(1866-07-27) No News is Good News?
No News is Good News?
Summary: Adrienne and Emilia go for a ride in the countryside to escape a bit of the Courtly life of Sunsreach, and the cousins talk about a number of things ranging from the murder of their uncle to potential marriage prospects. It is quite the girl talk.
Date: 27-28/07/2015 (Date of RP)
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Wilderness about Sunsreach - Rivana
In the scene
Juillet 27th, 1866

The Capital in all its splendour, with its crowded streets and bustling activity - it was something that would usually put off any Huntress after a few days. Which was exactly the case with Adrienne Cassomir at the moment. The freckled young woman was getting restless, even more so, when dinners and other social occasions seemed to be the main occupation - while the other matter of Uncle Robert’s death remained a mystery.

On this late morning, this Cassomir has decided to take Checkmate out for a ride, in the hope to explore some of the scenery surrounding Sunsreach - to seek a bit of leisure and reprieve indulging in the wonders of nature - forests, meadows, lakes; the occasional squirrel hurrying up a tree and the ever present fox hiding behind a bush. Emilia has been asked along, out of convenience - you should never go for long rides on your own! - and because no one else has been available, still she as a Huntress sister will do well enough, or so Adrienne assumes.

Attired in her Huntress garb of green tunic and leggings, her bow and a quiver slung over a shoulder, dark brown hair tied into a ponytail bouncing at the back of her head, Adrienne urges Checkmate on to a gallop, a wide happy smile blossoming on her freckled face, knowing Emilia will keep up with her easily.

The invite had not needed a second thought from Emilia before it was accepted. Even if she knew well enough she was certainly not her cousin's first choice for company, but Emilia was rarely anyone's first choice and it was a chance to escape from the confines of the city. And if she was lucky perhaps she would also 'miss out' on whatever tea or dinner invites might come for the day.

The looks of squirrels and birds, the aloofness of a hiding fox were much easier things to face then the looks of Courtly nobles. The twittering and tweeting of the birds, far more welcome than the whispers of nobles.

Her dark hair was braided back into a single braid that laid down her back. Emilia was dressed in her Huntress tunic and leggings, the standard riding leathers worn with that added styling that marked them as those of a Huntress. Bow and quiver were slung along a shoulder, a hunting knife secured to her belt, always best to be prepared. A deep breathe was taken of the cleaner air, no scents wafting from some market or the docks, or overdoses of perfume by some passing gaggle of people to sully it. Perhaps just a hint less solemn to be free of the confines of the city.

With Checkmate set to a gallop, Onyie is already tugging at the reins to give chase. Emilia shakes her head a touch,"Of cooped up as me, you have been of being." Her hands easing up and giving the stallion his head, not needing that heel nudge to his sides to set him off into a gallop as well. The pair keeping up easily enough with Checkmate and Adrienne.

Of course, Adrienne’s fine hunting knife has been taken along as well, she would go nowhere without it - save for when she is forced to wear a dress, attending some official occasion. Her cheeks show off a rosy colour, the fresh air having its share in raising the freckled Huntress’s spirits. She will let Checkmate run till they are deeper in the forest, tugging then at the reins to slow her steed to a moderate trot - a speed at which conversation is possible. Green eyes look to where Emilia rides, probably beside her, and Adrienne smiles. “We all have been,” she replies to the words Emilia may have meant for Onyie, with a chuckle that gives away her delight to be outside again.

“How relieving.”, Emilia’s cousin adds after a moment. “To be away from all those assessing glances… At least for a moment.” Her eyes are lingering on the road that lies ahead of them, as Adrienne considers. “Not all of them I find annoying… Prince Tristan seems to be in order… even if slightly scandalous. Whereas Lord Aidric…” The confident voice trails off momentarily and she shakes her head with a snort. “He is rather annoying. Telling me I am trying to be like Raelyn, or something?” She raises a brow, looking indeed slightly irritated. “The picture of a dandy he is, not taking anything seriously, while trying to make us all believe that’s the only acceptable way to view the world.” Gosh, she is displeased at the Carling, judging by the way of her comments!

The black stallion is given his head to run and choose his footing as chase is given, though soon enough it is simply a matter of running to feel the wind through his name and tail, Emilia just gets taken along for the ride. A slight upturn to the corners of her lips come for a moment in midst of the galloping run as they travel deeper into the woods.

