(1866-08-09) Prince Silvio Returns
Prince Silvio Returns
Summary: Silvio l'Valdan suprises his wife Antonia with his return; news are exchanged and an instructive spar is had.
Date: 09-14/08/2015 (date of RP)
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Aveyron Palace - Rovilon - Couviere
In the scene (sort of)
Aout 9th, 1866

It is before Mid-day still morning really, though some of the castle is awake and going about business some are at the hall getting their food and others have already done so and likely some have not begun their days yet at all. It is after a quite short meeting with his sister upon his return through the gates that Silvio seeks out his wife a surprise his homecoming is hoped to be. The timing should work with their son attending to his classes he will come home to be surprised with his fathers return later as well. The castle is vast and easy to get lost in if one isnt used to it which this man is he moves towards the rooms provided for him and his family. He is careful opening the door as silently as he can wondering if he can be sneaky enough.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Antonia=Perception Vs Silvio=Stealth
< Antonia: Good Success (6 6 1 1 8 3 7 2)
< Silvio: Success (1 4 8 4 2 5 1)
< Net Result: Antonia wins - Marginal Victory

A common misconception that princesses usually have lots of leisure time. Especially when this particular wife of a prince usually has no better thing to do than to preoccupy her with their son's education. The sword instruction has already been dealt with first thing in the morning, before breakfast even; Antonia perhaps being a touch stern today with Etienne, when the lesson of today had landed him in the mud more than once. After that they had cleaned up and broken their fast together, and now - indeed - had been the time when Etienne was in the grasp of his other tutors. And while Antonia now and then chose to attend those other lessons as well, today she had preferred to stay in the chambers, needing a bit of time to pen some letters.

Which explains the way in which she is seated at the table, quill in hand and a parchment beside an inkwell before her, when Prince Silvio l'Valdan enters so unobtrusively. There may be a slight curling of her lips, which her husband will not see as her back is turned towards him, still, Antonia will not move, just set that quill down beside the letter, as if she wanted to sort out her thoughts before she continues.

Her dark blonde hair is arranged in a rather negligent hairdo, a ribbon holding the long tresses at shoulder level; the dress is more courtly, of dark green with elaborate embroideries at the hems of the long sleeves, skirts and neckline. Wrapped about a physique that is slender but still toned from regular sword practice outside, her teint giving away a frequent exposure to the sun.

Silvio stands in the room and hopefully without her being the wiser, he doesn't know he's already had his cover blown it's been about a month since last he laid eyes upon his wife. The prince will indeed stalk over to her silent as he's able to at least and will wrap his arms around her from behind lean and press his lips behind her ear. "I am home." he speaks softly but undoubtedly his voice is known to her after the time they've spent together. He will wait and watch after this to see well hopefully glad response to his homecoming.

There is no flinch, no sound of shock leaving Antonia's lips when she finds herself wrapped in a pair of arms from behind; that smile intensifying instead, this in a way very telling that the prince's wife must have already guessed the identity of the unknown sneaky visitor. "I am glad," the blonde woman replies softly, leaning back into the grasp of her husband's arms, her own hand soon placed upon his. Moving to stand she will turn to give Silvio a more conventional hug, her lips pressed against his for a brief kiss, before she presses her cheek against his. "What a long month this was…", Antonia states with a slight roll of her eyes, holding onto him for a moment longer, until she releases her husband from her arms. Contenting herself with holding his hand then.

The lack of response does tell him all he needs to know about his sneaking skills. Silvio smiles "Fooled again." he says about himself though he will embrace her when she stands and returns her kiss back and holds her a moment "It truly was a long month, such a different thing when it is your own people you are trying to calm from fighting." He says with a sigh along with his youngest sister they seem to care about the commoners most of the family. He will hold her hand brushing his thumb over hers. "Please tell me all i've missed Antonia?" the man says after a moment smiling to be back here but wanting to know what he'd missed with her their son and the lands.

"Was it that obvious?", Antonia intones, to his realization that his surprise may not have been that surprising. There is fondness in her gaze, but it seems to dim somewhat when Silvio addresses the matter that had caused his absence from the court of Rovilon. "Ah yes…" Her grey eyes are lowered for a moment as she considers. "The matter at Hartswood… Has it been settled somewhat? Have the people who burnt the church and killed the priest been apprehended?" The official matter addressed first, before she adds: "You must have seen father and some of my family? Are they at least well enough?" That smile sneaks back onto her mien, albeit in a slightly fainter version. "It is you who has to tell me what I've missed, Silvio. Here… it has been the usual business. No unpleasant surprises, blessed be the One."

