(1866-08-04) Welcomes and Wedding Plans
Welcomes and Wedding Plans
Summary: Tiadora's is further welcomed to Sunsreach, and Tristan gets some unexpected news.
Date: Aout 4th 1866
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Sunsreach Palace
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Aout 4th 1866

It is a quiet afternoon in the palace in Sunsreach. Or at least a part of the palace where Tristan has asked Aidric and Symon's sister, Tiadora, to come and enjoy a glass of wine and some refreshments. It was a nice day, and so it was a perfect time to enjoy a bit of the summer sun while relaxing on a balcony that overlooks some of the gardens and a very scenic portion of the city proper.

Leaning back in his chair, Tristan waves away the servant who has just brought several glasses, a bottle of wine, and some bread and cheese. He then glances up at his Lancer and offers a slight smile, indicating that once his guests arrive that he would like a small bit of privacy.

The young Gerrell maiden is escorted by a footman to the chambers, as she is not familiar enough yet to find it herself. She mutters a quiet thank you to the servant as he withdraws and tries to smile but can't quite make it. Her somber black garb is broken up only by a hint of red here and there in the colors of her house, but appears far too serious for such a fine day. She makes a polite curtsey as she steps in, giving Tristan one of her hesitant smiles; not enough to set her dimples flaring but enough to show she's trying to be social. "Hello cousin-Highness," she says softly, almost too quiet to be heard.

Aidric comes late to the gathering, in still dotting his hands in places, his clothing mostly casual and hurriedly assembled by the look of things. He steps onto the balcony before stopping short and staring at Tiadora. "Cousin Tia? Is that you? One how you've grown," he remarks to the girl he'd not seen since she was last five or six. He bows his head slightly to the girl before taking in his more princely cousin with a nod as well. "Nice little gathering and more civilized surroundings than the ones we were last assembled in," he says reaching for some wine.

Tristan stands up when Tiadora arrives, offering his cousin a smile. "Well now, it has been a while since I last saw you, cousin." He gestures towards one of the chairs at the table. "Here, sit, sit. Would you care for some wine? I have some refreshments here too if you like. I don't know how long you have been here in Sunsreach, but I was gladdened to hear of your arrival." He smiles again, going ahead and pouring her a glass of wine, though only half of one. Symon probably wouldn't like it if he ended up getting his sister drunk.

Finishing that glass, he slides it over to Tia's spot and then pours two more glasses, filling them up and then sliding one to his own seat, and then one to another seat just as Aidric arrives. "Cousin, good to see you, and yes, I thought this would be a nice surprise. Here, sit down and have some wine." He sits and and takes his glass in hand.

Tiadora's grown up as well as out. Pudgy has become full rotund. "Cousin Aidric. It has been a long time since we were all together," she says as she actually starts to smile but it fades. "I wish it was under happier circumstances." She settles into the chair and takes a bit of the cheese to fold up in a roll of bread. She nibbles almost without thinking of it.

"I only arrived a few days ago; it takes a while for news to reach us and for my entourage to ride," she continues, sipping the half-wine with a thankful nod. "Once we heard what was going on, Symon wanted to help of course… but he's very busy, so he asked me if I could." Drawing words out of her is difficult but they seem to be getting easier moment by moment.

"It has, it has," Aidric agrees with Tia with a faint smile before he moves to take Tristan's invitation. "I would be happy to," he says taking the offered seat and then the offered wine. "I've been locked up in my manse these past," he glances up at the sun then back to Tristan. "What day is it now?" he asks before continuing. "Anyhow, the last few days at least, trying to hammer out something for Jaren and the Queen, so the chance to see the world was welcome," he says and then casts a glance back towards Tia. "Something our cousin can no doubt agree with."

Tristan takes a long sip of his wine and nods. "Of course, I am glad to hear that Symon wishes to help. I hate that he is in the situation that he is in now, but alas, that was out of his control and I know he will do the best he can going forward." He glances over at Aidric, grinning. "They keep you that busy, do they? Well, you should get out more, I am sure there are a number of ladies in Sunsreach who are just waiting to make your acquaintance once again, cousin."

