(1866-07-07) A Brotherly Discussion
A Brotherly Discussion
Summary: Stephen and Thaddeus discuss current affairs
Date: 07-07-1866
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Thad's claimed desk in the Greycen manse's study is unusually messy. Not from dirt, filth, or garbage, but from parchments piled upon it. A side table with wine is of course at hand, but the Greycen heir is busy looking at parchments, only occasionally taking a sip as he files each one away upon reading it, or after writing a response if one is needed. He is by no means formally prepared to greet guests, but he did not give orders that he was to not be disturbed.

"Ah, the best reminder of why I'm glad I'm not the heir." Stephen Greycen notes, having just stepped into the room, studying the desk for a moment before less sardonically noting, "Want me to fetch you anything from the Kitchen? You missed dinner." He notes, moving unceremoniously to sit across from the desk in a relatively comfortable chair.

Thad shrugs and sits back in his seat at his brother's arrival, "I will be fine." He takes a sip and continues,"I hope your work in finding the murderer is going well? Sadly, I have been unable to work towards finding the killer as I am buried in letters and requests. As you can guess, most are about money that is allegedly owed to them." Thad rolls his eyes and gestures at the pile, "It seems I would be better served by three bankers than by all the mercenary captains in the Edge." He snorts in amusement. "My skills are suited for warfare and stewardly things, so I am out of my element in this investigation, though I will gladly give you whatever you need."

"I wish I had better news on that score," Stephen notes, "I've come up with precious little so far, but Prince Tristan has asked me to interview the servants at the manor that the Baron was staying at. I've a few other Wardens tracking them down and rounding them up now. Perhaps they'll provide some insight." Stephen notes, "But no…nothing special that I need for the investigation right now, unless you've got the Culprit hidden in that desk there and care to hand him over."

"I see. Whoever this culprit is must be clever." Thad snorts, "The bastard would have suffocated already, or died of a thousand small cuts. I may try my hand at seeing what I can dig up, though I doubt much will come to light. Hopefully those servants will give you something you can work with." He takes a sip and a breath, "So what else have you been up to? No doubt the city's quiet was enjoyable while most of court was gone?"

"Perhaps, but I wouldn't have known it. I was working." Stephen replies, "Some documents were uncovered in Alphard Haldis Camp after the Battle of Blackstone. We put them to good use…Prince Tristan and I spent the month or so plucking a few lingering Thorns. Nothing too dramatic. Most surrendered once they realized why we were there. The Queen's deciding what to do with them….none were masterminds…but many did offer material support to the Butcher and his men. Though some may have done so out of fear rather than loyalty."

"I see, likely more enjoyable than riding through Normont and almost all of Couviere," Thad nods. "But I trust the Queen to be just in dealing with them. I have no doubt that more than a few will pay the price for treason, others will be shown mercy, it is the way of things." He shrugs and then asks, "Do you intend on staying in the capital after this crime is dealt with, or returning home?"

"Depends on where I'm needed and what other events might transpire between now and then." Stephen notes with a shrug, "I suppose we'll see. I don't want to…" He chuckles, "Don't want to get my hopes up on certain matters just yet. So as I said….we'll see."

Thaddeus raises a brow, "And what are these certain matters? You seem rather hopeful and I'd rather see you happy then living in doubt. Also I am curious. What sort of things are you expecting to transpire?" He grins and takes a drink.

"Ah, well…" Stephen rubs the back of his neck a touch self-consciously, but still grinning. "I've…spent some time in the company of Lady Raelyn Cassomir, and…she mentioned entreating her brother about inquiring after a…potential marriage." He sighs, "But Mother, well…for all I know she's had someone in mind for me since before I was born."

Thad grins, "I see." He thinks for a moment and nods, "Likely so. I do not know who she had in mind, but I would wager that she wished for you to marry Alysande, it would have been a fine match but one that would have upset the balance in the realm. I can only imagine the satisfaction of hearing the Bastard's frustration, but it is not to be. There are few suitable options otherwise with the l'Saigner heiress betrothed, and with Jaren's advancement to king it is possibly the best match available." A laugh, "So it could work, though perhaps it may have to come from the future Viscountess herself."

"Ha! Alysande? I can't even begin to imagine." Stephen shakes his head, laughing, "I mean, I see the politics of it clear enough, but King Stephen?" He laughs, shaking his head again, "It certainly would have been…something." He considers, and nods, "Yes, as I said, she mentioned some intent to bring it up with her brother, so…" Stephen shrugs, "I suppose we'll see."

"Rivana could have done worse. Fortunately, the Viscount is a capable and good man." Thad nods and mock shudders, "Though it would be… odd to see you as king. At the very least it formalizes a Tracano-Cassomir-Greycen triple alliance, so I see more merit in it than with any other match." That then changes to a dry tone, "Just don't let your affections be too well known until the ink is dry on the contract."

"We're not exactly gallivanting about in public, no." Stephen notes, smirking, "But she wore my favor at he Tourney, so the sharp-eyed folks might have some idea." He shrugs, frowning, "But whatever will be, will be, I suppose. It's between the Viscount and Mother now. And Raelyn, I suppose." He laughs softly, "There was a time I thought for certain I'd never marry."

"I must not have seen it, but then again I was not paying too much attention," Thaddeus says and nods, "But yes, it is between them now. Though I have faith it will work. It's good political sense." The last comment makes Thad roll his eyes, "You are the spare, you were, or well, are, bound to be married off. It was always a question of who and when. Not marrying is something for our cousins."

"No no…that's not what I meant, not exactly." Stephen shakes his head, frowning, "I meant…after the Butcher and his men had at me. Thought I might never be able to sleep through a night after that. That I was…broken. Even after we thought he was dead the first time…" He shakes his head, and shrugs, "Well, he's dead and burned now. And I sleep soundly." Stephen smiles faintly. "Speaking of sleep, you should get some, before long."

"I see," Thad nods, his smile having disappeared, "I am sorry for that. You have come a long way since then, and yes, the damn Butcher is no more. " He reaches into his desk and pulls out a purse and moves it across the table to Stephen, "Indeed I should sleep, but consider this a contribution to your efforts. Gold and silver make for excellent listeners. I will do what I can in the morning to look into it by asking around at court." Thad finishes his cup and rises, "I wish we could just have one damn month of peace and quiet without something going horribly wrong!"

"I'm sure the Queen's wedding will encompass that. She won't allow it to be any other way." Stephen jokes with a faint smile, reaching and plucking up the Purse, "And yes, Coin seems to loosen tongues as well or better than strong drink. Thanks." He tucks the purse away and rises to his feet, "Have a good night, Thad. I'll see you in the morning before I head off to speak with the Servants."

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