(1866-07-19) A Quiet Ride
A Quiet Ride
Summary: Seeking a break from the city and Court, Emilia and Graham go out for a little ride in the country side. Various matters and sundries are discussed between the Cassomir cousins.
Date: 1866-07-19
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Sunsreach Countryside - Sunsreach - Rivana
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While it was a matter of duty to add in looking after the matter of her uncle's murder, Emilia could only handle the city…or more specifically the Court for so long. With dinner parties and summons to the palace in the same week, the 'touched' one had needed to break free for awhile. Having prepared to go riding in the morning, her intentions having been made known to her cousin if he had wished to join her as well. A few huntresses had shadowed along when setting out, mainly to keep watch upon the future King's sister. Or more so to ensure her protection. A glance over to Graham after they had gone aways from the city,"Is nice this of quiet. The lack of added of eyes of about." "

"The diffrence is striking. I am always amazed that jsut a few short miles from cities, the air feels cleaner.. the hum of the city dies down, and you relaize that you can feel it even if you block it out after a while its still there." He rides beside his cousin and of course the fretting knight went along not only to escape the city but wth his favorite cousin and a fretapalooza. "Hm the eyes yes, i'm afraid once more you've been proven correct many more know my name now than i'd thought so." he chuckles.

"It is much of striking. But of glad of the need to be not of going to of far of away for such of a reprive from of it all." Emilia taking a deep breathe as she takes in the bit of countryside. It wasn't Ironhold, but…it was enough for now. There is a hint of a tug to the corner of her lips,"Is not for of bad of reason of though, of aye? Since they are of knowing because of your of winning of tournament, for of skills had. Of aye?"

Graham chuckles and nods to her words "That is true, or we'd never get to experience it if it was further afield." The Lord and knight takes a deep breath himself as they ride and enjoys the air he looks over to her and sees the Emilia-ish smile "No its not a bad reason, or well reasons my placement in the tournament is one your brother and my cousin is the other. Did you know… that he is to be the king." he winks knowing she's been hearing all about it. "There were comparison mades between the two of us during the tournament I had to put them to rest.. I will never be that skilled."

Emilia nods a little bit,"Of true, would be of truly of issue of then am of thinking. If took of longer to get away from of city." She takes a little breathe,"Am of wondering of how much of longer must of being of here. Til justice is being of fond? Not even quite of sure why I must be of along for of this. I of understand of purpose of show at of start, the of pageantry of it. Apperance must be of made, of expected…even if wouldn't be of noticed of otherwise, of really." Leat not by the Court. Dark eyes flicker over towards Graham,"Of really? Had not yet been of hearing of that. Should be of talking to of him and asking of him on why he'd not been of talking to of me about of this little of detail." Oh yes, she had heard. The fallout…was astounding. Emilia shakes her head a little bit,"It is to be of expected, the of comparison. Being of Cassomir of alone, even if Jaren is being of much of skilled, he not of only of skilled of Cassomir. You of know of this. Of perhaps he is better than most, but our of House has turned out many of fine of knight."

"Yes indeed, you might want to ask him why he didnt say anything.. rather important that." Graham says with a grin he'll ride over closer to his cousin though and take a deep breath one hand off the reins he'll reach over and give her a one armed hug and a kiss to the cheek. "I have seen it before, but everytime I do I hate it a little more.." he starts and there is some frustration to his voice. "How can they ingore you like that. They dont even know you.. your as intelligent as anyone of them and perhaps more so.. and surely more wise." he shakes his head "I'd like to think… even if we werent family i'd still see you the way I do now, because its the right thing to do.."

"I will be of sure to have of words of with of him about of this, for of sure. " Emilia giving a faint one of those corner tugging smiles. It was known, least to the family, jaren had made ure the announcement were delays so he could make sure they were aware. There is a small shrug,"They of see…of hear what they are of wanting to. Is how it has always of been. They take no of notice. To of them, I am of no of worth…beyond being of sister to of future of King." Leaning a touch into the one-armed hung. Causing Onyie to prance just a touch, Emilia gives him a slight pat to calm him. "It is of ok, am of guessing. Used to of it in of ways after all of these of years. Expect of it, of really. I would not of go to such of things, if I could. But you know know as of well as I, duty requires of it of me. So I of go as of expected. " There is a glance to him, leaning to give a one arm ed hug back to him,"I am of sure you would be one of those who did see of me, like of Clara. Because that is of whoh you are of being."