Tiadora blushes a little as she chuckles. "You are both very bad," she chides girlishly, starting to smile. "But that's why I am here, so he can work on what he feels needs to be done at home." She continues to eat the bread and cheese roll without ever really looking at it. "But I don't know what good I can do. I'm only six and ten, and I don't know the first of what is going on other than this is a very bad time for a Baron Robert to be found dead."

Aidric snorts and laughs. "They only want to know me coz because they want me to introduce them to you," he remarks with a shake of his head. "It's a shameful existence, but one I am willing to live with," he turns to Tiadora then and smiles. "But you're right, we're a very bad influence and Symon should feel ashamed to have sent you into our company," he teases his cousin. "Though I hope he is well, we write back and forth about business and my troops but that's told me little of how he is." At the mention of the baron he turns to Tristan, letting the man tell that tale himself.

"Bad? No, I assure you, Tia, we are both quite good and well behaved young men who have both acquired tastes for the finer things in life." He offers Aidric a nod, and a slight wink and then takes another sip of his wine. "Ah yes, Baron Robert. Well, we still do not know exactly who the assassin was, but there have been some clues as to what has happened. Right now, most of what I have heard and been told seems to point to the possibility that the Baroness bore a bastard son of a Durante. I have been trying to find out more and there are a few others that I should meet with soon, but I am beginning to suspect that this was less politically driven and more romantically driven."

Tiadora ohs softly, glancing down. It's now that she realizes that she has food in her hands and sets it aside on a plate. "Well I doubt there is little I can do to help there. Unless there's something you need read or a love-letter they put in some kind of silly code…" She gives them a sorry smile. "I'm sorry I wasted your time, cousins. At least it will help prove to Her Majesty that we are loyal to the throne, my being here, I mean…"

"So then it still looks like a crime of passion?" Aidric asks a frown quirking at the corners of his lips. "Well then, it might be good to leave that alone, the Queen won't be happy to have to deal with her vassals killing each other over an affair. Best to dump it in the Wardens' laps and let them be the ones to bring it to the queen."

Tristan nods and offers Tia a smile. "It is nothing to worry over, there may be much you can still do, but yes, it is good you are here. Perhaps you can even speak with Her Majesty soon and begin to help mend the relationship between our two houses, even if I try to do what I can to speak on Symon's behalf." His attention shifts to Aidric and he nods. "Yes, unless I find out something new within the next several days, that might be exactly what I do with this. I do think that Alysande will be somewhat relieved that if this is what happened, that this wasn't court politicking getting her vassals killed. I agree on that regard, politics has gotten too many killed these last few years."

Tiadora quietly admits, "I was afraid the Thorns were behind it. One protect us from their madness…" She bows her head reverantly. "And I do have a letter for Her Majesty from Symon, so who knows what good my being here can do. At least, it can't hurt, right?" She gives the pair a hopeful smile.

Aidric nods. "Wise choice," he says to Tristan of the matter of Baron Robert. To Tia he says, "I will drink to that," he says of the Thorns and their madness, though oddly without irony. Then he has that drink and then nods. "Even if this turns out to be a murder of passion, doubtless there will be things you can do here to help your brother's cause. Meeting the Queen will doubtless help, and perhaps Princess Clara, you are about of an age I think."

"Well, I do not think we have anything to fear there." Tristan says, a look of relief crossing his features. "I think if the Thorns had any hand in this we might have heard some rumblings of it by now, but so far? Nothing. Trust me, that had been my first guess about all of this. And a letter? Well, that is a start, I am sure she will be glad to receive it." To Aidric, he nods, "Indeed, you should meet my cousin Clara, Tia, I do beliee the two of you could become fast friends!"

