(1866-07-28) A Traitor Revealed
A Traitor Revealed
Summary: The Hartswood forces return to Stag Keep and a traitor is revealed.
Date: 1866-07-28
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Word has spread. The village of Greenwood is surrounded by the baron's forces, and more than that, other villages have begun to rise. While in Hart's Home, reports were given to Elrick that other villages have, against the orders of their knights, judges and other officials mustered and begun to march in the aid, of Tall Tree, and now that the baron has moved on to Greenwood, the march there now instead.

At the village however the baron and others are unaware as they survey the surrounded village, with its makeshift barricades of logs and nervous men armed with bows.

"My lord!" shouts Osmund as he and Michael counsel with the baron. "Your son is too late, we must push on with taking the village or the poison of their treason will spread!"

Michael shakes his head. "If we attack rashly, then he really will be too late. We've only a hundred men here, wait at least for Elrick to bring reinforcements if nothing else," he urges firmly. It would at least be a start.

Benjamin sits astride his horse watching the village and thinks for a moment. With a sigh he shakes his head at Osmund, "We will wait. Lord Michael has a valid point and I will not risk my son so rashly." He frowns and says, "However, be ready, at the first sign of trouble, sound the trumpets."

The reason Elrick's departure from Hart's Home was delayed was because of the additional reports that other villages have rose up as well, a surprise to the nobles of the land, no doubt. It was a surprise to the Heir as well, though more to the fact that the lands have been so badly managed that people from all over can be this angry and upset at the current ruling.

However, with urgent news, not only of the increased uprisings but also what Elrick had heard from the Viscount and Viscountess of t'Corbeau, the t'Tremaine heir had urged his men to ride harder and faster towards Greenwood. Luckily for him, the others have chosen to take heed of Sir Michael's advice and waited.

Osmund makes a face at that announcement and turns towards the village, almost daring them to attack. His horse tramps and snorts sensing the man's tension.

"Wise choice," Michael says to the baron. Then, seeing movement in the trees he adds with a relieved grin "And here is your son, now." He raises his hand, calling, "Elrick!"

Benjamin looks to Elrick's arrival, "Elrick. I hope you have good news, or at least something we can use against these rebellious villains?" His tone is blunt, but he keeps his gaze upon the village, the wheels turning in his head.

Sadly, there is no relieved grin on Elrick's face when he sees that the Baron's forces have not attacked yet, though he will count it as the One's blessing. It appears that the main force that the Heir was supposed to bring is not riding in with him, instead he had already positioned them to prevent any flanking attacks from the other uprising villagers in case they dared to strike so quickly. He does have his contigent of guards with him though as he approaches with haste.

When he nears, Elrick reins his horse in, looking almost as exhausted as his horse. It appears the heir has been busy and he greets Sir Michael with a respectful nod before turning to his Father's question, "I have good news and bad news." He begins and holds up a hand to forestall any other remarks, "First the bad news, the other villages have heard of what has been happening and they have risen up as well. There are a large number of peasants coming to Greenwood's aid, more than the men we have here, combined." He then proceeds quickly, "But the good news is that we may have something to quell this uprising instead of just a complete butchering of our people. Viscount and Viscountess t'Corbeau was visiting and they brought some very important news. Apparently, in their dealings, they managed to capture someone who was in league with the bandits here that have been plaguing this land, and a possible cause of these uprisings. They have proof, physical evidence, that Father Eustace was in charge of the bandits. We must parlay with our people."

Michael curses at the news of the spreading rebellion, but the word of proof brings some hope. "Do you have it with you?" he asks.

Osmund follows up with "What sort of proof my lord? And who has been captured?"

"I see. We will deal with the rebels as soon as we crush these before us. Perhaps it will kill their momentum." Benjamin scowls and looks to Elrick, "We are their lords, they have no right to rebel. A parley is out of the question. If we must, we will fall back to our keep and do what we must." He then ponders and says, "But I am glad we have news, who is it that they have?"

