(1866-07-01) Another for Hartswood
Another for Hartswood
Summary: Elrick and Nadine approach Michael about the situation in Hartswood.
Date: 1866-07-01
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Yard, l'Corren Manse
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Juliet 1st 1866

Michael had underestimated how much he missed court. He hadn't noticed before when he had been scurrying after King Maris (may the One grant him peace) and keeping the realm going while the barbarians were broken. Though since Jean-Paul's return and Michael's return to being simply the heir of Murnord, he found he quite liked being back, so his stay had lengthened a few times. Not that there wasn't work to be done here, he'd been talking to members of the court on his family's behalf and doing other duties but for the most part it was a well-deserved rest for himself an Bella in the heart of Couviere.

Another who had missed court greatly was Elrick, the t'Tremaine heir's stay in Rovilon also lengthened because of that, at least until he received recent news. Leaving his squire behind to make preparations for their return home, the young heir had come to seek audience with his future liege, more at Nadine's suggestion than his own initiative. But after the letter from home, Elrick saw the validity in what Nadine had advised, so he had pushed his own pride off to the side for the benefit of his House.

Speaking of Nadine, she is accompanying the t'Tremaine heir, dressed in clothes more suited for a spar than for a court appearance, but that was Nadine's way. She is content to let Elrick take the lead in the conversation, though she will nudge him if he allows pride to stand in the way of good sense.

The guards allow Elrick and Nadine through without question. They are after all knights well-known to any son of Murnord and when they are shown to the manse yard Michael is slipping down from the back of his mount once on the ground he rubs it's sweat dampened neck fondly. "He'll do," he says to the stablemaster. He'd lost his good mount in battle at Tirhold and was only now getting a suitable mount to replace him, a powerfully built l'Corren warhorse. He gives the horse one more pat before handing the reins to the stablemaster with a good-natured order to "See him well cared for that is my new best friend in your keeping," before he wanders off to some shade and a cup of water which he dumps over his head. He sighs as the water runs across his face but quickly wipes it away as he spots Elrick and Nadine. "One above, I've let time get away from me. Welcome to the both of you, come join me in the shade."

Elrick is dressed more for court than travels, still wearing his noble outfit with the stiff collar and House colors, most likely finding it rather comfortable especially after having to wear armor for so long when they were up north. As they pass the guards, the t'Tremaine offers them a brief nod of acknowledgement before shooting Nadine a quick glance, as if to ask silently if this was the best idea. Once they near Michael though, Elrick bows his head respectfully in greeting to their future liege lord, "Lord Sir Michael, thank you for taking the time to grant us audience," His formal court practice certainly kicking in as he heads to take shelter from the sun.

Nadine bows as well. "Lord Sir Michael," she echoes, somehow less stiff than Elrick and moreso.

Michael stands as the pair approaches doing what he can to look presentable given that Elrick has come in court clothes. It's a lost cause in wet riding clothes but he still tries. "You're welcome," he says to Elrick with a respectful nod of his head before getting down to business. "I heard about the troubles back home, if there is anything I can do, you need but ask."

The area around Elrick's lips and eyes tighten slightly when Michael speaks of having heard of the troubles back at Hartwood, suppressing the wince that was his obvious reaction. "Thank you, My Lord, you are most kind in offering assistance." There is a pause, as if part of the young heir's pride is trying to convince him to just give thanks and depart for home, to handle this problem himself. But with Nadine at his side, he knows it would be a lost cause and just cause further embarrassment, "I, myself, have not been fully briefed of what is happening back home and I certainly pray that it is a small matter. But…" There is a brief pause there, a slight hesitation before Elrick presses on, "As you are my future liege lord, I should hold nothing back. I'm afraid that the troubles back home may be worse than what the rumors are saying, which is why I will be making my way home post haste. However, my mother has asked for me to seek for assistance here in court, and I know she would not have done so if it was not serious, My Lord."

Michael's eyes flit about the yard to ensure that they are not being overheard right now. Once he is sure he nods looking suddenly more serious despite the water dripping from his hair. "I appreciate you trusting me with the business of your house, so what is happening? It must be bad if your mother has called for aid."

