(1866-07-14) Testing Oneself
Testing Oneself
Summary: Sir Samuel and Lady Angelique meet, both traveling. A Wraith and a Knight, on the road
Date: 1866-07-14
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The Dancing Bull, on the road to Lonnaire
There is an Inn, just less than a day's ride from the gates of Lonnaire, the Dancing Bull. Over the door the sign illustrates this name, with an image drawn with considerable enthusiasm and somewhat less talent, of a Bull doing just that. Thankfully the tavern is built with much greater talent; a long, two-story affair, with Mullioned window. Upon entering the Common Room one meets a long, low space of lanterns, torches and a roaring fire in the midst. There is ever meat roasting, bread baking and drink being served by wenches. There are many tables in the midst fo the floor, and several curtained alcoves for those richer and/or preferring privacy

Today, the summer warmth is broken by a sudden storm, it has lasted most of the day. Many travelers have chosen to pause their journey's and spend the night here. grateful for the shelter from the driving rain and lightning. One such is just entering. Tall, wearing a hooded cloak of deep red wool, the Lady enters, throwing back her hood. She is pale of skin dark of hair, quite striking especially her eyes. They are tawny, a lionesses gaze as she surveys the crowd coolly. A few drops of rain glint in her darkly russet curls, her hair is up. Under the cloak she is dressed for riding, leather breeches, tall boots, a bodice worn over a soft blouse. Her cloth is good, very good but subdued, all in black. The mark of color or ostentation on her are her red lips, the velvet choker at her throat, a gold, heart shaped locket depends there, and the glint of steel at her waist. The Lady is armed. She steps into the room the tap of her heels just audible over the low murmur of the crowd….Angels seeks food and a place to stay before proceeding to the City.

At a table in a corner, a man sits while enjoying his food and drink. Samuel looks up as the lady enters, offering a brief nod in greeting before he takes another sip from his wine. His jacket and hat placed off to the side, it looks like he's been at the Inn for a while so far.

The room is crowded, thanks to the weather, Angelique removes her gloves, tapping them into her palm as she considers her option. The her felid gaze lights, spotting one she may know. He is alone, the table large. Without further adieu, she stalks towards the man, cloak flaring like wings as she does. Once close enough, the generous mouth curve in a smile. It touches those remarkable eyes. "Pardon good Sir…Samuel is it?" Her voice is low, soft but carrying. Like velvet and smoke.

"My lady," Samuel offers in return, looking up from the meal again. "I hope the day finds you well?" It's offered with a nod and a brief smile, before he adds, "Have a seat." Gesturing to one of the unoccupied seats at the table now.

"Thank you, Sir Samuel." Angel's smile flashes, white teeth showing for a moment. Perhaps her recalls her, a t'Corbeau? She drapes her cloak beside her, spread to dry. Perhaps also discourage others…"This weather, so unpleasant for travel. Every other time I journey to Lonnaire, something like the happens. I suspect it is why they built the Bull." She laughs lightly. Then a servant approaches, she orders bread, fruit and cheese. And mulled wine. That done she turns to Samuel. "I recall you, up North, it was a bloody affray. It has been a while." The Lady is young indeed, but something in her eyes, bespeaks..experience.

Samuel smiles. "Maybe you have just picked the wrong days to travel, lady… Angelique, right?" Nodding as he hears the rest of what's said, "It has. I hope you have been well since then." Taking another sip from his wine, he adds, "It's a good place, this one."

"Angelique it is indeed." Her accent is…not. Clearly well educated, but just as when they first met, it would be hard to place her origins. Of course, Samuel does know them. "If so, I should love to know how to pick the /right/ days…" Shaking her head ruefully Angel laughs again, low and soft…she watches the Knight with wide eyes. "I have been well, since then, following my path, my duty…." She trails off as the wench brings her meal, is paid generously and leave. She sips from the mug, licking her lips childishly. "Ahh, still my favorite drink, especially after a long ride. I come from Rovilon today. And you my Lord?"

"Oh, those would be the ones without rain," comes the light-hearted reply from the l'Corren knight. Nodding a bit as he hears the rest of it, offering another smile. "Ah, the path of duty. We all know that, after all." Nodding a bit at what's said. "I have been well. Attending to my duty as well. Unfortunately that caused me to miss the last tournament, but that's how it is."

"THe one without rain…" Angel places a hand against her forehead, palm out. "Alas for me, I never realized that!" She leans back as if in swoon, very clearly play-acting. Her laugh this time is clear, musical. She sits up again, tears off a piece of bread, some of the sharp cheese. "Yes, duty before pleasure, before all really. As it should be…" She takes a bite….

There's a brief chuckle as he sees that reaction. "Ah, well now you know?" Samuel remarks with a grin, nodding as he hears the rest. "Every now and then, duty and pleasure can be combined, though." Eating some more of the stew he had ordered earlier, he smiles.

Angel listens,head tilted, eyes watchful. There is still that enigmatic half-smile on her lips. She drinks, watching him over the rim of her glass. Lowering it, she drops that tawny gaze, considering her drink it seems. One long finger traces the rim…"At times, yes the two can be one…" Returning from wherever her thoughts had flown, she looks up, there is some spark of mischief there.

Samuel nods as he takes another sip from his wine. Staying silent for now, as he seems to be lost in thought as well.

Angel watches the man, sighs. "I hope my acting was not that bad, my Lord. I can sing for your perhaps. Lift those spirits?" She watches him closely, looking for a spark.

Samuel chuckles. "No, no. Of course not, my lady. I was merely lost in thought for a little while." Another smile is offered. "So, what have you been doing since we last met?"

Angelique smiles at his mirth. But that question…so many things she is and has done, so many secrets. From the war he likely knows she servers the Crown, through Saigner. She thinks hard, did he ever seen her with the armband? He knows she served as scout and spy, Noble though she is. But that is what her family is known for. "I have been on errands far and wide, traveling, carrying missives, speaking to many." She lean her elbows on the table, cup on both hands, smiling over it. "Some duty, some pleasure, some…both." She chuckles in her turn…

Samuel nods as he hears that. "Far and wide, hmmm? New and exciting places, I hope?" Another sip of the wine as he studies her for a few moments.

"Many places indeed, my Lord. All over Couviere, elsewhere…" Her smile, curve of red lips, tawny eyes watching. As watchful and playful as a Cat. Perhaps more a /friendly/ lioness…"As for you, your duties. have they taken you places so interesting?"

"Oh, not that many exciting places, probably. Mostly just at home, these days. But hopefully that might change in the future, right? I mean, it never hurts getting to go somewhere else from time to time."

Samuel replies, with another brief chuckle.

"Ah sad that such boring travels led you to miss the tourney, Still there will be others one, No?" Angel raises her cup in toast. "To the future, may it prove fruitful!"

"Ah, yes. There will be others. Which is very good. Always nice to test oneself against others, after all." Samuel replies, before he raises his own cup. "To the future."

"To testing oneself…" The Wraith adds…it might well be the credo by which Angelique lives…Her cup touches against his then they both drink deeply.

That particular aspect isn't too different between wraith and knight. After all, testing oneself is core to both their professions. Drinking deeply, Samuel smiles again, nodding a bit. "Testing oneself."

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