(1866-07-20) Intrigued
Summary: Angel reports to Covin, he has…proposals for her
Date: 1866-07-20
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Angelique  Corvin  

Wraith Commander's Office, Lonnaire
Room description

Corvin Fremont sits in the office of the Wraith Commander, atop the North tower of Highwater Castle. For the moment, he is alone, but it doesn't look as though he's planning to be for long, given that there's decent wine and empty cups arrayed, which actually isn't all that common up here. He's seated in one of the chairs (not at his desk), poring over a small pile of papers, though he looks rather relaxed, even if focused.

The floors below are their usual hum of activity, with Wraiths coming and going, training, eating, sleeping…all that sort of thing. What you'd normally expect, really. Nothing out of sorts, for the moment.

Angelique t'Corbeau has had time to freshen from her journey. Here, among her new Family, she has little reason to hide who she is, her leathers are cleaned, her linen laundered and darkly fresh; even the plume of her hat is more jaunty than its wont.
The tall, dark-haired girl strolls with pantherine grace, nodding to acquaintances, tawny eyes alert and bright. She pauses before the door of her Commander, then raps lightly with gloved knuckles…

"Good evening, Lady Angelique. Do come in." Corvin glances up towards the door, "Please, have a seat. Would you care for some wine?" He gestures towards the bottle and empty cups, smiling just a bit, "How was your journey from Rovilon? I didn't have much opportunity to catch up with you since your return." He rises to his feet, moving across the room so that he might give the Lady a perfectly proper hand-kiss, "I do hope you've been well…."

Angelique enters, gliding to Corvin, soundlessly as ever. Her own enigmatic smile grows, touching that lioness gaze. "Corvin, a pleasure as ever…" Voice a smokey soft purr. "Yes, thank you that would be lovely." She offers her hand, if taken she gives his a light squeeze of familiarity, obviously enjoying his gallantry. "Ah, there has been so much to do since I got back, I know you have been busy. As to that journey, it was well, if stormy at times. But never boring!" She laughs, a soft sound, deep and musical, more felt than heard. "I am well, thank you. I hope I find as well…."

"I'm well enough, thank you." Corvin replies, moving to pour a couple glasses of wine, moving over to offer one towards Angelique and gesturing towards a nearby couch, where he moves to seat himself in one of the comfortable chairs just a bit beside it, turning somewhat to face her more directly, looking qiute curious, "Stormy? Do you mean purely the weather? Or were matters exceptionally interesting?"

Angel sits, accepts the glass, sips appreciatively. "A bit of both actually. One blew up halfway here, I took shelter in a small cave…" She sips again, savoring both taste and the audience. "Others had the same idea. Which would have been well had they not decided to take advantage of that which the storm brought to them. It went…poorly for them." This time her smile shows teeth amidst the curve of red lips. The little heart charm at her throat gleams in the light, tinkling faintly…

"Ah. Shame on them. Though even for you, travelling alone? Not usual for a woman of your station, Milady." Corvin's tone is mildly admonishing, but only a bit, "We wouldn't want you to attract too much attention." He shrugs, taking a sip of his own wine, "But ah well, sounds as though there aren't exactly many witnesses remaining." He smiles a bit sardonically, and leans back in the chair, "But it's good you've returned. Recent matters could use a more subtle hand, and among the Wraiths there are few that are as well suited to that as yourself."

"You are right, as ever Corvin. The Party I traveled with were laggardly and I wished so to return Home." Once can hear the Capitols in the velvet voice. "As to witnesses, the Ravens fed well and I think they will not be telling an secrets." Angel shrugs, "What can one do, but I shall endeavor to apply more discretion…" Then her Commanders last words catch her attention. "Ohhh, subtlety Corvin? That does sound…interesting. Do tell me more." She all but purrs this last, like a great cat waking from a cozy nap to scent prey…

"No bloodshed should be necessary, but as you no doubt know, my sister's wedding approaches, and over the next few weeks we will be receiving a great many guests from the other Duchies, and possibly even from Rivana, for all I know, though that is less certain." Corvin sips his wine again, "So as simple as it may seem, I'll need you to keep your ears open. The King's Grand Treaty awaits, and the more we can know about what the other Houses of the land might seek to gain in the intense amount of maneuvering that will result from the crafting of this treaty, the better positioned we will be to get what we might want…as well as to insure that these criss-crossing agendas do not put Couviere itself unwittingly at risk."

"Ahh, watch and listen…and among those who see me as a peer, or least a member of the same party…" Angels smile is cool now, the Wraith are her family, really. Her secret brothers and sisters. "I can certainly do that." She blinks, languidly, thinking. "I have many contacts, here and can make /friends/ among those where I have few.." Her sources in Couviere are a quiet, if small legend among the Wraith, her abilities to charm others a rather greater one. She smiles again, teeth white. This smile might almost pass for genuine amusement, even for those knowing her well. Corvin knows her very well. She will very much enjoy the game…as will those she targets.

"Nothing too overt, though I have little fear of that with you. A bit of gentle coaxing here, a light prodding there…just enough to get them to offer up a bit more than might be wise." He laughs, grinning rather cheekily, "Ahhh, listen to me. You know your business, Angelique, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know." He laughs and sips his wine again, "I have little doubt that the Grand Treaty will be quite a topic of conversation, or very easy to turn the conversation towards."

Angelique laughs, lightly. "Oh No, nothing over the top. That is not how the game is played. Be friendly, approachable, even…impressionable and they will start talking, if only to impress." Her gaze is indulgent, she knows he does little without reason, just as she. She sips again, regarding him over the rim of the glass. "Yes, the tendency is to share, to try to learn what others think…."She shrugs again, eloquently. "The trick is to let them give more than you…" She blinks slowly, smiling, evidently already planning…"I can think of several to start with, each leading to another." Her gaze snaps back to the here and now. 'Thank you Corvin, I do relish such."

"My pleasure, Lady Angelique. Why shouldn't we have a bit of fun while we work, hmm?" Corvin replies, chuckling softly once more, "Once the wedding is past, I do rather suspect that you might well be included among the rest of the Lonnaire contingent when it comes to the actual diplomatic party. For much the same reasons I'm giving you this particular task, with the added bonus that it will provide an additional level of security for our envoys."

Angelique lifts her glass in toast to Corvin, smiling. At the mention of the Envoys, her smile does not fade, rather it becomes…more intense. "In that case I shall do my utmost to ensure their safety. My ears shall be open, my eyes wide and my claws sharp." Her voice is soft, intent, her eyes gleam. She raises the glass higher now. "To l'Saigner!"

Corvin lifts his glass in kind, "Hear, hear." He smiles, fairly sincerely, at that, and takes a healthy sip. "Now then…tell me about what else you've been about of late. Anything interesting beyond your journey back from Rovilon?"

Angelique drinks in turn, lowers it. her own smile is back to the knowing one all see. "Oh there is much to tell, gossip and rumor, smoke and shadows, all outlining something of the truth." She pauses, smirks. "And here I was supposed to be on leave. One can take time away, but one never, ever is truly /off duty/…" She laughs, a light sound now, with something like true amusement….

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