With Osmund's question, Elrick narrows his eyes at the hedge knight, obviously not liking being enjoyed being spoken to like that by a baseborn, "What is it to you, Sir Osmund? Would you /know/ who it is if I gave a name?" For now, any suspicion is put away to the back of his mind as there is a much larger issue to deal with as he turns back to both Michael and his Father, "They are sending the evidence to us right now, I have asked House t'Corbeau for their assistance and they were pleased to lend a hand." As for the Baron's refusal of parlay, that surprises the Heir, "Crush those before us? Father, if we attack now, the other villagers would beset us from the rear, and we would be fighting on two fronts at best. And you are right, we are their Lords, but if we kill them all, who would Lords of but an empty land?"

"Withdraw," Michael counsels soberly. "Get the evidence and then send out word you wish to see the leaders of these villages in Hart's Home, as they should have come to you in the first place."

"I know no traitors my lord!" Osmund snaps defensively. "Though… if the villages have risen, we do only have one hundred men here…" he turns to look at the baron, waiting on his orders.

Benjamin thinks for a moment and looks to Elrick, "Better to be the lord of an empty land than to obey a common rabble. We will fall back to Hart's Home. I will have messages sent to these villagers, they will lay down their arms and their chief men will come to Hart's Home. Should things go poorly enough, if I must, I will write to Murnord." He turns and calls to his men, "Back to Hart's Home!" As the men begin moving, the baron looks to his heir, "Never, ever question me in front of the men again. If you are to be a lord, you must remember that we are of a proud line, placed above these people for a reason."

"I have no intention of obeying the common rabble, Father, never." Elrick says with a slight smirk, not even knowing how to fathom such a thought, a world turned upside down, though an uprising is pretty close to that. A successful one that is." When the Baron acquiesces to a temporary retreat, the t'Tremaine Heir looks slightly relieved as he motions to the guards that were with him to ride out in haste to inform the other men that were laying in defensive position, guarding their flanks, to assemble and move out. Elrick then turns back to his father, pausing for a moment before bowing his head respectfully, "Of course, Father. I apologize, that was not my intention, I was… out of line. Reading the reports when I was in Hart's Home about the other villagers had me outraged, and I forgot myself." Whether he means those words or were just saying them to sooth his own Father's ire, his tone remained even.

Osmund turns to some of the men nearby "You heard the baron, prepare to withdraw at once!" he says before settling in by his lord. Hand on his sword.

Michael says nothing of the family dispute but of the news gained he asks, "What news did the t'Corbeau bring? Or is that best saved for Hart's Home?"

Benjamin nods to his son, "Good. Do not let it happen again." He does hear what Michael has to say and then inquires, "Indeed, what news do they have? Clearly it must be urgent."

Looking around briefly, at the flurry of activity of men preparing to withdraw orderly from what was supposed to be a full out assault, Elrick shakes his head slightly, "It is best that we save the details for when we are back at Hart's Home. Let us withdraw ourselves from this potential quagmire without incident first, then we can proceed further there." However, he would not keep them completely in the dark, using a lowered tone so that it is harder for him to be overheard in this din, "I will say this though, it appears that there is corruption within our ranks, Father. Not only of someone in position of some authority, but also some of the guard may be compromised at home. We must deal with that immediately when we return."

Osmund shifts at Elrick's news. "Bastards," he breathes, eyes flicking to Elrick and then to the Baron. "My lord, give me some men, and I'll make sure none of these traitors are waiting to ambush you upon your arrival."

Michael's brows raise. "So, the people were right," he says giving a faint glance to the baron. "Surprising, that." Then, he turns his horse and makes ready to depart.

"I see," Benjamin says and furrows his brow. With a sigh he shakes his head, "I do not want to believe it, but I will not take the risk. Sir Osmund, you will stay with us. I would not have you cut down by bandits. I need every sword I can trust right now if there are untrustworthy men in my service." He ignores Michael's remark.

Once Osmund speaks up again, Elrick turns his gaze towards the man and furrows his brows. For now, he remains silent though at his Father's words, the heir nods in agreement, "We need to stay together, who knows what lays in wait between here and home. The bandits may have been watching and planning this entire time." As for the matters at home, Elrick has something to say about that as well, "When we are home, Father, I wouuld like to deal with these traitors personally. As you have mentioned, I have not been home for years, those who are traitors would not think much of me." Like his Father, "I would suggest Sir Osmund stay with Sir Michael, Sir Michael has with him an abundance of experience from the war in the North, he can help plan for what we may need to do if the peasants do not submit after our meeting with their leaders."

