(1866-06-30) Of Goblyns and Wardens
Of Goblyns and Wardens
Summary: The Sisters Cassomir go to visit Lon and end up discussing an array of things, from Goblyn hunts, to Wardens for Mates to Lessons, and various are questions are asked. It makes for an interesting and enlightening interaction, as it often does when time is had in the company of the Changeling.
Date: 1866-06-30
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Woods - Ironhold County
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Ironhold seems to have endured the absence of most of its' ruling family reasonably well. Then again, the folk of this particular County tend to be the dependable sort, and with no catastrophes occurring in the past several weeks, Ironhold has ended up reasonably untouched by the recent troubles. Blessed by the One, indeed. With matters of rulership in the initial days back dealt with, either by Raelyn or by the newly-arrived Jaren, opportunity finally arose to check in on a particular denizen of the County. However, the messenger reported back that the hunter called Lono had apparently gone..well, hunting. Somehow or another this caused Raelyn and her sister to come up with the amusing idea to see if they could track him. Or at least, it would have been amusing if he clearly wasn't making any effort NOT to be tracked, which actually makes it fairly easy for the two of them. Over forested hills, and through a couple small dips and over narrow ravines, until they spot the shaggy old more-than-woodsman, crouched on a rocky outcropping, looking out in the opposite direction from where Raelyn and Emilia are approaching, though he signals his awareness of them by holding up a hand for them to halt.

The only weapon he carries is his long knife, but he's definitely in his grizzled human form.

Raelyn is in quite the high spirits after returning, and induldging in a bit of wine, enduring a few lessons with the Master Steward and getting to catch up with her Huntresses, and her favorite sister. But now that things were settled, and now that there did seem - however fleeting - there to be a chance for rest, for peace, without brutality, war, and lack of merchandise and foodstufs nipping at their heels, she'd convinced Emilia (not, likely that such was hard) to go in search of Lon and reunite - it'd been some time since she'd spoken with the man. And perhaps? Perhaps now that there was peace, perhaps there was more time to delve into other matters.

It had been welcome to return home, Emilia having not been asbsent so long as her siblings…by far! And the return had bore a welcome surprise within day. And now a merry 'hunt' over hill and over dale a tracking a Changeling they did go! Which had surely been Raelyn's idea, because of that wine indulging. Though indeed, it had not taken much to get Emilia to tag along, though the easy to follow trail had been a curiosity to say the least. Though with that hand being held up by the grizzled old woodsman, Emilia gives Raelyn one of her ever stoic and solemn looks and a faint shoulder shrug. Though she has come to a halt, hanging back as bidden. The younger Cassomir wearing as one might expect, the typical leathers for scouting, a knife on her hip. A bow slung to her back.

Lon remains on the rock, his head canted slightly as though listening, or perhaps scenting the air, but after a few moments, he grunts, and hops down off the rock, turning to face the two Huntresses, and moving in their direction. "Lost it." He notes simply, "But it'll be back." He speaks with considerable confidence on that score. Though of course what "it" is may be a matter of some curiosity. Particularly when he adds, "Always were slippery…."

After what seems a half-moment of reverie, the ancient Changeling shakes his head, and offers a polite smile, "Ladies. You…went on a journey, did you not?" A few months being the blink of an eye by comparison to him, it's probably little surprise his grasp of time passed is…shaky by human standards.

"We did," agrees Raelyn. "A long one." At least, long to her. It's easy to forget, at times, that Lon's understanding or perception of time, and journey's is so different than that of human's as to be another world entirely when he looks so human himself. "But, we are back. And, things are - for now, as well as they can be. Those that threatened peace are subdued - or dead. And," she pauses, looking to Emilia, then looking to Lon, "Some ancient horror that had been fueling war in the north has been eradicated. I hope I never need face something like that again." There is a visible shudder at the memory, something Emilia knows must've been gruesome to affect her so as strong willed as Raelyn is. "It is good to see you again. What, may I ask, were you hunting?"

