(1866-08-11) Meetings in the Market
Meetings in the Market
Summary: A number of people seem to be out for a bit of shopping in Sunsreach, there are introductions and meetings a plenty that happen.
Date: 1866-08-11
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The Markettown of Sunsreach is a very well to do market. Bustling, it is close to the docks which bring trade goods directly to the area, and served by a series of high quality roads which help keep product moving. One would be hard-pressed to find a more diverse variety of goods this side of Pacitta. The market is divided up into multiple districts, which cater to specific goods within each district of the market, such as foodstuffs, craftgoods, and other wares of the region while also being spread apart by pricing. There is a high quality area which provides goods intended for nobles and the well to do which has fine crafts and products. There is a little of everything…and what isn't available can certainly be bartered for. It is relatively peaceful, due to the presence of Lancers, the cobblestone roads continuously patrolled by the royal guard and personnel from Everwatch Hall, and there are few incidents beyond the occasional pricing dispute.

Sunsreach is sunny and markettown is heaving. Farmers have their wares, traiders their goods, and locals their money. It's a happy meeting all told with the noise of buyers and sellers bartering back and forth echoing from the walls in a general cacophany. Aside from that, the main throughfare is also busy with those arriving and departing the city, one arrival, mounted on a dark bay horse, is Broderick Tracano, although he's dressed down for now and not attempting to draw a vast amount of attention to himself. He's not been around for a couple of years though, so it's only some of the more knowledgable locals who seem to have clocked him so far.

Dawn is currently walking her way through the market. In Rivana for some business, she's taking some time to go through some of the local herbs, and is currently trying to negotiate over with some of the sellers for some of the rarer ones on display. A few exchanged coins, and she takes out a cotton bag and moves to put them in the bag, clucking lightly as she sniffs at them to ensure thier freshness.

The market place had drawn a fair number along it would seem this day. Amongst those is one Emilia Cassomir, dressed in the leathers with the distinctive cut of a Huntress of Ironhold. Though there is another dressed similiarly not to far away. Though Emilia seems to look over towards Graham from the booth she had paused,"They are not quite of having the selection I was expecting. But there is some of the paints I am of needing. Were you of deciding of yet what you want to be of looking of for Cathrynn?" Dark eyes gently flicker about the market taking in some of the others about.

It is far too nice a day to be cooped up no matter how nice the accommodations are if one cannot always leave and travel outside the castle at very least the outdoors can be enjoyed. Graham looks over to his cousin at her question "Hm, perhaps we'll have to mix some to get the desired color and effect?" he wonders about the art supplies a moment though the next question he sighs but shakes his head. "I haven't, dunno she's been a tad off since our last camping trip cannot put my finger on it." he smiles though "We are here to get you supplies and enjoy the day though that is what we shall do."

As he reaches a littl further into the markets Broderick dismounts. Giving no indication that he's in a hurry ot get anywhere he loosens his riding leathers to allow himself to cool a fraction, then slowly leads his horse along, taking time to look at this stall and then that. Glances are also given to the surroundings in general as he re-orientates, but it's not until he spies the brace of Cassomirs that he actually seems to pay proper attention to anything specific. In two minds about appraoching them he eyes their conversation from a distance for a few moments then figures 'bugger it, why not' and threads his way towards them.

Dawn clucks to herself then as she lets he reyes wander around then, seeing some of the others about the marketplace then. Some faces, not quite familiar then as she moves to tuck her purchase over into her knapsack. She gives a light nod over at Broderick as he passes on horseback then, and she goes to shift up and over to give a light inquisitive look over at some of the others, giving a soft bow to the Cassomirs.

There is a mild nod by Emilia at Graham's words,"Some can be of mixed along like of so. But was looking for certain of shades. Perhaps of next of…" She pauses as some thought comes and ends up finishing with,"time." To hear his own answer, the young woman turns her stoic expression back on Graham, a minor quirk of a brow. "She is still being of off? Still of feeling of under the weather? Has she been seeing of the healer?" The shifting movement of the people about the market is followed in some ways. A notice of the bow from Dawn receives a gentle bow of Emilia's head in return. Though her dark eyes settle upon the horse that seems to be threading his way along towards them, and his rider as well. Canting her head a little bit, before there is a gentle turn offered when he draws near,"Good of day."