Shyly, Tia admits, "It would be nice to meet other girls. I really don't have any friends." She stares at her hands again before she gives the pair an attempt at a smile. "Well, I should go back to my rooms, I want to wash up before Sunset prayers. It was… nice seeing you both?" She's not really sure and it ends on a high inflective.

Aidric blinks at Tia's admission of not having friends. Who didn't have friends? He does his best to cover his surprise with a sip of wine then nods. "We shall definitely have to introduce you to Clara then," he says with a nod of his head. As she moves to depart he rises. "It was good to see you cousin, do try to relax however. Falconhome is long behind you."
Tristan frowns at Tia and nods. "Yes, feel free to come and see me whenever you wish, and I will do what I can to introduce you and Clara. She is very young and sweet, I do think you two will get along." He nods at her, "Do have a nice evening though, and if you need anything, feel free and ask."

Tiadora stands and makes a neat curtsey for the two. "It was nice to see you both," she says with a bit more determination. "I'll say my hellos for you when I write to Symon to let him know I am here safe. I'm sure he will be glad it's just jealousy and not something more nefarious." She adds, "Thank you for the wine, it was very nice," as an afterthought. And she goes, black skirts and veil hanging behind.

Aidric watches Tiadora depart and then turns to his cousin. "One above. I am glad you punched her mother in the face," he remarks before he reaches down for his wine cup and has a drink. "So, any word on those plans you had for me?" he asks.

Tristan glances over at Aidric and shrugs, "I would do it again if I had to, the woman was off of her rocker. I never felt sorry for Symon before that moment, but goddamn it, I tell you now… I felt true pity for that man. Especially because of… well…" He trails off and then drains his glass of wine. "Since Paul died." He hated even saying that. At least Aidric gives him a reason to think about something else.

"Well, I cannot go into everything right now, but once I can put the Abara out of commission, I think there might be room for someone to operate their brothels both to earn income, but to also act as an extended intelligence gathering mechanism." Yeah, he just puts that out there, because why not?

The door opens and a beautiful young woman garbed in a green gown with thread-of-gold embroidery steps onto the balcony. A single Lancer escorts her, though the clanking of armor indicates at least two more await just inside the door.

Queen Alysande has arrived, and her cheeks are slightly flushed, as if she has been rushing to see… hmm.

"Cousin. Lord Aidric. I do hope I am not interrupting anything," she says regally, ignoring the flushing in her own cheeks. In her left hand is a rolled but unsealed parchment, and her eyes are twinkling with excitement.

Aidric pauses in silence a moment at the mention of Paul. "He was a good man," is all he'll say of it for now. Then, he looks to Tristan, brow raised. "So you want me to become a pimp?" he asks, unsure if the idea amuses or disgusts him more. "Why me? Actually, never mind don't answer that," he says as he sits down to think on it. Of course the Queen arrives just then…

He stands long enough to take a knee. "Your Majesty," he says ignoring the flushed cheeks if she'll ignore the pimp remarks.

"A pimp? Of course not, cousin. Do not be so crass. A gatherer of information, as you would have agents to operate those ven…" He pauses and glances over at the door. This was… well, unexpected. Tristan rises and then offers his cousin an elaborate and formal bow. "Your Majesty, a pleasure to see you today. Would you care to join my cousin Aidric and I for some wine? It is such a lovely day to not sit outside and enjoy a bit of the sun." He quickly pours a glass for her, but waits on her to indicate whether or not she actually wants some of the wine.

"Really, Tristan. You cannot make your cousin into a… purveyor of such wares," Alysande tsks. "It's unseemingly for anobleman, and really, you shouldn't be involved in those sorts of businesses either." She beams. "Married men have responsibilities after all."

Aidric rises, taking the Queen's joy as reason enough to dispense with formalities. "I think he may have misspoke as all, but he and I will discuss it later," Aidric says on the matter of whores. He smiles then when the Queen makes her news known. "Perhaps before his wedding."

