(1866-07-14) Greycen Dinner Party
Greycen Dinner Party
Summary: A number of nobles gather at the Greycen Manse in Sunsreach for a bit of socializing and discussion of the latest news.
Date: 14/07/2015 (Date of RP)
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Greycen Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
In the scene set.
Juillet 14th, 1866

The hall of the Greycen manse is one of the newest in the city, but it does not lack for class. Wood and stone of excellent quality line the walls and floors, tapestries hang and rugs are strewn about away from the table, at which Thaddeus sits at the head of, as the seniormost family member in the city, and responsible for maintaining the family's business at court. The latter being one of the reasons for this gathering. It has no official reason, and it was an open invitation at court to those who would wish to attend. Though, strangely, no Haldis or any Haldis vassals attended.

The food had been brought out and it was usual Seaguardian fare, seafood and fruits, though there was ample bread and more terrestrial meat like a roasted pig. Wine and ale were available, though not at the amount and quality one would find at a grand ceremony, but formal enough for guests to be comfortable.

Prince Tristan Tracano had decided to join the small dinner party that Thaddeus was throwing for several reasons, one of them being that he decided he could use a night out of the palace and since he was trying to behave himself this was a far safer option than he might have gone with several months ago, especially with Aidric around.

Glancing around the table, he is rather pleased by who has come. As the food has been brought out he gives a cursory glance at the seafood and then at the other offerings, a slight smile coming to his lips. Taking a moment to stand up, even going as far as to reach out to the chair next to help himself up, he coughs politely.

"My thanks for inviting us all here tonight, Lord Thaddeus. My compliments on what appears to be a fine feast." He lifts up his glass of wine and then offers Thaddeus a nod of his head before taking a sip and sitting back down.

Obviously a few Cassomirs have found their way to the Manse as well on this wonderful eve, and Adrienne is among them. The freckled cousin of Viscount Jaren is torn between eager curiosity and a slight feeling of discomfort - but when the wine is brought the former prevails. Adrienne wears a dress of green colour, and her hair is worn in a braid, not the usual ponytail. Green eyes shift over those assembled, lingering on Prince Tristan for a moment as he holds his brief speech, raising her goblet then, in response to his toast. She keeps quiet for now, content to just observe and listen, whilst giving a display of companionable amusement.

Stephen Greycen is not an uncommon sight at Greycen-led gatherings, but he is often a quiet one, engaging often only when spoken too, unless protocol or situation dictates otherwise, quite comfortable to let his elder brother take the lead. He's pleasant and polite enough, but often a bit of a wallflower, though he seems comfortable enough in the role, watching the partygoers with interest. He's seated at the table now, and when Tristan gives his speech, he briefly lifts his cup with a smile, sipping from it afterwards. Also not much of a drinker, Stephen.

Aidric looks up from his meal to add to Tristan's complement "Yes, you set a fine table sir, and this wine is excellent," he says a nod given to the cup set before him. "Though, to what do we owe the pleasure?" he asks glancing over at his host.

When in Sunsreach, and a Cassomir and…well attending some social gatherings, especially of her brother's friend..and that other guy her sister tended to swoon over and wax on and on about….some Warden or another…Emilia was bound to attend among the other Cassomirs who had turned out. The young woman wearing a dress of deep blue with silver trim, her dark hair actually left down given the social occasion with silver combs holding her hair from her face.

Dark eyes take in the various offerings of seafood and fruits and sundries that have been brought out. A fine wine having been accepted, even if sipped slowly. The cup is raised to Tristan's words, an incline of Emilia's head going towards Thaddeus in turn she echoes the sentiment with a simple,"Of thanking."

Graham had entered a bit behind his sister having been stopped for a talk of some sort. He will look over to the table bowing "Apologies for my late arrival." He comments and moves to sit by Adrienne a smile given to her. "Hello, sister you look lovely." He comments turning back as another enters his cousin and smiles waving in greeting before back . "Have I missed much?" his words spoken softly as he settles in the better to take in the table and those seated.