The trees offering some shade and cooler turn then the open countryside, it is a welcome place, even if not quite the forests of home. With Checkmate being reined in, Emilia's hands tug back on Onyie to slow him up. The stallion tossing his head in protest at first before slowing down to a trot as well and coming in at a companionable distance.

"Is of true, we all have of been. " Emilia nods with a mild sigh,"Of aye, only for a moment. It is at least of a moment to be of away from of glances and whispers. " She makes a slight face,"And of offers…would you of believe, Jaren is actually getting of such for of me now?!?!" Looking quite solemn again the moment after as her head shakes. They, the Court, had written her off, ignored her…and now…Offers!

There is a slight breathe, Emilia's eyes checking the road ahead, the forest about them…the habit long trained into a Huntress. "Of no, not all are of annoying. Prince of Tristan does of have his reputation, but it is seeming as if he is trying to not be…quite so of scandalous of perhaps of recently. " There is a faint tugging to the corners of her lips as her cousin snorts. "What of Huntress does not try to be like the Mistress of Hunt in some of way?" It was true to a point! "But I am thinking she is of sharing much of that opinion about the Lord of Carling. I am of thinking it is only part of true, he has mind and is speaking it. Gets a person into of trouble some of times. But…" Emilia's fingers flicks the ends of her reins slightly against her thigh," I am of thinking he perhaps takes more things of serious then he might be of leading of most to be of believing. For all of his trouble in of understanding of me," which he surely is not the only one with that problem," he actually takes of time to of listen. There is of an intentness in of his eyes that comes for flickering of moment, like shadow of passing of fly. " A side long glance given to her cousin, " So might be of annoying but think best it to be not of under of estimating of either. "

“Oh?” Adrienne’s brows lift instantly when she hears about offers being made for Emilia, her mien showing surprise - of course - that any such offers would be made in regards to the touched Cassomir. Her gaze going distant for a moment, considering the news, before her green eyes focus once again on Emilia. “Like… who?” Curiosity totally gets the best of her, one corner of her lips lifting into a wry grin. Her own reins pulled ever-so-slightly as if she were preferring a slower pace to continue on, as information could be passed along much more easily. “He told you, didn’t he? He must have given you some names, Emilia.”

Checkmate starts to prance a little, not at all agreeable to the slower pace Adrienne wants to force on her, a low whinny comes along with a snort from the mahogany bay mare.

Emilia’s assessment of Tristan earns a nod from Adrienne. “He at least is polite, where Lord Aidric… somehow seems to delight in…” she pauses, searching for the right word, “irritating me.” A smile then, when Emilia says Raelyn feels similar about the Carling, “Hah! And that says something… Raelyn has all the qualities of a leader, I see nothing wrong with trying to fulfil her expectations.” Which may in a way be to be reliable, if anything. Still, Emilia’s observations make Adrienne shoot her a surprised glance - surprised, because the information conveyed through the odd speech very much shows that the ‘touched’ Cassomir is by no means dimwitted, and oblivious to her surroundings. Not that the freckled Cassomir would admit that much. A shrug of her shoulders is given, and she snorts. “Being annoyed by his antics does not mean I am underestimating him.”

Emilia's own reaction to the news had included surprise…to say the least. "Of aye, I am of aware of the who. Least some of the who, " a mild frown as coming as she realizes there have probably been more since. "Is it of matter if who? He is not of entertaining any of them. I am of meaning, are you really of thinking any of them are actually asking for of me and not the sister of the future of King?" It was what the offers had come for, not Emilia, but Jaren's sister. The possibility to have sons married to the King's sister. "There have been inquires from of Rindel, Lowell, Reid," several others are named, over half a dozen really, but they all have one thing in common…They were but Lordships. Any would be marrying 'down'.

Onyie is about as agreeable to this slower pace as Checkmate, giving her an answering whicker as he tosses his head and tugs at the reins that keep him in check. Emilia gives him a patting to his neck, murmuring,"Behave you. We can run of more before of returning."