"That is true enough." Graham looks over to her as she pause raising an eyebrow but nods "Of course i'm sure like many places the stock changes from time to time." Graham says "I am not sure about under the weather but just off and she's been well spending time away more so than normal." The Lord and Knight says in explanation "Perhaps I will seek one out for her or ask if she will do likewise." He looks up at the rider and others about the market as well. It seems too approach "A good day to you." he speaks to both the healer and the former rider in greeting.

"Good of day," Broderick replies with a faint tilt of his head to Emilia, then another a moment later to Graham. Dawn he does not greet, but he does turn to see just who else it is the Cassomir's are greeting. Moving so the healer can join them should she wish he turns back to the pair, cutting straight to the chase as he asks, "do you happen to know if Her Majestys Court is in residence at this time?"

Dawn listens in curiousity then over as she hears Broderick speak, giving a nod then at him, "Aye, I hope the day finds you.." His statement then catching her curiousity as well as she falls silent, glancing over then at the Cassomirs to listen then, somewhat curiously as well then as she folds her hands over in front of her, shifting the bag wiht which she had been storing her purchases on up and over to her shoulders. "And might I be of aid?" The elderly woman cocking her head to the side.

"I know she is not of caring for the city, but might be of wise to see to of healer if she is still feeling of off. Has been of some time for her to be feeling so," Emilia comments lightly to Graham. Though her attention is soon upon those who have joined them, her expression caring the stoic bent often attributed to the Cassomirs. Though there is an added turn of solemnness to it. "Of aye, I am of knowing, Sir. Her Majestys of Court is in residence at of this time. There of regular hours of being held, if you are seeking of an audience. " The young woman's odd speech, carrying through. Emilia offers another small incline of her head towards Dawn,"Good of day." A small tilt of her head occuring at the question,"Are you being of a healer?"

The Market seems to be the place to be at the moment with so many gathering near the art stand. Graham allows his cousin to answer the questions nodding though he will look to Emilia and sighing "You are perhaps right I shouldnt likely have waited as long as this but she is a huntress and so tough." He knows she also has this toughness and smirks slightly but the question of the other being a healer catches his attention given the conversation at hand, though he wont speak further until he knows.

Broderick can't answer Dawn's question, so he doesn't try, leaving that to the Cassomirs. Instead he turns to Emilia, listening carefully as she replies, silently rearranging her words in his head into a more normal order. "Good," he replies succinctly, before offering a quick, "thank you" almost as if he'd forgotten to initially. A glance upwards to try and judge the time and he notes mostly for the sake of continuing the convrsation, "should still be time to be ride of he dust of the road at least." Then, he glancing back to Dawn to see her reply.

Dawn cocks her brow over then at Broderick's comments, "And why,might I inquire do you wish to go to the court then?" Still a look of caution then - an uncommon enough question to be inquired, but one that well enough has plenty of legitimate raesons. HEr face crinkles over as she turns to Emilia, "Aye, I be a healer. And who do I have the honor of conversing with?"

There is a nod towards Graham at his words, Emilia commenting, "Even those of being tough need looking of after at of times." Emilia gives a slight bow of her head to Broderick,"Of being welcome. And of aye, there should be of time without need of hurrying. Though as of noting, there are of regular of times, should you wish to be of resting from your travels." Though it is Dawn's question that seems to remind Emilia of introduction,"I am of being Emilia of Cassomir, and this is Sir of Graham Cassomir." Her hand lightly dancing up into the air with an etherael edge of grace to the motion as she indicates to the man standing with her. Those familiar with..well the Cassomirs and the end of the Succession War, likely able to place Emilia as the name of the youngest who was left 'touched' during the fateful attack upon Ironhold. Her speech helping to aid such thoughts.

Graham nods to the rider. "Yes indeed, my cousin is right and no hurry is likely required." He says in agreement with the words though he looks back as he'd introduced. The Lord and Knight will bow to the healer "An honor to meet you, and perhaps we may have use of your services soon though I must worn the potential patient first for all of our own goods." He chuckles a little at least at this part. The Lily Knight will remain close however to his cousin fretting away contendedly.

Even with all the horrors of the Succession War, what the Butcher did to Ironhold Castle was an atrocity. Even Dawn, who long ago made herself be numb to such things. A half frown creases her face then as Emilia is placed and identified, and she inclines her head over at her. "Aye. All those need healing. Or at least it ready." Her voice fades lightly then as she gives a bow over to Graham and Emilia once more before turning her attention over to Broderic then to shift her position to watch him a little more relaxedly than she had been.

