(1866-07-27) Of Promotions, Funding, and Tourneys
Of Promotions, Funding, and Tourneys
Summary: Aidric and Thaddeus talk business
Date: 7-27-1866
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The hottest part of the day has passed but still it is sweltering in Sunsreach when Aidric Carling ventures forth from the shady confines of his manse to pay a call on the Lord Marshal with some overdue reports. Despite his servants offering to saddle a horse the Charing knight arrives on foot taking the time to walk through the city and experience the press, noise and smells of the city first hand. Now arriving at the manse, he adjusts the hang of his loose linen tunic and then approaching the guards asks them to send word of his arrival to the Lord Marshall as he shuffles the sheaf of papers in his hand.

Thaddeus had woken from his midday nap to avoid Sunsreach's pesky heat before the guard arrived mentioning that Aidric was there to see him. With a wave, the Greycen heir says, "Have him meet me in the courtyard, there is shade there and is not serving as an oven right now." He looks to a servant, "Fetch watered wine and some bread and cheese." With that, Thad makes his way to the courtyard to wait for Aidric.

The guard bows and departs and when a few minutes later Aidric is shown into the courtyard the wine and the food is waiting along with Thaddeus. Aidric bows his greeting and as he rises, smiles, "I hope I didn't wake you?" he asks solicitously before flashing one of his typical half-mocking smiles. "But I've brought my reports at least."

Thaddeus nods and gestures to the seats at the table, "Had you arrived only a little sooner you would have, and I would not be in the good mood than I am currently in!" He snorts and takes his own seat, "Please be comfortable. I am hoping that your reports bear good news, as it seems we are due for something good to happen."

Aidric takes the offered seat and lays down the reports beside him. "Well not horrible news at least," he offers. "My men are regretting that leather is in fashion in Normont though. I had to buy ten bolts of flax linen and some finer Eastfield wool to see they didn't all swelter to death," he says as he reaches over for the wine and begins to pour them both a cup. "So, if the Kingdom could see clear to recoup some of those costs I would appreciate it, since it seems my men are likely to be encamped here awhile longer."

Thaddeus sighs as he hears it, "Indeed, summer goes about as well for you as winter did for me in Couviere. I will see what can be spared to cover the expenses." He nods and takes a sip from the filled cup and gives another nod of thanks, "Though it is likely that it can be covered. I hope your men are faring well enough, outside of the heat. I was not entirely sure how the death of their duke and duchess went for them." He then says, "And how has your search for the murderer been going?"

Aidric sips his own wine with a grateful sigh. His throat had been parched and it was good to get some relief. Though Thaddeus's question gets Aidric to set down his cup, "Do you mean, do they hate you for killing their Duke?" he asks. "If so then no. They weren't the sort to follow Alyanna and Ranulf into treason, and while some part of them may rebel at the idea of their deaths they know who was in the right and who was not," Aidric explains. "Mostly my men long for home, as they left it so rarely before last year." He takes a new sip then, his throat getting dry. "Hmm, the murder? I stopped paying attention when it seemed likely to be a personal matter and not a political one. Let someone else bring that mess before the Queen."

"I see, and am glad for that," Thaddeus says in response to the men's reaction. "I am surprised your men have tarried here as long as they have, I assumed your cousin would want them home. I hope he is faring well." Thad rubs his chin and nods at the Carling, "Indeed, I only aid where I can for I have enough business before me and my talents do not correspond to hunting murderers. I certainly do hope it is dealt with soon enough, some peace and quiet would be welome."

"My cousin is not one to easily share his thoughts. I believe he intends us as a reserve of some kind should he need it but he has not said as much in any of his letters, only that we are to remain," he lifts his shoulders in a shrug "Perhaps he means for us to colonize that field we're encamped in. Anyhow it works for me I would much rather be sweating here than comfortable in Normont. As to the murder my talents don't entirely lay in that direction and besides of the things that have happened of late I think Prince Tristan's proposal is far more interesting. Royal law. One might think he believes Rivana is a proper kingdom," he says with a sardonic smirk and another savoured sip of wine. "What do you think?"

