(1866-07-12) No Surprises
No Surprises
Summary: Adrienne and Raelyn have a brief chat about investigations regarding their dead Uncle Robert - and future matches for House Cassomir.
Date: 12/07/2015 (Date of RP)
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Dining Room - Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
In the scene.
Juillet 12th, 1866

From the library, Raelyn can be heard nearing the dining room, "I appreciate your inclination and your dedication to assist. But, I've been at this for three hours now, and I need a reprieve. We'll begin again tomorrow," as she steps out, demanding of a servant, "Wine. And something to go with it. I don't care. And have my horse readied." She shakes her head some, expels a breath of quiet frustration and weariness.

The dining room of the Cassomir Manse in Sunsreach will be not quite empty at this hour. Indeed, another Cassomir already awaits, sitting by the table and sipping from a goblet of wine. Just wine, for now, no light repast to go with it. Adrienne seems to be in thoughts, her head tilted to the side in an contemplative manner when she hears those voices approaching - no, just one voice! Green eyes are lifted to look towards the door, her lips pursed as she sees Raelyn enter. And one brow is raised when the order to the servant is heard, about readying a horse. "Where will you be going, cousin?", Adrienne inquires in calm and unobtrusive curiosity. "Do you need anyone to accompany you?" Anyone, in this case meaning Adrienne Cassomir.

"First, I need a drink or two," replies Raelyn, dryly. Then, she smiles a little, offering, "The Master Stewards lessons are not exactly easy. Nor especially interesting. But he's patient, and understands this was not the cloth I was cut from. And I've time yet, to grasp the more complex aspects of running the County." She adds, "However, when I ride if you wish to join me, you're certainly welcome. I've no plans imparticular. Just to get out, and into the woods."

Adrienne nods, looking surprised but that surprise will fade quickly. "Ah, the Master Steward." A glance is spared to the Mistress of the Hunt who will become Viscountess once the Viscount becomes King, the expression in her eyes showing a bit of empathy. "I believe his lessons must be very boring, I'd dread them, I'd wager. But… in this case is the burden you will have to bear, cousin." Her lips twist into a smirk. "While I can focus on my archery and just being a Huntress." A prospect that Adrienne seems to be content with. Her hand is raised in an inviting gesture for Raelyn to join her by the table. "Sounds like a good plan," she comments to the intention to ride out. "I'd gladly come with you, if it's not too much of a bother." Her green eyes come to linger once again on Raelyn's face. "Nowhere in particular? And I thought we were going to look into that murder of Uncle Robert…"

"Nowhere, in particular. Lord Greycen and Lord Tracano are both looking into the matter of Uncle Robert, by the Queen's asking. Though I've word Lord Tracano wishes to speak with me on the matter, you're certainly welcome to be there with us when we do." Raelyn moves over to join Adrienne, then, and cupping her hand over the wine glass to take a sip once the servant has seen to it. "If you think," she mentions with a hint of humor, "That I'll have no time to be a Huntress you are quite mistaken, cousin-mine. Shortly after Jaren's wedding, I've no doubt I shall be wed, too. Most likely to someone of the Greycen lineage as they are a House of fine reputation and substational power. It makes sense for them, and for us."

"You are referring to Lord Thaddeus and Prince Tristan?", Adrienne says, leaning back in her chair, her freckled face showing a slightly disappointed expression. "We were his kin, after all." A hint of annoyment is discernible in her tone. Only a hint. Her green eyes meet the gaze of Raelyn should she look her way. "So… his personal things… correspondence. We were supposed to look into that, were we not?" A sip of wine is had after raising the goblet of wine in a toast, once her cousin receives hers. That hint of humor will elicit a chuckle from the freckled Cassomir. The corners of her lips curving upwards, at the news about another wedding. "No time to be a Huntress indeed, Raelyn. If you are to get married as well! So… most likely a Greycen? Not perchance that mysterious admirer who offered you the favor at the archery contest in Rovilon?" The smile turns into a smirk. "It makes sense, of course. In that inevitable rational way, right?"

Raelyn shakes her head a little, "Not Thaddeus, no. Lord Stephen Greycen." She smiles, just a little at that. "On the contrary. I can put some of the burden on my future husband," she half-teases. Then she quips, with a spark of amusement in her eyes and on her lips, "Who said that the person whose favor I wore and who I may have my eye upon to wed are not the one and the same?" But she nods a little, eschewing that conversation away for something a bit more solemn, "Yes. I suppose we were at that. The Master Steward has had me so bogged down the last few days - trying to make up for lost time, you see, now that things have calmed down. He wants me ready by the time the wedding is to take place to be fully capable. Now I know what Jaren went through. By the One, it is -not- fun." A slight grimace, "Yet, you are right. And we should. I'll speak with Emilia today or as soon as possible, and we'll go to his home, and see to that."