Graham gives her another squeeze as the hug is returned by her and he takes a deep breath nodding "Well for what it may be worth. I will never ignore you. I am always interested in what you have to say because it is insightful, and I value your advice. Those who chose to close their ears and cover their eyes are missing out on that insight." He nods to her at the last bit he'll take his proper riding place so her horse will relax. "Her Highness, does seem to have a good head on her shoulders, I am glad for the friendship struck up between you two."

"I am of knowing of that," Emilia says, though there is a faint sideways glance before he adds,"unless there is a Cathrynn being of about. Then you are of only of having of eyes for of her. Especially if she is of being in of dress. " Faintly teasing her cousin about his consort, and of course the fact the Huntress had actually dawned a dress for the tournament ball. The consort didn't have duty force her into a dress as much as Emilia and Adrienne did. Emilia nods a little,"As of am I. Though I think she is of glad and greatful as of well."

The knight will stick his tongue out at her at the teasing about Cathrynn though it of course in turn is just teasing himself. "Yes well that appearance cost me a promise of a week long camping trip upon our return to Ironhold. I suppose that doesnt really get me off the hook for being wrapped around her fingers does it." he chuckles softly and nods about Clara "Indeed, it was good to see the brief moments when she came out of her shell to cheer and what not." Graham says honestly. He looks over to her he smirks mischieviously at his cousin.. sighing deeply and fakely theatrical.. "Than from my beloved cousin Emilia.. I get the stoic family face." he does his best impression even but cannot hold it together and a grin splits his face not long after.

A brow raises just slightly,"Was that really of costing of you? Such of a trial, I am of sure, having to of spend of a week off, all of alone with of her. " Emilia shakes her head a bit. "You would have of done of that of anyways, if she had been of asking. You of just got of bonus of getting her in of dress. Think you won out in of that, not of it cost of you, mine-cousin." Emilia nods a bit,"It is of good, I think she is coming out of more so, becoming more of comfortable in of ways with being in of Rivana. Of here being of home and who she is of being. Was much of change for of her, world being of turned up of side of down in of it all. " A hand turns in the air as she looks to him with that ever familiar stoic expression as he makes his theatrial display,"Cannot be of helping…it is of my best of face after of all. Is it of not?" Managing to make some fun of herself in that way. Even if she could perhaps never truly explain just what all was going on in her head in a given moment that required such, near demanded the stoic expression to be in play.

Graham chuckles and smirks a little afterwards "Perhaps so if she'd asked, but this time I have won a small victory and you all looked beautiful together so it was worth it." The knight smiles broadly eh small victories right? "I bet that it was a major change to be sure, but glad she is adjusting." He will look to her as she speaks about the stoic face but he grins "It is a good face, but alas i'm spoiled my dear cousin.." he pauses and looks to her the teasing is gone since this is sincere and truthful. "I have seen you /smile/ on more than one occasion.." he says fondly of those moments.

"Suppose it is of Cathrynn's own of fault for not of asking of then, to be of paying of price to gain of trip." Emilia shakes her head a little bit,"Suppose, in of truth, is not so much the wearing of dress so of much that is minded, but of…reason that is requiring of it." Not going on to explain, for by now, surely her cousin knows the occasions, what they entail. Inclining her head to him,"Of thanking, though you ar emuch of biased on of such matters, mine-cousin." Emilia gives a little nod,"I am of knowing you have, and Destrian wishes of smiles and of laughter of well, from of me. " Laughter…now that was a true rarity! "Such things are there…just do not always manage to find of way of out is all. Gets caught in of web, diminshed before can be of seen..of heard."

