(1866-08-01) On the way to Sunsreach
On the Road to Sunsreach
Summary: The Lily Knight meets the sister of the reclusive Duke Gerrell, sent by her brother to assist with the hunt for Baron Robert's assassins.
Date: 7/31/2015
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Sunsreach Countryside
In Log
Juliet 31, 1866

It is nearing Mid-day and the sun is reaching far and wide having burned off the early clouds which covered the sky. The lands of Sunreach are living up to their name for the moment at least. The out laying lands and roads leading to the city proper are rarely completely empty even when they seem to be. The roads have travlers and merchants and of course bandits and highway men, but mostly it honest people.

The woods nearby can be used for camping and hunting and adventureing, its some mixture of these that brings Graham out of the forest line he's on his horse and not riding hard but just making way back to the city it seems at a leasurely pace making for the road is step one.

It is hard to miss the coming entourage, headed in to the city. Red and black, their banners fly. Making a brisk pace they seem to be in a bit of a hurry. Guardsmen in the crimson and ebon colors of Gerrell, escorting a small party of civilians - servants in simple dress and a lady riding a palfry at the heart of it.

The lady is hardly a dainty thing, riding briskly in a black travelling gown with a sun-brimmed hat to keep the heat off. She motions to her guardsmen as they draw near the trees, and the lady calls, "Some shade, and repast. Please?" She doesn't sound used to ordering her own guards but they comply and the Gerrell entourage draws off the road.

Graham diverts his course when he sees the group riding quickly towards the city. The one known as the Lily Knight apparently cannot think there possible danger and not assist. He spurs his horse on a bit faster towards the group. He is still a bit from the group from his exit of the forest though he can see they stop to take rest and so perhaps no danger after all slowing his ride as he nears. "Greetings, I hope all is well with the travel." he likely will be stopped by the guards before reaching their charge but still he'll speak and halt his horse.

The Gerrell men seem almost overprotective of the lady, stopping Graham before he can draw too near. The large girl slips off her horse easily and nods as she smooths down her black overgown. "We're fine, thank you. It's just warm." She speaks very softly but with just enough volume to carry. "I had hoped to make the city for lunch but I'm just too tired from the ride." She turns to the sturdiest of her men and nods slowly. The man-at-arms nods and the guards warily let the rider closer.

He doesn't try to push his luck armed and armored as such. Graham stops and will wait to listen though he looks to the standards they carry and tries to place them he will instead go for the proper route once allowed he'll dismount and move closer to the woman who speaks. "It is a warm day, to be certain the city isnt far but a rest is nearly never a miss." He will bow to her formally. "I am Lord Sir Graham Cassomir." he introduces himself.

Tiadora's guardsmen nod respectfully and give proper salutes. She makes a polite curtsey in reply, "Lady Tiadora Gerrell, my lord. The One watch over you," she intones formally. The girl is young but her size gives the illusion of age, as she is easily as heavy as any of her guardsmen.

Graham nods in return to the guardsmen respectful as well before attention back to the lady in question. "A pleasure to meet you Lady Gerrell, and man the one watch you.. together we are strong, and together our faith cannot be broken." he finishes the prayer though not known for being the most devout he does believe at least. He looks "Perhaps if it is okay, I may stay and travel the rest of the way with you and your guard?"

"Together we are strong." She echoes it with a shy smile that sets dimples into her round cheeks. It fades quickly and even her voice seems to lower in volume as if unsure how to converse. "I would be happy for an escort, my lord. This is my first time so far from home, and my men and I do not know the city well. Should we stay here and have our midday meal or continue on? I am not good at estimating travel. It looks so very far…"

The Lily Knight looks over as she seems to retreat a bit after the prayer is spoken wondering perhaps if he'd said something incorrect? Graham glances back the way of the city though before back "There is not a reason to not take a moments rest. The city is not far, but it is far more peaceful out here before the livelyness of the city markets and the goings on at the castle. Do you travel with information or just a visit to the city here?"

Tiadora looks to her guardsmen as if seeking something. After a long pause she says, "I am on on the Duke's business. He thought I could be of help, my lord. Perhaps." She seems poor at making eye contact, often glancing down and to the side instead of addressing Graham directly.

Graham nods to her words "I am sure you will be of help, and all who seek to do so are welcome. Her Majesty was quite clear about wishing a resolution found." He says though looking to the guards. He has noticed her not looking at him directly but perhaps he may be catching on that she may simply by shy or careful perhaps she may think he's not who he says he is? "There are many of the Lords and Ladies of Rivana within the city at the moment."

Reluctantly, the Gerrell maiden admits, "He says it will be good for me to see Sunsreach, and good for me to meet the Queen." She doesn't sound certain of it. "I just hope I can be of some use. I would hate to come all this way and not be helpful." She even talks the same way she looks, stilted as if unsure of what to say. She glances up to the nearby gates and offers a shrug. "If not, I guess I can look at the library in the palace. He said I would like it."

"I suppose getting to know other lands is important if one is to travel often, did you not make the trip for the coronation up north?" Graham asks curiously though he does turn to look at the city before back. "The Library is rather wonderful there." he agrees with her on this point, he than ponders in silence what he can do to help lessen the worry of the Lady here.

Tiadora adds, "And the Cathedral." The smile returns for a moment. "I look forward to comparing it to Saint Sandoval's. I can do sketches." Her blue eyes blink as she shakes her head slowly. "Oh no, my lord. I… did not think it was wise. Too far, too soon. This is… more prudent."

