(1866-07-10) Garden Meeting
Garden Meeting
Summary: The three meet in the garden and talk for a bit.
Date: July 10, 1866
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Castle Gardens - Couviere
July 10, 1866

Its day time and a fairly nice one at that too nice to be stuck inside if it can be helped. It is of luck that the castle gardens are vast and at least if one cannot travel abroad offer the sense of being outside the castle and the hustle of the city surround too. It is not a secret though either and so there are people here walking and talking or eating and drinking. It is here walking the paths among the flowers and tended bushes that. Count Dominic and Lady Angelique walk talking to one another seeming to enjoy the day.

Angel paces along side the tall Viscount, just under eye level with him in her low heels. Her gown is a deep scarlet, with matching cloak and hood. The later is thrown back, revealing her dark curls, red highlights catching the sun. A few lock have, by design or chance, escapes and trail down the deep decollate' of her dress. At her throat, a wide black ribbon with a silver heart locket gleaming aginst her pale skin. Her musical laughter arises, prompted by something His Excellency said. The mirth, for once, touches her tawny eyes…

Yes, it is a nice day.. far too pleasant and temperate to be trapped indoors at any rate. Though the Princess is likely to say the same whether it be rain or shine, so rarely does she enjoy being inside the castle proper. And so it may be that the wandering pair might come across her, hands on hips, staring apparently motionless skyward. At a glance one might think her unattended. That, of course, is highly unlikely. A sharper eye would make the distinction of others merely strolling the grounds, and those liveried shadows who keep a close watch on their charge, despite the overall sense of nonchalance in the gardens.

Clad in cream and ivory hues, as is her habit - as pious a believer as her Mother, they say - Aliza brings a palm upward to offer some shade to her eyes, squinting a little as the sun momentarily breaks entirely free of the clouds high overhead and the motion wrinkling her nose a little. What is she doing? There's no sign, as yet, that she has noticed the Wraiths nearby. Though, it could be supposed that the youngest l'Valdan rarely has overmuch cause to be acutely aware of her surroundings when she's here.

"It was rather amusing, knocked my brother right off into the pond, poor boy thought he'd drown but it wasnt nearly up to his ankles." Dominic says grinning over to the other though he looks back straight and spots the Princess changing course slightly to move towards her. He will only speak when close enough to not have to raise his voice. "Your Highness, it is a pleasure to see you again. I hope that your day and all finds you well?" he will give her a bow. "This is my wife's cousin " Lady Angelique t'Corbeau." he says. "This her Highness Aliza l'Valdan." the Count makes the introductions.

"Ahh, expectations and fears, then one finds nothing. Poor man!" Her laughter is deep, soft, and merry. The Dark Lady at his side smiles, a curving of red lips, just a touch of white teeth. Then movement catches her attention.
Angelique, being a true child of her family, not to mention her calling, is nothing if not observant. In a swift glance she takes in the tableaux quickly, taking in Princess, her guard and attendants. The Dominic is making the introductions. She lifts her skirts in gloved hands, spreading them and her cloak in a deep curtsey. "Your Highness, it is indeed an Honor." Her voice, like her laugh is deep and soft, smoke and velvet in the bright breeze.

Though quite plainly having been distracted by the skies - for whatever reason - the Princess obligingly lowers both hand and gaze as she is addressed, settling her attention on the two who have approached her. All around, enjoying the warmth of the day, various courtiers make their way unhurriedly by, or enjoy a sedate time on the lawns, though none draw particularly close. At least not enough to warrant conversation. No, they're free enough for idle chatter here, by and large. Up close, Aliza is not so imposing as one might imagine; being both petite and graced with a lingering youthfulness both to her looks and countenance.. never moreso than when she smiles, as she does now.

"Excellency." Though the greeting in kind is formal, there's warmth enough in recognition of Dominic and it doesn't visibly lessen when her green eyes flit to the woman he introduces, accompanied by a polite nod in response to the well-executed curtsey. "My Lady. A very good day to you both. Come to enjoy what scant breeze the grounds may offer, in this heat?" She clasps her hands loosely before herself, as befitting her goodly stature.. though to be honest, she looked far more comfortable with them perched on her hips.

