(1866-08-06) A Cousinly Reunion
A Cousinly Reunion
Summary: Aidric visits Tia to see how she has found the decadent south thus far.
Date: 1866-08-06
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Gerrell Manse
Room description
Alout 6th 1866

While the exterior of the Gerrell manse is in keeping with the rest of Sunsreach's architecture, the inside is the far more sparse and austere styling favored by its' late residents. Duke Symon has neither the time nor inclination to have it redone, and the current Gerrell in residence is not one know for change.

Told she has a visitor, Tiadora has the study prepared to receive guests, with the windows drawn wide to let in light and air, and a decanter of something of her father's opened on a sideboard to breathe. While her clothes are neat as always, her long hair is a bit mussed as if she pulled something over it, and traces of colored paint cling to her hands. She paces slowly as she waits for the servants to escort her guest in.

Aidric had come to the manse with some of his own men and a wagon, but when ushered inside he comes alone, a band of green cloth in his hands. Shown into the study he bows and smiles to his cousin, "Coz, thank you for seeing me so quickly," he says entering the room. "I trust your stay has been pleasant so far?"

Tiadora says, "It has been." She offers him a tiny smile and motions to the drink. "Did you want something to drink? I think it's a wine? I don't know. It was fathers. I haven't inventoried everything just yet…"

Aidric nods and moves to the wine, sticking the fabric in his belt. Then, the cup is lifted to his nose and sniffs. "Strong," he remarks and takes a sip and smiles "Definitely my uncle's stock," he agrees. He takes a second drink of it then, before setting down the cup. "Speaking of your parents," he produces the green length of cloth. "For your guards to wear around their arms," he says offering it to Tia. "There's more in the wagon downstairs along with wool and linen, the leather our people like to wear is ill-suited to the southern climate," he explains. "And the bands mark your men as loyalist men and not the other kind."

The girl slowly turns the green over in her hands. " I did see plenty of people giving my men odd looks when we rode in. I'll make sure they get properly outfitted," she says carefully. "I feel funny issuing orders to our stewards. Especially for the men at arms. That's not a woman's… Well. Not my job," she finishes weakly.

Aidric recovers his wine. "They're not well-pleased with us," Aidric admits of the southerners. "Even with the bands, my men do find trouble thrown their way, but they should help. It will change though, with time and effort." The talk of a woman's place is met with a tight smile. "You will need to become accustomed to it, as will the staff," he says. "If it helps I can send some people from the Carling manse, they've been here longer, and are used to southern customs."

Tiadora's face sags in relief. "Oh please? I wouldn't mind getting adjusted with someone who knows what they're doing." She sighs and pours herself a tiny tasting glass. "Everyone looks at me as if I'm either an utter idiot or expects me to be my mother reborn. Rhea's closer to that than I am.

Aidric thinks about it for a moment. "Then I will send my housekeeper, she's lived as long in this city as any of my people and can assist you with the running of this place and getting used to southern customs," he explains before another sip of the wine is had. As he savours it he snorts at the remark about Rhea. "Still?" he asks. "When I saw her last she was ever running off to your mother to tell her whatever Symon, Tristan and I had been getting up to."

Tiadora tosses back the glass as if it's a shot. "Symon… Hasn't really decided how to handle her." She clearly doesn't want to discuss it, a reluctant expression on her rounded face. She coughs at the strength of the drink and reels for a moment before it fades.

"I warned you," Aidric says of the drink, chuckling. Then he becomes more serious "So, she was with her mother and father in all of this?" he asks before adding, quickly. "You can count on my discretion. I am not going to do anything to make things harder for Symon."

Tiadora turns the tiny glass in her larger hand. "I don't think she really knew the extent of everything. At least. I don't want to think she did. I want to think she wasn't corrupted by the Dark One too."

Aidric quirks a brow at thought of someone being corrupted by the Dark One. He'd forgotten what home was like. "Well, let us pray not," he agrees before taking a sip of his wine. "Anyhow, if he wants to marry her off to some southern lord, I am sure we can find someone willing," he says. "With luck they may even worship the One as we do," he says, only half joking. "Though I am not sure what his plans are and whom he might want to court as allies. Did he give any indication of what his plans might be?"

Her head shakes as she sighs. It's then that Tia notes the paint on her fingers and she scrubs her nails against her skirts to get it off. "Just that I am to help however I'm able, find out what is left here- if anything though I suspect the Queen has it searched.. And I guess… Meet people?" She stumbles at the last and shrugs, rubbing her hands together to clear off any paint scrapes.