Thaddeus looks up from his meal as Tristan speaks and gets a nod of thanks, "It is not a problem, and I thoroughly enjoy having guests here!" He takes a sip and looks to Aidric, "Do I need to have a reason?" Thad laughs, "I just thought that it would be good to have something pleasant happen, and enjoy this hard-won peace!"

Raelyn, seated near both her cousin, and her sister, lifts a goblet of wine towards Thaddeus' statement, "Agreed," she half-toasts, before sipping. She looks up, smiles towards Graham, "Just the choice cuts of meat," she teases him properly.

For his own plate, Tristan selects several pieces of fruit, a small cut of fish, and a piece of warm bread. Not entirely much, though Tristan has never been much of an eater, even with his other appetites and excesses. As others begin to eat, he very carefully cuts off a piece of his fish before lifting his fork up and rather precisely putting it into his mouth. Once that piece has been chewed and swallowed, he gives Thaddeus a nod. "Indeed, but let us not forget the peace that is to come as well."

"And some fine crab cakes," Aidric adds to Raelyn's remarks to her cousin before he nods along to Tristan's word while he attends to one such cake. He washes it down with a bit of wine before speaking "You mean the grand peace between us and Couviere?" he asks the prince.

In a Greycen Manse there are Greycens to observe with some faint curiosity. Which Adrienne will do, focusing her attention on the quieter one. At least for a moment. Glancing from Stephen to Raelyn, offering the latter a light smirk. But then her brother Graham arrives and Adrienne greets: "Ah, there you are, what kept you?" To his question she shakes her head. "Nah, there is still plenty of food to be had, dearest brother." Her gaze brushes Emilia briefly, when the touched Cassomir speaks, and a smile curls the freckled Huntress's lips when Thaddeus states the purpose of the delightful dinner - just to delight. She enjoys a bit of wine, listening to the exchange between Prince and Carling lord. "The peace that follows the crushing of the Thorns?", she muses thoughtfully.

"Perhaps both. But Peace is never easily won, and we've fought hard against the Thorns. Now there will hopefully be a great deal less bloodshed, but if there is to be a Grand Treaty, it will not be swift in coming. There will be a vast array of details to discuss." Stephen speaks up, glancing to Aidric and Adrienne, "But we'll fight for it, if we have to, figuratively speaking…should the Queen so will it."

"Of course." Tristan says, responding to Aidric's question, before placing a small piece of bread into his mouth and chewing. Lifting his glass of wine, he takes a sip to help wash it down. Glancing over to Adrienne he offers a faint shrug and a nod. "Indeed, the demise of the Thorns will hopefully allow for a great deal of rebuilding in Rivana, especially economically." He glances over to Stephen and smiles. "Indeed, it will be a lengthy process, but I have faith in our Queen to be able to do something grand."

"Was detained to tell an old story. Sorry Adri" Graham says to his sister, but smiles her way. "Glad your at least not trying to starve me at least." He says to her making sure Raelyn hears though he gives a grin and a wink her way. "Ah, it is quite alright even what is left looks like quite the feast fit for anyone." He will comment on the food upon the table as he gathers a bit for himself and some wine even. "Hear, Hear for peace." he comments indeed.

"I, for one, will simply welcome peace. And quiet. A good few years of it," Raelyn says mildly, but with some good humor. She looks across the table to Stephen, "Though I fully expect a demand for celebration at Ironhold will occur. The Thorn," she tips her head towards Adrienne, "Is at last gone." She does not say 'again', though the words are clearly on her mind.

"Indeed, peace is most welcome," Thad says and nods at the comments on a treaty, "Just like anything, it will have negotiations before negotiations even begin, on the most simple of things like who sits where and whatnot. Woe unto those who dare accidently do anything against protocol!" He laughs and spends a little time enjoying the pile of food he has claimed for himself, a little bit of everything within reach.