Graham ponders if he's been to the Cathedral at the city "I do not belive i've been there myself yet at least, things rather have been busy." He hears the word sketch and brightens perhaps this is a way he can loosen things up some. "I can understand that, bit far for a first trip and if not used to the faegate sickness it might have been worse. Be right back." The Lily Knight moves back to his horse and a bag which hangs off one side retrieing a sketch pad of his own. He will move back "You mentioned sketches. I took some of the north would you like to see?"

She nods slowly but then verbalizes, "Um… yes, please my lord? I like to draw. I'm fairly good at it," she states. One of her serving women just nods to back the lady's confession.

"I enjoy it myself, I often draw important events that happen good for remembering and bad for an escaping putting it to paper." Graham says he will step back over closer now than he'd been previously. He will smile "I am sure you are quite talented perhaps sometime I can see some of your work in turn." he will offer over the sketchpad for to be able to look it over. It is filled with everything from the city up north they stayed at, to a dipiction of the gand melee tournament event and jousting, to some of his family. Also himself and a woman in leather armor standing talking in a room.

Tiadora's shy smile is drawn out again as she looks over the drawings. "These are far better than mine. I tend to sketch and make rough drawings to paint over. I don't have a much talent for the shading. These are truly lovely. You have a gift."

Graham smiles but shakes his head "Thank you m'lady, but I am sure your skill is just fine." He is glad for the compliment though all the same chuckling. "You know usually people seem shocked.. that a /knight/ has an interest in artistic things. I am not sure why this is, guess I am supposed keep my skills in hitting things with metal sticks only." he says with another bigger grin.

Tiadora shrugs again. "I guess everyone needs a hobby," she replies softly. "These are very good. How did you get the one of yourself?" She motions to the one of him and the woman.

"I would think so, and thank you again m'lady." Graham says simply the question about his own picture "I looked into a mirror a while and than gave it my best go. Not sure I did a perfect job, but at least its passible since well you knew it was me." he chuckles.

The plump girl nods. "It is not perfect, but I knew who it was. Is she your wife?"

Graham nods and shrugs his shoulders lightly "I couldn't likely hope for more than myself being recognized there at all." The question about the lady in the picture gets a smile from the Lord and knight but a shake of his head as well. "She would be if she were a noble, but she is my consort Cathrynn she is one of my cousin Raelyn's huntresess."

Tiadora ohs as she nods, a touch unfamiliar but getting the long and short of it. "It is very nice. You should give it to her. No doubt she would like having it, of you both." She gives another small timid smile.

"Hm that's a good idea. I might just do that." Graham says at her suggestion the whole consort thing while very official is sometimes looked at diffrently per house he's noticed though it doesnt seem to be an issue here at least. "I hope the rest is helping you feel better m'lady?"

"I don't go out in the sun much," she admits. "Or travel much." The Gerrell girl offers another small polite smile. "But the shade is good. Did you want something to eat? We have some dry cheese, and sausages. I'm hoping to get something proper to have after I'm settled in."

Graham looks over and nods "Is there a reason for that? I mean if you dont mind me asking of course." The Lily knight wonders about the going out or traveling though he shakes his head "No thank you, though I can assure there will be proper food at the great hall when we do arrive."

Tiadora's smile fades. She looks down reluctantly and mutters, "My mother was very protective of me." It's clearly not a comfortable subject.

"I see, sorry didnt mean to press." Graham comments though he'll move on quickly from that. "Well here is a good city, its not too big and with a lot of other nobles visiting well you wont be without allies if you want to call them that." he grins. "My cousin Emilia is a good one to talk to for most things."

The Gerrell girl replies, "I understand a lot of people are upset over the assassination. Afraid it's more of the rebels." She asks it quietly, as if not wanting her guards to overhear. "Has anyone else been hurt?"

Graham nods to her words "They are, and out in the open. Not to mention with my cousin marrying her Majesty soon." He comments though he looks to the guards and back but shakes his head "No, there havent been any other incidents its been remarkably quiet in the city."

Tiadora glances at her men at arms. "My brother was worried… with what happened and all.. he wants me to help but is afraid I'll be a target." She seems almost hesitant to think it, let alone say it out loud. "I just hope I can help. I guess when I present myself I can talk to Her Majesty about what I may be good for. It must be nice to be looking forward ot that; the wedding, I mean.

He will ponder it looking to the guards a moment "I hm.. suppose its possible, but with your guards not likely they would even cause any harm if there is a threat even. Try and enjoy yourself in the city m'lady there is tightened security to be sure. Graham explains the talk about the wedding gets a nod "I am proud of my cousin indeed and the hopeful good it will do for my house."

Tiadora nods reluctantly. "I only hope I can help Symon - His Grace, I mean. I want to show Her Majesty we are loyal, and so hopefully my being here can help. If not…" She smiles again to perk her dimples. "I can see the Cathedral at least.

Graham nods "You will be of help, and i'm sure her Majesty will find you loyal." He perhaps is missing something there, but he's also abit scatter brained of late to be certain. The Lily knight chuckles and will nod "Yes at least that can be viewed and enjoyed. I belive that you will be safe with simply ordinary precautiouns. Anyways we should move on before to long if you are okay to do so."

Tiadora nods in quiet agreement. "Thank you, m'lord Graham. Truly, the One is watching over me to send such kind guidance at the end of my long road." She beats a bit of travel dirt from her dusty black skirts and returns to her horse. "I am looking forward to staying in place. And trying sea-foods. We do not have much in the way of fish dishes in Falconholme…"

And off they ride.

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