(1866-06-29) The Prince and the Sphinx
The Prince and the Sphinx
Summary: Tristan comes to ask Saffran what she knows of the Baron's demise. He finds out what little she has to offer in that way and how much she's willing to offer in another.
Date: 1866-06-29
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Tristan  Saffran  

Moreno Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Warning: Sexual situations.

Tristan had already spent some time with his ears to the ground. Figuratively, not literally of course. There were a number of potential leads to the death of the Baron. Granted, he could approach this in a number of ways… he had a feeling that there could be several questions answered by going to the Moreno. Not because he suspected the family of having anything to do with the death of the Baron, no, he knew what they were capable of, and he trusted that they were discreet enough not to simply go and put down an enemy of theirs in the court.

Noooo… there were other things at work here. And while he had to admit that his first thought ran to the Abara. Bastards that they were. He couldn't just go to Alysande and point at them without having something more concrete to give her.

He was also painfully reminded that he had lots of other work to be doing for Rivana and Alysande and that running around the city trying to solve a crime was perhaps not the best way to be spending his time. But this had its importance and he needed to show Her Majesty that he was still an asset. Oh, he knew she valued him, and he appreciated that, but there was always that drive to do more for her, to sort of offset the things she had done for him and the damage he had done to himself.

It is late in the evening that he finally approaches the Moreno manse. He does not disguise who he is or that he is escorted by a guard. He asks for entrance to the manse to speak with whomever is available, the guard is told to keep himself occupied however possible without interfering in Tristan's work.

THe Tracano Prince is escorted into the sitting room. Not as richly appointed as most nobles manses may be, but still well decorated and furnished. Lady Saffran Moreno is already on her feet, dressed in a rich green and black lace dress, her shoulders bare… an excellent fit for court. One could almost forget the woman had been a courtesan before her family's ennobelling.

She dips into a polite curtsey suitable for their difference in station. "Your Highness," she says with a soft purr in her tone. "My father and brothers are not here at the moment, so it falls to me to entertain you, I'm afraid." She smiles. "How might I service you this evening?"

Taking a seat, Tristan finds himself relaxing for a few moments. When Saffran enters, he gives her a quick look over with his eyes, offering the woman a pleasant smile. "Lady Saffran. It is good to see you." He offers her a nod of his head, though her comment catches him off-guard for but a fleeting moment. "Well, I was hoping that we could talk, there are matters of court that I would very much like to run past you and get your thoughts."

Saffran nods, moving aside slightly towards the door and catching a servant to bring wine. "Something red. And… rare." She smiles a bit amused at Tristan as the servinggirl rushes off, then takes a seat beside him.

"What matters of court would those be? I am ever at your service, as are any of my house."

Tristan smiles. "Of course, of course. I shall not waste time then, so the matter that I have come to speak with you about is the late Baron Robert Hogan. I am sure that you have heard some of the, ah, more interesting gossip that is going around." Another smile and a slight roll of his eyes indicates what he thinks of some of the gossip being spread around.

"To start off with, had the Baron communicated with your family at all? I know he spent some time making his feelings known on your family as well as those of House Giraldi, but I am curious if he ever said anything directly to your father, or for that matter you or your brother."

Saffran lifts a brow. "Directly? No. His little… faction, being what it is, however, we know who our detractors are among the court." She shrugs languidly, taking a glass of wine as the girl returns and offers filled glasses to them both before leaving the bottle and departing.

Saffran sips from her glass, her eyes closing in thought. "Why would you ask, your Highness?" She opens her eyes. "And as for gossip… it is always interesting what some believe true and what others try hiding, mm?"

When the wine is offered, Tristan takes a glass and then takes a long sip of it, nodding in appreciation. "Of course, and certainly there were always going to be a small handful who might object to the arrangement. Such are the ways of those who do not realize that sometimes there are larger things at stake then the so-called sanctity of their 'title'." He snorts, shaking his head. "Regardless, there are whispers that the Baron was assassinated because of the feelings he had regarding House Moreno and House Giraldi."

There is a brief pause before he continues. "Certainly I can see how some may jump to such a conclusion. Perhaps it may even be the case that such a conclusion is what the person or persons behind the assassination was hoping would happen. This is what I am trying to find out."