Thad nods, "I can empathize with regards to the lack of information. Though if he intends on keeping you all here for an extended period of time, he may need to start paying for some of it, though for now I am sure the royal treasury will cover what it can." He sits and thinks for a moment on the Royal Law. "It has some merit to it. I simply question how it will work. Unlike Couviere that has a strong tradition of order… herding fish is easier here than getting the duchies to agree. So if it is implemented it will take a lot of work and political currency."

"I will pass that on to my cousin, but I am sure he was rather hoping it'd take longer for people to realize that," Aidric says with a smile before nodding as he considers Thaddeus words. "True, and fish that'd very much like to devour each other as well if history is any indication. Yes, it will take a good deal of doing to make it work, but what of your duchy, will your mother support it or wish things to carry on as they are?"

"I do not blame him. Armies are expensive and difficult to maintain," Thaddeus notes and ponders, "I am not entirely sure how she will react. It will likely depend on the specifics of the entire situation, not just its content, but how it is to go about and who will be carrying it out. There are probably ways of making it work with her, but it is too early to tell. What will your cousin and father think of such a thing?"

Aidric nods. "True, but it seems it is time for my cousin to pay his part," he laments with irony before he samples some of the cheese as he considers his answer to Thaddeus' question. "Symon, who can say, if the rumours are true and he wishes to reform the duchy then this could be either an opportunity or a curse depending on how he and the Queen choose to play it. As for my father, for all his talk of being progressive, he likes Normont insular, after all better to be the second most powerful house in an isolated duchy than the One knows whatever most powerful county in a vast kingdom."

"Indeed, if there ever was a time for change, now would be it." Thaddeus takes a bite out of a piece of bread, "Firstly, I do not blame your father for having such sentiments. Self-interest is a very common trait, and one that is never going to go away, so best not pretend that it will. With as far as counties go, and comparing each other is almost unfair. Normont bore the brunt of the Thirty Years War, Sunsreach for the Succession War, and Eastfields for this last insurrection. Seaguard is blessed by geography and by being prepared for defense, with walls of wood and stone." He taps on the table, "And your own thoughts on these proposed changes?"

"True, enough," Aidric says of self-interest. "As well you can't blame people for thinking that way for another reason as well, as you just said, we think in terms of duchies and always have," he notes before he busies himself with more wine. Talk was thirsty work. "My views, like my father's, are governed by self-interest. Objectively I find the idea fascinating but should I marry an heiress or One forbid my brother should die and I inherit Holymount, then any support I give now will be robbing me of my future rights and privledges. It is one of the few time I envy you heirs and your predictable paths to power," that last is offered with a smile on Aidric's lips and a slightly sardonic glint in his eyes.

Thaddeus nods and snorts in amusement at the last bit, "Predictability also throws up hurdles, or in some cases outright barriers. While these may seem like trivial and empty complaints, not being able to go about without being hounded at court can be a pain, as well as having to be the face for the house at court. As well as never being allowed to try to join the Lancers was always a bit annoying, many of my friends during the war were such." A sip of wine and Thad continues, "I do not regret being born the heir, I just simply acknowledge it has some negatives to it. Whereas you have the potential to rise and fall by your own merits, achieving prestige and power that could exceed your father's, albeit non-hereditary."

"I could do with some hounding," Aidric says with a grin. "The hounding means you have something worth sucking up for, though I can see how being the face and the voice of your house could be taxing especially with the threat of saying the wrong thing and being thrown to the Lioness," he says as the grin breaks into a chuckle, he takes a sip of wine. "Oh, I do have that potential but so far I am exactly where I was when was eight years old. No, actually, worse, when I was eight I had a position in the royal household," he stands then and gestures with his cup. "I was at the Second Conclave you know, and I feel like my whole life since then has been a reenactment of that moment, great men doing great things and there's Aidric fetching fresh parchment and wine." For all that he complains dramatically his good nature hasn't entirely faded. He sighs expansively as he sits "It's tiring to think about how much work I've done for so little gain."

"Indeed. But perhaps your fortunes will change soon. I certainly can understand the lack of appreciation being a problem, and you have certainly proven useful." Thad thinks for a moment, "I could use you as a secretary, or you could get the comfortable job in the harbor here in Sunsreach…" Thad snaps his fingers, "It might be a bit risky with your brother not having an heir, but what do you know about the Bazans?"