Silvio smiles back to her words "You didn't jump, or gasp or anything. Though I suppose you could have simply been made of more sturdy material than that. It is likely true." He will nod though thinking a moment "It is not fully settled but hopefully calmed in intensity at least. Indeed I saw your brother at very least and he had done quite well. I think they will still struggle on for a while, but I have done all I could for my king and house." He listens to her and smiles softly "All the same, I am interested in any details."

"So Elrick and my father have everything under control… somehow?", inquires Antonia with a flicker in her grey eyes, giving away an uncertainty whether she should accept the vague information, contenting herself with it, or insist on more details. Her gaze drifts to the letter she has just written and the other she was about to write. "In fact, I am in the process of writing them in this very moment, to inquire about any news." There, a sigh, followed by a light shrug of her shoulders. "Very well then. You want details? Etienne's skills with the sword have improved, especially in the offensive techniques. When it comes to defending himself…", here she shrugs again, more pointedly, allowing the voice to trail off for a pause. "There is a lot of training to be done."

Silvio will look to her gaze a moment but must shake his head "Not completely my love, but more so under control than it had been. It is a hope that no further violence to the scale that you speak occurs but there may still be some fighting left to do. It was simply my time to be recalled home is all." He will look quite interested in the talk of her and their son. "Training takes time, you probably know this best." he says pondering "What say we find time the three of us to use the practice yard, we can spar and give pointers in defense to our child?" he smiles hoping this is taken well he squeezes her hand though brings it up to his lips kissing its back while he waits.

"Hmm…" Antonia l'Valdan accepts the explanation of her husband, there is only a brief inquiring glance as if she were eager for more details. "I see, and I'm glad you are back. I am certain Elrick and Papa will deal with it, with everyone else they may have to support them." Leaving it at that, she lets out a dry chuckle, when he speaks of training taking time. "Of course. It is a long process… I'd say I like your idea. We sparring in front of Etienne, we haven't done that in a long while." A pointed glance is shot his way, when Antonia adds, with a raised brow: "Do you think he can deal with me besting you?" Tease or confidence in her abilities? Well, it is probably both. Grey eyes linger on her hand as he raises it to his lips. "Your gallantry makes me speechless.", she admits, rolling her eyes ever-so-slightly, that fond smile on her features betraying she enjoys such treatment from Silvio.

"I believe they will be able to have peace and then maintain it after as well. If they ask I will go back to help but I am quite sure they won't need it to come to that." Silvio says his in-laws as it were he's glad to help given they are her family. "I am glad that you do." he will smile pretending to think about it for a moment "I think he will live through such an event, will not be the last he will see as such should we keep sparring anyways." he smiles to her words about his kiss to her hand "I will catch you, should you faint." He responds but his eyes gleam with humor in return though his smile is still warm to her glad to be so close once more.

Antonia’s grey eyes flicker briefly with some sentiment when her husband speaks of returning to Hartswood. “You know… I would very much like to go there myself… to make sure they are alright. And were it only to get the chance to spar with my dear brother Elrick.” She smirks at the notion. The talk remains on sparring, and she chuckles. “Certainly. Allow me to change back in my training leathers. Etienne should soon return from his history lessons.” She smirks. “Not fainting yet, my love. I doubt you have ever seen me faint, however flowery your address and treatment of me may have gotten now and then.”

“We can make the trip Antonia soon I promise.” Silvio says to her looking over to the woman a moment “I should change at least out of my traveling clothes as well.” He nods about their son’s return and smiles wondering if he will indeed be happy to see his father. “I have not and cannot imagine such a thing from you under ordinary circumstances, but I will double my efforts all the same.” He winks over to her.

“Very well.”, Antonia replies, obviously content with her husband’s promise of visiting Hartswood soon enough. Her mouth opens as if she wanted to add something, but instead falls silent, pressing her lips together. His remark about changing out of travelling clothes is received with a nod, as the princess is already in the process of moving behind the screen at the back of the room to get out of her dress - which she seems to manage quite well, without needing any assistance. “Double your efforts?”, she inquires, “in regards to making me faint? Or in regards to the spar?”

Silvio arches a brow though as she opens and closes her mouth. “What is it Antonia?” he asks curiously though he watches as she moves behind the screen to undress, and he will move himself to find new clothes to wear than the ones he traveled in even wiping off a bit to be fresh and ready for the day ahead. “Hm perhaps a bit of both, but specifically I was talking about the fainting just then. I am not sure which will be the easier they both feel impossible.” He now wears fine clothes but will move over closer to the screen she may see his shadow approach.

"Nevermind," Antonia replies to his question, keeping her unspoken thoughts rather to herself. She is actually quite quick about getting out of her fine dress, and already in the process of putting on her training leathers, when that shadow approaching announces her husband's arrival at the screen. "Excuse me? You think you can double your efforts in making me faint? How would you go about such a task, I wonder?" There is a hint of humor in her voice, giving away a smirk that is for now hidden behind the screen.