The former courtesan leans back in her chair, settling into a position that rather nicely displays some of her assetts. "You may rest assured we had nothing to do with such," Saffran replies lightly, then sips her wine. "It is not our way, and would be a fairly sloppy way of going about things. His faction, though aggravating, holds little real power." She may be new to her title, but she was certainly not new to the Rose Queen's court, after all.

"Perhaps that is what they wish you to think," she allows. "What do you think, your highness?"

Tristan considers the question for several moments before shrugging. "It is a distinct possibility. Of course, the assassination could be for other reasons completely and what has come of it was unforseen by those responsible. I hesitate to lean one way or another, at least until I have more information."

Taking another sip of the wine, he thinks about his next question before swallowing the wine. "I do agree with you that he was little more than an aggravation, but something I have heard does interest me. The man apparantly had a mistress. No surprise there, but what I have heard is that it might have been a Giraldi, maybe even a courtesan. I was curious to know if you had heard anything about this?"

Scoffing, Saffran shakes her head. "No, no mistress, not that I've heard. That man was pious and bleating enough that after he wed, the only one he took to his bed was his wife— not even a courtesan or whore." She frowns. "It would be shocking to hear otherwise."

Raising an eyebrow, Tristan tilts his head. "Really now. I see. Well, that is interesting indeed. Perhaps a bit of misinformation that. Perhaps…" He trails off, considering. Shifting slightly in his seat, he asks, "Do you happen to know if the Abara have access to lightsilver or sidhe steel weapons? Or if they do, if they actually use such weapons in their, ah, activities?"

Saffran gives him a slight look as her head tilts aside curiously. "How do they know the weapon was Lightsilver? Or Sidhe steel? Many and the One, I hope the Abara don't had Sidhe steel. Those bastards need no additional blades to cut with."

Tristan considers the question. "I think you bring up a good point, and I think that is something worth looking into further. From what I have heard, it was only a single assassin. I suppose that would make sense against someone like the Baron. Sure, he had guards, but it is not as if he would have the same security around him as say a Duke or even a Viscount. Perhaps one of the guards saw something. lightsilver would be easier to see than sidhe steel in a brief glimpse, I think, and I think it would make more sense. Losing a lightsilver blade would not have the same impact as losing a sidhe steel blade."

Saffran shrugs. "Of course, though a Lightsilver blade is costly. I've known very few to actually work a blade made of such… its usually a trophy piece." She smiles a bit. "Is there anything else at all I can assist you with, your highness?" She winks at him playfully.

Placing the glass of wine to the side, the Tracano puts his cane between his legs and rests his hands atop it. "Yes, I suppose that is true. I admit, there are times when I let myself think as a Tracano and not as others might see things." He gives a pained smile at that. Yes, there were other perspectives that might come in handy from time to time.

Sighing, he glances back at her, a slight smile coming to his lips. "Now, now, my lady, beware. I have heard it said that I am a lecher. Would you wish to get my mind thinking on other paths?"

A pale hand moves up and lightly loosens the bodice of her dress. Saffran gives him a cat-like smile. "Rumors, your highness. Of late, rumors you've lost your taste for such play." She tsks. "A shame if so… such an artist should be allowed," and she lightly tugs her bodice down just enough that her breasts almost spill out, "to make his works sing, mm?"

Tristan watches Saffran work at her bodice with some interest. At her words, he smiles. "Have I lost my interest for such play? No, not at all. I admit I am trying to behave myself. There will come a day soon when I will have duties to fill, but that is whenever. Here and now, well…" He glances around the room for a moment, and then gestures. "Here then? Or did you have another place in mind?"

Saffran chuckles. "Where would it please you most? We can move to my rooms and have each other until we're both spent?" she suggests with a grin. The Sphinx never usually offers, but it had been some time since she'd been with someone of such substance.

She rises to her feet, allowing the bodice to tug down further as she does. "But there is nothing that says we cannot do both."

Her rooms seemed rather far away right now, and there were things right here and now. Such was the dilemma that Tristan found himself in. Shrugging, he gets to his feet, setting his cane to the side, and then steps over to her, putting one arm around her to pull her close to him. Putting his forehead to hers, he murmurs her name before kissing her.


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