Emilia simply waits in silence for as long as Lon wishes it of them. She was used to it from patrols..from keeping watch. From odd lessons. She gives a simple nod of her head about the matter of a trip, as Raelyn speaks on the matter. Though she does add,"Left of something at of inn for of you, will be of finding when you of return." Emilia gives a slight glance towards Raelyn as news is further imparted, a hand drifting to touch her sister's arm when the shudder comes, that hint sisterly comfort. "Of aye, what is of so slippery?"

"Ancient horror?" Lon looks curious at that, but he is, it seems sensitive enough to note the discomfort it brings Raelyn (or perhaps he can smell it), so he shakes his head, "Suppose it doesn't matter, if it's gone." Lon allays any need for further description, at least for now, "But it is good that your journey went well." He glances back over his shoulder at Emilia's question, and adds, "Oh. Goblyn. Saw him peeking in my window near dawn. Wondered why he was here, but he looks to have eluded me for now."

Raelyn furrows her brows. Adds that mental note to her wisdom of the world: Goblyns exist? Her only commentary on that is, "It would seem all of which was myth is now real." A lopsided smile is given to Lon and Emilia, then. But the smile dims some, and she looks to Lon. "It was never named. I - know not how to describe it other than it was something unnatural. And overgrown. Living on blood. Turning stone to flesh. It was how the barbarians were creating their Bezerkers. It -," she frowns, closes her eyes and reaches briefly to Emilia's hand, "It seemed to have a heartbeat that pulsed worse than going through a Faegate." She opens her eyes, not willing to go on further than that. Perhaps not having anymore words to describe it other than those used.

The answer from Lon has Emilia doing a little bit of a blinkblink. "Of goblyn? Spying of upon?" There is just a faint shake of her head, her expression otherwise yet stoic. Given the state of her world, who was she really to question yet another oddity? Jaren said they existed. Just…didn't figured they were…well this close. Though there was an added shake of her head and a mild breathe taken, as something else decided to chime in. There is a frown that comes to Emilia's lips though as Raelyn describes this horror, her hand giving Raelyn's a squeeze when it is rreached for, even if for that brief moment.

"Ah. A thing of Chaos. Abomination, some call them. Very old, yes. Thankfully they are few, now, compared to what once was." Lon notes, then nods to Emilia, smirking a bit, "Yes, a Goblyn. Not many of them this far south, normally. Not likely to cause any real harm if it's just the one, though your folk may go short a few chickens or small animals." He rubs at his thick beard, musing, "Suppose it's not too surprising it'd find me. Cousins of a sort, you could say."

Raelyn says, "Yes," agrees Raelyn. She hadn't realized, perhaps, Abomination was actually it's name - she thought it merely an adjective to describe the thing. For it certainly was an abmonination of all things natural. She nods to Lon, "And if they are slippery creatures to one of your experience, there's no surprise to me I've not seen one before," she speaks to Lon about the Goblyn's. She's said all she will about the Abomination and her experience. "I trust your own time here has been - uneventful?""

"Of imagine, few of missing of chickens can be of managed, and is not of to much to be of worrying of about," notes Emilia. It could certainly be much worse. "Of cousin?" Perhaps considering if she really wants to ask about that or not. All considering that last conversation had. Though there is another hint of a frown, a mutter under her breathe. But Raelyn's question does have Emilia's eye dancing to her sister and then over to Lon.

"Aye. They were the first creations of the Sidhe. The first life they created." Lon explains of his relation to Goblyns, "Pets, servants, messengers, spies, or simply entertainment…but they are mischievous, especially no longer having masters and mistresses to serve." Lon explains a bit more, "Ugly and mischievous, but not dangerous to most save in numbers." He glances back to Raelyn and nods, "It was. I heard of some small matters outside these lands. Something of Wardens hunting Thorns, with some success. But it did not seem to touch this place. You would think there had been a long peace here."

That news brings a certain smile to Raelyn's features. "I'm surprised you pay attention to such things," Raelyn tells Lon with some measure of warmth. Some of that pleasure, Emilia likely knows, come from the fact she was wearing a certain Warden's brooch as a favor in the recent archery competition. She continues, "Let us hope the Thorns, at last, are choked and dead. But, we didn't come to hear news." She looks to Emilia, meaningfully. "With things settled, in order, I think we're both prepared to move forwards with - more personal endeavors."