The Prince will nod “Offer stands though.” To speak he knows well when his wife doesn’t wish to speak that he will not win the battle of wills unless it is truly important. He will pause in his walking tall enough to at least see that she is working on the leathers “Would you like help with the laces?” Silvio asks “I know you can do them just offering it has been a month since last I saw my wife after all.” The words could have double meaning both wanting to be near and see her ect. “Hm well I will have to reach new heights in my gallantry.” He chuckles softly.

Indeed, Antonia is fidgeting with the laces of the training leathers. His question makes her pause in her efforts. "Something tells me this is not about the laces alone, my love.", she remarks dryly, but not without warmth in her tone. "I have reminded you that our son may be here any minute?" Reading indeed some ambiguity into his remark, which may have been meant innocently enough. There is another pause, more fidgeting, before his wife will address him again with a sigh. "Oh… if you could offer some assistance it would be greatly appreciated!"

He does smile and it is heard within the words “You have, indeed I have not forgotten our son, so for this moment only the laces yes but I have truly missed the sight of you, I will freely admit and long to rest beside you once more.” Silvio says though his words are spoken in truth but he will move around the screen and nods “Of course.” He will reach out to take the laces straightening them, the ones in back are always most tough. He will begin to lace them now up properly.

Antonia turns to face him, when Silvio steps around the screen, a soft sigh escaping her lips when he acknowledges her remark from before. "I have missed you, Silvio," she admits with that characteristic slight lift of a brow. Waiting for him to finish with the laces, she holds still. "And you?", the princess inquires over her shoulder. "You intend to spar in that attire?" There may be a slight rebuke in her tone, similar in a way to the manner a mother would address her child. The remark tempered by the warmth in her gaze.

The Prince looks down to himself a moment after he’s tied her laces and smirks “Hm perhaps I was a bit too keen with this outfit. I will change myself.” Silvio says leaning over to kiss her lips softly. The gaze tells him she isn't truly upset which is good. He will move and returns more suitable sparing something the can actually move in. “This should work better I think.” he laughs .

Antonia smirks, noting his glance at his chosen attire. "Seems you've picked a courtly set of clothes over a practical one, Silvio." She chuckles, clearly amused, not pulling back when he leans in for a kiss. "The realization comes late, but not too late," she smiles, waiting patiently until he is done with changing.

Which will indeed be the case when the door opens and Etienne enters the chambers. The young prince sports a rather fatigued expression, which will light up in the moment he spots his father. "Papa!", the boy exclaims as he crosses the distance with a few hurried steps, his arms closing about Silvio in a hug that gives away how much his son has missed him.

Silvio smiles when he’s fixed the mistake of being too formal. “That sounds about right for me at least.” He says to her smiles words though he is glad he was able to steal a small kiss he turns around at the door opening. “Ah, Etienne my son.” He will wrap his arms around him when he is hugged. “You’ve grown about a foot in a month you’d best stop or you’ll be taller than the both of us standing on one another’s shoulders.” He says after he gets a moment to give a parents appraisal he has missed his son as well it seems . “Your mother and I were talking about going to have a sparring match, how about we get some food for you then we all head down to the area?” he smiles.

The boy stretches even as he stands there, a proud smirk curling his lips at the assessment of his father. “Have I?”, Etienne replies with that excitement in his tone, that is so characteristic for children of his age. Taking his remark quite literally it seems, and not just as some complimenting phrase.

Antonia waits, her arms crossed before her, watching the interaction between the two with a bit of fond impatience - one booted foot tapping lightly on the floor, and she will nod when Silvio reveals their plan of sparring in the yard. "We can take a bit of bread and cheese along, from the kitchens," she suggests.

It will not take long, and they arrive in the yard. The weather is splendid, with a bright Aout sun in a clear blue sky. There is a bit of sparring going on already, a diverse group of knights, squires and guards engaged in practice of their respective weapons.

Silvio will nod to his son and smile gladly “Absolutely son.” He says speaking fondly though he smiles looking over to Antonia and smirks as she seems anxious to get down to the ring a bit like she needs to beat him up in a hurry! He will walk down with his family after the food gathered. “That space looks empty enough.” He comments and will grab two wasters, offering one to his wife and keeping the other. “What are we using for rules? First to four points?”

Maybe she does? It has been a month, after all. Princess Antonia l’Valdan seems to be eager to spar with her husband indeed. A curt nod is offered to his suggestion of rules, her hand extended to accept the waster, giving it a few swings to get used to its balance and characteristics. Etienne sits down near the space they have picked, two guards keeping near to look after the boy, just in case. Antonia assumes her place in the ring and smirks. “Ready when you are…”

Silvio will look to his son and then he too steps into the area with his wife. He watches her getting a feeling for his own waster a moment. The Prince is serious about the sparring wife or no though not in a he'll freak out of he loses but nor will he let her win which would make her mad. "After you my love." He says simply and will take his defensive position. The young man focused on her completely for the moment awaiting her move.

