(1866-06-29) A Profit's Life for Me
A Profit's Life for Me
Summary: Gastogne takes his report to Talia and Dominic. He is given orders on how to proceed and also a glimpse of what might be should Gastogne pleases Talia with his actions.
Date: 06-29-1866
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t'Corbeau Manor
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Juni 29th, 1866

Talia, her new husband would slowly begin to realize, liked to push people. Push their boundaries, to see if they would succeed, or if they would break. Those successful would continue on - those that failed? Well. Theirs may be a sadder story.

As Talia waits for Gastogne to present himself, she is seated on the sofa in the meeting room of her castle, talking to Dominic. "You ought to begin some training," she tells him, assessing the Knight carefully. "And I do not mean, necessarily, that your skills are lacking. However. There is a difference between what we do, and what a Knight does. Stealth. Fighting with your hands if the need arises. But, there's no reason to have you training with the others. Some of your skills, undoubtedly, surpass theirs. I'll have a few of my more trusted agents, as well as myself, perhaps, give you guidance in a more," and here Talia smiles, "Private lessons."

She glances to the door, where the lovely Sophia waits to let Gastogne in. "In the intern, Gastogne is the one we're meeting tonight. I've only met him, myself, a handful of times. I'll be interested to know your estimation of him, when this is concluded."

In general he's a dunce and somewhat of a moron, his family held up via debt in what will likely go through many more generations than it already has. Also likely easily enough disposable when he gets too annoying. Still nervous as ever, his first time over in the castle, Gastogne is over on what would be best behavior. He gives a graceful bow over to Sophia, "Thank.. Thank you Madame." Hoping tonight that heads will not be rolling. And not his.

Walking along, the normal swagger in his step gone, replaced by a palpable fear then as the toadie enters on and in along as Sophia gestures to him where to go. At his side over is a pouch that contains the report that he's been working on and the information he's gathered so far from his investigations. Still terrified.

Dominic sits lightly beside his wife listening to her words. "I know you didnt mean to say I was lacking, and I quite agree. I meant to ask you as much of training after we last spoke." He seems to agree with this idea "I mean how could I be seen as a leader otherwise if I am less skilled." he reaches over and gives her hand a squeeze listening on ward he'll nod to her turning a nod and smile given to Sophia as well he watches and waits as well.

"Gastogne." Talia's smile is brittle, despite Dominic's holding of her hand as his lays atop hers. But she does not return the sentiment. Not yet. Instead, her entire focus is on the indebted man before her. "It would seem you inserted yourself well into the Barony's sordid little marketplace from your report." She hands, then, the letter over to Dominic for him to peruse as if only now remembering that she hadn't thought of showing it to him until now. She inquires with her cold, almost detached smile, "Is there anything you've left out of the report that you would deem pertinent? Or that went unwritten?"

Gastogne falls to one knee over before Talia, "No, Ma'am. I have not yet made arrangements to visit this.. Old Tom. I believe he has both a deal of material which we might otherwise take for future sales or has possible contacts that might provide information on the assassination, depending upon what you would deem important to pursue. I have a recommendation from some of those that he is familiar with which should ease contact approaching him as a trader."

It doesn't seem to bother that his hand simply rests atop of hers. Dominic looks over to the man as he enters getting his first opinions no doubt. He will remove the hand from hers to accept the letter she offers. He will remove his gaze from him to look over the letter a moment while he answers the question. He does listen however as he reads and looks up to look between the two the letter finally finished he will fold it back and offer it back to his wife.

"Excellent. Tell me," she asks of the man standing in front of her, "Are you familiar with my lovely bard, Philippe?" A side glance is given then to Dominic, watching her husband read and gauge how well he's paying attention - as well as to see if Philippe's name rings a bell with the man as well.

"He's a man I've been cultivating. And he has a manner about him of simple trust. He also has a small storefront in Pattica that we obtained." To this, she smiles, serpentine and pleased. "Which will facilitate your dealings with this 'Old Tom'."

