(1866-07-09) Hall Gatherings
Hall Gatherings
Summary: Four people meet in the halls of Sunsreach castle and small-talk ensues.
Date: 07.09.1866
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Cathrynn  Graham  Samantha  Tristan  

Sunsreach Castle

It is the early afternoon and Sunsreach Castle is busy with activity. There are those who are here simply to petition the Queen for one reason or another, and there are those who like to move around and gossip about this or that. Lately more and more activity has been dedicated to either the assassination of Baron Hogan or the delegation being assembled for the peace with Couviere. Both are hot topics of conversation within the court.

One such man who is usually both a participant in the various affairs at court and one of the targets of gossip of one form or another is Tristan Tracano. The Queen's cousin is currently leaning against a pillar, an elaborate cane in one hand that he lightly leans upon, his eyes following one noble or another, partly in suspicion, and partly in boredom. Standing nearby him is a man dressed in the uniform of a Royal Lancer who is probably bored out of his mind though his expression doesn't show it.

One of the figures in Sunsreach court today is a new face. Having just arrived fairly recently Lady Samantha Rosendal is already in the business of listening and making aquaintances among the other nobles. She drifts through the room from one group to another speaking breifly with anyone of interest to her and trading rumors with a few people hear and there. Mostly she seem to be testing the waters and getting to know a few people. Doe like brown eyes scan the room but rather than the innocence that might be present in such a pair of eyes there is only an expression of calm composure. Samantha has been polite and respectful to all she has spoken with so far perhaps even making something an impression with her words as well and now she politely excuses herself from yet another group drifting slowly through the room once more. Her gaze drifts over Tristan for a moment that same calm and polite expression not faltering in the slightest. She dips her head low in a gesture of respect to the Prince as she makes a move to walk past him towards another group of noblewomen.

Tristan notices the new face, and a slight smile comes to his lips. "My Lady." He says to the woman as she nears him, bowing his head to her in response to her gesture. "Heard anything of interest lately?" There is a slight twinkle in his eye as he asks the question. He already suspects what most people are talking about. Some of the chittering fools were still debating whether or not House Moreno or House Giraldi was responsible for the Baron's death. Fools.

"Or perhaps…" He pauses, tapping his cane on the floor twice, as if pondering a thought. "Perhaps you have news of your own to share? Either way it is always good to see a new face here in Sunsreach." He stands straight and then offers a deeper bowing of his head. "I am Tristan, might I have your name, my lady?"

That smile is returned with a faint smile from Samantha. She slows to a stop as Tristan speaks to her. The question has her head tilting to one side her warm brown gaze studying him calmly and a touch curiously. "Perhaps I have….or perhaps I have not. What may be of interest to me may be utterly dull information to another." She replies with a faint smile a hint of amusment in her eyes. When he asks if she has information of her own she laughs softly. Its gentle laugh of amusment. "Unless you are interested in whats going on in the Rosendal Barony then I'm afraid I have very little to share with you." She sinks into a respectful curtsey as he bows his head and introduces himself. "It is a pleasure to meet you Prince Tristan. I am Samantha Rosendal." Her tone is one of respect and her head is bowed low as she curtseys then she straightens up studying him once more.

Tristan and Samantha are standing off by a pillar, just seeming to start a conversation as nobles and messengers move through the halls of the castle, seeing to some business or another.

The Prince gives the Rosendal woman a smile, "Of course, and I wholeheartedly agree." The words meant to respond about some news being dull to some. Indeed, much of what the court gossips had to say the past few weeks had been rather dull. Perhaps he should inject a bit of excitement into things at some point. Perhaps. "Ah. A Rosendal, always good to meet a member of your house." He nods his head again. "Are you here because of what is going on with your barony, or has other business brought you to Sunsreach?"

Graham has been busy of late seeing to his family as well as any other duties he'd been assigned in helping for the search of the culprit assassin, and so he'd been rarely seen except at meal times and when he did have the spare moment of free time. It seems this is one of those very sparingly used free time as he moves through the walk way spotting two talking and one being the princess he'll change course. "Your Highness." he bows to the man looking to the other "M'lady." he but cannot place the name. "Lord Sir Graham Cassomir." he says politely in introduction.

