(1866-07-03) Briefing the Queen
Briefing the Queen
Summary: Several members of the Rivanan court brief Alysande regarding the assassinatin of one of her barons in her city.
Date: 07.03.1866
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Throne Room, Sunsreach
It's very, very nice.

This evening finds Tristan Tracano, wayward Prince of Rivana, dressed in an outfit that has been fashioned out of a very fine green fabric with yellow lace coming out of his sleeves and his collar. The yellow is such that it almost would appear to be pure gold in the right sort of light. Despite the fact that this meeting would be restricted to a small audience, he still walks with the aid of his cane, still wishing to display his 'ailment', as it were.

Approaching the throne, he steps forward and then makes an elaborate bow, perhaps taking a second or two longer than is normal as he adjusts his weight and the position of his cane so he can lean on it. He maintains this position as he speaks, "Your Majesty. It is good to see you looking so well this evening." He says nothing else, and he simply remains bowed, waiting for the others who have been asked to come to arrive.

Entering the Throne room is Thaddeus Greycen, in typical court attire, which is in this case mostly blue with some silver trim. He gives a bow to the throne on approaching and says, "Your majesty. My apologies, I came as quickly as I could." Tristan gets a nod, "Your highness." Thad stands an appropriate distance from the Throne and awaits further instructions.

Following closely behind Thaddeus is his younger brother Stephen, clad in simple finery of his house's colors, and wearing the Warden's medallion around his neck. As is typical for him, he simply bows deeply and offers a "Your Majesty" before falling silent and waiting to assess the situation.

And beside the throne stands, probably unsurprisingly, Jaren Cassomir. Not armored, but armed nonetheless, and with his left arm now out of the sling and splint it's been in the past few weeks. He offers a tight smile to the new arrivals despite the circumstances. It's Alysande's show, of course, so he's not saying much unless/until bidden. He ain't the King yet.

And not far behind the other entering are a trio of Cassomir, with Raelyn, Mistress of the Hunt at the front by just a half a step. Her sister Emilia with her as well as their cousin Graham, called to this meeting on the matter of grimm tiding and business. Emilia is just a half step to her side, and dress actually…in a dress. Simple by most noble standards, but it is well tailored to suit her. Moving with her ethereal grace to the proper distance to execute the expected curtsey, deeply so,"Your of Majesty." Her expression ever solemn and stoic as she rises back, even as a simple incline of her head is offered on to her brother Jaren.

Emerging from a corner of the throne room, Clara steps up quietly…and stops just a short distance from Emilia. Dressed herself in a suitable ensemble for court, even a closed court such as this, the green-clad princess offers her own curtsey to her cousin, Alysande. Then, a side glance towards Emilia, as Clara steps closer…her shoulder just barely grazing that of the stoic one besides her.
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"Your Majesty," bows Raelyn, her own features stoic. She glances, briefly, to Jaren and giving her brother a short nod, briefly asseses the others who've gathered in the room on this difficult occassion. Then, her attention goes back to the Queen.

Graham looks between his cousins though he's not uncomfortable in truth he is used to courtly events and trained to attend like many of the others. He will pause and make his own bow about the room though he remains silent unless he's spoken to specificaly or address in some way. The Lily knight does glance back a few times as if wondering where another is but then his eyes are forward.

"Mm, we're all here?" Alysande asks, glancing around the room. "Good." Her tone is serious but informal, but the throne room doors are shut for a reason.

"One of my barons— well, I suppose technically one of your barons, Jaren," she interrupts herself, but queens have that privilege, "was killed. Murdered. In my city." Her bow-shaped mouth draws firmly into a frown. "I've had half a dozen reports of the particulars, but I don't want rumor. I don't want conjecture. I want the killer found, brought to justice, and this business handled."

She pauses and scowls some. "I would also like it if my people would just quit trying to kill each other; successfully or no."

Tristan finally rises from his bow. He places his cane before him, resting both of his hands on it. He hasn't addressed any of those who have arrived yet, and there is not any time for that. When the Queen speaks, he is attentive.

"Your Majesty, I have taken it upon myself to see what I can learn from this… incident. Many of the reports are conflicting, and I find it hard to provide you with any conclusions at this time. What I can say is that it seems to be the work of a single assassin. The reason for the Baron's assassination? There are competing motivations, and I suspect that factions in the court are attempting to point fingers in order to get a step over on the other faction."

He pauses momentarily, seeming to collect his thoughts before he continues. "I plan on speaking with the Baroness in the very near future. I have already spoken with a representative of House Moreno, but as I suspected, there was not any information to be gained there. I only reluctantly put this out there, but this assassination may be a way for some to discredit House Moreno, perhaps House Giraldi as well."

Aidric had arrived just before the doors closed and after making his formal obedience to the Queen and her future consort he quickly found a place at the edge of the gathering for him to occupy. Oh, it could be useful to be seen at these private gatherings as it was in more public ones but not when you're the Thorn's nephew and a Rose had just turned up dead.