Aidric had not expected his words to be taken to heart and so looks over at Thaddeus's question with surprise. "The Bazan?" he asks. "Who doesn't know a little of them, they hold the royal library and Viscount Giorgio is one of the greatest scholars of our time, why do you ask?" he says his eyes narrowing slightly.

I'd offer you a ship, but I do not think you would take it." Thad nods, "Indeed, and Viscount Bazan's daughter, and heir, is currently unwed. If your father is still keen on having you away from home, you could do far worse than live in Summerseat. Though the religious differences might chafe a bit, it could be worth considering. You have served well, if you want something, I will try and see if it can be done. Within reason, of course."

Aidric waves away the thought of religious differences "It'll matter more to my father than myself, who a man or women worships between them and their god, or gods, which I assume is the case with the Bazan? They do worship the Many don't they? I heard many of your people do," he asks curiously. As much as he pretends to be cosmopolitan rubbing shoulders with actual Many worshipers was not something he had much experience with. He brings himself back to the moment "A good word to the Viscount would be welcome, perhaps arranging a meeting between he and I. If he approves and writes my father my father may be better inclined towards the deal than if I were to suggest it."

Thaddeus nods, "I figured as much, and yes, I believe the main branch worships the Many, though a few that follow to the One, adhere to teh prophets more than Sanctum. Though yes, many of our vassals worship the Many. Seaguard is about as cosmopolitan as anywhere in the Edge." He thinks for a moment, "Yes, I will do what I can to see if such a meeting is possible. I do not know if he is planning on coming to Sunsreach any time soon, but he will likely be at the wedding feast, so there would certainly be an opportunity there. Or if it comes to pass that his daughter comes to court, then it would provide a secondary path to the Viscount."

Aidric nods absorbing the facts about the Bazan for a moment "Abyss they are a house of heathens aren't they," he says with a laugh and a shake of his head. "Best to take this slow then, if things go badly with this and word got out I was courting a heathen I may well not be welcome back in Normont again," he says before scooping up his cup and taking a sip. "That said I am not objecting to the idea of it, but we must be circumspect about it. Also, have you met the daughter? How old is she and is she pretty?"

"That is one thing that if we get Royal Laws is something that I would see enshrined, protecting my future vassals from those who would be… less kind to them for their beliefs," Thad says and laughs at Aidric's sarcasm. "Maria is 24 or 25, I believe. I have not seen her in a while, but I do believe that she certainly is not lacking in suitors. At the very least courting her might gain you access to the Bazan's library, something I believe you would enjoy. Even your reputation as a scholar might earn you this match if you play it right."

"Well that would be one Royal Law I'd support. Not just for your vassals sake but to see my countrymen turn pale when they figure out they have to live by them," Aidric chuckles before turning his mind to the consideration of the match. "Maria Bazan, a nice name," he says testing out the words. "Well, I will certainly meet her and her father and we can see what comes of it, even that's just visit to their library," he says before turning to Thaddeus. "Thank you, by the way, I did not expect my complaints would spur you to action."

Thaddeus nods and snorts, "Indeed, that would be a bit amusing, though it seems most of the people from Normont I have met are not as rigid as the reputation holds, though perhaps it is because of that reason they travel." He nods again, "I had already been giving it thought. You are a friend, and on top of that rather useful and someone I trust. Three things that seldom are found in an individual. And fourthly, you deserve it."

"That is usually the case, those people from Normont of any sense usually travel, if they're allowed. You should come see the duchy sometime if for no other purpose than to see my cousin, now that he's duke I am sure there is much the two of you can discuss," Aidric suggests. The other words, they bring Aidric to a sudden silence as he watches Thaddeus, expressionless for a moment before clapping the other man on the arm and drinking deep of his wine. "Those were kind words, coz, my thanks," he says as he sets down the empty cup with a smile on his face. "I've enjoyed all the mad adventures you've dragged me into this past year or so. I pray we both live to see more."

"I am still not sure if it would be right to speak with him too soon, all things considered. But eventually I should speak with him." The arm-clap catches Thaddeus off guard and he nods, "I hope to survive as well. I like living. Besides, there are likely adventures still to be had, though hopefully more peaceful ones."