"Let me clarify, at no point was I saying that my cousin would become a pimp and be directly responsible for overseeing of such activities, rather it is my hope that my cousin would appoint others to do that for him and use these the network of brothels as a means to acquire information throughout all of Rivana. Besides, it goes well with some of my ideas that I have been working on for Sunfall, but more on that later as I believe there was something you said that I am not quite certain that I heard correctly." Tristan reaches back for his glass of wine and then casually takes a sip of it.

"Neither I nor Aidric are married."

"Yet." Alysande lifts the rolled up parchment. "But soon enough. I've finalized your contract, and I am pleased it went as smoothly as it did… given certain issues." She smiles at Tristan. "You'll be a married man within a year."

Aidric's ears perk up at the remaining parts of the arrangement, but it still does not stop him from crossing his arms and smiling as the Queen confirms what he has surmised. "Who is the lucky woman?" he asks.

What. Tristan stares at Alysande for several long moments, licking his lips and then asking the same thing that Aidric just asked. "Who is it that I am to wed?" There are a number of names that he doesn't want to hear outright, but there are other things swirling around inside him too. For now he wants to hear this name.

"Lady Elaida of house Toulan. A house of Sanctum, though during the fall of Carsonne they were the l'Toulan, dukes of Carsonne." She looks positively gleeful. "This provides me with some much-needed inroads into both Sanctum and Pacitta without giving up any of my autonomy here."

The name does bring about a look of recognition on Aidric's face. "Her father is the Vice Chancellor of Pacitta, is he not?" he asks the Queen and then follows it with, "And did they perhaps send a portrait with the contract?" he wonders.

Sanctum? Tristan groans, and then rubs at his forehead. "Do I not at least get to choose between a few candidates? Or at least pick the best candidate who is the prettiest? What can you even tell me about this girl? Can you tell me if she is pretty or is she the product of some rural Couvieri breeding? Is she at least smart and able to hold a conversation?" Or will he need to feed her because she's too dumb to breathe. Ugh. It would have been nice to have been able to meet a potential bride or two before being thrown into this.

Alysande balks, her temper beginning to rise. "This isn't about you choosing the prettiest noblelady to bed," she snaps. Perhaps she should not have in front of Aidric, but the damage was done. She pushes onward. "She was the best candidate available for my needs, politically; she's young and healthy, so you will be able to help rebuild our family… and that is what matters. I know this sounds hypocritical of me, when I am to wed Jaren… but you offered to do what is best for our family, and this girl is it. I don't care if she's an airhead with a harelip… she's who you're marrying."

Aidric moves towards the edge of the balcony, trying to be unobtrusive in the midst of a family squabble. That said, he is also not leaving unless commanded to.

"No, I suppose you are right, I made that choice once already and nothing came of it." Tristan says, a bit grumpily as he pours himself another glass of wine and then drains half of it in a single sip. "If she is a good candidate politically? That is fine, but as to rebuilding our family? I… I cannot be expected to do anything of the sort if she is stupid and harelipped, that is asking quite a bit. That or you best be prepared to provide me an enormous supply of liquor as a wedding gift, otherwise that wedding bed will not get much use."

"You'll do your duty like everyone else has to once they are wed," Alysande scowls at her cousin. "Here I thought you would be pleased that I had found you an excellent match— maybe not some duke's daughter," she says scathingly, "but a fair match and one that helps our house."

Aidric ventures forth into the fray. "Your Majesty, my royal cousin, I ask you be lenient with Tristan in this," he says stepping forward. "You have taken him by surprise with news that will shape the rest of his life. You've had many such moments like this yourself, so, can it not be understood that he has questions, and would like to feel some agency in this matter?"

"Duty. Yes, I know very well about duty though most seem to judge otherwise. Why do you think I never pressured you more about things with Alina? You told me you would consider it. Never did I question you, not once. Could I have pushed and pushed? Of course, but that would not have been proper and it would not have been what you wanted from me, and so I did not." Tristan tries to remain calm, tries not to let some of his emotions get to him. As Aidirc speaks, he gives his cousin an appreciative glance and hopes that nothing ill comes towards the man.