So, Aidric stands watching, listening saving his words for the right moment where they might do him some good for a change.

As Tristan offers what information he has gleened in his endeavours, Clara lifts her head to listen. There are points that she seemed to recognize, insomuch as nodding when Tristan makes his report. She remains silent, just long enough for the prince to state his hypothesis before she herself speaks, taking a step forward to do so.

"I have also done likewise, Your Majesty. And, I fear that my information is much of the same. It does seem to be the work of a lone individual. About the only additional information I could add was that the weapon used was either Sidhe Steel or Lightsilver in make. Which would be of some significance, I would imagine. Those types of weapons are not common, to say the least."

Clara doesn't speak her other thought. That whoever the assassin was had to be a person of means to obtain such weaponry, but instead leaves that to be implied…

After offering the proper greeting, Emilia does remain silent. Having not been long arrived to Sunsreach, there is not much for the youngest Cassomir to offer, not that she was one to speak up much in a Courtly setting. Though her dark eyes do flicker over when Clara appears by her side. A faint tug to the corners of her lips when there is that just hint of a gazing of shoulders. A faint incline of her head to her friend before her dark eyes are settling fore again as discussion is take up about the murder of Emilia's uncle.

"Certainly not a typical assassin's weapon." Stephen replies from beside Thaddeus, frowning deeply, "Which either implies a very specialized and dangerous assassin, or potentially not an assassin at all. At least by profession." Stephen considers, "As for the Moreno and Giraldi, it would not be beyond the Moreno to be operating with a double-blind, but if they're clever enough to do that they'd also be clever enough to avoid using so distinctive a weapon, I'd think, so ultimately I would lean away from them as suspects."

Graham listens to the Queen's words and nods in agreement with them. He's learned about this happening, and had been concerned naturally not only for this event but his own family afterall though he doesnt have anything to add information wise and only listens to the reports and takes mental notes in case it does come up later or that he can use to be of assistance. He looks over each waiting for anymore information to be shared.

Aidric moves from his place at the edge of the gathering to stand next to Sir Thaddeus. He whispers something to the man before speaking at the end of Stephen's words. "I heard it was those southern killers, the Abara."

Thaddeus listens to the Queen and thinks for a moment. After the others speak he takes a breath and ponders for a moment. Thad then says, "Your Majesty. I have not heard what these others have, but I do have an idea. With your permission, perhaps the Wardens and their resources could be used to bring this problem to quick and decisive conclusion."

Raelyn tilts her head towards Stephen as the Warden addresses the group, and after Tristan and Clara both have. Both the former recieve a small nod from Raelyn, a subtle thanks for looking into the matter of her family. She chimes in on the heels of Stephen's statement, "While they are the likely candidate for suspicion, I, too, would remove House Moreno from the lists of suspects. They would not so soon jeporadize their recent ascension."

Alysande eyes the court with a hint of vague annoyance, though it is directed more to the situation than those gathered. "Lightsilver— a bright, white, silvery blade— OR Sidhe Steel… a black, dark blade? Did someone see the blade? Because if so, and they cannot tell the difference between those materials… they have no business being in the guard— mine or any noble houses'."

Tristan lets out a sigh, nodding to the Queen. "I am in agreement, Your Majesty. A guardsman should know the difference between Lightsilver and Sidhe Steel. It makes me wonder… did the assassin have two weapons? One of each? It is possible, though risky, for such a thing to have happened in order to confuse any witnesses. Such an assassin would require a noteworthy payment for their services as well, I would imagine." He turns his head slightly and offers Stephen a nod and then returns Raelyn's nod with a small smile.

The implied thought is then spoken aloud by the princess. "Having one or the other would indicate a person of considerable means. But, both? That would indeed be noteworthy." Clara takes her step back, bringing her even again with the silent Emilia.

There is a slight nod to Clara as she steps back beside her, though Emilia does actually speak up at this point,"It would of imply of such, but just because blade is of dark and of black, does not mean it is by of default sidhe steel. Apperances can be of decieving in of such." Taking a faint breathe before she murmurs to her sister,"Not of good of assassin of either, if actually was of being of seen. Making of mistakes or…" her hands dances faintly in the air.

"An assassin with both Sidhe-Steel and Lightsilver would almost certainly be known by reputation. It's simply too distinctive." Stephen notes, nodding to Thaddeus at his suggestion of involving the Wardens on all this, but not bolstering or gainsaying it, simply providing his input, as is his way, "But if I may, we might be focusing too much on the weapon. It is useful evidence, but I find that motive is often a more sure pathway to finding a killer. Which likely means we need to speak with several more people."

"Has anyone gone through my Uncle's things?" Inquires Raelyn, quietly. "That is the first place to look for motive, I suppose. If he was making other enemies than the - obvious ones," speaking of the recently raised Houses, "It would be somewhere, there. If not, Emilia and I could do such."

