(1866-07-22) Tired?
Summary: Graham and Cat go out into the wilderness for a camping trip.
Date: July 22, 1866
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Sunsreach Countryside
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July 22, 1866

The search hasnt brought up many clues and the weeks have turned into months or so since the Tournament up north. The Cassomir contingent still remains helping track down the assassin along with many others, but people do need a break from such things. It is evening and a bit away from town where there are some forested areas and two travel back looking like they have had a long day they each carry food in the form of what they've hunted that day. Graham looks back "I am glad you had this idea love, it was quiet needed." he says as they enter camp and can set the food down at a place where other animals cant get it.

Cathrynn walks alongside Graham with a game bag slung over her shoulder, bow on the other shoulder, quiver on her back. She's used to hauling stuff around so the backpack beneath it all, doesn't bother her. She slings the game bag off her shoulder and smiles over at Graham, "It's always what is needed," she replies to him.

Graham chuckles lightly as he looks back slinging off his own bow and his pack he'll begin gathering twigs and such for a fire, given the sun will soon be setting. "If you are happy, than I am, though i'd like to have time when we go home to just stay there its been what over a month two now since we left for the Tournament or something near it." He will begin using the striker to make sparks and it catches he'll tend the fire until it grows spreading warmth through the camp. Hm next is the tent.

Cat smiles and then nods, "I'm always mostly happy," she says then she drags out the tent while he works on starting the fire. She spreads out the canvas and lays out the stakes then goes about the normal steps to erecting the tent as she normally would. This one is bigger than the one she puts up for herself but the the method is the same at least. "I will be happy to be home as well."

The knight and lord moves over to help with the tent, but its not too difficult and soon it will be up. "Mostly happy eh? What can I do to make you even more happy than that? It is my ambition you see." he smiles though the talk of home is met with a sigh "Well glad we agree that home is the place for us at least as long as we're able to." he ponders "Can finally settle in, havent been able to do that since we became bound to each other." he sighs content.

"Well I'd claim to always be happy but we both know that isn't true, no one is always happy," Cathrynn says. "You make me happy, Graham, any time I am not it has nothing to do with you," she assures the man. She nods, "That's true..we've been on the move ever since.. sadly I think that is how it will always be."

Graham grins "No, that would be quite improbably for someone to never be unhappy. I'd probably worry about them honesty." He looks over after the chores are done for the camp, or well until the cooking and such will need to be done which he'll help with anyway he can. "I dont think it will be.. not forever.. I mean we've talked about setting down some roots.. starting a family.. that will be the start of it at least."

Cathrynn grins too then she nods, "I know we've talked about it.. we both have duties to tend to.." she says. "It just seems like most times we have responsibilities that require our attention, maybe once we are home it won't seem that way," she says. She exhales, "I'm.. weary.. all the walking and hunting.." she says.

He nods "We do indeed, and they are important but so are we the "us" part I mean is very imporatant. Graham thinks a moment on this fact "It is likely the case home seems to do that.. traveling and seeing new places is fun.. but I miss our room.. and bed." The Lord looks over to her as she speaks of being weary from the day. "Are you feeling ill my love?" he will move to place his arm around her waist "Come sit by the fire? The camp's all but ready i'll just go fill the water for tonight." if she will sit he kisses her lips and will move to the stream nearby and fills the bucket before coming back.

Cat smiles and then shakes her head gently, "Not ill.. just tired.." she says. She does sit and stretches out her legs then watches him go for the water. "I miss our bed too.. and my bathtub.. I am becoming spoiled.." she says with a laugh. She is down to just her tunic and leggings and boots, all her other stuff laid aside so she can relax.

Graham nods when he's back with the bucket of water moving back to her. He will lean down and kiss her lips gently. "I've only begun to spoil you Cathrynn." He is glad to see that she's down to being more comfortable "Feet tired love?" he asks of her setting the water down before he moves to sit down beside her.

Cathrynn kisses him back softly then touches his cheek, "Well I won't protest," she says with a laugh. She nods a little, "They are but not bad.." she says. "What about you? Are you weary too? We covered a lot of ground today.." she comments.

"I sure hope not, on my spoiling you, and giving you all that I have to offer." Graham leans into her touch smiling big "I wouldnt listen that time." He says softly and nods about her feet and will lean down swinging her legs and feet across his lap. He will remove her boots and socks and will begin rubbing one foot first. "A little weary though not bad. I just havent known you to be weary and sore afer a hike or perhaps you finally trust me enough to tell me?" he grins continuing his work on her left foot first.

Cathrynn grins then he's taking off her boots and socks and rubbing her feet?! She leans back onto her hands and her head drops back as she gazes up at the sky, "Trust you enough to tell you what?" she asks, though she doesn't look at him, eyes on the sky, toes wiggling. Nope. Nothing to see here. Well, hear, here.

He will continue his work reaching over to his pack he'd brought some oils for bathing while they are out here and all properties for removing aches and pains with ingredients in it. Graham will put a bit on his hands and rub them into the foot he's been working on doing an extra good job, before a little more oil and starting the next foot. He seems confused at her question and not meeting his gaze. "That even you get tired and weary my dearest." he says smiling though he looks curious. "Are you sure your well? What do you think I meant?"

Cat watches him then blinks up at him and shakes her head, "That's what I thought you meant.. right.. I do get tired, I know it's strange and seems impossible," she says with a laugh. "I'm fine love, honest.." she says and stretches out long.

Graham looks over but he will nod to her words though perhaps thinking the answer is odd or perhaps way she's acting maybe. "It does seem both strange and impossible." He comments laughing along with her he will finish up on her foot. "Hope that helps my sweet." He says "Any other ache's or hurts?" he asks her wraping his arms around her when she stretches out.

Cathrynn just smiles then snuggles up to Graham's side, "No love, I'm fine.. we can just get some rest and I will be right as a spring rain tomorrow," she says. "When do you think we'll head home?"

He smiles gladly to feel her close to him and drapes his arms around her. "Yes rest is good I still have some of our packed food maybe we can eat that tonight that hit the tent?" Graham leans over and kisses her lips two or three times. "From this camping trip? I hope we get a few days.. If you mean back to Ironhold, I am not sure we need to figure out this whole mystery first. The Queen herself has charged us with it." he will brush her cheek "Soon I hope though."

She snuggles up close and then nods, "Yes that sounds good.." and she kisses him back softly. "A few days will be nice.. and I hope things are wrapped up soon so we may return to Ironhold," she adds. She nuzzles his hand then kisses him again, resting against his side comfortably.

Graham holds onto her "I think so and hope on both accounts." He says about the days here and hopefuly returning back home soon. "I love you, let my grab my pack to get that food, then we'll go to the tent." He grabs the packed food items and then will lean down to scoop her up and moves over to the tent. The Lord lays her down upon the bedding head on a pillow. I will make you up some food." he will offer it over and make his own.

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