"Lord Stephen. Ah.", Adrienne says with a smile and a slight flicker in her gaze. "How convenient." Leaving the tease at that. Until she adds: "I do suspect it is the same person, or you would show more… um… displeasure when you speak of your impending wedding, cousin." She may not be her actual sister, but relative and fellow Huntress. A sigh leaves Adrienne's lips when Raelyn speaks of the Master Steward's demands her time, the freckled Cassomir's hands playing pensively with the goblet. "I do not envy you, Raelyn." Her green eyes focusing on the Mistress of the Hunt at her remark regarding the investigation of Baron Hogan's death. "'We' meaning you and Emilia? Or will I be allowed to come along? Not sure, but I would think three pairs of eyes can skim more swiftly through Uncle Robert's things…"

"Of course I mean you, myself, and Emilia," Raelyn clarifies without hesitation and genuine sincerity. "I'm sure Jaren, too, would wish to go but his own duties, I've no doubt, preclude that now." She gives a rather grim look, "And he didn't even want to be Baron. Now he'll be King." She laughs, wryly. "But he is at least with someone whom he loves dearly. So there is some salvation in that, for him."

"Very well," Adrienne concedes with a light shrug, the smile warming her features betraying she is pleased with Raelyn's words. "You can count on me, I'll help where I can." Another sip of wine is had, her forehead wrinkling ever so slightly at the mention of their current Head of House. "Aye… duties come with his future position." Her voice trails off, pondering the happiness perhaps that would be granted to this king despite his duties. Her lips pursing as she glances towards Raelyn again, studying her attentively. "You are free to choose your Greycen, I presume?", she says on a similar, but slightly different topic.

Raelyn can only smile, just a little bit. "I can hope. And, he can hope. It makes good political sense, and would give them a valuable tie to our family, and we to theirs," points out the young woman. "But," she shakes her head a little, "Little, in our world, is ever guarenteed, Adrienne." Her smile doesn't fade too much, though. "And you? Have you your eyes on anyone?"

That smile is noted, a flicker of 'I knew it!' occurring in those green eyes of the freckled Cassomir. That next cautious addition is accepted with a nod, even though Adrienne seems to be little convinced by it. "There is a chance, and it would make sense. That is all I need to know," she smiles, raising her goblet to her lips to drain it of the remaining wine. That next question has her almost cough on it. "Wh…what?" It takes her a moment to clear her throat, and get that wine out of her lungs. "No! Of course not! I mean… there is noone.", she assures, shaking her head as she frowns ever-so-slightly. "Besides… why should I get my hopes up, when Graham and I will be the next to be matched, to the advantage of House Cassomir? I mean… with Jaren becoming the next King of Rivana, our value has gone up considerably, has it not?", the remark is made in a matter-of-factly tone, Adrienne doing her best to appear oh so rational, while the notion to be married to some odd noble may be something that she has so far managed to suppress.

"It has gone up," agrees Raelyn conversationally, "But that doesn't mean that Jaren - or I - am going to marry you off to some old fussbucket of a Baron or something," she maintains with a amiable mood. "And if there -was- someone, well, perhaps things might not be all bad. That's all," she points out.

"That's good to know," Adrienne replies with a dryness to her tone, but the smile returns. "At the moment there is no someone, I assure you. But thanks for asking. Does this mean you will not force me into a match that would be against my wishes?" The question posed casually, with an attentive glance in Raelyn's direction. After all this cousin will be the new Head of House, as soon as Jaren will be married to the Queen Alysande.

"That's not been our way," Raelyn admits casually. "Why do you think I am yet unmarried? There has been opportunity, doubtless. But," she shrugs, "Jaren was the Head of House, not I. While I cannot say never, what I can promise you is that whether it be Jaren or I, your wishes will always be taken into consideration in a matching, Adrienne. That, you've my word on. No surprises, I assure you." She grins, some.

A relieved smile curls Adrienne's lips when she hears the assurance of her cousin. "No surprises, then," she says, moving to stand after depositing the empty goblet onto the table. "Now, where will we be riding?"

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