Dark eyes flicker over towards Adrienne at the comment on Tristan,"Of course, Prince of Tristan is being of polite, he is of fancying himself of Lady's man…." And from the number of upset fathers and semi-swooning women on occasions, probably fair reason for him to so fancy himself this. "There is of reason for his reputation, Adrienne. "

"Of aye, it is of good to be trying to fulfill her expectations," some mild pondering on Emilia's part for a moment. "Least most of the time, some of times…" The 'touched' Cassomir just gives a little shrug," not always of best to try finishing off entire case of wine in of a night, no matter what she is saying." If the surprise is noticed by Emilia, it does not show in her mien or words. "Of true," she agrees. "Being of annoyed or of irritated does not of mean one is of under of estimating the other, but can of mean one is being of distracted, even if in small of way. Like of having small burr in tunic when keeping watch, still can of watch but small distraction and annoyance, trying to deal of with can mean something can be of missed, perhaps only small of something. "

"Hmm…" Adrienne listens with growing astonishment to the list of interested noble families, her forehead wrinkling more and more, a mixture of sympathy and anger sneaking into her green eyes that regard Emilia, as Checkmate continues to move ahead at a slower trot. "Pshhh. Lordships.", she finally snorts. "Better no marriage than selling a Cassomir below her worth." Surprising solidarity there with Emilia. A bit of awkwardness flickering in her gaze as well - they both are aware of why Emilia's value may be considered less, after all she was 'touched'. Her brows are drawn together as the freckled Cassomir lady shakes her head.

"All this marriage business is not something I'm very keen on. In fact…", and here she lets her attention shift back to the road ahead, "I've spoken with Raelyn about that matter… That Graham and I will probably be married off, soon after Jaren has become King of Rivana. She kept asking me if I had someone in mind." Another snort. "Which I haven't, of course! I am happy as I am, doing the duties of a Huntress." Her expression softens. "Raelyn has at least promised me that she won't force me into a match I wouldn't be agreeable with. I'm not sure how much time that buys me…" Her gaze shifts to Emilia riding by her side.

A chuckle escapes Adrienne when her cousin speaks of Tristan Tracano. "Oh, I know of his reputation," she smiles, clearly amused. "Still, he is… agreeable company, an easy conversationalist. You need not worry that I might be in danger of falling for him, Emilia." More laughter ripples through the forest. When the topic shifts to Aidric Carling, the amusement dims somewhat. "Are you meaning to tell me, you are never annoyed by anything or anyone?"

The 'touched' Cassomir knew just why the offers came all of a sudden, and certainly knew too well what the other Houses considered her worth, after all there had not been a single inquiry of any kind before now. Her worth in their eyes was purely her brother, it was all politics. "Of exactly, " agrees Emilia to her cousin's assessment. "Some were not even of being much of subtle at all about their purpose to be inquiring. Jaren was not of impressed, and being touch of disgusted by one or of two of them. " She gives a faint glance about before leaning a little to add,"Was of burning the whole of requests of even. " They didn't even rate responses from the Viscount!

That Adrienne is not keen about the whole marriage business does not seem to surprise Emilia, though to hear she and Raelyn have talked does bring a hint of curiosity to those dark eyes. "Oh?" To hear what was said does have Emilia giving a nod,"It may be of buying more time then you are of thinking, and of this business with of me may at least save of dealing with non serious offers and interest. " Not that those inquiring after Emilia likely weren't serious, just serious politics. But if the Cassomirs wouldn't so easily marry off the 'touched' one, surely people weren't going to have any easier time 'snagging' a cousin. "Does not of mean someone couldn't be of catching your of interest in of time. Raelyn has even been finding some to have interest in. So could of happen, of aye?"

There is a shake of Emilia's head,"Was not worrying of that, especially with of Jaren…am thinking Princeling is the one who would not be of risking of having to deal with up of set Queen's Champion if he cause of heartbreak to you or of any Cassomir." A small tugging occurs to the corner of her lips at the thought of that. The question has Emilia taking a small breathe, her dark eyes studying to road ahead for a few moments before she answers. "There are of things that are of annoying me, sometimes of people…But of much, I cannot be of changing. Saw of that long of ago… Like of how people see of me, like of those inquiring for a match. But I can be of changing, of choosing of how I am reacting, of being in turn. Allows me to of temper my of reaction, get frustrated and annoyed yet at of times…but in lesser of way, passes of quicker. " There is a mild sigh before she adds,"Be of sides, cannot push them into of mud puddles like annoying of squires like we once of could." Something about growing up makes that less acceptable.

