(1866-08-08) Of Masques and Favours
Of Masques and Favours
Summary: Emilia goes to talk to Raelyn about Clara's invite to the masque, and they talk about it and a number of other things.
Date: 1866-08-08
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Emilia  Raelyn  

Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Life had them lingering on yet in Sunsreach, things seemed to be moving slowly in the investigation to their murdered uncle. The search of his effects having given them nothing new to go upon, mostly just boring paper work and emotionaless letters. While there was ever a wish for justice to be served, the seemingly endless days that were becoming this stay in Sunsreach were wearing on Emilia a bit, or more so it was the attendence to so many Courtly and social dealings that was wearing upon her. Not that most in her House actually seemed to enjoy them either. But an afternoon, heck a day without some function to go to or another was a pleasant reprieve. And it had Emilia rapping at Raelyn's door,"Sister of mine, are you having of a moment?"

"Of course, sister of also-mine," Raelyn offers without looking up from where she is presently looking over some sheafs of paper. She beckons Emilia in, "Just looking over a few things." She sets the papers down, and turns sideways to put her elbow on the desk and prop her head up by it. "What do you need?"

Eyes flicker towards the papers being looked over,"Jaren been of giving you much of his paper work to be of doing already, making it of yours now?" There is just a beat before Emilia adds,"Or of love letters from your of Warden?" Just a light turn of sisterly teasing in there. "I am of needing mine-sister, of course, always." There is that turn of sencerity in her tone. "Though was figuring you might wish to be of knowing that Clara has been of asking me to of you with her when she is of attending the Lady of Alina and Sir of Gabriel's wedding. I have been of agreeing to of going." It gets her away from the Court…sort of. Right?

That causes Raelyn to blink one, frown even. "Ah. Yes. I'd - heard of the wedding." She draws her lips into a thin line, "I have no doubt you'll find her to be the most pretentious woman you'll ever meet in your life. I met her all of five minutes, and I wanted to slap her face more than once." Raelyn exhales, and then sits up, "I hadn't planned on going. I probably -should- but, since I'm not Viscountess -yet-. Would you be well enough going with Clara without me to keep your sanity in the midst of all the games?" Political games, she means, of course.

"I am of imagining, I will not exactly be of meeting, least not in of way to be of spending much time of talking and of such things. Many more of important people to be taking up of that time, it is of wedding of two of Ducal Houses." Emilia nods a little,"had not of figured to be of going of either…But then Clara of asked, more to be of going to of the masque of with. And for her to be of having someone she is of knowing…of a friend, with her in of it all." There is a faint tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips,"I should be of alright…Gets me of away from our of games here…And of there, likely to be of even more of ignored. Can just be of Clara's shadow. Little of noticed."

"Now a -Masque- would be fun," Raelyn admits, thoughtfully. She inquires, curious and intrigued - and, by expression and countenance, certainly willing to 'help out', "Have you decided on a costume, yet?" Maybe Emilia's smile, however faint, is putting idea's into Raelyn's head.

"I have always of thought it would be of interesting to see of one, just did not think it would of happen," Emilia admits honestly. "Sort of? Have been discussing with of Clara a bit, since she has been of going of before. And there is of consideration of having customes that are of going of together in of a way. " Finding a spot to settle into,"Considering to be something of pixie…dryad like."

"A spirit of nature?" Raelyn tips her head, suggesting mirthfully, "You could go as Lon's elusive goblyn, of course. That could be amusing." She ponders this, "Or you could go as a wolf. Lon might find that amusing," she chips in, with a carefree sort of smile. "Either way, you'll have something to hide behind, and you can watch while other people also hide behind their costumes and become real in their actions. I'm sure you'll find it enlightening."

Emilia gives a nod,"Of aye, a spirit of nature, of the forest in of way." Her head cants a little bit at the suggestions,"Not entirely of sure just what a goblyn looks of like, though that could be of amusing. Or of a wolf, for of aye, do think Lon would find that much of amusing. No of doubt, he probably finds of things like masque amusing. " She considers a moment,"Of certainly, going as wolf would also give good of excuse not to be of speaking, since wolves do not speak." And Emilia speaking gives her way in a second! "Of aye, am of curious of that part…how of different people might of be. If some of the rumors..are really so of true on how people of act because of having the masks to be of hiding behind."

"Well, you as well as I know that many ruffians and brigands are far more brave when they've a mask on, and nobody knows who they are," points out Raelyn. But she admits, "It would be interesting to know the truth of such rumors, however. I do agree. You'll have to take care to be quite observant, moreso than your usual, for me. You'll be my eyes and ears too, Emilia," Raelyn says with warmth. Then she observes, "You and Clara do seem to be getting on quite well."

"Of true, of braver and bolder. Suppose it is of helping is not repercussions for of being so, even if one is figuring of out who they are of being. As Clara says it cannot be spoken of." Emilia nods,"Of aye, it would be. Part of why I was agreeing to go, cause I have been of curious about such. I will be much of observant to be sure to tell you about it, if things are as the rumors speak of or of not." There is a small cant ot her head before she nods,"We do get along of well…being of friends."

"Just don't teach her to sneak about as well as you. Otherwise you'll never find her," Raelyn teases warmly. She gestures to a chair then, "Do you want me to make the arrangements for your stay? Or are you, or Clara handling those particulars?"

