(1866-06-25) Plans for Departure
Plans for Departure
Summary: Plans change when Elrick shares the contents of a recent letter.
Date: 1866-06-25
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Inn - Rovilon - Couviere
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Knowing that Nadine was thinking of departing Rovilon soon to return home to Northwatche, it is surprising that Elrick had not dropped by the manse that the t'Cadri had rented earlier to bid her farewell, perhaps in a more personal nature. Right now, the heir's mind is preoccupied, his squire banished from the luxurious room that he had rented for himself at one of the more prestigeous inns in the capitol. Seated at the table in his room, there is a pitcher of chilled wine that is half full, along with a cup that is more than half empty. His gaze, though, is focused on the letter in his hand, a rather troubled expression worn on his face.

Nadine arrives to say her farewells, as what is on her mind is returning north and home to her family. So when she knocks on the door and is let into his suite, she finds the troubled expression worrisome. Her hand caresses his cheek lightly. "What is wrong, Elrick?" She frowns. "I am unhappy to be parted from you but duty calls. Is that why you are upset?"

Hearing Nadine enter, Elrick is briefly pulled away from the letter in his hand. Leaving it on the desk, the tension that is on his face is temporarily banished, looking a bit more relaxed as she strokes his cheek. His own hand comes up to take her hand, bring it to his lips as he kisses her fingers, "Well, not exactly, though I certainly find no joy in us parting ways for now." Rising to his feet slowly, he releases her hand to grab another cup so that he can pour her some wine as well, "It's a letter from home."

The kiss on her fingers brings a small smile to her lips. Though she watches him move to get more wine, she tilts her head. "A letter from home?"

Pouring not even a half cup, knowing that she doesn't drink as much as he does, Elrick offers the drink to his lover, "Yes. As you mentioned, duty calls and is summoning me home. It appears some trouble matters have come up back at Hartswood." He makes no mention about his mother saying how it may be wise to ask for assistance while he was in Rovilon.

Nadine stiffens a bit, looking worried. "Troublesome matters?" she replies, taking the wine. "Is there anything I can do to assist?"

With his hands free again, Elrick reaches for his own wine cup as he hears her concern and question, "Well…" He starts, pausing to take a long drink from his cup, draining what remains before reaching for the pitcher to refill it, "I wouldn't want to trouble you, Nadine, you have duty calls you home as well." One thing that the t'Tremaine heir is good at, or good at trying to be, is to put on a front of confidence, not wishing to show weakness in front of anyone.

"Please," Nadine replies gently. "My father can spare me a week or two more, I think." She frowns again. "And perhaps it would be good for us," she smiles suddenly, "if I help as much as I can. It may help your father see this match in a positive light." She moves to his side and leans up and kisses his cheek. "Father will understand."

One thing that Nadine can do is be convincing, certainly in more ways than one and her words certainly makes a lot of sense to Elrick. His answer is late in coming, as if he is considering what she just said. When she kisses his cheek, he manages a grin of his own, features softening as he slips an arm around her waist, pulling her closer, the other still holding the cup of wine, "We are a rather good match, aren't we. You're not only beautiful, but an excellent knight which you have shown both up north and also here in Rovilon. Plus, your mind is as sharp as your blade." It certainly sounds like she may have convinced the t'Tremaine.

Nadine blushes darkly. "You flatter me, Elrick," she murmurs, though she is quite pleased to be drawn to him. "And it gives us a little more time together," she comments softly.

Seeing the blush from Nadine pleases Elrick for sure as he leans in and gently nuzzles her cheek with his nose, his arm giving her a firm squeeze, "Together is certainly good, and you get to see home." Though perhaps not the way he would have wished to have shown her, with what is troubling his lands. But that concern is stamped out rather quickly, knowing that if she is to be the future lady wife of the Baron of Hartswood, she would have to see all facets of his land.

"So," Nadine asks, back to business, "what troubles are we to handle? Brigands?"

With the subject returned to business, Elrick turns his gaze back to the letter, his arm slowly releasing her as he moves back to the table to pick it up, "That's only part of the problem, the smaller part." The troubled expression slowly returns to the t'Tremaine's expression as he offers what his mother wrote to Nadine after glancing at the words again, "It appears that a village in Hartswood may have rebelled." That part troubles the heir the most.