Emilia cants her head a little at this explanation, considering a moment before asking, quite deadpanly even,"And you are not of being of mischevious?" The topic of the Thorns did have Emilia's gaze drifting, a faint murmur,"Of no, was of touchng of else where." Some hint of change to her, for a moment. There was a partcular Thorn that Emilia siply did not discuss. Much like Raelyn and Abominations. Seeming to feel her sister's gaze upon her, Emilia pulls her attention back,"More personal endeavors? You of mean you are going to go of hunting of your of Warden while I am of told to of focus upon of lessons?"

"Some things are impossible not to hear." Lon notes, "When near all speak of them. This place was nearly one of celebration for a short time. I think the people still expect one to erupt any day now." He shrugs, smiling a bit, "They are happy, it seems, at the plucking of Thorns. At victories in far off lands. At their Champion becoming their King. When last I felt this much anticipation I…" He pauses, "Well, it was a long time ago, even for me." He shrugs a shoulder, then snorts a bit at Emilia, "Some inspire a bit of it, I suppose. Once I was more so, but the endless march of time has diminished much." He tilts a brow at Emilia's ribbing of Raelyn, and smiles just a touch, "Oh? One of these Wardens is your mate?"

Raelyn actually blushes, a little. "He is not my mate," she responds back, glaring at Emilia, but in a goodly natured sisterly way. Oh, there will be revenge had! But she answers Lon, "There will need to be negociations, among other things before that can come to fruition. His name is Stephen Greycen. He is a man who loves the woods as much as I," she informs Lon. Emilia, this much she knows at least already. But she looks to her sister, "And no. I've no need to hunt him. Instead, with few things pressing on me, I will do whatever I need to, wither it is to arrange meeting between Sirrah and Lon, or - anything, to help you prepare for what must come to - free you." This, she means with every bit of fervor as she wished to oust the Thorns from her lands. "I do not wish to stand by and wait. Or watch." Her gaze moves back to Lon, "But you are the best judge that we can speak to, now, in this regard. And your wisdom more valuable than any vaults in Goldhollow."

"There will be certain to be of celebrations when Champion is of becoming of King," notes Emilia, who seems to have a slightly easier time in making that statement. Least a thing that Lon might notice. Perhaps some homework was done in that time away. There is a little tug to the corners of her lips as he snorts,"Could be of interesting to see you of being of mischevious. Will have to see of finding one who inspires of it, of perhaps." Though her dark eyes do look to Raelyn as Lon poses this question about Warden and mates, and there is a hint of a smile to actually see Raelyn blush and the glare that comes Emilia's way. Which quickly smooths away so that Emilia is all stoic! There is a slight shrug at some of other talk,"Sirrah does of wish to meet of Lon, Lon is not of dis of agreeable, have been already having of such talks of with of them on this," busy Emilia, did Raelyn already know? "Been of learning of much, coming to of lessons," a hand gently motioning to Lon," when you were of gone…nothing to prepare of for, since not of knowing of what can be of done of yet. " She winces just a little. "Or if there is of anything that can be of done." As something so happily reminds her.

"Ah yes. Negotiations and paper and writing. Dancing is much simpler." Lon notes offhandedly. "Yes, I will speak to the leader of the Silver Blades. I know much, but not all things. Perhaps she sees or knows of things I do not. Perhaps we will find the path." He glances to Emilia and notes, "Until we know for certain, it is always best to assume that the path will be found. Otherwise the urge to stop seeking it grows too great."

"In the last few years, Emilia, I have come to realize that many things that cannot be, or should not be, are. Or, are possible. Last year, we would have never guessed that our brother held the duties he held, or that Lon and his kind ever existed beyond stories told at bedtime to children. If there is a way to fight such things as I have fought," referring to the Abomination, "There is a way to fight that which you endure." It's easy to speak of such things when she hasn't gone through what Emilia does, but there is certainty, conviction in Raelyn's words. She glances back to Lon, "But if I can help her hone her lessons that you are helping her with while you are otherwise occupied, or our paths stray, I wish to know."