Grapes, there are grapes selected from amongst the fruit and neatly placed to the side of Emilia's plate. While there is also a small piece of fish selected to her plate as a few other bits along the way as the dinner is partaken of. Listening on to the others as small bites are worked from the fish slowly. Fingers reaching for one of the grapes hang in the air a little bit upon some of Thaddeus' words…but continuing on to picking one up and moving it along.

"You must be one of Raelyn's favorites, Lady Adrienne, you sound like her," Aidric says with a tight smile as he raises his cup. "But you're right the demise of my former compatriots does give us the chance to close old wounds, if we can just leave those wounds be," he remarks before taking a sip from his wine and setting down the cup. "After all how can we hope to make peace with another kingdom if we can't do so among ourselves?"

A piece of fruit is the next thing Tristan consumes and swallows down with wine. He remains quiet as he listens to what is being said, his eyes moving around the table to take in the actions. He gives Aidric a small smile, and then turns to Stephen. "Forgive me, Lord Stephen, but it has been a while since we last truly spoke. How have you been? Busy with Warden business, I suspect?"

"That might be an understatement, Your Highness." Stephen replies to Tristan, taking another sip from his winecup, "If Wardens were paid by the quantity of matters they deal with, we'd all be getting rich right now. While we may hopefully soon be enjoying the fruits of peace, there are many in Rivana who have seen the recent troubles as an opportunity to cause their own. Banditry is as rampant as ever, though…" A brief smirk flits across his face, "I hear much of it is localized to Eastfield, and for some strange reason they don't seem to like the idea of Wardens investigating matters there, which normally would not trouble me, but some of these bandit groups are savvy enough to play our lingering divisions against us…striking outside of Eastfield and retreating back across the border to go to ground. I would imagine with the rebuliding he's doing, Duke Haldis has far greater concerns than bandits victimizing the folk of other duchies." Stephen smiles more genuinely, and in a more relaxed fashion now, "But personally speaking, I have been well otherwise. Much improved for having seen the Butcher burn."

Adrienne looks up, meeting Tristan's gaze, and she nods. "Of course, it will take time. But where would we be if it weren't for the faith in our Queen?" She is not pious enough, to add the One to that equation, obviously. She smiles when Raelyn mentions a celebration at Ironhold. Another nod coming when the Thorn threat is tackled by Raelyn as well. A fleeting glance spared for the grape tower building in progress, it will be Aidric's remark that will draw Adrienne's attention. "I take that as a compliment, my lord," she says, with an unmoving face, to his statement of her sounding like Raelyn. A brow is raised to the admission of having been one of them. But she'll leave it at that, especially when Stephen Greycen offers some troubling news on bandits in Eastfield.

Graham looks over to Emilia and smiles as she finds grapes and something to eat and drink, these kind of things are key afterall. He looks back though still listening to the conversation. "Agreed, in this case while not forgotten the past needs to start to be left behind for the good of the future." He agrees and chuckles "My sister, and cousins and Cathrynn are all worthy huntresses each in their turn." he says nodding though he takes a drink and listens sighing at the news of bandits. "We must not let them drive that wedge between us."

"Mmm, yes, some of that does not surprise me." Tristan lifts his glass of wine, but doesn't bother to sip it. Instead he considers what Stephen has said and it cements some of his own beliefs. Finally, he nods. "My lord, given all that you have said, you have my appreciation of your efforts in the investigation into the Baron's death then. In fact, I think that this is something of an opportunity, if you do not mind me saying as much."

His eyes move to Adrienne and he smiles. "Ah, indeed, my lady. We are fortunate to have such a woman as our Queen. I suspect she is only one of a handful of people who could have guided us through such troubling times. She will be remarked upon through history. I am sure of that." At that last comment, his eyes meet Aidric's, a slight smile is given and then he sips from his wine.

