(1866-07-08) Feeding the Emilia
Feeding the Emilia
Summary: Graham is worried about his cousin and so brings her food and drink
Date: July 08, 1866
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Cassomir's room - Sunsreach - Rivana
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July 08, 1866

Time in Sunsreach was never particularly a thing Emilia was particularly fond of, though this particular trip seemed to have the younger Cassomir a touch more out of sorts. Then that was likely understandable, since it was the death of a family member, even if Emilia had not known her uncle particularly well, that had brought them to the city. Dealing with Court was never fun, especially now that with her brother to be King, they were actually seeming to have a sudden interet…or sorts in her. Thusly, Emilia had taken refuge within the common room for the day. Or the week, depending upon how one looked at it. Dressed within a simple tunic and and leggings and currently curled within one of the chairs as she held a bit of meat out for Naois who was clamouring up the side of the chair at current.

Graham has been helping where he could with the whole finding the culpritness, but has come up empty as of yet. Its not what he has taken to do this time though leaving to have gotten food. He puts some of his newfound (Emilia taught) sneakiness into play as he's gotten food which is carried in a sack he'll move up from behind where she's sitting though he knows she can hear him as well its her and all. He'll wrap his arms around her hugging her from behind with the sack in hand giving a high-toned sound "Why, yes lady Emilia.. I would like that food your wonderful cousin Graham has brought you." imitiating the ferret. He chuckels afterwards.

For her part, Emilia was awaiting word and direction of her sister, some plan to eventually look through manor and belongs of her uncle. That and Naois can see him, there is that snuff and nose twitch in Graham's direction. Though Emilia doesn't give a head tilt til there is that hug coming from behind, a hand coming up as well to give half a hug back. As that other hand is busy with the bit of meat for Naois, a minor tug when the ferret's paws grab for it causing him to chirr at her. There is a faint blink at the imitation,"I am of thinking, he just might be taking you of up on that, least be of trying. Be of having big and rounded of belly. " A minor shake of her head,"And I of a smell to of fret of out when he tried to of hide the rest in mine of room."

The Lord and knight smiles when she hugs him in return before he comes around and will sit beside his cousin. Graham chuckles "I somehow do not think that you are wrong at all Emilia." he says though he does look to the ferret "I am sorry Naois, but she needs to eat too." he comments and will open the bag "You have been up here a while now and I thought a good meal might help you." he'll ready everything while he speaks further. "Are you quite alright my dearest cousin? I know with a lost family member and all the dealings.. it is rather a bit much."

There is just a faint wrinkle to her nose are some memory,"It has happened of before, so I know am not of wrong." Naois gives a bit of a chirr at Graham before he takes to gnawing at the bit of meat Emilia had for him. Emilia gives a small shrug,"I am of doing of ok. Just safer of here, do not have to deal with of the of staring and whispers. Is more of it of now, with Jaren's betrothel. People are having of pretend of interest, caring about of him. And of using death of uncle to try to find of way," there is mild sigh…" It is bit of much. But am of managing. Knew him more through of paper of works, then from being of uncle." Peering a little to the bag that Graham opens,"How are you of managing? Of Cathrynn with being of dragged to of city?"

Graham nods to her words with a chuckle "I belive that well enough, most clever at all times." The knight says though he looks to her listening while she speaks nodding. "Ah, yes my cousin and your brother he's made quite a wave to be sure. I worry even the unimportant name of Graham Cassomir might be found being whispered." he smiles though its rather serious to him given his relationship with Cathrynn and all. He will offer a plate and a glass to her "We'll work all of this out and then return home hopefuly for some rest." He chuckles a bit at the last. "She doesnt like it here of course, but is dealing with it." its a moment in silence "I think she is more concerned with a talk we had while up north." he says baiting a bit hoping she will ask.

Emilia cants her head a little bit as she looks along to Graham,"If of your name is being of whispered, it is of being of your own of fault, not be of cause of mine-brother of getting of betrothed. Or are you of forgetting of your of winning at of tournament? You make of name for of yourself in of that. Perhaps different of way, but people notice of such of things. " The plate and galss being accepted, there is a small nod,"Return of home would be of appeciated, though doubtful much of rest in of long of run." Raelyn needed lessons, there was that rumored match..the royal wedding. So much! There is a minor raising of her brow,"Talk had of while up north?" The query coming as that topic is alluded to but not actually given anything further.

"Hm, perhaps you are right though hopefuly nobody still seeks a match with a yet barely known me, oh and on that front I have spoken to an armor smith at home, and will have enough for fullplate with my winnings of the tournament. It will be of use to me in protecting our lands as well as less importantly in jousting." Graham says truthfuly the next part he looks a tad uneasy but he trusts Emilia with anything/everything. "Hm well I spoke to her.. about uh starting a family." the knight looks over to see her rection.

"It is not yet perhaps of touching to of their minds, they are still caught upon the thought of having of a son of married to of sister of the King," Emilia making just a hint of a face. Perhaps some story there. But that flicker of a face says a lot as it is. Nibbling some at the food. ANd easily leaving that matter behind as the armor is spoke of,"That is of good to be of hearing, I know you were of worried about being of under of geared. And of true, will be of more of use off of jousting of field then of upon. Though of hoping will be more of need for of it there then of needing to be of protecting of lands." Least less so then the past year. Dark eyes blink just a little at this news about starting a family. A faint little,"Oh," slipping. "And this was causing her to of worry? Does she not wish to be of having of family? Or just not of now?"

Graham nods and looks appologtic for his own whining on the topic but a soft smile returns "I do hope there is peace indeed, i'd rather be the least used knight ever." He chuckles though the last part well its a bit tougher to answer. "She does want a family, but yes I think she is worried about it all the same, and I can understand it of course. I am nervous as well that i'll be lousy at such things as parenting, anyways I at least wanted to share that with you since well I try to keep you informed with everyhing." he grins.

"Least there are of those who are of wishing for of it, will be of eeing what talks are coming of it," it had been offered by the new King to their Queen. Time would only tell. Emilia cants her head a touch before giving a small nod after listening to his answer. "Is a bit of understanding in of that. But am of thinking all of those who are of wanting worry in of actually of starting of family. if they will of do of good of job, be of good of parents. Just in of this, you and of she have of choice, to be of such, of doing of so together. You have of each of other, and that you of worry is of sing, I am of thinking, that you will do of well. " Incling her head to Graham,"Am of glad you are of sharing of such with of me."

"I think I know what you mean often times the most boastful do not know half as much as they appear to, and the most quite know far more than they seem." Graham he nods to her being in the latter catagory herself. "Hm I should check on a few things before it gets to late, but wanted to see that you got a good meal." He says leaning over he'll kiss her forehead "Rest well Emilia i'll be back soon." he smiles and will exit the way he'd come.

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