Aidric notices the paint as well, though he carries on for the moment, "I was thinking of hosting a gathering to cheer Tristan up, which should take care of meeting people, at least as a start." Then the paint gets its due. "You paint?" he asks, curious.

His young cousin smiles shyly at that. "It's my hobby. I learned how so I could illuminate copies of the sacred texts. But I like painting other things too. I was working on the Cathedral at sunrise. Such colors…" She sighs. "But what happened to Tristan? He seemed fine the other day."

Aidric perks up. "You illuminate manuscripts?" he asks studying his cousin, seeing her in a new and more valuable light. "Hmm, Tristan? Oh, he's upset because the Queen's told him he's betrothed."

Tiadora hides a girlish smile behind her hand, setting her dimples into her cheeks. "He's upset? Is she old or ugly or missing teeth?"

Aidric laughs. "For all we know she's all three. We've yet to see her," he chuckles. "Though, no, to be fair she's not old, I've seen her father and he was not that old," he shakes his head. "But yes, just after you left the Queen arrived with the news, he's to wed Lady Elaida Toulan of Sanctum. One save him."

Quietly, Tia confesses,"They were starting to talk about who to marry me off to. In that mad empire of theirs. Symon will be much more considerate when he starts negotiating for me." She pours another tiny glass and sips more delicately this time. "I am sure the Queen will be kind. Shrewd, but kind."

Aidric nods. "I am sure Symon will do all he can for you and besides you're sixteen, there is time yet before you must wed," he does not remark on the Queen, but there is a slight downwards tug on his lips that gives some of his thoughts away. "Anyhow, if you've the time for more projects, I think there is something I could use your help with."

Tiadora gives a shrug. "If you think I can, sure." She doesn't sound too confident.

"I am working on something for the royal wedding, the tale of the Queen and Jaren's romance, such as it was," he explains. "Perhaps you can do the illumination for it. If you want to."

"Really?!" Her face lights up, round cheeks dimpled. "That would be exciting! I already have my kits with me, and even gold foil too."

"Excellent," Aidric smiles. "I can send over some of the pages for you to read so you can figure out what might work for illumination," he says. "And when all is done it will be something the Queen and our new king will see."

Tiadora asks, "Could you find out her favorite things for me? Animals. Colors. Flowers- other than roses?" She smiles shyly as she sips the drink again. "His too. I can make it personal for them both."

Aidric had not thought of that but nods emphatically. "I know who to ask," he says. "For the both of them," he says. "Anything else that would help?" he asks.

Tiadora bites her lip as she thinks about it. "The houses they grew up in. What they looked like. I assume the Queen grew up here? Or any special details- like family weaponry or favorite meals… Real things. My favorite illustrations in the old text are of random things. Like cats chasing mice, or tailors sewing new clothes. Horses riding in a field. Things."

Aidric thinks on that for a moment. "Well the Queen grew up here when she was a girl, I remember her from back then," Aidric had been fostered at court after all. "I don't know about Jaren," then he snaps his finger. "Though during the war they did spend a good deal of time together disguised as common folk. I am sure anyone sane would think that would be horrible but they are the sort that would enjoy that sort of thing."

Tiadora chuckles. "I'm sure they think it was romantic. Then country life- crops, fields, animals." Outside of scripture, this is the most at length she has spoken on a topic. "Maybe even a simple country wedding."

Nodding Aidric smiles, "They would like that fantasy," he says. "A simple country wedding, without the obligations of rulership," he says."A good idea, I shall get you the rest of what you asked for and we can take things from there, what do you say?"

The girl gives a sure nod. "It'd be kind of fun. And keep me busy since I can't help much with the Baron's death. I like keeping busy…" Her smile falters as she trails off.

Aidric looks at Tia as her words trail off, he sets down the wine and puts a hand on her shoulder. "I understand the need for distraction from the things we'd rather not think about," he says. He lets go and finishes his wine. "I shall take my leave now and send the pages back presently, so you are not without distraction over long."

Tiadora reminds him, "I still have my sunrise picture. I'll look forward to the story though. Thank you for the visit, cuz."

Aidric nods and sets down the empty cup. "I will have to see it on my next visit," he says of the painting. "And I will send the pages as soon as I am back to the manse all the same. For now though, be well coz, and we will talk soon." And with that he departs.

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