There is nothing Aidric can do but laugh at how well Adrienne mimics her cousin, "Take it as you will," he remarks lightly with a shake of his head and a sip of wine. Tristan's remarks earn his attention next and a nod "Oh, doubtless she shall be remarked upon," he concurs with mock gravity before he asks about what truly interested him, "And, pray, what opportunity do the bandits present?"

Raelyn, too, is interested in Stephen's theory, commenting, "Bandits tend to be few, in Ironhold. Oh, we have them. But, after you've been harrowed and chased for many miles and toyed with as a cat might a mouse by a handful of Huntresses - it tends to leave one with a desire to not come back." She seems proud of this fact.

"Well, much of what I relay is from reports of elsewhere, Highness. My own efforts have largely been turned towards the matter of the Baron." Stephen replies to Tristan before falling silent as he seems about to bring up a pertinent matter. A brief smile is given towards Raelyn at her comment on how Huntresses deal with bandits, but he doesn't comment aloud.

Dark eyes quietly follow the conversation about the table, Emilia taking in the various remarks and tidbits spoken about. The grapes selected..inded slowly being stacked along the side of her plate…not eaten. Though her gaze settles upon her sister at her last. Noting softly onto her,"We are not of toying with of them, our own of Harrowing teaches of us not to do of so need of lessly." Of Queen or possible celebrations, Emilia is silent and ever stoic upon.

"Not the bandits." Tristan responds to Aidric. "Rather the death of Baron Hogan and the surrounding investigation." Another sip of his wine is taken. The man had been correct earlier, it was fine wine.

"The opportunity lies in how things are handled. It is my every intention to do what I can to resolve this situation, however, how is it presented to the Queen. I certainly would not have done things alone. No, many of you here tonight are instrumental in what has been going on. Thus, I ask this of you, my fellow conspirators, who here would be perfectly content to allow Lord Stephen to present the results of this investigation to Her Majesty? Of course, she would know who would have been involved in this business, but publicly, it would be a different matter."

Thaddeus is a bit late to respond due to the pile of food splitting his attention from the conversations at the table, "Lovely, just lovely," Thad remarks at the mention of bandits hiding just across the border. "I will do what I can to ensure that they are dealt with." The mention of Stephen presenting the findings causes a brow to be raised, "I would wholeheartedly support this. Though I doubt that is a surprise to anyone."

Likely, to many at the table, Raelyn's opinion is not a surprise as she reveals, "I trust Lord Stephen implicitly. This decision would certainly carry my support," she verifies. She exhales some, and forks a bit of meat, the more relaxed air of the dinner taking a darker turn as she is reminded of the death of her family.

Adrienne cannot help but smile warmly when Graham praises her and the other Huntresses, a light shake of her head given to her brother to keep him from continuing before it gets too awkward. Her attention shifts to Tristan and she nods, clearly convinced of his assessment of the Queen Alysande. Her earnest facade threatens to break when the Carling seems to be very entertained by the stoicness she displays. But in the end the Cassomir trait will turn into a more intense version, as Adrienne's smile dies on her freckled features. She is not averse to fun and amusement, but in this context the humor of the remark evades her. When the smile returns it does so because of Raelyn's remark, about bandits being few in Ironhold. Even so it will only be a faint version, as Adrienne focuses on the food outwardly, while she continues to listen to what is said.

Stephen glances about the table, a golden brow tilting over his eye as he regards Tristan, "I've no objection to presenting findings to Her Majesty once we've gathered enough to come to a well-reasoned conclusion. If possible given along with the culprit in chains. But I'll confess I'm curious as to why you seem intent upon it being me that does so, Prince Tristan." He notes, canting his head curiously, "Though I may have some small inkling."

Graham listens to the conversation trying to follow along the conversation the best he can while remaining mostly silent while he eats and drinks a little looking over to Emilia "Your efforts make a big difference, and does indeed teach something, so knights of the land can watch and learn." he grins he catches the look from his sister and chuckles lightly whispering to her "Well it's true." he does listen to the others "Any news would be appreciated and could be of use."