Osmund nods. "As you say my lord," and then falls silent as the men start falling back and mustering for the trip home.

In the village, there are cheers from the barricades. They've won! Or so they think.

Sir Osmund glances back with a frown, and then turns to Elrick when he speaks of pairing him with Michael. "It will be an honour," he says, with a small nod of his head.

"Doubtless," Michael remarks. "I would be glad to lend a hand," he says, this directed to the Baron. "And if needed I can write my father for more men. Despite what's passed between us Your Excellency, I do not wish to see law, nor the order of things cast aside."

The army, such as it is, is soon on the road to Hart's Home, and by dusk, the gates of Stag Keep part to admit the baron, Elrick and their party within its walls. It's clear the men here are ready for the worst, extra men line the walls and weapons and other necessities have been drawn from armouries and store rooms and made ready.

The baron nods to Elrick and Michael, "Indeed, my lord. Your advice will be most welcomed." He then leads his men away from the village towards home. Upon entering Stag Keep, the baron waits for a groom to take his horse and dismounts and makes his way to the keep doors and towards his chambers, gesturing the others to follow him.

On the ride home, when Elrick gets a chance to move his steed next to Michael's and away from the ears of both his Father though mainly Sir Osmund, he nods to his cousin, "Cousin, I apologies if I overreached with that request but… Osmund, I don't trust him. If evidence does confirm that Father Eustace, who was a friend of my Father, was in fact in league and leading the bandits, then who else that is close to him has also turned coat?" It was just a mentioning of what the t'Tremaine felt in his dealings with Osmund thus far.

When the group has arrived home though, Elrick also dismounts and expects his steed to be taken away so he can be cared for. Seeing the gesture from his Father, he follows without question, the weariness pushed away again.

The trek through the castle ends at the Barons study. The room is decorated with a scattering of old weapons, hunting trophies and a few captured weapons and standards from the Barons glory days.

Osmund takes a place by the door, and Michael moves to stand opposite him, leaning by the hearth.

Benjamin takes his seat in the room, removes his gauntlets and sets them aside. He looks to his son and after a breath says, "You wished to speak on a matter in privacy? Here is the best place in all the barony to do so."

Moving into the room after his father, Elrick leaves his gauntlets on for now, watching as both Michael and Osmund joins them inside afterwards. "The corruption involves some of our guards here at home, Father, and it may even involve the Captain of the Guard himself. The man that has been working with the bandits is named Tommard, and I was told that he is related to our Captain as well as a brother to a judge here." Instead of beating around the bush, Elrick shares what the t'Corbeau had told him during their meeting. His gaze is more focused on Osmund though instead of his father, for a reaction.

Sir Nadine steps into the room, having been helping secure the keep until the point. "Elri—" she begins, then her tone formalizes and she stops herself. "Lord Sir Elrick. Lord Michael. Baron t'Tremaine." She bows. "I offer my assistance."

Sir Osmund steps away from the door as Nadine enters and looks for all the world like a cornered beast now the door is blocked. Elrick's words only enhance that appearance as he rounds on the heir, "Lies! You've been told lies my lord! Those men are my kin and they would not turn against this house! The t'Corbeau, they cannot be trusted, everyone knows that!"

Michael offers a nod of greeting to Nadine before he shooting a sharp look to Sir Osmund, "Mind your tounge, sir. The t'Corbeau may be what they are, but they are your betters."

A frown appears on the baron's face. "I see. I am certainly surprised by this." He would say more but Nadine's arrival and Osmund's outbursts cach him off guard, but he does look to Osmund next, "Lord Michael is correct. While you may have found use here, they are still nobles, of a line granted such an honor by the crown. If you wish to make such a charge, you had best have proof to the contrary, as it seems they come bearing it."

Benjamin looks to Nadine, "I see, sir. Very well." He then looks to the three nobles in the room, "And this evidence regarding my captain of the guard and Tommard is coming? Very well, have them arrested. If they are innocent they will not be burdened too long."