There's a quick nod over at Talia from Gastogne, giving a bow, "Yes My Lady, I have encountered him." Cautiously offering, "He won the artistic competition at the last festival and I have encountered him elsewhere. It would be effective for him to pose along as my partner in trade." He gives another bow over to Talia, and then to Dominic. "If I might be so bold, My Lady, what would you prioritize when we go to this man?"

Dominic had heard a little about this dealing, but learning more that they are looking into it further intrigues him onto what part they seem to play. He looks up and tilts his head a she speaks the name? "A bard?" he asks though mostly as he doesn't recognize the name. He will turn and smile to his wife given he understand that not all is as it seems often times he can only wonder the true nature of this man is or simply an informant.

"I'll let him tell you the story. He's a silver tongue, though. And a man shaped by - desire," Talia reveals to Dominic. She smiles, briefly to her husband and then looks over towards Gastogne. "Information, certainly. It is with information we may not only obtain the crux of the assassination and whom is moving in on my territory - if anyone, in fact, is - but also we may have means to in-debt the man to us through that same information. Befriend him as you can. Earn his trust. And we shall find out what we can. Make no show that you are in any way tied to myself, or the Syndicate," she instructs.

She addresses Dominic again, then. "And what would you deem most important?"

Gastogne nods over then as he gives a bow and goes low to the ground then, "Of course, My Lady As you say." He turns over to Dominic then and gives another sweeping bow, "And as you would instruct, My Lord." Nodding back at Talia, "I shall be sure and ensure that our associations are hidden for the course

He will listen to his wife's words and nods ahs smiling in return a little though he understands a little bit further. Dominic looks back at the rest of the conversation until he's addressed. Its only a moments pause while he considers. "I would say gaining this information on who is involved so that we may effectively both be forewarned of dangers and levy or knowledge against them to our own causes." he says to his wife mostly looking to see what she thinks of his answer but also nodding to the man as he's addressed.

"Excellent. You will be reporting directly to Philippe in this endeavor, and you will listen to him with all due respect. He is my trusted agent, and he's proven himself." Talia levies a meaningful glance to Gastogne, "I am giving you opportunity, just as I did him. Pray you do not squander it. You would not wish to lose your value to me," she suggests; her tone kind, but the words behind them perhaps in their fashion menacing.

She nods to Dominic's assessment, "There is no need to rush the matter, or press too hard upon Old Tom until we determine just how well connected he actually is. And what friends, and connections he has."

Gastogne nods over at Dominic then, giving a sweeping bow, "Of course my Lord." Then over as Talia emphasizes 'lose your value', Gastogne can only feel his knees shake over some, as he gives a nod, "Yes My Lady. My only point is to serve you and.. And to pay off my family's debt honorably." Still shivering. "And I shall obey Philippe as you say, My Lady."

The threat or well statement of promise isn't lost on him as he looks to the man when his wife has spoken but back to her before long. Dominic watches her and the nod at his words pleases him at least he is learning more and more as time goes on. He is still listening and nods ahh a debt servant interesting. "Indeed, do well in this." he confirms with this new information. He is mostly quiet after this though looking back to his wife.

Talia gestures behind Gastogne, and Sophia brings a tray in, with three glasses of wine. Then, Talia gestures to the chair across from the sofa. "Now, Gastogne. Do enlighten us," she insists, speaking to include her husband in this. She tips her head towards Dominic, and showing that she is not afraid of pitching the man into the open waters to see how well he can tread the waters he's jumped into by marrying her. "What skills do you possess? Beyond the ability to pose as a merchant of ill repute."

Giving a bow over at Talia once more, stuttering a bit then at his superior in the Syndicate. "I have.. Been associated and trained on the streets from a young age due to the debt my family owes, My Lady. I am well versed in gathering information and street thievery. I am good at blending in among the lower classes and making enough coin and passing along worthwhile targets to us to be valuable in my service." Stammering out and avoiding an 'I Hope'.

Dominic looks as the wine is brought into the room and the chair across from them is offered. He looks back to his wife catching the look and he'll focus it is true husband or not he doesn't want to disappoint her. He will listen as the man lists of traits that he has. "Hm, and you are sure of your skills that you are up to this task?" he asks the man his look isn't hard but it is calculating as if trying to add everything up to get an answer for himself.

