(1866-08-05) Of Ventures and Fretting
Of Ventures and Fretting
Summary: Graham and Emilia have a small chat in the palace gardens, Emilia raises her potential travel with Clara, he raises the latest arrival to Sunsreach.
Date: 1866-08-05
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Sunsreach Castle - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Days of being in Sunsreach had turned into weeks, and little headway seemed to be made upon the investigation, least as far as Emilia had heard. But she was certainly not one who would be the first to hear anything as it were. But time in Sunsreach meant time in court, or if she wished to actually see Jaren, trips to the palace. But even being his sister hadn't been enough to get through all the busy schedule that consumed him most days, especially in being Lancer, Queen's Champion and future King. It had not kept Emilia for lingering on in the gardens with some hope that an opening would come, even if she knew it was unlikely. Currently settled under a tree away from most of the popular walkways and areas of the garden. A small sketchpad in her lap, though mostly abandoned at this point.

Graham will have known his cousin would spent time away from the court and all the issues there and he too will not wish to spend all time there himself though he has been called to it more during the investigation than he prefered. The Lord and knight smiles when his guess was correct and he moves towards her silently though she sits alone under a tree he will move around trying to be quiet though his cousin is better than that of couse so she may not be surprised when the Lily Knight plops down beside her at the tree "Afternoon Emilia." says with a smile.

There is not so much of a flicker of Emilia's eyes when Graham plops down along side her. "Of afternoon, Graham," comes softly, not seeming surprised at all of his 'sudden' apperance. Finally looking over to him,"Spending of time in of court of today, or coming in of search of me?"

The man will chuckle leaning over to kiss her cheek "You could at least pretend to be startled a second." Graham teases though he knew she wouldnt be and his words are light completely. "I searched for you, though not to pull you into any sort of court or mandiated meeting but because I missed you and wanted to see you." He says he will look her over after a moment or two "Are you well Emilia, something bothering you?"

A small rise of an eyebrow occurs, with a deadpan, "That would be of against training, you are knowing of that." Emilia nods a little when he answers the question, much as she expected, that she had been searched up. "Would od doubt you would be of trying to pull me into of courtly matters," unless he had been sent to that end. There are a few beats of silence after his question. "Just tired of being…of here." Not that this was likely to be any news to Graham. "Clara…has asked me to of travel with of her. I am of thinking of going of with."

Graham chuckles lightly "I guess it would be yes." he comments about her being not startled by his appearance which isnt a surprise. He is silent a moment though still watching her "Yes well not unless I was forced to do so. I know you dont like them." The Lily Knight says simply perhaps an understement the words of her being unhappy here makes him frown a moment but not. "I know I too wish to be elsewhere I admit." the talk of Clara and traveling sparks his interest. "Where is it that she travels? Have room for a fretting knight?" he says perhaps kidding but likely not so much.

There is a little nod from Emilia,"They are not being of mine-favorite of thing." But she did what duty required of her, and that meant going to courtly functions, accepting social invites. It was expected of her. "Of aye, I can of imagine. Especially since I am thinking Cathrynn is not much of happy to be lingering so of long about the city as of well." Least the consorted Huntress did not have to attend Courtly functions and social engagements! There is a minor beat of a pause before Emilia answers,"She is going to Lonnaire." Best place ever for a Huntress to go! Wraith territory. Worse…the heart of Wraith territory. "Might be of room, though am doubting that you could be of bringing Cathrynn." More likely, that she would be willing to go. Cause…Wraith territory!

"I knowm and so if I am able to spare you them I will so so." Graham says honestly and he would gladly do so. He looks to her when she speaks about Cathrynn "I think your right, she was actually looking a bit rundown the other day.. I dont think i've ever seen her that way perhaps the city is draining her. She is okay otherwise but doesnt enjoy it." He listens further about Cat not being able to go and the location makes enough sense on that. "If I go.. she can.. go home and have the forests. I dont part easily but I belive having your fretting Lily Knight is important."

"It can be of draining, being in of the city, just the stress of being out of one's of element. Always of on edge in of a fashion." And rightly, Cathrynn seemed to deplore the city as a whole. Emilia…just didn't like the matters of Court, more what it all entailed. Emilia nods a little,"She would likely enjoy the chance to get back to of home." Canting her head just a little bit,"Of perhaps, but no of doubt I will be sent with plenty to watch over me. Especially if Cathrynn is being of under the weather. "

Graham nods to her words about the city and being out of ones element. "It is likely just that, I am sure she is alright, and the forests of home would do her well." He looks to his cousin and sighs. "Perhaps you would be well looked after, but if Cathrynn is well enough. I still wish to be along with you if such is okay with her highness and yourself.