Nadine's entrance is a slight surprise for Elrick who was completely preoccupied with the treachery that has infested his House but Osmund's reaction quickly recaptures the Heir's attention. "Sir Osmund, you are /very/ quick to deny the information I have received, from a House that have proven themselves to our Kingdom. And it sounds like you know this… Tommard as well. Tell me, where can I find him? This will all unravel very soon, as I have very /little/ mercy for those who would stab my family in the back." The tone that is used now is a tempered anger, composed in appearance but the words are as sharp as the sidhe-steel blade he owns. Looking towards his father, Elrick bows his head, "I will have them arrested, as well as two more that were named to work with Tommard as well as the bandits. We will have more names and find out how large this web is, Father. I suggest that this does not leave the room, I will take the men that have served with me in the north to carry out the arrests."

Nadine's face tightens into a stern mask. "I would be pleased to assist in making these arrests, my lord. Taking advantage of a privileged position to take advantage of the smallfolk— who are the blood of the kingdom and are to be protected!— is a sin against the One. It breaks the bonds of community that bind us."

Osmund sputters "Then forgive me my lord and sir Nadine, I did not wish to speak against my betters," he says. "But I fear they may be mistaken or mislead by your enemies Your Excellency-" Then the orders for arrests are given and he backs a step or two from the group, wringing his hands. After a moment he speaks up, "Tommard is my brother-in-law," making the corrupt captain of the guard Sir Osmund's brother. "He'll be at his shop in the town no doubt. If no warning has come of this evidence against him."

Michael frowns and looks at the others. One above! The man's kin is everywhere.

"Very well, Sir Nadine. You may accompany my son on this endeavor," Benjamin says bluntly, and looks to his heir, "Then go, and make haste. Appoint a man you trust to lead the guard in place of the accused. With the damned rabble on their way, the last thing I need are traitors within." Osmund gets a look, "As we are the only ones to know, it should stay that way." Benjamin looks to Michael, "My lord, you may come and go as you will, I just wish to know which you are deciding so as to ensure your safety within my lands."

"I am grateful for your assistance then, Sir Nadine, another noble knight will help ensure that the arrests can be made without resistance." Elrick says with a nod of appreciation towards Nadine. His gaze then shifts back to Osmund and frowns, "Pray that your brother-in-law is only involved with greed of making profit in acquiring items that most would not have their hands on. If he is in league with the bandits, then even the One cannot save him and those that are with him." The plan is already being formed in the heir's mind. Tommard's shop in town would be a start, but not after Elrick makes sure that his Father's safety as well as the safety of the keep is seen to first. That means changing out all of the guards in the keep and assigning a new Captain of the Guard, with the old being placed in more or less, house arrest. With his father's orders, the Elrick bows his head respectfully before looking towards Michael to see what the l'Corren decides.

Nadine's fingers rest lightly on the hilt of her lightsilver blade, stern and solemn and antsy to begin fixing those things that are broken. She, too, looks to Michael for his reply.

"It would be cowardly of me to leave now, I will stay and face what comes with the rest of you," Michael says. "But your consideration is welcome and if you wish it I will make my father aware that the choice was my own."

Sir Osmund asks then, "What of me Your Excellency, what would you have me do?"

"Very well, my lord," Benjamin says to Michael. "If you require anything, say and it will be done." Osmund is given a look, "You will stay here. Your sword may be needed here with teh rabble on their way. Besides, my son seems to have the arrests in hand, you have served me well thus far by my side, and there you will stay."

With his Father's keeping a leash on Osmund, Elrick nods his head in agreement, "I will assign a squad of men to guard you as well, Father. If word gets out of the arrests, the traitors may act rashly." They would also have orders to keep an eye on Sir Osmund as well, just in case. "We best be on our way, Sir Michael, Sir Nadine, if there is nothing else to discuss. First task we must see to is to change out the guards here in the keep, I will feel much better when the veterans of the north are walking the hallways and the walls in this keep."

Things move swiftly after the trio leave the study. Elrick's men from the wars are quick to take up their posts in the castle and secure the key points and gathering men picked by Sir Osmund in the great hall, without their weapons. Then the men sweep into the village, Cole Berrand is swept up easily enough and his guardsmen lay down their arms. Tommard Oakes, is also captured without incident, though having seen some guardsmen disarmed by his shop, was found grabbing a cache of gold from under a floorboard. In preparation for an escape.

Though as the party returns to the castle with the prisoners there's a commotion and shouting within. "It's Sir Osmund, he's hurt your father and tried to make his escape," one of the gate-guards says the party returns. "They've got him trapped in the stables."