Aidric remains aware of the huntress icy look but does his best not to let his smirk show through. Instead he focuses on the topic at hand. "I think I follow Tristan's reasoning for this, and no, I have no objections as long as credit is given where due in private."

After a slight nod to Graham on the matter of Huntresses, Emilia turns her attention from Raelyn to Tristan when the Princeling raises the matter of presenting findings to the Queen concerning matters of the death of her uncle. What exactly she might think of this, is rather uncertain given that stoic expression really doesn't ever change. But then being of little consequence and far from instrumental on such things (thats what her siblings were for), she simply stacks another grape along.

An eyebrow is raised at Stephen and Aidric. "Ah, I suppose I should be wary of you both." It is said in jest, of course. "My reasoning is quite simple, I think. I will understand if some of you think me little more than a dress-chasing drunkard, but I can assure you that I care very much about the future of this kingdom. I do not think that such a fractured system of justice can last forever."

Tristan shifts in his seat to lean forward, grabbing a bottle of wine and then refilling his glass. Once that has been done, he sets the bottle back down and glances around the table. "I have thought long on this, but I think that the Wardens are a good foundation for something larger, something that spans the whole of Rivana. An instrument of the Queen's justice that answers only to Her Majesty. Commit a crime in Seaguard, then anywhere you are found in Rivana, you will answer for your crime, whether you be noble or commoner."

Raelyn tips her head to Tristan, "As long as," and she pauses, to preface the rest of her statement, "Which I do not think your intention is to change in this, that the law remains with those who hold such lands. But the idea," she concedes, "Has merit, certainly."

Thaddeus stops eating to listen and ponders a little before responding to what Tristan has said, "It is certainly worth thinking on. It would be especially useful when the lords of a land are failing in their duties to enforce the Queen's laws." He takes a sip from his cup before continuing, "Let's take these bandits out of Eastfield as an example. Currently the only individuals who can pursue them are not doing so. So you are saying that these agents of the Crown could go and deal with them. The question is under what mechanism would they operate? Would they only come if summoned and then only act if it was deemed necessary?" He gestures to Raelyn, "And that would also be an issue that some would raise issues with. Some jealously guard their rights and privileges, so anything that challenges it will be met with resistance. I do think that the idea does have merit, but the rights of the nobles will need to be taken into consideration to ensure its effectiveness."

Emilia simply studies Tristan as the further explaination is forth coming, though fingers seem to yet be busy with the small pile of grapes she took for herself. Fingers lightly turning a grape about before placing it just so on the little pyrimid like formation in the works. There is a faint little 'hmm' at some point or another. Before her gaze flickers over to Thaddeus when he raises more questions and another grape is taken up by her fingers.

"I don't know if the thought has occurred to Her Majesty yet, but my mother has spoken to me of similar ideas a scant few times." Stephen replies, "There would certainly be value in it. There would still be a balancing act involved…it would work best if these…Royal Wardens, as it were, served more as coordinators and…judicial envoys. The forces used for pursuit would be those of the land the pursuit was taking place in, though of course at times crossings of borders might be necessary. Still, coordinating with local forces and magistrates should reassure the local lords that their own laws are being upheld, but also remind them that the Crown's law applies to all."

Lady Samantha Rosendal is also present and has been sitting silence until now. The dark haired woman doesn't seem eager to draw attention to herself at the moment. Instead she observes those here with a calm steady gaze and listens to what is being said. There is thoughtful look to her expression and she seems to be thinking carefully over what is being said and assessing each person as they speak but not saying anything herself just yet.

Aidric nods to Stephen. "Yes, these Royal Wardens will work best as coordinators, anything else will likely be seen as an errosion of lordly perogatives," he counsels as he dabs up some wine with a bit of bread and takes a bite. "Though even as that, Normont will take some selling on the idea as the lords there often need remind that they are part of Rivana at all."