Dark eyes study Lon for a few moments before Emilia says softly,"I was of having no of path, no of hope, no of help, no one was of knowing of truth of my of horror, my of struggles til of this of past of year, and I did not of give of up. I do not give up of now, even if there is not of certainty of it, not of knowing. Much of more is of had. Even if I must be of enduring of more of lessons. " Emilia looks to Raelyn,"There is of way to of fight, for I fight of it every of day, I fight. I of win." Some days just barely. But hey, she gets credit for hanging on! There is a mild sigh,"Do you not of have enough of lessons with Steward to be of worrying of about?"

"If there is such a thing, I will tell you." Lon assures Raelyn, "But the lessons you already impart are good. The hunting, and leading. Purpose is good. The Lessons are not a purpose, just a tool. Having a path you already walk focuses the mind, and if the mind is focused, so too the spirit might follow."

There comes a nod from the Mistress of the Hunt. "Good." She smiles, then, suddenly. "Speaking of which," Raelyn states, suddenly remembering, and digging into a sleek, if not somewhat deep pouch that hangs on her waist this day, and extracting a bottle. She steps forwards to Lon, "The best Rivana has to offer. At least, from us poor folk." A jest, humored, at the differences between her and her sister, and the 'immortal' Lon. "A bottle of Tracano Red. It's the least we can offer for what you've done for us so far."

Emilia's dark eyes gentle move between the elder two..one vastly more than the other as they speak about her lessons..or the purpose and philosphy of them. Her spirit, some mild listening to the chatter in her head. Eyes dancing along to the bottle of wine Raelyn brings out. Though..Speaking of focus. Emilia cants her head as thoughts land upon something noted earlier. Dark eyes looking to Lon. "Dancing? Those who are of dancing, are of considered to be of…mates as of same…of similar to those who are of negotiating and papers and of writing?" Some turn of couristy upon his comment it would seem.

"It was the way of the Sidhe, but they lived eternal, and so it was rare for them to pair with only one other. Still, they would dance, and if the one they sought liked the dance, they would couple for a time. I suppose long by the standards of men. More than a dalliance to the Sidhe, but not lifelong. I do not know of many among them that would have the patience for such a thing." Lon explains to Emilia, "The Sidhe did not like being…bound to things."

He nods to Raelyn, studying the bottle a bit, before moving to place it carefully in the small pack he's brought along with him, "Thank you. I am supposed to save it for a special occasion, am I not? That is your way with fine wines and such, as I recall?"

Raelyn's rueful smile is answer of it's own, but she mentions, casually, "It is yours, to do with as you please. To save for an occassion, or to indulge in at your leisure." She adds, in fine humor, "There are many humans who only couple for a time as well, despite out short lived lives. Some are more prone to - pairing, while others seek only that small dalliance for a time. All dances are different. Some with words. Some with feet. Others with clues, hints, and subterfuge. In that, I don't think we're entirely dissimiliar." Though, she frowns, "Though how the hell they ever passed through those Faegates without discomfort, I'll never know." Raelyn, not a fan of Gate travel, save necessity.

"Of similiar, in of their ways," Emilia says. Considering a moment before murmuring,"Of interesting." Opening her mouth after a moment, another question perhaps on the tip of her tongue before her eyes flicker briefly and she seems to think better of it as her mouth simply closes back again with a faint 'hmm'. Though she nods a bit to Raelyns words on the matter of dances, though perhaps a faint tugging to the corners of her lips. "Of true, such of wine is oft kept for special of occasion. Some of deem pleasant of meal of such, others something of grander. Is really of being up to of you." Emilia turns her gaze along to Raelyn at the mention of the faegates, noting a little,"Of perhaps was not of so of discomforting to of them? " A look to Lon,"Was of it? Them of getting of sick as of us, or…do you of even suffer as of such sickness?"

"I know little of the workings of the gates, but I am not sickened by them. Nor were the Sidhe. I do not know why it troubles humans…I…somewhat recall that it was not always so. Perhaps something changed with the Sundering. I do not know." Lon shrugs, rubbing at the back of his head a bit in thought. "That mystery may well be beyond me." He glances to Emilia, curious, "You look as though you have a question…."