Nadine grimaces, then looks to Elrick. "Let us go and be finished with this vile traitor at once, my lord."

Elrick is pleased with how efficiently his men went about completing the tasks given to them, it appears that the time spent in the north have certainly hardened them, making them good soldiers. War tends to do that to people, the slow do not survive. He was just thinking that things were going way too smoothly when he receives word that Sir Osmund had turned on his father, something that the heir was afraid of. "How badly is my father hurt?" Is the first question, concern still shown to his father, despite their current rocky relationship. While he waits for the answer, Elrick's gaze moves to the stables, already heading in that direction.

The guards man walks quickly, trying to keep up with Elrick. "They sent a healer up but they said it was your father who sounded the alarm, so he lives."

As the stables come into view so to do the guards who have it surrounded, weapons drawn. Behind them are castle servants and others watching the commotion with interest.

One of the men surrounding the stables breaks off and comes to join Elrick and his party as they draw close to the stables. "He's trapped in the tack room," the man reports. "Alone," he glances to where a stableboy is having a wound tended. "He tried to take the lad hostage but the lad got free."

With the status of his father verified, Elrick nods his head, one worry settled. Now he can fully focus on the traitor, at least one of the traitors that had been plaguing his land. "I want the guards with crossbows." Is his first order, wanting more or less a firing squad ready to go, or at least the image of one. Looking over to his companions, both Nadine and Michael, the t'Tremaine Heir shakes his head in disappointment, "Osmund… what a disgrace. There will be no foolish notion of single combat, he has no honor and deserves nothing of the sort." For now, Elrick stops at the stables, waiting for the guards to arm themselves with crossbows before he would venture further.

Emerging from the keep is the figure of the baron. Around his head is wrapped a cloth bandage. He is staggering a little bit, and takes a little bit of time to find his way to where Elrick stands. "Where is the fucking bastard? The rat will get his due, so help me!" Benjamin rips a spear from a nearby guard's hands and rests on it for a moment to steady himself. "If we get him alive, and I want him alive, bring him to me." He spends the next few moments blinking and trying to compose himself.

Michael shakes his head at the whole scene. Disgraceful was right. Though there is a nod of agreement at the notion of fetching crossbows to deal with the man. "He deserves no better," he says. He draws his bastard sword then, though, like as not, he wouldn't need it. The baron's arrival is met with a turn of his head and a nod for the man. It took a lot to keep the man down it seemed.

There is a nod from the guard and soon the order for crossbowmen is shouted through the castle. In short order they assemble at the stables, ten in all, looking between Elrick and the baron for orders, bolts slid into the grooves of their weapons.

"Father…" Elrick says when he sees the Baron approach, eyes looking to the bandaged hand, "I am glad to see that you are up on your feet. Please rest, Father, or at least wait here. You've trusted me so far to handle matters, let me see this through. My intention is to take him alive, he has much to answer for and he has answers we will need." When the crossbowmen arrive, he nods to them, "Four of you," He nods to the right four, "Come with me. If the traitor tries to rush us with weapon drawn, I want you to aim for his legs, not his chest." Then Elrick looks to Michael, "Time to snuff out one fire."

Benjamin blinks a little, and tries to hide his disorientation. "Very well, son. Do what you must, but I insist he must be taken alive to pay for his crimes." He resumes leaning on the spear and looks to one guard, "Go and fetch my sword, and some chains."

Michael nods and follows Elrick but not before flashing a grin to the crossbowmen picked to join them, "Don't miss. But most of all, don't hit us!" he jests with the men and then falls in with Elrick as they approach the stables. "So, what's the plan?"

Giving his father a nod, Elrick glance at Michael and smirks in amusement after hearing his cousins words. "Well, we can hope that Osmund has at least enough sense to surrender himself, but I doubt it. Luckily the stableboy was able to escape, so he has no hostage. We will just fill his legs with crossbows, and then drag him outside to be placed in chains." He then looks to one of the men that will not be going with them into the stables, "Make sure a healer is standing by."

"Sensible," Michael say and then bends down to work a rock free from the hard packed earth of the stable. He throws it against door with a thud. "Come out Sir Osmund, you're done. There's no escape."

There is silence in reply.