Its an easy thing to focus, he turns to look to Emilia when she speaks and nods thinking on it a bit further such blades arent exactly common and having two one of each yes would be either a very dangerous individual or perhaps there is trickery involved. "Hm perhaps Lady Emilia is correct, it might be trickery to send us down the wrong path enough that the trail cannot be picked back up." Graham finally breaks his silence.

"Baron Hogan was renting a manse in the merchant's district," Aidric provides helpfully at Raelyn's suggestion. "I don't know if his men went through it or not, though as the servants were mostly hired from the city I'd wager some of his things have gone missing."

With Raelyn speaking up and offering them for a task, Emilia gives a slight nod in agreement. Certain to aid in what ever endevour her sister wished of her. Though the younger Cassomir does fall back into silence, simply listening and following what words get spoken on the matters. Her dark eyes shifting amongst those present as the conversation continues.

Alysande frowns. "Motive, indeed…" she sighs. "Lord Stephen, if you will assist my cousin in his investigation? Tristan…" she pauses. "I trust your judgment in whom else you bring in to assist you. But know this— if this was a petty murder to shift the winds of my court—" her eyes glitter with anger, "I will be most displeased with all involved."

Tristan bows, "Of course, Your Majesty. I believe all who are present here currently can be a valuable asset in this investigation. After all we have experienced in the last year or so, I believe it is of the greatest importance to discover who is behind this and why." And hopefully the Abara have something to do with all of this just so he can finally dig his fingers in and free Rivana of the cancer that was that family.

"Of course Your Majesty." Stephen bows towards Alysande in acquiescence of her request, otherwise falling silent for the time being, though he does give Tristan a nod. They've worked together in the recent past already, after all.

Aidric inclines his head dutifully at the Queen's pronouncement. Though his eyes roll when his head lowers. Of course she would be displeased. It's hardly as if she'd make them lords for the murder. When he straightens he has regained his composure and asks his fellow nobles helpfully "Are those all the details we have?"

"Thank you, Your Majesty," Raelyn voices for the attention to the matter for her Uncle. She inclines her head both to Tristan, then to Stephen then, seeming pleased with the advancement of this particular investigation, if not as displeased about it as the Queen. Family, to the Cassomir's, afterall, was family.

Jaren gives Alysande a brief glance at the expression of her potential displeasure, but there's no real hint of disapproval or worry there, just an acknowledgment that he knows the implications of what she says. "Make it a priority, Raelyn." He speaks, "He may have been married out, but he was our kin, and damn well enough of our blood has been lost. Bringing this to a swift conclusion will show whoever's watching that we're not easy pickings." Not that they ever really were, but it's not a great leap of logic to think that when a family's numbers are depleted the rest can be more easily picked off.

"It's settled then." Alysande nods. "I expect a report as soon as possible." She rises, and moves to slide her arm into her future king-consort's arm. "You are all dismissed. We will reconvene in one week's time.

Graham looks to the queen first bowing "Of course your Majesty." He does look to Jaren and nods to his words though they arent directed specificaly to him. "I will assist anyway that i'm able to." He comments to him looking to his other family before back and to see if anything else is said before they return and begin working on the task at hand.

Aidric bows once more to the Queen and her future consort before he turns to depart the chamber. Though as he does make his way out he lets his steps take him next to Tristan. "We should speak about this soon," he suggests.

Another curtsey is given to Alysande before Clara turns to retire to her quarters. Already, her mind is working and yes…already she isn't paying that much attention to her immediate surroundings as bits and pieces swirl in her mind. She walks towards the exit as if she is in a haze, her eyes straight ahead…but is it only because she is distracted by her own inner musings.

Tristan nods, "Of course, Your Majesty." Oh boy, he was going to have fun travelling to visit the Baroness now wasn't he? He turns then and notices Aidric. "Yes, I agree. Will you have some time tomorrow? We can discuss this in some detail, my lord." He glances to where Clara was, and he watches her leave. He smiles. It was good to see his other cousin involve herself more.

Thaddeus bows as the Queen rises and awaits for her to depart and frowns as clearly things are not going well. He looks to Stephen, "We should probably write home about this soon, if we have a week, we need everything we can get."

"Won't have time for much more than what we've already got on-hand." Stephen smiles just a bit, "Thankfully there are already a few other Wardens here in the City. We were…" He cants his head towards Tristan as he departs ahead of them with Aidric, "Plucking Thorns while you were busy up north."

Aidric nods. "Tomorrow would be fine. Shall I find you or vice versa?" he asks as they walk towards the door.

Tristan offers Stephen a nod in return, even so far as to smile at the Warden. Glancing over to Aidric, he nods. "No need, come to my rooms. I will make sure we can talk about these things with some fine wine to accompany us."

"Sounds pleasant," Aidric says with a nod. "I shall see you tomorrow then," he says before parting ways with Tristan at the doors of the throne room.

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