Broderick had had the pair pegged as nobles, but the confirmation of jsut exactly who and which House gets them another appraising glance, one they seem to pass as he turns to give Dawn the same sot of gaze before he squares himself a fraction as he answers, "to reintroduce myself to my cousin. We might not be close but I suspect it'd be considered some form of snub if I didn't at least let her know I have returned myself." With names flying though he throws his own into the centre as well, "a pleasure to make your acquaintance Lord Graham, Lady Emilia. I should introduce myself here as well I suppose, Broderick Tracano, Knight Vigilant. I hear your cousin," or brother, or uncle, or whatever, "is to marry mine."

Emilia offers a bow of her head to Broderick as he introduces himself,"It is a pleasure to be of meeting, Sir of Broderick. " She gives another little nod of her head, her expression briefly becoming more solemn,"Of aye, mine-brother Jaren is to be marrying of Queen Alysande." Graham's cousin. So…two out of the whatevers! "I would of imagine he would not be of minding of a meeting as well." There is a small glance towards Dawn,"And whom might you be of being?"

Graham smiles and bows "It is good to meet you indeed Sir Broderick, and yes my cousin." He looks to the healer but will wait for her name not wishing to be rude in asking his questions otherwise. The Lily Knight shifts a little while he waits perhaps thinking on several things now including things here.

Dawn nods over then as she shifts her attention, "I'm Dawn from Bazan. It is the scholarly center of these great lands." A half smile on her face. "Wonderful for those of us who do enjoy books and such things." She gives a bow over to Sir Broderick then. "And the wedding will be a sign of the land's healing and renewal." Remembering events of the last many years, almost caught up then to the present, in a half mind's eye.

Broderick returns Emilia's bow with a short, sharp upnod as he listens to the information she gives. "Lord Jaren," he repeats back, the name clearly at least known to him, "his was the name I heard on the road. Odd that such rumours be proved true, but then there's no smoke without fire as they say." He might pontificate further were it not for Dawn's introduction, that has him turning his head to reard her once more, a much closer and more detailed study of her face this time though beofre he frowns faintly and asks, "sister to Lord Manfred?"

There's a general hubbub in the market and a few heads turned. Whispers and worried looks; some curious, some hostile. The cause of it soon draws near, revealing a pair of men in black quilted armor with the red and black eagle of Normont emblazoned. Both wear green loyalty bands but it does little to sooth the crowd's tensions. Between them is a short yet round young woman in rich sober blacks, with a veil over her dark hair and an anxious expression on her face. She's looking through the marketplace as if trying to find something specific.

"It is an honor to meet you m'lady." Graham says to the healer as she makes introductions. He does look back to Broderick when he speaks and nods "That is the very one yes." He turns at the commotion as it heads their direction and looks to his cousin. "It is Lady Gerrell I had told you of, one second." The Lily Knight will move just over. "Lady Tia, it is good to see you again." he says friendly smile offered. "My cousin is just over here, would you come to meet her?" he asks.

Dawn shifts over then as her hand rests on her satchel, "And well met, M'lord as well." Giving a light bow to Graham and nodding at Broderick, "Aye." She gives a quick thought. "Though we rarely enough spend time together. He is a good man." A quick glance over is sent towrads Tiadora, and Dawn can't help but almost give a quarter of a smile. "I had to show her how to wield a pair of shears for the first time.." A half whispered look of amusement at her encounter with the lady form a short period ago. The more comprehensive study given to her by Broderick is noticed, but not outwardly expressed. It is turning into a most interesting day..

"it is a pleasure to be of meeting, Dawn of Bazan." Emilia inclining her head to the older woman. "Sounds of nice of place. With having such of books." More talk of the wedding is generally not picked up by Emilia, least not casually. "Is much of true, I am told the of bards of having much of fun with the news." Queen marrying the Queen's Champion, some epic love story fodder there. Or something. When Graham points along to the Lady Gerrell, Emilia does give a look over. Her dark eyes taking in the woman as Graham heads to intercept her. Though her eyes do come back to Dawn,"Wielding of a pair of shears?"