"Pressure reveals much about a person, man or woman," Talia discloses to Dominic with a self-satisfied smile. "I was quite impressed with Philippe's - advancement, as I put him under the whip, so to speak. I can only hope it shall be the same with you, Gastogne. Those who have merit, after all, are far more valuable than those who are not," she points out as a matter of incentive for the man. But, she awaits his answer to Dominic as well, curious to know Gastogne's impression of himself.

Ego fights with self-preservation. Cowardice wars with pride. Dignity fights with denial. Gastogne slowly rises up from his position on the ground where he had been kneeling, his stutter gone then. This is one of those chances where he can pay off his debt and make progress. He will not miss such a thing. And so, self-preservation is fueled with ego as well aiding it. Giving a sweeping if somewhat stiff and off-footed bow to Dominic and to Talia.

"My Lord, My Lady, I would hate to brag.." That's a definite lie. "But I would say you would have few finer to be honored with being in your service. I shall do you proud with my performance and enrich your coffers."

He looks to his wife nodding to her words. "I see, that makes sense hmm." Dominic looks back to the man to see what his response will be to the question and to his wife's words. He listens to them and keeps a steady face he looks over to his wife a silent question with an arch of his brow to see what she thinks about the words spoken.

"It's not a matter of being honored to be in our service, Gastogne. It is a matter of where best to use your skills. And if you can learn," Talia espouses with a measure of detached practicality. "Enrich our efforts, and you will be rewarded. Fail, and you will be disciplined. This is something all manner of creatures can understand. Philippe started by begging for his life. Now he has a woman, a building, and a sizable coin purse. I'm certain he can give you some insights as to how to earn our favor." She is careful in that. To speak in the plural, as odd as it is for her. For so long she'd been the lone serpent in this endeavor. Now she has a partner she has to get used to.

Gastogne nods over at Talia, "And I shall redouble my efforts to bring in coin and enrich the Syndicate, My Lord, My Lady. And to earn your approval with my actions." Knees quaking a bit now, but hopefully past the worst part of things where he expects to lose a limb for impertinence. "And I'm sure that this excursion shall enrich us well, either with information or stores."

Dominic listens to his wife speak, and he certainly doesn't seem to mind learning beyond the wraith skills he was to learn this is of more importance to be able to support her in all matters. He looks back to the other and nods "We will see i'd imagine soon enough even." He comments to him nodding one firm nod though he doesn't seem to have anything further to add for the moment at least.

"Excellent," Talia voices. She tilts her head, lifts the wine up to her lips and poises it there, before asking curiously, "Have you any questions then, Gastogne? Or is all clear to you?"

Gastogne shakes his head over at Talia and at Dominic, "No, my Lieges. Your instructions are crystal." Giving a bow to her and to Dominic, he waits to be dismissed or given further orders.

Dominic nods and will accept one of the wine glasses himself as well. He holds it down though for the moment looking back and shaking his head no further questions or anything for him directly at least. He will wait for his wife to dismiss the other still learning he doesn't wish to displease by speaking out of turn or before business is concluded.

"Very well then. You are dismissed, Gastogne. I suggest you gather what you believe you will need. I will make certain Philippe is aware of what will be needed." Talia gives the man a brief, and more genuine smile, before she nods to the door. "Sophia will show you out," she offers, looking to Dominic then.

Gastogne gives another bow, this one without the terror of his entrance. "Yes my Lady, My Lord. Thank you for your audience and I shall be sure that this enriches your coffers." A light more swagger in his step as he turns to leave with Sophia. He still has all his limbs!

Dominic will wait until the man had been shown out before he looks back to his wife turning on the sofa so he can look at her more easily. "Very interesting, I see now why confidence is key, when nervous his answers didn't hold nearly as much weight right on the surface as when he was sure." He'll take a drink or so of the wine, and it seems they can talk more about the training and his reactions before finally retiring themselves.

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