“Right,” Adrienne drawls, obviously approving of the way Jaren has dealt with those insulting proposals. Her brows remain drawn together for a moment, as she is still digesting the news obviously, before she closes this topic with a shake of her head. Her expression softens and she shoots Emilia a glance, when the other stresses the possibility of someone ‘catching Adrienne’s interest’. Checkmate’s head goes up, as the mare tears a bit at the reins, and the freckled Cassomir gives in with a sigh, allowing her steed to pick up the pace a little. “I don’t know, maybe such happens, maybe it doesn’t. I’m glad for Raelyn though. Seems Lord Stephen and her are fond of each other. That is more than I actually can ever hope for myself, should my time come.”

The talk of the Prince seems to lighten Adrienne’s mood, an amused chuckle occurring in reaction to Emilia’s remark. “Aye, besides… He being the scoundrel he is,” Adrienne remarks, the tone by no means judgmental, “will hardly encourage any heartbreak – why, any woman falling for him would have found her match indeed.” A subtle hint at Tristan’s byname, the Prince of Fools.

Annoying things and people. Adrienne listens in silence when Emilia admits to being occasionally annoyed, this one of the very rare occasions when the ‘touched’ one actually lets her cousin in. Green eyes flicker, the freckled cousin probably feeling a bit caught there, as she is apparently guilty of doubting Emilia’s abilities now and then, even the rightfulness of pronouncing her Huntress without a proper Harrowing having taken place. Such has never been openly voiced in Emilia’s presence, but who knows, with those attentive observant eyes of hers, the ‘touched’ may have noticed.

And so the latter remark will be appreciated with a chuff of laughter. “Mayhaps that’s the solution, to imagine myself pushing those that annoy me into a mud puddle.”, Adrienne smiles. “By the way… Prince Tristan and Lord Stephen are looking into the matter concerning Uncle Robert, are they not? Have there been any news? Any new findings?”

Dark eyes gives her cousin a brief study out of the corner of Emilia's eyes before they are turning down the road again. A hand lightly stroking Onyie's neck for a moment. "And why is that of being of more than you could be of hoping for?" A slight pause,"By your own words, mine-sister promises to not be of forcing you into any match you find un-of-agreeable…and I am thinking, if there is not some hint of fondness being is possible in of a match, then it would not be of an of agreeing match, of aye?" Her mount giving a toss of his head as Checkmate is allowed to pick up the pace a little, causing a faint corner tugging smile from Emilia. Silly beast. "You are of cousin, but you are also of Huntress sister, Adrienne…. Raelyn will not of seek a match for you, if there is not being possibilities of fondness and happiness for of you. Do not fret of so, be of sides…Jaren's wedding is time away of yet, and Raelyn isn't even of betrothed….and don't be forgetting about Delvin, needs marrying to. " Plenty of stalling opportunities!

The talk of Tristan does bring about another corner tugging smile from Emilia. "Of aye, exactly," agreeing with her cousin about the matter, though easily enough letting the topic fade along.

It was a thing likely noticed and known to Emilia, how her cousin doubted her abilities and place amongst the Huntresses, in the House. But as with many, it seemed to not show actively in her own interactions in turn. She knew Adrienne wasn't the only one, some of the other Huntresses held similar thoughts, especially amongst the younger ones. Such as themselves. Viewing Emilia's Harrowing more as ceremonial than 'real', but Raelyn knew her sister's worth and skills…as did those tasked with trying to keep an eye on her, and Emilia knew this as well.

"That is always of a fine of way of dealing with it, helps of some, especially if you ensure to be of picturing them coming up sputtering of mud." Emilia giving a solemn little nod with the statement. A slight nod coming again at the question,"Of aye, they are of looking into of it. There has not been of much that I have been of hearing, for of most things seem to be leading to dead of ends. Or looking to be simply of gossip," which from the shake of Emilia's head, is a thing that does not seem to surprise her. The Court did like its gossip. "Raelyn was actually to be talking to some of people for Prince Tristan, as there is some of thought motive behind of murder was being more crime of passion, of lover wishing to be with Aunt Victoria. So is of being investigated. And think Lord of Stephen is still checking with last few servants, but was not of getting much from questioning of them of either."

Adrienne seems to be surprised by Emilia’s question. “There is a difference between being fond of another, and finding a person agreeable,” she clarifies after a moment of consideration. “It is not the same, but admittedly the former can evolve from the latter over time. Over time, see? Whereas Raelyn seems already quite taken with her Greycen, wearing his favor at a tournament..? Come on, Emilia. Don’t try to make me believe this is how this game is usually played. I would be a fool, and one that would most probably be disappointed if I put my expectations that high.” Her words an example of self-protective realism. “I am grateful Raelyn takes my opinion into consideration. In the end the match will have to be of benefit to our House, as well as to the other House involved. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad for Raelyn. She is my Huntress sister. I am not ruling out the possibility to actually be joined in a match with the potential for happiness, it’s just that I’d rather be careful to assume such. To take it for granted.”