As Samantha's attention is distracted by another courtier, Tristan's attention focuses on Graham, hero of the most recent tournament. "Ahh, Sir Graham, good to see you." Tristan gives the man a dip of his head. "Been training for the next tournament? I think many in the country have high hopes that you can score yet another victory and bring the circuit championship back to Rivana. Where it belongs, of course." His eyes sparkle slightly, as if an amusing thought has come to him. Indeed, it had. A part of him suspected what would be a suitable reward should the man accomplish it, but that need not be said at the moment.

"I have been keeping in shape and trying to better myself. I have used my winnings in this tournament to have been fitted, and placed order for plate armor, that I both be better suited to defend house and kindom, and to joust without being largly uncovered." Graham chuckles a little at the remeberance now that he's healed from the bruises and all of that. "I take it all is well with yourself your highness?" he asks.

Cathrynn seems at ease as she walks the halls of the Castle, her long braid swaying behind her. Her boots softly pad on the floor with her normally quiet gait and she walks toward Graham and the Prince once she sees them. She pauses just a few paces off and then inclines her head to the pair, politely waiting to see if it is a conversation to join or not.

"Ah, good, good." He nods, considering. "It is good that you were able to obtain new armor. I hope it serves you well both on the tournament field and in battle, though hopefully there ends up being very little use for it in that regard." One knew there had already been enough fighting to last people several lifetimes over the past few years. "As to myself?" Tristan offers a slight shrug of his shoulders. "I am trying to keep myself occupied. Hrm. It reminds me, I should try and find your cousins sooner than later. Have you seen Lady Raelyn around at all?" He should probably speak with her to see if she had found out anything about the Baron's death.

His gaze catches Cathrynn and he beckons her over. "Ah, it appears that we have even more company." He offers the Huntress a smile. "Now that you are both in Sunsreach, you should consider taking a walk through the gardens at night."

Graham nods to the Prince's words, but turns back to see Cathrynn and smiles motioning her over to his side. "Hello love." he comments glad to see her before answering Tristan's words. "I said something similure to my cousin Emilia, that I wouldn't mind if I were able to be used sparingly as a knight." He smiles but nods "I have been helping with the search the best I can myself. I haven't spoken much to Lady Raelyn of late, but I do see her at the commons we're given to stay in. I can let her know you look to find her." The lord and knight glances back to the huntress. "That sounds quite lovely, and perhaps might give the sense of being in the wild a bit more."

Cathrynn approaches once Tristan gives her leave and she smiles, "Your Highness," she says in greeting. She nods to Graham, "Hello," she replies then she listens as he answers the Prince's questions. "Oh yes, Sir Graham knows me too well, the out of doors does call me most of the time," she says. "Thank you for the insight, I look foward an evening stroll."

Tristan returns Graham's nod. "I do not think anyone can fault you for that, and I appreciate that. All she need to is come here and any of the servants can come and find me." Next he made a mental note to go and search out Clara. As Cathrynn comes over, he gives her a smile. "Yes, well, I do not think it is all that presumptuous to guess that a Huntress would enjoy the outdoors, so I do hope you both will make use of it."

Speaking of servants, one approaches and whispers something to the Royal Lancer that is never too far from Tristan. The man approaches and murmurs something to Tristan, who then sighs. "Ah, well, I do hate to have to leave you both, but it seems that there is a matter I need to see to. I hope to see you both around, and if you need anything please let someone know." He offers them both a bow of his head and then moves off in the direction of his rooms.

"An honor to see you again your Highness and I will pass the word along to be sure." Graham says and bows as he moves off. The Lord and Knight looks to Cat now as she speaks and grins nodding. "It is a start at least until we can head home hopefuly for longer this time." he speaks of the gardens looking her over. "How are you faring here Cat?" he wonders.

Cathrynn inclines her head to Tristan, "Be well," she says to the Prince in parting. She nods, "It is.. shall we go see what there is to see then? By the time we see to dinner, it will be nearing evening," she says then holds out her hand expectantly for his arm.

Graham smiles and reaches his arm out so her hand fits just right on it. "Yes please, I would like that very much actually need some us time I belive." He says truthfuly after all that's been going on with the search for the assassin and just constant travel it seems. "Hopefuly we will have some peace after this, its my hope despite my armor order." he chuckles.

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