If the nod that Brodrck had given to Emilia was an acknowledgement, then the one he offers Dawn is, if anything faintly defferential, "it is a pleasure then to meet you once more after all these years. Forgive me, I was young last time I think and I did not recognise the resemblance." Well thats embarressing, not realising your stood next to your aunt. Ho hum. Anyway, moving on, the arrival of Tiadora is a welcome distraction and he pivots slightly to watch Graham on his move to intercept, and the Lady that he targets.

Tiadora pauses as Graham addresses her. Her guardsmen seem to know him because they don't react with hostility or narrowed glares. "A-are you so sure she w-wants to meet me," she asks him, straining to raise her voice from a distance. She looks almost fearful of the prospect. "I-I don't want to e-embarass her. Or you." She looks down at the cobblestones under her feet as she adds, "Or myself." Barely audible. Her lips move more than her words carry.

Dawn nods quietly, and her eyes widen just a haze, "Oh! It has been.." She does some mental arithmetic. "Yes, either sometime when I was back.." On a rare sojourn home from time spent in Lonnaire from the Thirty Years War. Her expression kept pleasant, if neutral. "Good to see you agian, and you rmemory serves you better than mine. As does my time spent remembering my family." She tsks - at herself. She of all people should remember and honor her family and her relatives. A quick but amused glance sent over to Emilia. "Aye, she was an excellent cut in helping me make bandages while I wa slast in her presence. She has a good and quick finger should she put her mind to such things."

The Lily Knight will give a small bow he does speak lowered in volume "I am certain she and you will both be fine, though I am still sorry for the pervious meeting perhaps pushing to hard for the shopping with another perhaps I should have gone with." Graham says though he does try for reassuring. "This time will be diffrent though." he comments waiting for her response.

Emilia's dark eyes gently shift between Broderick and Dawn as there seems something of a family reaquaintence occuring right there. The man not having had chance to clean up before the first family is met. There is a slight,"Oh," as the matter of the shears is explained. "Bandages are much of important to have a good of supply of. " There is a faint glance along towards her cousin and the Lady Gerrell. Her expression keeping that rather stoic bent to it. Before she looks back to the pair she is currently with.

Tiadora blinks as she retreats in on herself, hunching her shoulders. "A-are you sure, Ser Graham? The lady seemed r-rather unhappy to be with me." She glances slowly back over towards where he came from uneasily.

"Is my mother at court do you know?" Broderick asks of Dawn, his tone a touch cooler than it had been when he enquired of the Queen, "I suspect she too would take it as a slight were he to find out through other means that I was here." Noting that Graham and Tiadora don't seem to be heading over, or doing much of anything really, he turns back to the two ladies with him, asking as he does so, "and what of Lord Devon Durante, do you know his whereabouts at this time?" That last one though hes less epxecting an answer too, what with them being ladies, not knights, but it's always worth asking.

"I am sure of my cousin, she is a good person and makes her own mind on who she likes or doesnt." Graham says simply though he sighs a bit "I cannot promise everyone will be so accepting all of the nobles, but Emilia will at least give you a chance. Just remember what I said about the Cassomir stoic face my cousin perhaps has it down the best of us." he will stand and then offer his arm "It will be fine if not I will walk with you." he says simply.

Dawn nods over at Broderick, "I think so, but she and I are not in close contact so I could not say for sure, but last I heard.." She muses, "If you need a place to stay while you are here, you are free to take up quarters in Summersreach for however long you would have to." Dawn claps her hands together to give alight bow. Her brow tenses as she follows things back and forth then of the discussions of the court as she follows, and nods to Emilia. "Yes, it is good to always have bandages together, for they are always needed." Not quite able to read Tiadora's lips or tell what she is saying from this position.

Tiadora takes the offered arm with hesitation and nods. Her guards follow the pair with their expressions grave. "I-I trust you," she says to Graham, swallowing a fearful lump.

"I am not sure specficially of Devon, but know there are many of the Durantes in of residence of as well," Emilia offers up. Not perhaps a Knight, but the Cassomirs did have some close ties to the Durantes. "I know mine-sister was paying a call there of recently, she might know if Devon was amongst those in Sunsreach." There is a mild flicker of her eyes along to her cousin, seeing what progress might be made or not.

Graham looks to the other as she takes his arm giving a small smile. "I hope for you not to have any reason to doubt that trust Lady Tia." He will take the few steps back over towards where the group is standing "My appologies for my absense. Cousin Emilia, Sir Broderick and Lady Dawn. This is Tiadora Gerrell." he makes the introduction looking to each it is a gamble he's taking but hopefuly it will pay off as a start.