Dominic nods to the words of the princess "Yes quite, or perhaps also just to nice a day to spend it sitting inside or practicing or other such sports. I had thought about going for a ride perhaps later that may be good." He looks over to Angelique after this smiling to her as she courtesy's before looking back. "I hope that we are not intruding we can move on of course if that is so. I believe we spoke similarly the last time we met of the days pull for us to join beyond the excellent food in the great hall."

Angel rises from her courtesy, smiling softly now. "It is indeed a lovely day, so warm after last nights chill rains." Her lips quirk, as if at some private joke. Then the smile is back, calm, smooth and polite. "It does so warm…the soul. It is also well to take time enjoy such. Such respite leads to greater pleasure in other activities." She is tall indeed, especially with the heels. In the heat of the day, her cloak is back fully, flaring about her like wings in the breeze. THe gown beneath is elegant suited to garden excursions. LIght enough to be cool. The locket at her throat tinkles, a tiny bell ringing with her movements…

"No, no." The Princess' dismissal, in regard to disturbance, is swift and seemingly genuine; the fingertips of one hand flicked to emphasise the denial. "Not at all. In truth, I was simply waiting patiently for my hawk to deign to return. Clearly he has found an adventure less tiresome than circling the battlements, alas." With the curve of a smile still playing across her lips, Aliza eyes the other young lady more keenly now, having established that her attention will remain upon the pair. "Lady Angelique, I do not believe we have crossed paths. Are you new to court? How are you finding it?"

A smirk and a sidelong glance are cast toward Dominic as she adds, "..no doubt you have heard all about the high quality of our food. I hear tell the Viscount enjoyed his own bodyweight in sweetmeats." It's a blatant untruth and spoken in pleasant jest, and yet she still smoothes it a mere moment later. "I do hope you have found your way well enough amidst your fellows. It is, as I told you, a great opportunity to cast a wider net in the search for fresh alliances and such."

Dominic is glad to see the two speak and the ice begin to thaw with a new meeting coming faster than could be hoped or expected. "Ah, Lady Angelique and I were just taking in the gardens, if you wish your most welcome to join until your falcon returns. He chuckles at her jest on his regard not seeming to mind. "It is truth, had to be rolled out of the hall for my own good." He says a light laugh given of his very own. He looks thoughtful nodding. "I have found time to speak to many this is true and good company."

"Oh so it is true what they say Excellency? About…sweetmeats?" Angel's laugher is light though, amusement evident in the gentle teasing. She turns those remarkable eyes on the Aliza. "I have visited before, when i was quite young. But in the intervening years, I found duties and education that could not wait. I have only recently graduated from such, so am free to visit here again." She is quite young looking for all this talk of Duty and Training. Still, if one looks carefully, there is a certain stillness in her poise. The Princess might recall such in others she has met. That and her gaze, though calm, seemingly never missing anything at all. No simple courtier here….
"But of course we shall be glad to wait with you, praying for your Bird's safe return.." She glances to the sky, the light catching in her eyes. The color changes, now hazel, now gold…s she searches.

"Mmm, fortunately we have attendants standing by for just such a predicament, Excellency." Oh yes, for surely the occasional rolling of noblemen from the great hall is no rarity. Though it's more often by Courtesans or Songbirds and for reasons quite different than overindulgence at the banquet table. "I am glad, however, to hear you are making the most of your time with us."

Following Angelique's glance, the Princess likewise casts a look upward.. but there's no sign, still. "Oh, he will return when he desires, never fear. Were freedom so attainable for us all, I am quite certain we would linger, too, wherever our journeys might take us." Absently, as her emerald eyes lower once more, she adjusts one bracer with a nudge of thumb and finger. She notably brightens, oddly enough, at the mention of training. A Princess with an interest in the martial? Not entirely unusual. But it certainly has her attention. "Well, may I offer congratulations, my Lady, upon your successes, both present and, I am sure, those to come." Does she recognise something beyond another simple, pretty courtier? Maybe. But if so, she doesn't remark upon it. For now. "My own duties often take me from the court for odd periods of time.. it can be a strange transition between one and the other, no?"

Dominic smirks a little but nods "Lucky me on both counts." He lokos between the two not seeming to mind the jabs aimed his way though he is fit and trim as a knight should be. The Count nods about the bird and then about training and the like. "Yes, it can be an odd thing, when I was matched to the Viscountess, I found it an odd thing to live somewhere and yet not know my way around the halls." He chuckles at the thought though glancing to Angel before back to the princess. "Indeed Lady Angelique has performed admirably."