Getting right to business, Elrick explains the situation at home, "It appears bandits started troubling my lands again after we defeated the barbarians up north, which I found odd since the most advantageous time would have been when the bulk of our forces were occupied." But there is a slight wave of hand, "However, that issue is something I shall look into after this more pressing matter is dealt with. My mother has told me that those who lived in the village of Tall Tree had burned down their church and also slain the Priest, Father Eustace." When the news of the clergyman was given by Elrick though, it was not spoken with outrage as expected, but a tightness.

There are nods about the bandits. "Indeed, why now," he muses before the news of the priest erases all other questions. "What?! A priest! Why?" he explodes before forcing himself to lower his voice. "I pray this is not due to the crimes of the Cardinal or I shall have to go to the Abyss myself and kill him a second time," he says more quietly but voice is still hot with outrage. "What does your father do about this?"

Any speculation about the priest and what Elrick remembers of the holyman in his youth is kept silent, as his memory is indeed an old one and he has no new information. However, he does know what his father is doing, "My Lord Father was also outraged when he heard the news, and departed for Tall Trees to mete out justice… a very strict one apparently."

Nadine grimaces. "Justice is justice, but from the letter's words, I suspect your father may err in meteing out justice to all he sees, not just those responsible."

"Good, there should be no mercy for the those who slay the One's servants-" Michael says at first but Nadine's addition gives him pause. He turns to Elrick "Is that true? Is your father as likely to kill the innocent as the guilty in this?"

A quick glance is directed at Nadine when she speaks up, Elrick's expression remaining neutral before turning his focus back to Michael, "I… am not sure, My Lord. It has been too long since I have been home, my mother said that there will certainly be no mercy for the culprits behind the murder of the priest and burning of the church, but she did urge me to return." Which means that the Baron may be out of control with rage. "That is one reason why I am seeking assistance from you, My Lord," At least he is asking Michael for help, to ask the Duke would be out of the question, "The other reason is that part of me is afraid that these… turn of events, seem extraordinary. I understand that my father is not the best ruler in our kingdom," By far actually, "But my people aren't stupid either, to slay a priest and burn a church, that would be out of the question. I seek assistance as well, in case another's hand is hidden behind these actions."

"More plots," Michael mutters looking with a frown to both Elrick and Nadine. "But as much as I would like to dismiss the idea as baseless it does seem strange that good northerners would kill a priest." He sighs before turning to look at Elrick "So, you know your people best Sir Elrick, how would we best proceed to get to the bottom of this?"

Michael is right, they are his people, but it has been too long since Elrick had returned home, a fault of his. However, he must now pay his dues and see to it that his House is in order, "I believe it is best for us to take the Faegate, it should lead us to the edge of Hart's Home. Once there, we will hopefully find out in more detail what has transpired, and if we must, ride to the village of Tall Tree to either assist my Lord Father… or make sure he has the situation handled properly." Part of him wishes to have faith in his father, that when things get serious, the ruler side of him will step up. But it may just be wishful thinking at this point.

There is a nod from Michael at that. "Then let me know when the pair of you are ready to depart and I will be ready to join you," he says without having to give it much thought. "I assume it will be soon given the dire situation."

Hearing that his future liege lord will be accompanying them, Elrick bows his head again, "Thank you, My Lord, for the assistance in this matter. I vow that we will return peace to my lands." As for when, the t'Tremaine heir nods his head again, "The two guards that remained behind are making ready to depart, as is my squire. Once Lady Sir Nadine is also ready, I will send word, My Lord, and we can meet at the gate?"

Michael waves off the bow. "I know you will," Michael says of Elrick's vow. "And agreed, send word and I will join you at the gate. In the meantime I will let you go and make sure my wife can handle my engagements here while I am gone. I will see you both soon however," he says nodding his head so that the gesture includes both Elrick and Nadine.

Taking a step backwards, Elrick bows his head once more, this time both in thanks and in departure, "Again, thank you My Lord. See you at the gate." Formality appears to be second nature to the young heir, despite having spending most of his youth training with House l'Corren, with both Michael and Gabriel.

The formally is met with a warm smile and a suitable bow in return and a second one is given to Nadine. "You are most welcome, sir," Michael says with matching formality. "Though when we're in your lands, you are in charge, I am just your friend here to help," he explains to head off any confusion to follow. "Now if you'll excuse me I must get ready and break the news of my departure to my wife. However I will see you both at the gate," he says in formal dismissal letting Elrick and Nadine depart to their own preparations.

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