Michael frowns, and looks to Elrick. "There is no way out of the room is there?" he asks, and then he gets his answer, as there is a frantic rustling of thatch on the roof, and the two men can see Osmund trying to pull himself onto the roof. There's not much of a shot, but the crossbowmen raise their weapons and and wait for the order to fire.

If Osmund was not already in such a pitiful state, Elrick would have found the situation rather hilarious, that the traitor would try to escape up to the roof of the stables. Holding up his hand, the heir orders his men to hold their fire for now, "Really Osmund? Is this what you are resorting to? Climb down and surrender yourself, your other option is to enjoy the feeling of bolts in your legs. I will most likely end up cutting off your legs so the healers can tend to you easier, but your legs are no use to me anymore. It is your choice whether you wish to keep them or not." Elrick then looks towards the crossbowmen, "Take aim!" He calls out, certainly loud enough for Osmund to hear.

Michael shares his cousin's amusement. Though it is fair to say that Osmund doesn't. "Like hell!" the older knight grunts as he begins to pull himself up onto the roof.

"I suppose better to risk all then go willingly into the maw of the Abyss," Michael muses.

Elrick had given Osmund his one chance, now he will no longer waste his time on the traitor, "Cousin, think we should fill him legs with bolts? Or just let him jump down and have the guards subdue him. I do want him to hurt… but if a bolt misses and takes his head. That would be most unfortunate."

"Given this sad display, put a bolt in him," Michael growls, disgusted.

The crossbowmen look to Elrick for the order.

With a nod, Elrick looks to the men, "One at a time, you first, then the next in line. Take careful aim at the leg, then fire." The order has been given and the heir now looks towards the traitor, waiting to see the results.

The first man does his job well. He takes aim and with a 'thack' the bolt snaps free of the bow and burries itself in the flesh of Sir Osmund's ankle. The treasonous knight yelps in pain as the leg gives way and he comes tumbling down from the roof, striking a beam before hitting the mud hard near where Elrick and Michael stand.

Michael turns, and with a quick grin gives the bowman a nod. "Good shot," he says and then comes forward to kick Osmund's sword away from the injured man.

Echoing Michael's compliment, Elrick gives the crossbowman a pat on the shoulder, "Well done." Then he follows the l'Corren to the downed traitor, moving to the other side of the man. After looking Osmund over, the heir glances to the other men waiting farther away, "Chains and a healer!"

Benjamin stirs from his spot. He musters what strength he has and approaches his son and the l'Corren heir. Ben casts aside his spear and takes the sword from the guard, "Osmund, you are no longer a knight. I strip you of your spurs and declare your goods, both land and moveables, forfeit and property of the barony." With a harsh glare at the former knight, and looks to Elrick, "The healer may not be needed," as he turns his gaze back to Osmund, "For I, Baron Benjamin t'Tremain, the lawful lord of this land, sentence you, Osmund, to have your slanderous and treasonous tongue to be ripped from your mouth and then to be hung in chains from the walls of this keep until death, so saith I." The tone of his voice bears the full rage and anger the baron can muster.

Osmund looks up from where he lays in the mud. "Please my lord, mercy! I was your good and loyal man! It was Eustace who was the false One! May the Abyss take him!"

The men-at-arms come then, bearing chains, fists and bootheels. There is a struggle but it's a short one and before long the former knight is bound and hoisted up between two men. The healer lingers about the edge of the gathering, not certain if he should step in or not.

Michael for his part gives the men room to work and shares a nods to the baron, saying, "Justly done."

"Shut your mouth, scum! You are not worthy to speak to my Father, after your betrayal." Elrick says as he plans a solid boot tip into Osmund's ribs. He then looks to the Baron, nodding his head in agreement, "Quite merciful, Father. Though I would request you delay the sentence momentarily. I am more than eager to see this traitor punished for his crimes, but I want to drain his mind of all he knows. Of all that are guilty, because our lands need to be cleansed. Who knows how vast this infestation has grown." There is a pause before he continues, "I also wish to contact Viscountess t'Corbeau, to see if she wishes answers from this man as well. What lead her to her findings was that she has been making sure that any remaining agents of the… Cardinal," The title spoken in disgust, "Are removed. I believe we owe the Viscount and Viscountess at least a chance to decide if they wish a hand in the questioning, for the good of the Kingdom."