Graham listens to the suggestions on the topics at hand not ahving anything to add just for the moment taking another drink of wine while this is going on. Its better to get all the facts before he tries to add anything of his own anyways.

Tristan takes a long sip of his wine, preparing himself to speak. "The questions that are being brought up right now are undoubtedly the same questions that will be brought up in the future, which I think is a good thing. However, I believe that there is merit in a more delayed approach. By this, I mean that at the beginning, things start off in a certain fashion and then things begin to change over a period of time. Months, years, perhaps even decades. "

A pause so he can look each one in the eye, his gaze lingering on Thaddeus and Stephen longer than the others as both, in turn, play some role in some of the plans he has been forming. "The Royal Wardens, a name that I quite like and had not thought of myself." A slight quirk of his lips and a nod in Stephen's direction. "The most pertinent issue to begin with is the question of manpower. The Wardens simply do not have the resources to do much more than act as coordinators and judicial envoys."

Another pause. Another sip of his wine. "This, of course, will change over time. An academy will be established where commoners who are vetted will become members of the Royal Wardens, to act as a lawkeeping force among the commons of the entirety of Rivana. Noble Royal Wardens will still keep the peace among the nobility. We simply cannot allow for things to happen any other way, and I hope all would concur with me on that. In any case, I believe recruitment of noble bastards may be ideal, especially if there are those who do not find themselves with a glorious future."

"To go along with this, a set of uniform laws and punishments must be drawn up that will become new Crown law. No matter where one is in Rivana, the same crime will have the same punishment."

"Hmn, recruiting Wardens from across Rivana would be necessary, certainly, noble and common alike. But that last bit will meet with considerable resistance. Though as long as we can reassure that for all crimes they currently hold jurisdiction over, they will still be the ones levying punishment if not deciding what the punishment is, it may begrudgingly be accepted." Stephen considers, "And if the Queen decides to strongly support these measures…Mother may equally-begrudgingly acquiesce to sharing the methods of the Wardens with all of Rivana. Even the Haldis." His lips quirk in a faint smile once more, "Though I suspect they may have to have their candidates dragged to this academy kicking and screaming as it is."

Eyes turn slightly to Aidric before Emilia reaches to take a sip of her wine, leaving the grapes and their stacking to be for a moment, and perhaps another sip as there is that long bit of words to listen to and turn over from Tristan. Looking back over to Aidric,"That is part of solution of aye? Of ensuring the Lords of Normont are having of hand in it, path to becoming of Wardens in of themselves."

"Standardizing laws would be an interesting endeavor, though it will take some dealing to find a suitable list," Thaddeus says and nods, "But yes, we can not afford to use our wardens across all of Rivana." He nods to Aidric, "Indeed, I expect more resistance from Normont as well as Eastfields. Though I do agree that noble bastards and younger siblings would make ideal candidates. The question is what will Crown laws entail? Since there are some peculiarities to the duchies that might prove troublesome to change."

"You'll have to get them to agree it is a good idea before they get to the point where they want a hand in it. My advice would be to include the lords of kingdom in some sort of conclave about the the making of these royal laws, if they have input they may be more willing to give up their perogatives," Aidric reasons as he swirls his wine in his cup.

Raelyn listens to Tristan's presentation, or the initial ideas he has to offer. She is not afraid to voice her opinion on the matter, either, commenting, "The idea of a shared means to provide justice to the people and take in criminals who move across borders and lands to evade such justice is a promising idea that will need further debate, and fleshing out. Ironhold's means have remained effective, and we already have those from amongst nobility and commoner alike to do as you suggest." No. Raelyn isn't a fan of having her Huntresses duties lessened, or shared, a bit … protective, she is. But her sentiments are not unkind.