Antonia does not need much more encouragement, she goes at Silvio, swinging the waster in a wide arc, aiming for his sword arm - perhaps aiming to disarm him. The weapon connects, and she smirks, that smirk soon fading when she sees is counter-attack a tad too late, and she cannot block his waster in time, it hits her ribcage and makes her stumble backwards a few steps. "I… am fine…", she insists through gritted teeth, before she launches forward, for her next attack.

The Prince has fought perhaps more recently though his wife is fast he's unable to dodge the strike she lands to his arm which stings to be certain. Silvio is full of his own little tricks though when he quickly pivots and tags her on the side. His eyes do go wide but her words get a nod from him. "One each." he says before taking his stance once more he seems more a cautious fighter so far and patient waiting for his moment.

Her next attack goes astray, Antonia giving a slightly grumpy snort, perhaps not that satisfied with her own performance when her husband evades her attack, and manages to deal her another hit! Her breath slows, she forcing herself to regain her calm. She needs to focus, and not to allow herself to get carried away. "You got two in, I one…", Antonia sums up the sparring match so far, shooting Etienne a brief encouraging glance where the little prince watches with wide eyes. "Way to go…"

It is perhaps luck or well his defensive focus that had been part of the point at least showing their son the importance of defense. It is a good parental lesson, either way he manages to dodge the strike and land another solid one to her. "Antonia." he says before she recovers and he'll nod to her "Thank you." he will prepare for her next strike though it's hard to say if his defense can hold up to her attack she is good with the sword and it is no doubt.

Antonia goes for a more cautious stance now, managing to shift back a little for their next two rounds, just when his weapon hits her, glancing off twice at her armor. No real hits, she is aware of that, her grey eyes gleaming with glee, as she gets more and more into the flow of the spar. Her own waster just manages one tap against his right leg, no real hit as well. "Not bad, Silvio," she grins, moving in on her next attack.

The Sparring continues and each lands taps to the armor not pointed but at least gathering a good back and forth now. "Very graceful, we don't do this nearly enough Antonia." Silvio says he is indeed in wonder over the way she moves. He can move quickly and smoothly but she is beyond him there and well she is certainly the beauty of the two by a longshot. The Prince is on his guard though ready as they test the waters further with one another.

It seems Antonia has warmed up sufficiently by now, moving with the grace of a dancer, as she attacks, whirling about Silvio, and finally dealing him a good hit at his chest; seeing his own attack come in a tad too late, when he deals her another hit. "Hrrm. You got three, I got two.", she states, not looking discouraged at all. "Seems I need just two more hits to win…" Said as she launches her next attack, chuckling as she goes at him.

Silvio doesn't move swiftly enough and she wraps him solidly for it and he winces indeed, though he at least lands her a point as well which helps. "Indeed, catching up my love." he encourages her while he does still take his stance again not wishing to be caught off guard and he cannot take it easy as it were. He will watch as she makes her next strike trying to move quickly.

The couple continues that dance of wasters, lurking upon each other, moving in when spotting a breach in a defense. The next round will be once again bring no further advancement in points, when they only manage light taps against the armor, no real hits. The next proves to be more effective, when both wasters connect with their targets, Antonia aiming for his chest, and Silvio apparently for hers. "There.”, she smiles. “You won. Four hits, against mine three.", the l'Valdan admits with a chuckle, extending her other hand to congratulate her husband to his showing. "Seems I've gotten a little rusty," is added, by a woman who practices daily in the yard, when her time permits.

Silvio does land a strike and is struck though ending the match darn close only one point difference between the two. He accepts the hand she offers and once more brings it to his lips after the shake. “It was well fought Antonia and sheer luck saw my win you fought wonderfully.” He knows she will likely take this upon herself, and he doesn’t wish for her to do so. He will collect their wasters and return them before offering his hand to hers. “Come let us return to the castle, but more sparring should be had when we are able.” He smiles warmly to her.

"Indeed, we should," Antonia agrees, smiling when Silvio presses his lips upon her gloved hand. "Well, luck wasn't all there was to it." Her grey eyes flicker just a tad, before her gaze drifts towards Etienne, and she allows her lips to curl. "Either way, I believe it has been quite an instructive spectacle."

The young prince agrees, nodding eagerly to his mother's assessment and will accept one of her offered hands. Antonia's other reaches for Silvio's then, to walk side by side with her two dear ones back towards the palace.

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