Aidric smiles faintly seeing Thad taken off-guard and the topic of their friendship avoided, "I trust you'll speak to him soon though, you said there were other suitors and I've yet to determine if I even like the girl," he advises as he lets go of Thad's arm and nods. "Peaceful adventures have not been much in my experience," he admits then with a small smile. "However one can hope. If nothing else there is the tourney in Pacitta as a little excursion, and probably more to hear about this peace while we're there as well."

Thaddeus listens and nods, "I could certainly see when he will be available, though I will likely just need to be blunt and state that I belive the two of you should meet as you have common interests. Perhaps even if it is just you going to visit Summerseat. I do not wish to deceive the Viscount as it would be improper and not exactly be the wisest thing to do to one's vassal, but informing him that I belive you two should speak is certainly not decieving, nor omitting anything."

"That would work," Aidric agrees. "And in truth would not stretch the truth to any great degree," he reasons as he nods. "Is there anything I could do for you in return? My powers are not as broad as your own, but what I can do, I will."

"As of now I cannot think of anything, though if something arises I will let you know," Thaddeus says and takes a drink from his cup, "I have faith in your abilities, but if you need something now that will help you I could easily have named as my secretary, you've certainly earned it, and it makes good political sense."

Aidric considers the offer for a moment but shakes his head. "I am sore tempted, but no, not until I can be sure what my cousin wants of my troops and I. I'd hate to drag you into trouble in Normont by association," he explains. "Though once that's settled, if you haven't found someone else, I'd be grateful."

Thaddeus nods, his tone not upset, "I fully understand. Though I doubt many will be knocking my door down for the job, and Gawain has proven to be somewhat useful." He rubs his chin, "One thing you need to do is to be sure to meet with Maria prior to the Pacitta tourney and wear her favor. At the very least if the betrothal does no go through you might catch the attention of other nobles with heiresses."

Aidric nods, "It is a good thing you're not a merchant coz, you ought to make the job sound like it is in high demand," he teases good naturedly before adding, "Though I am glad cousin Gawain is working out," though that last suggestion lets a laugh spill out from between his lips. "I clearly spoke too soon, you'd make a fine merchant after all," he says with a mock-salute with his empty cup. "I had not thought to ride in the tourney, but, put that way I could think to endure the madness for a turn or two," he turns to look at his cousin then "You're a clever man, don't let them say otherwise."

"I'm not trying to sell the job. The last thing I want is some lackey who will get the job through political pressure. The less attention I draw to it, the better." Thaddeus returns the salute after Aidric's comments, "I try. Also, you did not perform that badly in the last one. It was not our fault that for each one of us there were a dozen Couvieri! Though I do hope I perform better next time as well."

"Wise," Aidric allows of the position and sets down the cup. "True, but I only fought in the melee, which I may do in this one as well, we'll see, but yes, hopefully we will not be as heavily outnumbered," he says before assuring Thaddues. "You will do fine, but I will do you the favour of not putting coin on you, I had no luck at all and it seemed to curse whomever I favoured."

Thaddeus laughs, "I do not blame you in that. Though we shall see who shows up in Pacitta for it." He nods at the coins, "Indeed, it seems your purse is horrible at picking winners, at least when it involves me. I would say put it all on Sir Gabriel, but that would simply turn luck to his side as ill luck would suit it."

Aidric chuckles. "Yes, and I am sure Tristan would approve as well. Given all that happened with him and the l'Saigner girl," he says with a shake of his head. "I am sure he would be happy to see the man lose."

"I cannot say I got too involved in that mess, or was even that informed. But it would sure make for an interesting narrative. So far this season has Rivanans leading the pack, I'd like for it to stay that way, especially with a truncated season." Thaddeus notes, "We can simply pray for the best."

"Nor I, all I know is it was said he did like the girl enough to curb his normal habits and then, well she did give birth to another man's child just last tourney," Aidric explains before shaking his head. "Yes, let us hope we keep our lead, but for now I will take my leave, but my thanks for the wine and company. It was well-received."

"Indeed. I thank you for stopping by, hopefully things become a little less messy around here soon enough." Thaddeus rises and offers a hand to the Carling, "Have a good evening."

"Evidence to the contrary, it the chaos cannot last forever," Aidric says as he rises to shake Thad's hand. "Good evening, coz, I will have to host you at my manse sometime soon." And, with that he withdraws from the courtyard to be back about his business.

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