Tristan offers a nod to all in attendance, especially to Raelyn. "Lady Raelyn, let us both be honest and candid with one another, the Huntresses of Ironhold are an exception, not the rule, when it comes to how things are handled. This is a credit to your house." He then glances back to the others. "It is not an easy path, and it is not a short path. I understand this and realize this. What I am suggesting also has benefits to the landed lords this will affect. How much do they spend on keeping the peace? On patrols to clear out bandits? What if we could ask for a fraction of this money as a 'tax' to support the Royal Wardens, and then allow them to use that extra money for other purposes. There are points to refine with this of course, there are things to refine with all of this, but I have been thinking much on this." And more, of course.

"Certainly there are still many details to be discussed, and I somehow expect it will not all be hammered out here." Stephen chuckles, "Especially as we have yet to have Her Majesty weigh in on the subject." He notes, finishing off his winecup, "And there's still the unpleasant matter of the Baron's murder to attend to." He adds, "Which in truth I should likely return to shortly."

"It is also worth questioning how much a role the nobles should have in creating the laws, it should not be so great as that the Her Majesty should have to get complete consent from her nobles. A conclave may be going to far, lest some nobles think that they have some insane right to dictate terms. But seeking advice from some would not be unwise in writing laws." Thad frowns and sips, "It is a topic worth discussing, though I am uncertain as to how successful it will be."

Emilia gives a small shrug as she gives a glance towards Graham,"See, what I was of meaning of before?" A sip of her wine before the final grape is being taken up. A glance along towards Raelyn, a cant of her head before she notes,"Does of mean, we have much to of offer as of well in of this conversation and of deciding of such a path, should it be of trodden upon of, mine-sister. Since, as noted," inclining her head to Tristan," we are exception and handle things well. "

Aidric watches the exchange between Raelyn and Tristan with interest but does not comment on it. He does however chime in when Stephen brings up the murder. "At Tristan's request I looked into the suggestion the baron might have had mistress, it appears he didn't nor was he known by those who frequent brothels, reputable or otherwise."

"As to this plan for Royal Warden and unified laws, I agree it will take a good deal more discussion," he opines.

"Of course. I would like to hear more opinions from everyone in the future, but Lord Stephen is correct, we should focus on the Baron's death for now." Tristan offers the Greycen Warden a nod and then sips his wine. "Oh, and let us all take the time to thank our gracious host for a fine meal." He bows his head to Thaddeus, smiling at the man.

Graham looks up from his food and meets Emilia's glance a small smirk playing over his lips he'll nod "I do indeed, though I hold to my words and oppinion." He speaks low in volume to her and grins a bit more now though looking to Raelyn and Emilia. "I am not sure upsetting things so soon after they are settling is wise, but we all havent been home so much lately always putting out fires and all."

"We'll speak about it more," agrees Raelyn to all, and finishing off her food. "But, fine food and better company makes a good evening yet. Thank you," she says, inclining her head towards Thaddeus and then Stephen as the other departs.

Thaddeus nods to the assembled nobles, "Indeed, there is a more pressing matter, which will hopefully be dealt with soon enough, and the Queen's justice given to the deserving individual. "I thank you for the compliments, I certainly enjoyed it, as well as everyone's company." Raelyn gets another nod in farewell as he gets a little more comfortable in his seat, munching on some bread that is nearby, "Hopefully I will be able to move tomorrow to actually get to court!"

There is a small nod towards Graham from Emilia,"I am of knowing you so of hold," she notes softly to him. Her own food getting finished off, least what is upon her plate. That little pyramid of grapes is…left as it is beside her plate. A incline of her head towards Thaddeus as well with her sister's words, but Emilia seems to run out of words for the evening. As she falls quiet for the remainder of the small gathering.

Aidric settles back in his chair and raises a cup to Thaddeus. "Indeed, a fine gathering," he says with a smile before he finishes his cup. "And a very interesting conversation." As various members of their company departs Aidric nods his head. "Good eve to you all," he wishes after them.

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