasses don't wear you two out!"

Ben snorts and Cas laughs before they call for a new round and begin eyeing the lasses.

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