"As little as you know, you likely know more than we. We've still not found a way to even come close to replicating Sidhe Steel," mentions Raelyn. Such, likely, is no secret to Lon. She shrugs, amiably enough. "I think some things are beyond us. Not that it's a bad thing. I wager there are some things that humans have that the Sidhe could never understand, too. Still, I think part of me is glad that age has passed."

That answer about the Faegates seems to have Emilia considering a bit…or a lot. Depending on who is paying attention at that particular moment. There is a blink and a small shake of her head. A nod to her sister,"OF agreeing, some of things are of best to be of beyond of us." They did fine at killing one another, no need to give them even better ways. Lon's glance causes a small shift,"Of aye…there is of question. Just was seeming perhaps of…" her had gives a small turn in the air,"foreward, or of impolite to be of asking for simple sake of being of curious. "

"Maybe beyond, maybe not. Only time will tell." Lon shrugs a bit, smiling just a touch, then looks to Emilia again, tilting a brow, "Do you often know me to be embarrassed by questions?" He shakes his head, "I am not without pride, but it is…not the same as with you humans. Many things that would anger and embarrass you are not the same for my ilk."

Raelyn just gives Emilia a curious sort of glance, noting to her, "I believe he understands our curiousity, Emilia. Ask him. He is nothing if not a friend, by now." She steps closer to her sister, briefly, as means to encourage. She's interested in this 'embarassing' query of what it is.

"Of true," Emilia says with a nod to Lon,"You have not been of minding many of mine questions, even if most humans would have." There is a faint glance towards Raelyn as her sister steps closer to her, a faint not. Not so much so much embarassing, as perhaps impolite. "Was not thinking would be of ting to cause of anger, or of embarrass…just…" Her hand gives that odd little wave about the air. "You were of saying of how Sidhe were not of liking to of being of bound to of things, even if sometimes remaining with of one for what might be much of long by our of standards," several life times probably, for a human, " just was curious of such was of true of for of Changelings as of well?"

"Ah." Lon chuckles, "It differs for different changelings. But…" He frowns a bit, "Often we do not survive so terribly long. Particularly the later generations, who do not share the gift of agelessness. Longer than you humans certainly, but against the span of an age…not terribly long at all, and our numbers are…relatively few now."

"Changeling or no," Raelyn ventures, perhaps feeling the need to offer some measure of compassion to the man whose impressioned her so, "No one ought be alone, Lon. For as long as our feet trod the soil of Ironhold, and while Changelings we be not, our friendship you will have. And, if there are others of your kind who are -," she pauses, "Inclined as you," is the most polite and the kindest way she can put something when she doesn't wish to say 'and not touched like the son you had to kill to preserve my life', "Then they, too, would be welcome in our lands. Though I suspect those left, like you, have their own minds and duties to attend. And their own - niches carved in this world."

Emilia nods a little bit as Lon answers, and perhaps doesn't,"Much like…is different for of humans, on those who like to be of bound, and those who are preffering of simple dalliances." Her brows rise just a little for a moment at one point. Emilia's gaze shifts towards her sister at the offer that is extended, though her eys do move back to Lon to take in his reaction as well. A faint incline of her head,"Of true, not of Changeling, but friendship and what has been of offered in of our time of together, remains of so. " Giving a mild look along to her sister,"Though for of now should of perhaps of leave of you to your of goblyn of hunting, and be of returning. And of aye, am knowing, lessons of soon."

"I will see you both later, then." Lon notes, inclining his head towards the ladies and noting, "To answer your question, Save for those times I was companion to Sidhe, I have mated until the loss of my mate." He shrugs a shoulder, "But I have lost many." He doesn't sound despairing of it, just…matter-of-fact, but then again he's had a loooooong time to come to terms with it all. "And I thank you for your words. I do not find them without meaning or value." He does give Emilia a brief, slightly longer glance, then back to Raelyn, "I will return to the Inn 'ere nightfall. Doubt I will find my quarry, but I will look a little longer."

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