"I shall be certain to not teach her so well," answers Emilia with a minor tugging to the corner of her lips. Clara's Lancers might not like Emilia much if she taught her to be /that/ sneaky. The chair is settled into,"Clara is of handling of them, as I will be of staying with of her..as was sounding she was to be the only one from House of Tracano to be of going. So will just be of the two of us," and their overly large retinues! "And will be taking of faegates, so should not be gone of too of long. I know there is of the tournaments in Pacttica coming of up."

"That there is," agrees Raelyn thoughtfully. "I suppose I shall go. Afterall, we must make certain Graham stays above all the others, musn't we?" She chuckles, just a little. "He's set a pretty high standard for himself. But no more than what Jaren did."

"Hopefully his new of armor is ready by of then as well," comments Emilia in mild thought. "Though he is still much of surprised he did as well as he did. " Canting her head a little,"And of course you need to be going, gives of another of chance for you to be wearing of someone's oof favour yet of again, of aye?"

"He's getting new armor?" Raelyn sounds surprised at this, and doesn't bother showing it. "Expensive. What was wrong with that which he already had?" She frowns some, then blinks, as if unknowing at the comment. "Of course I could wear someone's favor," she says, thoughtfully. "Whose do you think I ought to wear? Yours? Graham's? Perhaps Jaren's?"

Emilia nods a little bit, canting her head in seeing her sister surprised. A small blink at the quesiotn in return,"Nothing in of particular, but it was of lesser to what the others were of wearing up of north. Everyone of else had of full plate, he had not such so he it using of the money form his winnings to get of proper suite of plate." A brow rises just a little bit,"WOuld you not wish to of the same of favour worn of last time? Though I suppose if of not, would be of interesting if you managed to actually get of Jaren's favour."

At the last sentence, Raelyn looks almost haughtily amused, saying, "As I gave him mine often enough when he fought, he ought to give me his when I shoot." She laughs, though, admitting at the last, "Aye. I would prefer to wear the same."

Emilia studies her sister a moment before saying,"Since knights are having ot ask for the favours being of warn, why not just be of simliar and be of asking for his of favour? If that is the one you are wishing to be of wearing."

Raelyn sighs a little, but fondly so. She shakes her head, "It's no fun if I have to -ask- for it, Emilia. You don't understand." She grins, wryly. "We'll see what happens, I suppose. Though I've no doubt Jaren has some inkling of what it is going on, now, even if he's not said a word to me." A pause, "Has he asked you about it?"

There is a mild cant to her head,"But why of then must knights be of asking for?" Emilia considers a little,"THough if he was of giving for last of tournament, surely he will consider of giving again?" There is a faint pause before those dark eyes settle on Raelyn as a thought comes,"Was he of getting of a kiss when his favour was of returned…for having borught you of such luck?" Shaking her head at the question,"He has not of asked me of about it. Though I am of sure he is aware."

Raelyn nods, "I suppose I should have a talk with Jaren, at the very least, since I sincerely doubt things are going to go differently." She grins askew, some. "What about you, Emilia? You were wearing no favors. But certainly you've caught some eyes, yes?"

"Probably be of best, to be of talking with him about of things. Rather then of allowing of assumptions of perceptions to be of had." Emilia blinks at Raelyn,"And who's of favour would I wear beisdes of someone in of the family?" There is a small frown that actually comes,"Eyes…not of exactly, but Jaren has been getting of…inquiries about of me. Wishes to of marry the future of King's sister of really. Could care of less about of me."

Raelyn smiles some, "It's to be expected, to some degree. Most marriages for people like us, Emilia, aren't because of infactuation or love. I may get lucky - just because I am lucky. Jaren too. Perhaps the hot iron will strike again." She moves to hug her sister, briefly. "But, no marriages for you unless you deem it what you want."

"Of aye, I am of knowing of that, Raelyn. Just is is just so obvious that it is only cause of Jaren that there is of interest now in me. You are of knowing as well as I, that there has never been of an inquiry after of me until his of betrothal." Accepting the hug, Emilia easily returning it. "I am of knowing of that, You have said before…and Jaren has always been of the same of mind. Be of sides," ther eis a small quirk to one side of her lips,"he was of burning of all of those of inquiries." There is a minor turn of her hand,"Who of knows, perhaps if the rumors are of right about the of masque, I could end up with of favour of mine own. Of aye?"

"Or two or three, if you play your cards right," jests Raelyn back, warmly. "Just make certain they dress well." She winks, laughs a little. "But if you need help with your costume, I'd love to help you pick it out, try it on, whatever I can do," she offers, cheerfully. "That is the fun part about it, afterall."

Emilia shakes her head at the jest,"Am not needing two or three, one will be just of fine." She cants her head a touch and delivers in a fair deadpan fashion,"Dress of well? Shouldn't worry as well if they are good at kissing as well?" There is a small nod,"Of true, the talk of what to wear and deciding has seemed of fun. I will be of sure to of have of your help with of trying of things of and and picking out bits to be of going with it. Though should be of letting you get back to your paperwork and seeing to what shinies I have to steal of back from Naois." Again. Moving to give Raelyn a brief hug, before she might make to depart.

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