(1866-07-27) An Invitation Received
An Invitation Received
Summary: Lord Joffrey t'Synclarre and his wife Gwendolyn receive a wedding invitation, and start planning the trip to attend.
Date: 7/27/1866
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Joffrey's Office
A moderately sized and neatly-kept office in Edgebrooke Hall.
Juilliet 27, 1866 IA

Warnings: Some Sexual Innuendo and General Mushiness!

The Lady Gwendolyn t'Synclarre (nee l'Corren) has now had roughly a month to familiarize herself with her new home of Edgebrooke. It's been an exceedingly pleasant few weeks, both in terms of weather, and in terms of general atmosphere. She's met the important servants and Knights that serve the House, and played hostess for a few nobles of neighboring fiefs, most notably those of House t'Vir, to whom Joffrey seems quite well-disposed. She's watched the training of Horses, and received one of her own, of course…she may not be accustomed to riding mighty war-horses (though no doubt she's ridden a few, given her heritage), but one of the perks of breeding them is that you can advertise your product by using a few of them as riding horses. Despite the breed, though, the animal is of a gentle disposition…perhaps that's why the mare has been tasked with riding duty. A location has been selected and begun to be converted into a Healer's Den, as well, though it will still be at least a few weeks before it is fully functional. And in-between all that, the pair has most certainly carried on like a pair of newlyweds, which…for all intents and purposes they still are.

But all is quiet this late afternoon, as Joffrey sits in his office, answering various bits of correspondence and otherwise handling the business of running the fairly small fief. Whether he realizes it or not, he's humming a cheerful tune, and may in fact have a bit of a silly little smile accompanying it. Seems to be a mostly-permanent fixture these days. The afternoon sun shines through the windows of one wall, giving the room a certain warmth and a great deal of light, at least for the moment.

And, Joffrey's new wife isn't one to give up on anything so given the task of learning to ride a bigger, tougher horse, well, she's embracing it. The horses are beautiful specimens and her mare is so sweet, how could she not adore her. Gwen has taken quite well to her task of overseeing the remodeling to accommodate a Healer's Den, her moment to shine, as it were, given it's something she is passionate about and something on which she can consider herself an expert. She walks in from handling a little bit of business related to that task and smiles, pausing in the doorway to watch and listen to Joffrey, folding her arms at her middle. After a few moments she enters the room fully and walks to Joffrey, bending to kiss him on the cheek, resting her hands on his shoulders, "Hello there, husband, is your correspondence so joyful that it makes you sing?" she asks teasingly.

"Hmmm," Joffrey notes, pursing his lips in a frown, but his eyes are far more smiling than matching that expression, "I somehow think it's less about the correspondence than it is the company, wife." He grins, slightly, and gives his wife a brief-but-playful wink. "There is some news of interest to you, though…it seems your brother's wedding is now officially scheduled. Your mother sent us an invitation." He plucks up the parchment that bears the invitation in question, offering it towards Gwen, "We'll have to decide if we want to travel via Gate or take a more leisurely journey, though if we go with the latter, we'll obviously have to leave much sooner." He leans back in his chair, considering, "Still, if that's what we decide, it shouldn't be too terribly hard to plan a route and pay visits to a few other places along the way. Mostly in Murnord and Ostvor, I'd imagine."

She narrows a look at the frown then grins at the wink and nods her head, "I fully accept responsibility," she says, gently rubbing his shoulders. Gwen perks and a brow lifts, "Oh? Oh!" she chirps then takes the invitation and reads over it, "How wonderful, a wedding!" she says then she nods. "Hmm.. I am inclinced to take the scenic route, the gate sickness is.. well.. I don't mind it when it's necessary but if we can do other things along the way, I'd love to avoid it," she says in answer. "Are you sure you don't mind taking a long trip?"

"Things here seem to be running smoothly enough. The herds are strong, and we were fortunate not to have been struck by the Tirians." Joffrey smiles, drumming his fingers on the table a bit, "I think we can spare the time. We'll be back well in advance of the harvest, and I'll be sure to get as much done as I can between now and my departure so my Uncle shouldn' be too troubled unless something unusual happens." He adds, "I've had several invitations from various worthies to pay a visit…" He smirks a bit ruefully, "I suppose if I'm going to be famous, I may as well take some small advantage of the benefits that may come with it, hmm?" Joffrey's profile certainly has risen considerably after the Second Siege and the Battle of Three Crowns. A mantle he's not entirely comfortable with, though like most things in his life, he simply trusts to the wisdom of the One and does his best to roll with it.