Broderick nods slowly at his aunt's reply, then confesses, "I can nevr really claim to have been close either." The offer of quarters gives him pause for thought for a moment before he cracks a faint smile and accepts with a nod. "That ismost generous of you, and I think perhaps I shall, at least for a short while. Unles plans change I hope to be here until the wedding at least. " Then Graham and Tia are approaching and he acknowledges the introduction with a quiet, "Lady Tiadora."

Dawn nods over, "Aye, tis likely the lands will be a buzz for the next months for the wedding and the events after. So you are welcome to stay and come and go as you wish and a room shall be kept for you." She nods over and turns her attnetion to Tiadora, a quarter smile on her face then as she nods to Emilia. Nodding in welcome at the introduction. "Well met once more, Lady Tiadora."

Tiadora makes a clumsy but proper curtsey. More of a bob. "Pleasure to meet you Sir. My ladies," she mumbles, keeping her eyes downcast. "And hello again mlady Dawn. I hope the bandages were helpful." She looks up, slightly unsure of what is next. "Lovely day? Isn't it?"

Huzzah! The Tracano Knight has a place to rest his weary feet and get rid of the road dust. It is a fine thing to give some turn of attention to as that conversation occurs about Emilia. Though it is the approach ofr Graham and Tiadora that draws her attention. The dark eyes taking in the unfamiliar woman, who's parents…yes, kidnapped and held Emilia captive not to long ago. Fun times that. Though what exactly Emilia is thinking is hard to deserve in that moment with the rather stoic mien that remains well in place. It really is a thing that rarely seems to shift at all. Giving a gentle bow to Tiadora, cause curseys just look goofy in leathers. "It is being of a pleasure to meet you, Lady of Tiadora." Her head cants just a faction,"It is of a fine of day, of aye. Have you been having of luck finding what you are of wishing in the markets?"

Having waited until a polite moment after the introductions, rather than simply leaving as Tia was heading over, Broderick makes his move to depart. "Forgive me ladies, sir, but time is passingand I should seek out my cousin sooner rather than later I feel. I am sure though that our paths will cross again in the days to come." There's a polite tilt of his head to the group, and then he backing up a pace or two to turn his horse and head for his newly gifted room to freshen up before he goes Monarch hunting.

Dawn gives a nod of her head, "Aye, do seek me out should you be in Summersreach. And take care otherwise." A quick nod is given him as Broderick makes his way away. And then Dawn clasps her hands together to look over at the rest then, and gives what is meant to be a reassuring smile to Tiadora, "I take it you do not go out shopping much?"

Graham relaxes at least a touch at all of the introductions go much better then the last which happend. "It is a lovely day yes it was too nice to spend staying inside even the accomidations at the castle such as well as they are. "It was good to meet you Sir Broderick, I am sure we shallmeet soon again." He looks back to the healer again a smalls mile given.

Tiadora nods slowly as Brocerick leaves. "I should go. I am s-sorry if I offended your friend," she stammers. Each word is a chore. "I should just ask the servants to go to m-market for me instead." She looks guilty that the knight is leaving.

When Broderick takes his leave, Emilia dows bow her head on to him,"Have of good of afternoon and good luck in of seeking such of meeting." She shakes her head a little at Tiadora,"He is of newly of arriving to of Sunsreach, yet of wishing to get rid of some of road dust. There was no of offending, Lady of Tiadora."

Dawn clasps her hands together in a light wave, and looks at Tiadora in a 'whatever is the matter' expression, but remains silent then - there's likely something here she's not fluent with.

"My cousin is correct Lady Tia, you are fine and no need to go stay and chat if you will?" Graham looks over to the healer a moment and then around the place before back. "We had been talking about the royal wedding and before that looking into paints and art supplies which might interest you.

The timing feels suspicious but the large girl nods. "Oh? I am, um. Getting a new dress made for the, ah, wedding." She tries to smile but finds it hard. "And I do like to paint. See?" She pulls out her medallion of Saint Dannel, patron of Temperence. "I did this one."

There is a small nod by Emilia to Graham's words. Though the mention of drress and wedding, Emilia glances to Graham,"Suppose I should be of doing of that at some of point." Getting a drress for the wedding, that is. A brow raises just a little bit, slightly changing that stoic bent of her expression. "You are of painting?" Leaning just a little to take at the medallion that is pulled out and rather answers the question as well. "That is of nice of work. They do have good of supplies, though some of the colors seem to be of out of stock. Not all of the shades of black are being of in, only some of the blues and reds."