He glances back to Alysande then and shakes his head. "You know, the last person who spoke to me of my duty was Martyn, and I now find this all rather rich, given that he wed some Tracano by-blow who really offers our house nothing that we already had."

<FS3> Alysande rolls Deception: Good Success. (4 2 8 2 1 1 2 6 8 3 3)

Alysande flinches. "You're right," she sighs angrily. "I let him marry for love." Queens don't make mistakes, so… "I could have chosen otherwise and did not. Your foolish puppy love was to a woman that would have taken you away and been dangerous to wed you to. You wisely did not press that issue with me. You had to know I could never agree to it." She scowls. "Your future wife… she's a healer, and a damned good one from all accounts, so she has to have some brain. As to if she's fair of face? I do not know. But it doesn't matter. She brings her skills with her." She glances at Tristan's 'injured' leg.

Aidric finds himself letting go of a breathe he was not aware he was holding. When he has let it go he turns to look at his cousin to see how he has taken the Queen's reply.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Tristan=Deception Vs Aidric=Perception
Tristan: Good Success (3 6 6 6 8 1 5 5 8 4 2 7 3)
Aidric: Success (1 7 1 1 6 4 3 4 6 1 5 3)
Net Result: Tristan wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Tristan=Deception Vs Alysande=Perception
Tristan: Amazing Success (7 8 4 7 5 4 7 8 5 2 7 3 4)
Alysande: Good Success (1 2 8 5 5 2 7 4 8 5 3 2)
Net Result: Tristan wins - Solid Victory

Tristan simply stares over the balcony, looking out over the view that it provides, letting his temper cool down after it flashes hotly for a moment. Finally he says, in a rather quiet tone of voice, "In a way, you ought to be thankful for my 'foolish puppy love'. It was because of that very thing is why I told you that you could start on this search. Yes, this is all very quick, far quicker than I expected or even planned on, but again, it was all because of the feelings that I developed for Alina. I know that you do not care for her or her family…" He trails off, shrugging as he swirls around the remaining wine in his glass before draining the rest of it and putting the glass down on the table.

"Very well, a healer? I suppose that is useful, and yes, perhaps she has a bit of intelligence. We shall see. I will wed her and bed her and do… my duty. I will not expect much from her, nor can I promise much. It seems I shall continue to have few true friends." And though his gaze seems to go towards Aidric, something else might have caught his attention a bit more.

Alysande sighs again. "Lord Aidric, if you would be so kind as to make sure my cousin does not drown himself in his… celebration of such good fortune?"

Still frustrated, she turns to leave. But she recalls one more thing. "Oh, yes. The girl will be here in several days…" she shrugs. "To meet me and you, of course, and for the final signing of the contract with her head of house." She pauses. "Try and be sober for it. If you need the wedding present you requested after, then so be it." Her temper is dying, but she is a queen, and queens do not apologize.

Aidric tilts his head at Tristan's look and Tristan's words unsure if he was a true friend or evidence he had so little of them left. To be truthful he could see that one falling either way. Though at the Queen's words he bows, "I will do my best, Your Majesty," he replies to her request.

A few days. Well, he could try and duck into a faegate and be somewhere else within a few days, but no. He would meet this Elaida Toulan and judge her for himself. He wasn't terribly excited by the notion, but what choice did he have? This was another mess that he had gotten himself into. He tosses a glance over at Aidric and shrugs, "No need to worry, it's almost empty anyway."

Alysande shakes her head, leaving with her Lancer. That hadn't gone as she had hoped…

"I am not particularly worried, coz," Aidric says after the Queen has strayed far enough away. "I was thinking you could do with a visit to my manse to be away from the palace for a bit. There is wine there and other distractions."

Tristan glances over at his cousin and nods, "That sounds like a nice… distraction from all of this." He grins and then gestures Aidric onwards, ready to go with the man.

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