"Perhaps she should have yes, but it was still a fun evening and that is important. I wouldnt trick Catrhynn on anything that was important of course, nor that would cause her harm." Graham knows this is truth without being said but still. He smiles "Perhaps I am, but I still mean my words all the same." he listens further and nods to her. "I know it is there, and sometimes cannot escape.. I treasure it everytime that it can." he has another moments which come up from time to time thoughtful about his cousin. "I wish i could more often help such things break through or.. well help at all though I do not know.." well anything really just the public story and the oddities he's seeen from here and wishes he did know more.

Emilia gives a little nod of her head as they continue to ride along,"I would not of think you would of trick of her, or of rightly that she could be of tricked of easily. In of truth, doubt she would of showed up of in of dress if she was likely not of wishing to of, and of imagine she wished to see of your of face when she did of so." he does shake her head a little bit,"Though of truly, she is of disappointing, not knowing of to just of ask?" AH, that deadpan Cassomir humor showing up there. There is a slight nod that comes,"There are times…when it is of being of easier." Though to explain just how or way…would be difficult. "You help just by of being of you and of being yet of mine-cousin, mine-friend. Surely you are of knowing of that, Graham?"

Graham chuckles softly and rides on a bit in thought before he speaks in return to all of her words. "Your right, if she didnt wish to there is no trickery that she would fall for. She is a Huntress afterall." He comments listening to the response on his other words from before these are tougher as well pressing would be bad. "I know Emilia, and I wouldnt change that for anything. I will never change how I see you only grow more fond. I love my cousin." he says truthfuly family. "I just sometimes wish I knew… more… I am sorry Emilia just thinking to much." he says hoping she's not mad at him.

The bit of silence is ridden in easily enough, simply enjoying that turn in the countryside. "Of aye, she is of being a Huntress. " There is a side long glance towards Graham, a small tug to the corners of Emilia's lips,"And I am of loving of mine-cousin as well. " There is a small shake of her head,"You are not of the only of one who wihes of that, wishes they knew of more, knew of way to help of more…way to make things…to of well..to undo of what was of done. " It was a truth. "There is nothing to be sorry for. "

"I know, and I am glad for that more so than counts with the words." Graham says of her loving him in return it is family which truly presses him to be his best and to push on with everything. He turns in his saddle to look at her when she continues to answer him. "I am sure that im not, many people who count.. do care for you me included." He sighs his breath coming out quickly. "I promised i'd never change how I feel about you.. or how I see you and I stick to that promise. If ever I do.. learn more just know that it will /not/ change anything and who knows maybe I can help.. I am stuborn to a fault afterall when i've put my mind to something." he gives her a soft smile.

It was a thing that Emilia understood well, it was family that had given her reason to fight, and continued to give her reason to fight each day. That war within her head. "I am of knowing, there of people who of care, that of count…and that is what of matters in of the end," there is a little tugs to the corners of her mouth," not of all the stuffy ones about of Court." Emilia cants her head a bit, studying Graham with those dark brown eyes with that stoic expression of hers for a few moments after those words. She knew he had witnessed enough..odd behavior not to have some questions. "I know you are of stubborn, and see of me… If there is of ever of anything that you can be of helping of with…I will of let of you know. " Even the Archbishop Sirrah was amongst those who still sought to help Emilia, checking in upon her yet from time to time. It might be a small group, but it was certainly quite the group that saw Emilia yet and wished to help her. "Come of though, we should of turn of about and see of back to of the city before of the sky of darkens, else you know you will fret about the fire of flies carting me of off." Lightly teasing her cousin.

Graham looks over to her and he smiles softly. "Yes there are." he says of people who care. He meets her gaze his own locked on hers a moment in questioning, wondering though he knows he might have to leave his mind at knowing he's seen odd things and that there was a change and just be satisfied with being here for ehr. "Thank you for hearing me out Emilia." he says warmly but nods to her assessment of the time "If fire flies have learned such tricks I truy must fret there could be no other answer. He turns his horse around and will wait for her to do the same to ride with her.

That gaze is held in those moments. Emilia saw the questions there, but she knew as well that some things were also best left unknown, unspoken. Or in some cases, some things she was simply not given leave to speak about. "You are of welcome, though you I will of always of listen." There is a corner tugging smile,"Perhaps if they come enmass, but let us not of find of out. Of aye?" Turning Onyie about to head back towards the city, at one point setting off to race him a bit.

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