Dawn nods over and sighs, "Aye, I have to prepare a dress as well as something proper for the Masque if I attend." She muses to herself. "And good luck to you with arranging a dress, Lady Tiadora."

Graham looks over to Emilia at her words cathching her glance. He knows how she feels about such things as that. "Hm well myabe I can be of help. I went with Lady Tia, and dont think I completely made a mess of everything at least." He chuckles though is glad that the talk of painting has picked up. "What was it that you had planned to pain Emilia?" he wonders having not asked before now.

Tiadora grimaces at the mention of a masque. "Horrible decadent sinful excuses for debauchery," she says, all traces of a stammer lost. "Hide thy visage yet forget ye not that even in the darkness the One shall see and know all," she quotes flawlessly. Realizing what just came out of her mouth, she flushes bright red and murmurs a weak apology. "So, um. You like to paint?"

There is a mild glance to Dawn,"You will be of going north to the wedding of then?" Emilia meaning the more near wedding, of course. Northern Ducal Houses joining up. Emilia nods a little to Graham,"I might of need to also of see what, if anything, Jaren is…expecting of me of this. Might be of needing something of…more." There is just a mild quirk of a brow as Tiadora quotes things as she does. Not that she is going to argue about the habits of /that/ Northern House. The masques did have quite the reputation after all. "Of aye, it is being of a hobby of mine." Though she does get around to answering Graham,"Not entirely of sure of yet, was thinking perhaps something with a meadow."

Dawn nods over at Emilia, "I would hope to go to it." The quick.. Tirade over from Tiadora has a look of hwat passes over of quick amusement going through Dawn's eyes then as the woman goes. "And yes, it is a celebration for the upcoming nuptials. I'm sure it's very proper.." And the old woman seems to be calming herself then as she looks over at Emilia and quirks a brow as well.

Tiadora falls quiet and just sort of nods here and there. "They were out of red and blue? I will have to be careful with my own supplies." She can talk about paint more easily too it seems. "I need to do country skies so I have to be sparing, I guess…"

"Either way just let me know. If it were up to Jaren he would probably let you wear your leathers." Graham says smirking a little though he nods about what she plans to draw "That sounds excellent, i'd like to see it when your finished." The Lily Knight turns back to look to Tia he wonders about the talk of the one she speaks. "Hm, i've never been to one such event myself so I honestly dont know anything about them besides the basics."

There is a light nod to Graham,"I am of sure, he of would. And do of imagine he would prefer of going in of similiar. But am doubting this would be of allowed in of the least." The Queen is the epitome of fashion…and those outfits would just not due for her wedding! "And of course, you can be of seeing of it when I am of done. " Her dark eyes drifting back towards Tiadora. "Just of some of the shades of them, depending of which you were of needing, they might have them,"offers Emilia easily enough. "If of not, I of imagine that they will be of getting of more within a few of weeks."

Tiadora admits, "I could probably craft my own if they have the raw ingredients." She smiles, more naturally than usual. "I'm working on something important, though, so I doubt I could wait. But meadows are lovely. So peaceful.."

Graham chuckles a bit perhaps the wedding party in plain clothes is pictured "I can somehow imagine that to be so yes for him as well." The Lily Knight will nod to being able to see the picture "Thank you, I will look forward to it. I have a couple new sketches I can show you as well if you'd like to see them?" he says simply "I am sure they will, or I will be returning to Ironhold for a final fitting of my new armor I can grab what's needed there?" he offers he looks to Tia "I am sure your painting will be wonderful as well."

"That they might be of having of what is needed for of that, I was not of checking." Emilia gives a small incline of her head,"You might of check, especially if what you are of working on needs to be of completed of soon." A faint glance goes to the sky and where the light lays,"Though if you will be of excusing, I am expected for of practice." She offers a small bow towards Tiadora,"It was a pleasure to be of meeting, Lady of Tiadora." Glancing to Graham,"Will be of seeing you of later, can perhaps of look at of sketches after dinner." Before she moves to withdraw and vanishes quite quickly into the the crowds. That shadow of a Huntress trailing after her.

Tiadora quietly excuses herself as well, going into the crowds with her men.

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