There is a faint tug to the corners of Emilia's lips,"I am of sure I would be well of looked after," being the future King's sister did still have her being watched. Even if she was given more freedom with the responsiblity of having become a Huntress. And well…traveling with a Princess. "I have not been entirely of deciding if I am going…" Because it would be like trading one Court for another. "But would give of break from of there. I would of imagine, Clara would not be minding of you along."

"I know, sorry i'm a pain the butt Emilia." Graham says with a smirk and a smile about his fretting. He wonders on this thought a bit further. "Hm well my offer stands if there is a need or a want for my being there with you both." The Lord says with a shrug he's not trying to crowd her but he honestly worries all the same. "Princess Clara is a good sort from all i've seen she is another one to look after though i'm sure her guards are far better than me on my best day." he chuckles.

"You are not of a pain, Graham," assures Emilia softly. "I know of you fret about of me. But you should not of have to follow of after me all of the time. You have your own of things to do, and of Cathrynn of well." There is a slight nod from Emilia,"Of aye, Clara is of being of a good sort. Seeing and liking of me for of me. " Shaking her head a bit and giving him a slight nudge with her arm,"You are of a fine sort. Of sure, some of her guards are of being Lancers. But you proved of well that you are quite of skilled. Both of on field of battle, and of tournament of field."

Graham nods to her first words "I do indeed, though I know you have skills in stealth and with the bow and can take care of yourself so it isnt that I underestimate you. I like you for you too." the knight says with a smile her way the words about this and the nudge makes him grin more "Thank you Emilia, I did my best or well am doing my best I should say for both. We will see what happens when or if its closer to time to travel if things have changed."

There is a faint tug to the corners of Emilia's lips,"I am knowing you do not of underestimate, nor think of me as being of un-of-skilled, of being helpless. It is of just of worrying because of caring." Nodding towards him,"I know you of are, and it is a good of best." A finger dances faintly over the sketch pad,"is sounding of a plan of that. Can of see where things are of standing, and how Cathrynn is of feeling as of well."

"Just making sure you knew, didnt want you to get the wrong idea. I dont want you to doubt me or yourself." Graham says though moves on tot he next topic or well a continuing of one previously at least "Thanks my dearest cousin, i'm glad I have your approval." he looks down to the page of the sketchbook. "That works for now we'll see what happens next." he looks about the garden and a bit beyond "I wish the trip was home. I would like a moments peace at home."

"I am of knowing, and not having of the wrong of idea, cousin," there is another faint little nudge,"that is something you need not be of fretting about." Emilia nods a bit,"I would of wish so as of well…to be of returning of home. But least, if I am of going with Clara…it would be time of away from court for a bit. And perhaps by of then, investiations would be of done, and of going home would be of more an option."

"Heh, I dont think i'm good at not fretting, though i'm afraid I refuse to work on that fact it is a feature your see not a defect." Graham says with wink over to her a bit of his humor spreading to a laugh escaping "That's very likely that things will wrap up soon, or so I can hope." He nods in agreement to this thought and it's a good thought as far as he's concerned. "I still have to make you a world class jouster afterall." he hasnt forgotten his promise to her.

"Of true, fretting is of in your nature. Jut of saying that is one of thing you need not be of fretting of about, so can focu of fretting on of other of things." Emilia nods a bit,"Would of hope progress is of made, and finding way to of wrap of up. And with Prince of Tristan's wish for Lord of Stephen to be of presenting of information, of findings. Not of sure there is of need, or of real of reason for any of those who are of doing not of much of really, to be of about longer than of needed." All she did was search through a few things. Not even worth a mention. There is a small tugging to the corner of her lips,"Of true, there is still of need for of that. Just not been to of home to be of working on of that." there is a faint glance upwards,"Though am of thinking that there has been enough of lingering of about of here, and is time to be of heading on to of the manse. Of aye?" Flipping her sketch pad closed with her words. Not that there had been much there than a few stray lines.

Graham nods to her a bit more seriously, and she is quite right and he will move to stand up with her last words. "Hopefuly its more of a conlusion than just more talk about what to do, with so many nobles here there are one hundred diffrent oppinions." he smirks knowing this is kind of an understatement he will offer a hand down to help her to her feet if she will accept it. He nods "The Manse sounds good, i'll make us some food and something to drink and we can relax." he says as if they've been hard at work or something. The Lord and Knight seems to remember something his smile going neutral. "Oh yes.. hm for you and Clara. I wanted to let you know if you havent seen her Lady Tiadora Gerell is in Sunreach, I helped escort her into the city when she was near the forest. She is quite the shy and seemingly out of place one.. she is kind though but wished you two to know this." he knows she'll understand why.

Emilia slipps up to her feet, taking the offered help, even if it wasn't needed. Her brows rise a little bit as he speaks about the new arrival to Sunsreach,"Of no…I have not been of seeing of her, or quite of hearing about her arrival" There is just a small nod to his other words as they head from the gardens and on towards the manse.

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