Benjamin thinks for a moment, wincing a little and tapping on his leg. After a deep breath he looks to his son, "Very well, you have until the Viscountess arrives. No longer. This man is due his death, and I would rather it come sooner than later if he is wishing to further harm this barony."

Sir Osmund reels back when kicked and then falls silent, only to pale at the mention of the t'Corbeau becoming involved in the questioning. His breeches dampen. "I will name all of them my lord, please, do not let those people have me."

Michael shakes his head at the man. Though in truth he cannot blame the man too much, for all that is said of the t'Corbeau, none of it suggests mercy.

One of the guards step forward, "And the other prisoners my lords?" he asks. Meaning Sir Osmund's brother and Tommard Oakes.

Bowing his head to his Father, Elrick is glad that the Baron is agreeing to his suggestions, "Thank you Father, we cannot be too careful when dealing with these traitors and the webs they cling to." He wants to ensure that the damage is limited to his lands and does not damage kingdom further, which would mean further disgracing their name.

At the begging and wetting of pants, the t'Tremaine Heir can only smirk again at the baseborn before striking at the man to render him unconscious or stunned enough to refrain from any coherent acts for the moment. He gives a quick order, "Gag him and keep him gagged, I do not wish for him to bite off his own tongue before the t'Corbeau is able to give answer to my message. His gag can be wetted with water to make sure he does not die of thirst." Elrick then looks to the healer, "See to his ankle, I do not wish him to bleed to death or suffer infection prematurely." As for the other prisoners, he has an answer as well, "Chains for them and place them in a cell as well, Osmund's actions lead me to believe they are guilty as well. They will have to spin a /very/ convincing story to be released."

Benjamin stays silent as his son speaks, though he does say something at the end, "They will not be released save by my call, though I want all of their moveables secured, for they are forfeit unless I say otherwise. Once this is over they can be judged accordingly, and I will not be shocked if there will be a final family reunion of sorts, the required attire being chains and a noose."

The men see to Osmud grabbing him by his hair and pulling a gag into his mouth. Then, he is dragged off the healer trailing behind and promising to see to him when the man is taken to his cell. A similar fate befalls the two other men taken by the guards, they are chained and dragged away to cells beneath Stag's Keep to await questioning and judgement. Other guards are dispatched to seize the men's property.

Michael watches the men dragged off without moment of pity. He spits into the dirt. "A bad end, but one suited to traitors. What now?" he asks looking at the two t'Tremaines, "Other than that family reunion."

As the men are now dispersing to see to their duties, whether it is moving the prisoners, returning to guard positions, or seizing property, Elrick's focus now shifts to both his Father and Michael, "Next task of importance, I believe, is the peasants that are marching here. Father, I know you wished to punish them for rising up, but I ask that you reconsider. With the truth coming out about Osmund and Eustace, I do not see them rising up against you. Instead, they were rising up against the traitors that have been poisoning your ears with honeyed words. Let sir Michael and I ride out to speak to their leaders, if they hear of what has transpired with Osmund and the changing of the guard here, I believe the uprising will end. We will make sure it ends."

"Heh," Benjamin snorts and spits into the ground, "If that bastard had not smacked me with his sword I would deny your request. But you may speak on my behalf, though I will pardon any who seek it for raising arms against their lawful lord. They will also be present for the hanging, as a lesson to all." He frowns and grumbles to himself, "Damn bloody peasants."

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Michael says when the baron agrees to grant leniency. Then he turns to Elrick. "Good thing this ended in the stables then," he offers with a smile. "Shall we ride out at once?"

Nodding after hearing his Father's response, Elrick bows his head once more, "Thank you Father, we shall see this done at once." Then he looks towards Michael and nods, a slight grin finally appear on the Heir who is still keeping his tiredness at bay for now, "Indeed, cousin, I won't be able to sleep easy if this is not seen to yet. We shall have the proper escort as well, just in case."

"Ride safely, you two, and if they give you trouble, try not to be heroes," Benjamin says. Clearly the head injury is making him somewhat nice. He then makes his way back to the keep, "Send the healer up once he is able, and bring the strongest wine in the keep."

Michael allows himself to shoot an amused look to Elrick at the baron's kind words. Then, he nods. "Alright then, let's gather the men we'll need and be on the way."

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