"Freedom, ah that is the greatest of pleasures. I cannot blame him either. Still, a warm Eyrie and full tummy count for much. I think he will be back, however." Angelique lowers her gaze, and the gloved hand shading it. At the praise she blushes faintly. Perhaps the first time Dom has ever seen her do so. But Duty is so very much a part of her, she has suffered much, done much for this. Praise from one she serves, whether such is known or not, that touches. "Thank you, Highness. And yes, yes it is sometimes a dizzying change." Angel smiles wryly. Going from slaying in a dark alley, to sunny lawns, talking of sweetmeats and hawking…
The Dominic speaks and the moment passes. She glances to him, through long, dark lashes. Such a brief look…that promises much. "Thank you, Excellency." But her reply is mild.

"I recall wondering aloud, as a child, if I were to leap from the tallest tower, would necessity bid me sprout wings and soar off toward the horizon.." The Princess muses, gaze drifting out across the gardens to somewhere unseen. "..I was promptly and emphatically informed: not." It's relatively difficult to imagine her being so closely related to one once dubbed 'The Black Prince'. Yet here she is, sunshine and naievete all wrapped up in pristine white. Kindly, perhaps, she draws no attention to the flush of colour across the other's cheeks, calmly steering the subject away. "And how long do you expect to remain, now that you are free to do so?"

To Dominic's words, she offers a soft chuckle, low in her throat. "Sadly enough, I fear I am as easily lost in my own halls as those of our neighbours and allies… I suppose my sense of direction must be rather woeful, in comparison to some. But I find someone will always offer me assistance." Ah, the privileges of nobility, free to wander aimlessly, safe in the knowledge that someone else will lend a hand.

Dominic meets the gaze of Angel briefly when she looks to him and nods smirking though its gone as quickly as it was there. "Your quite welcome of course." He looks back to the Princess and smiles "Ah, if only truth were lent to that and we could fly as the birds." The Count says though he isnt sure this would be a good thing really, its only a moments pause before he chuckles "I have had the same trouble. "Lady Angelique has helped me traverse the halls of my new home since she'd grown up there herself." He takes his turn to look up into the sky a moment or two now.

"Ah, Highness, I am here for a while I think. Freedom is lovely…" And duty even more so… Angelique does watch the princess, she has seen the dossiers on those who are or might be in her charge. She is as Dark as the Princess is White. We are the Left Hand of Darkness, defending our Lieges that they might be as her, should the so choose. "I fear I was such a little hoyden, exploring constantly. They kept finding me in out of the way corners, Day-Dreaming of Romance and Adventure. Never of wings though…" <Bloodied Paw and Teeth more like….. Her gaze flits back to Dom, for the briefest of instants, meeting his.

"Do not all little ladies dream of their shining knights?" Aliza permits a knowing smile at this. "..of course, then they become women and their daydreams rather fade in the harsher face of reality." Well, that's a rare glimpse of worldly wisdom, from one who might be assumed, at a glance, to be ignorant to the ways of it, beyond her palace walls. But if white knights can be revealed as less, so too can golden princesses, can't they?

Sweeping aside an errant wisp of blonde as a wayward snatch of seabreeze trails it across her brow, Aliza looses a gentle sigh. "It remains a valuable trait, offering guidance to others. In whatever form. Particularly those hapless damsels one might find in a Viscount, hmm?" Well, one last jibe at Dominic's expense wouldn't hurt, in solidifying a kinship with the younger lady.

A pointed clearing of throat announces one of the Princess' attendants drawing a subtle step or two closer, a rolled parchment in hand. It appears that someone has more of those duties to attend to, after so brief a respite. "Ah.. yes. If you will excuse me, Excellency.. my Lady.." The pair are each granted a nod as Aliza takes an unhurried step backward, beginning the distance that will imminently carry her away from their pleasant company. "..there are matters that require my attention. I bid you both a good day. Oh.." She pauses, mid-turn, to add, "..and if you see a lazy hawk perched atop one of the walls, do feel free to lob a shoe at him. Yours, or anothers. It matters not."

And with that, the white-clad young woman is whisked away.

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