"Rebelled?" Nadine looks shocked. "But… why?" She puts down her wineglass and takes the letter.

The letter reads:


I am sorry your father and I could not see you compete in Rovilon but matters here keep your father busy and he did not want to send me into the 'midst of our enemies' alone. There were reports of brigands cropping up again after the defeat of the barbarians and now the villagers of Tall Tree have burnt a church and killed Father Eustace. Your father is furious and has ridden out promising to make a bloody example of the culprits but it might be wise if you returned and brought what help you can.


Your Mother

Nadine's mouth opens and closes, and her cheeks heat with anger.

"…burned… burned a church? Killed a priest?"

At Nadine's question, Elrick takes another long drink from his cup, walking over to the window as he looks out over the jewel that is Rovilon, "Why indeed. I know my father has not been doing the best of jobs back home," It's not surprise to the heir as he has heard the same things others have, he just does not know how bad until he sees first hand. "But that, rebelling or burning a church, killing a priest, from what I recall when I was younger, the people of Tall Tree would not do something like that." He also tries to remember what Father Eustace was like, his brows furrowing again as he begins to pull old memories back.

Nadine frowns at the rest of the letter. "We should speak to Lord Michael about this as well. Perhaps others— such a affront to the faith should not go unanswered," she says seriously.

When Lord Michael is brought up, Elrick turns around rather quickly, perhaps a bit alarmed that his future liege may be brought in which would certainly make a rather bad impression upon his House. "Lord Michael? Perhaps…" Sounding a bit hesitant now, involving the l'Correns, but the letter is from his mother's hand, not a rumor that could have been bent and twisted as it traveled from Hartswood.

"Yes," Nadine says with a nod. "He and Lord Gabriel are both honorable men who can do much to assist in this. The quicker it is dealt with, the better for your people." She gives Elrick a quick and soft smile. "I would suggest Joff, but he has a wife and his own lands that have gone far too long without his presence."

Elrick would have rejected any further assistance that involves others if he had a better grasp on what was happening at home and knew of a way to deal with it, out of pride. But this time, he is at a loss, his gaze returning to the window and beyond as if the answer could be found out there within sight, "Lord Gabriel as well? I know Lord Joffrey is newly wed, but Lord Gabriel is a new father, I would not wish to pull him away from his new babes."

Nadine frowns. "Oh. You're right…" she lets out a sigh. "I had forgotten of that. The l'Saigner snakes left a couple of days ago from what I've heard. You don't think he went with them?" She shakes her head. "Poor man."

At the mention of the l'Saigners, Elrick can't help but crack a slight smile as Nadine's words lighten the mood a touch, "Come now, Nadine, they're not all bad. Their wraiths were vital in the war against the barbarians. And they're loyal to Couviere… in their own way." Turning back towards her, he approaches as he takes a long drink from his cup, draining this cup before leaving the empty vessel on the table, "We can ask Lord Michael if Sir Gabriel had left with his future wife."

Nadine nods in agreement. "We should speak with him soon on the matter," she says simply. "In the morning, perhaps."

A brief sigh, touched with resignation, escapes from Elrick as he nods his head, "In the morning then, we'll seek out Lord Michael and let him know what has happened. At least now I know why my father and mother departed from Rovilon early, before the competitions." Disappoint evident in his tone.

"Yes," she says quietly. "I did not know things had gotten so badly for your family and in your lands. One send we are able to make things right again and quickly."

Shaking his head, Elrick isn't able to believe it either, "Neither did I… I know… I know my father is not the best Baron in Couviere, but I had always felt he was capable." Perception clouded by youth and paternal love no doubt, the image of his father only beginning to crack after the dismal handling of possible negotiations for Nadine to become his wife.

Of course, Nadine is unaware as to how dismal, or else she'd likely not be willing to go to Hartwood.

She slides her arms around Elrick's neck. "Worry no more, my lord," she says simply. "There is nothing this world may send us that we cannot handle."

And Elrick would most certainly not have asked her to come along if it is much worse than he fears. For now though, his attention is being easily distracted by the lady that has her arms around him, his own easily slipping around her hips, "Nothing at all…" How right it feels to have Nadine at his side to take on the challenges that he will be facing at home. Pulling her close against him, Elrick leans in as he seeks her lips with his own, eagerly as if to push the dark thoughts that he had been brooding on out of mind, even if just for the night.

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