Gwen nods her head and then lays the invitation on the desk and walks to a window to look out into the coming dusk. "And, if we need to we could gate back.. " she says. She nods, "I would imagine your attendence is in demand, more so now," she agrees. She looks back to the man at the desk and smiles, "There are some benefits you may not take advantage of," she says with an arch of brow. She has no idea but surely there are women.. who wish. After all, look at him. "So when shall we leave then?" she asks.

"I wasn't talking about that/." Joffrey murmurs, more embarrassedly sheepish than defensive about it, but the glimmer of humor returns a moment later, "As for when we leave. It'll likely take at least a few days to get everything in order. We'll need a proper escort, and provisions for the journey." He waves a hand, "It won't be as bad as I'm making it sound. Hardly the first such trip I've organized. So…Perhaps a week from now? Possibly a touch sooner. Some of it may depend on the route we choose to follow."

Gwendolyn laughs softly and nods to her husband, "Yes, I know.. but it's fun to tease you," she says to him. She returns her gaze to the window though she looks at him in the reflection occasionally, "I trust you with the details, the Healer's Den is almost done and if they aren't they would welcome a little bit of a break I'm sure," she muses. "Oh I am excited now.. and I need to find a gift.. and a gown.."

"Damn. We might not be able to afford the trip after the gift and gown." Joffrey notes with a frown, but the wink that again follows reveals it for the jest that it is. "I suppose those two will largely be your task for the week, then, while I organize the caravan, modest though it may be." He smiles, "But I think we can safely avoid worrying too much over any of those things until tomorrow."

Gwendolyn laughs softly, "I will skimp on the gift, it's just Gabriel," she says, waving a hand. Siblings. She nods, "I will take care of those, you see to the other.. yes, starting tomorrow," she says. She turns and walks toward the desk then drags her finger across the top of it to his hand then up his arm and across his shoulders then down the other arm, "And what shall we worry about tonight? Do you need to answer more letters?" she asks.

"Not that can't wait until tomorrow." Joffrey replies, leaning back in his chair and grinning somewhat upside-downly at his wife, "I'm beginning to suspect you're suggesting we retire early, Gwen." He chuckles and adds, "Though we probably should at least wait until after dinner, I'd say." He grins, "After all, our version of "retiring" of late seems to require a lot of energy."

Gwen nods her head at his first answer then she grins at his antics and it's her turn to get a sheepish expression, "Who me? No…" she says, shaking her head. She'd not suggest such a thing. She presses her lips together and nods her head, "That is true.. especially at your age, you might need a nap first.." she teases, then grins at him. She really was teasing! Ahem.

"Too true, too true." Joffrey plays along, "I'm likely to start going grey any day now. I'll need a pipe and a cane and I'll spend my days sitting on the balcony feeding birds while you dote on me." He teases, moving to rise from his chair, moving over to Gwen and pulling her into his arms, leaning down to give her a kiss that makes it quite clear there's plenty of fire left in him. "Well, regardless of what you did or didn't mean, I think retiring early sounds like a lovely idea…after dinner." He releases her now, save for an arm around her waist, and gestures towards the door, "Shall we go see what's been prepared?"

Gwen laughs again and then shakes her head at him. She curls into his embrace and smiles, "Grey, pipe, it matters not…at your side is where I'll be, and you'll be doing more than feeding birds, you are much to virile to be content sitting on the patio," she says with a grin. She kisses him back firmly then pulls back and exhales a sweet little sigh, "Yes, love, after dinner..if we skip they will know something is..up.." and she dares not a look at him, catching her own pun only after it's out of her mouth.

Joffrey laughs, softly and warmly, adding with an entirely bemused twinkle in his eye, "You're my wife and the Lady of Edgebrooke, Gwen. If something wasn't "up" they'd likely be worried." He leans down and kisses his wife's cheek, likely now a bit warm from a touch of blush as he stage-whispers, "I'm fairly sure they have a strong idea of what we're up to in those chambers." He teases, and even punctuates it with a playful little swat at his wife's derrieire. "Come on, love. Dinner awaits."


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