The length of her speech acknowledgement enough of Emilia’s ability to grasp her meaning.

A chuckle escapes the freckled Cassomir, and she gives Checkmate a bit more reign, as the mare seems eager to increase her speed to a moderate trot. “A good suggestion that, mud-spattered annoying individuals,” she smirks. “It should be fun to imagine Lord Aidric as such… If he should continue to be an annoyance.”

Mirth fades, when talk turns towards the more somber topic of the late Baron Robert Hogan, and Adrienne listens to what Emilia has to say on the matter. “So more of a personal motive? Not a political one? This should please the Queen – and all the rest of us. That his death was not a ploy of some Thorns, or some other faction delighting in causing discord.”, the freckled Cassomir muses pensively.

The reply that comes from Adrienne does get Emilia's attention, the 'touched' Cassomir listening well to what he cousin says. "Of no, Adrienne, I was not meaning for you to be thinking that is how the game is usually of played. For it is of not. And of aye, being of agreeable can of lead on to of being fond. " A pause comes as Emilia casts a glance towards her cousin,"Do you not think Raelyn was finding the Lord Greycen an agreeable option in the few to be considered? " Hint to other options and considerations that had been discussed perhaps. There is a moment of consideration,"In of the end the match should if benefit House Cassomir, it is of the way. And you would marry as needed, for being of Cassomir, doing of what is duty is what is done." It is what they do best! "But there has been of enough of suffering within Cassomir, even the shadows weep at of times. The game of politics is played as of it must be, but not with such of heartlessness as some of play with."

There is silence that comes for a moment, Emilia's dark eyes focusing on some distant point in some turn of contemplation, before she notes softly,"Be of sides, it will be of my of place to be one to take such a match if one is of needed for of politics of alone. " Peace was a thing secured with marriages…Peace talks were coming. A turn of her hand is soon waving it along,"But is not worry of now…much time before it need of be."

The black horse takes a few high steps before gaining to the same trotting pace as Checkmate. "Oh aye, or so is of the thought.". Emilia adding after a moment," And of hope of several, I am of thinking, for of that very of reason. Would make it of similar, a single justice to be of brought. And not worry of some greater of plan and ploy being of a foot." There is a small breathe, "Just of hope that progress can be of made and answers be of found of soon."

Adrienne inclines her head, satisfied by the way in Emilia has to agree with her. The question, however makes her shoot the touched a Cassomir a glance. “No. I think she was lucky, to find him more than agreeable, and I’d wager they got to know each other whilst investigating that Thorn business in Sunsreach together – prior to any plans of betrothal.”, she replies. “But all this is pure speculation on my part. How would I know, she’s your sister!” Sister being used in the sense of very close blood relation.

“Indeed, we will both do our duty, if required,” the freckled Cassomir concedes then. “And yes, any such plans are highly hypothetical at the moment, when there are other matters to worry about. Just please, Emilia. If you should learn anything new in regards to the death of Uncle Robert… Pray let me know.” And with that said, Checkmate is finally allowed to launch into a gallop, inviting Onyie to join in, if Emilia lets him. The merry giggle of a Huntress resounding through the forest as she enjoys their brief moment of leisure, away from the proceedings at court.

There is a mild of snort fro Emilia,"Of aye, I am of knowing, being of sister and of having been of going with investigating. " Shaking her head a bit,"Started that of getting to be of knowing before of going to of Sunsreach. Just of /continued/ when of there. The of looks that were being of given, time of spending, much of beyond just of investigating. " Which certainly took the main focus, the Thorn investigation that is. "Began to half of think she was having me along to be of chaperoning." Even if delivered with the deadpan Cassomir style, there is some mirth to Emilia's eyes. After all, as if Raelyn would actually need such a thing!

The other matter does cause a nod from Emilia, "Of aye, I will be of letting you know, if I am of hearing of anything more." Though with Checkmate being given her head, Onyie is soon prancing. And once given leave, the stallion is rearing up just a bit before launching off into a gallop. Emilia leaning down against the beast, enjoying the wind and freedom, even if there is no giggling from the more solemn expressions Cassomir.

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