(1866-08-12) Family Reunion
Family Reunion
Summary: Dawn and Broderick meet to talk and catch up.
Date: 1866-08-12
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Sunsreach Castle
The castle grounds.


Having left a request for an audience with his regal cousin with one of the court officials, Broderick is now left with an unknown amount of time to fill before he recieves his responce. As such he's saught out his aunt, the familiar face he met just after his arriveal, or not so familiar, but they worked it out in the end. With the weather being favourable he's invited her for a stroll around the castle grounds so they can reacquaint and catch up.

Dawn is currently strolling around the gardens as well. Her own temperament is quiet as she strolls her way through them along and meeting with her nephew. She looks at the flowers, in full bloom, arrangements likely being made to have more things blossoming in the gardens for the coming weddings. Her own mood often mercurial - she can't just pay attention to the beauty around her.

No longer dressed for the road, Broderic is in a finder tunic than the days before, but he is seemingly not going for the full on flamboyant 'look at me I'm a Tracano' style. Both clean and clean shaven now though he has the posture of a noble, but is not advertising his house or position. Spotting Dawn he strides over, offering her a respectful bow once he's close enough. "I hope the day finds you well," is his openner, followed quickly by, "I hope I am not intruding upon other plans."

Dawn gives a light nod over at her nephew, "Yes, all has been well. I have to remind myself sometimes that the land does not quite change in the same way we do as people." she returns the bow a moment later. "I'm sorry for not having made stronger attempts at remaining in touch. Family is still family." She offers her hand out for him to escort her along.

Broderick grimaces faintly at her comment about family, then replies quietly, in a voice not ment to carry beyond her ears to anyone else who may be out and about. "Yes, but I can not claim to have had the best of relationships with my father, and since his death have been riding from one war to the next. I have not even kept in regualr contact with my mother since I think the last time we spoke was at the time of Gloria's passing" His sister, dead of childbirth complications two years back. Moving to her side he lifts his elbow for her to take thn starts a slow progress down one of the tree-lined paths. "How goes Bazan, and what brings you to Sunsreach? The wedding?"

Dawn nods quietly, "I'm sorry for your loss. We have all made mistakes. Some of us more than others." She does not mean him, by her phrasing. "But what we can do under the Queen's guidance is take her example and use it to start anew." She takes a breath then and nods up and over at him. "I would lik eto get to know you better, Broderick. And perhaps we can work at fixing, if not some of our mistakes then, then learning as to how not repeat them, at the very least for the benefit of others." She closes her eyes. "And Bazan prospers. It survived the worst of the war intact, and there has been much need for teachings in the war's fade. And yes, i'm here for the wedding and to pledge fealty once more forit. Reason enough as any."

"It was a long time ago," Brodrick replies solumnly, and as I said, we weren't close." There's a slow nod to the remark about mistakes though, his may be small in number but he'd be the first to admit that they tend to be great in magnitude. "Her Majesty has been very forgiving," he notes with a slow nod, "and I hope and pray that she remains so for I do not know how she will take my failure to stand with her cause during the most recent resurgance. Or indeed how her betrothered sees the situation. Still, I have requested an audience and must now await their responce with patience." Another nod is given at the good news of Bazan and a polite, "I am glad it was spared the worst of it, wereit that the same could be said for the rest of the Kingdom."

Dawn nods lightly over at Broderick, "I do not claim to know the Queen then, nor her husband. But they are good people and speak of forgiveness. So if you present yourself then, I would hope that if that is the reason you seek audience,and combine it with a pledge of service to make amends they would be inclined to approve it. However, I do not speak for the Queen nor her husband, nor do I know how they think." She nods quietly, "Or is there another reason then that you seek an audience, beyond merely politeness and etiquette?" She crosses her arms lightly as she looks about the gardens. "And the lands recover faster than we mere people do.." Musing, almost out of nowhere.

"Politeness, etiquette," Broderick starts almost conspiratorially, "and a desire to know my level of favour. Our cousin knows my reasoning, I believe, but I do not know her opinion of it." He looks to her for a moment, as if weighin gup in his head how much to say before he offers as a brief explaination, "I made sme poor choices during the war. Choices fueled by anger and grief rather than reason, and to prevent the same occuring again I swore to her thatI would never shed the blood of another of our House. I could not fight for her, nor could I fight against her, so I absented myself, found a calling and followed it. A calling that should likely keep me occupied for the rest of my years."

Dawn nods quietly, "We all made poor choices. We all made failings. It is perhaps for the best then that we grieve over our mistakes and over our failings then, and mourn our losses then. But also try and move beyond them. We cannot letrecrmiinations and hate spiral, or our children will be fighting another war for revenge for the failures of thier fathers. That cannot be our legacy." She stands up quietly then and lightly takes his hand. "And I think that your decision suits you well then, and your calling fits you."

Broderick listens quietly as his aunt speaks, letting his head nod along in shallow movements. "Alas but I was young enough to still think I knew everything, and my grief was twisted by those who saw my true limitations. There are still those among her commanders who I think served her father poor, those who threw away lives needlessly through vanity or shortsightedness, but you are right, it is not my place to preach my own judgement to others. The Lord has not blessed me with children, one of the deaths I grieved was my wife's before that could happen, but my opinions on those matters are my own, and not anything I intend to shout from the battlements."

Dawn nods lightly, "Aye. I miss my husband much.. And one of my own failings is in not being a good mother to my children. Something that it is too late to remedy." She offers a hand quietly over to Broderick. "And your humility suits you well." She looks up and over through the garden, heaving a quiet sigh. "And I have thrown away too many lives. Too many.." So many years spent trying to save those in the midst of the battlefield that she never could mend. How many then scour through her memory?

Broderick takes the offered hand, having been a bit slow on the uptake to notice it initally. A hint of amusement crosses his face as Dawn uses th eword 'humility', he sees it more as a prudent effort to keep his head down incase the Queen is pissed off at him, but he'll take that interpretation too. "I am yet to know if I have left it too late to be a better father to any of my own issue than my own was to me. I find myself in no mood to seek out another match, but I am aware that our cousin is still impressing on others the need to repopulate the House. I'm in half a mind to keep an eye out for the ladies at court, so if I'm pressed so I can at least state preferences." Another faintly conspiratorial gance and he asks, "do you happen to know her mood of late in such regards?"

Dawn can't help but smile softly, "The moods of our cousin are to myself as much a mystery as any other. I likely know her less than you do, so I do not claim to be able to speak into her mind. And I am sure otherwise that there will bea great many ladies at the wedding that you will no doubt get along with. I merely remind you that old wounds fester.. Let them take time to heal. However, I'm hardly any dame of the ball myself, not at my age." The somewhat elderly woman looks at her hands then. "But, I'm sure you'll no doubt be able to gather her mood over in person. Hav eyou been able to see her recently then?"

Broderick is perhaps faintly dispointed by that, a bit of insider knowledge ahead of time would hae been useful, but also perhaps a litle too much to hope for. "We shall see what future brings then," he offers with a glance to his aunt, "and if she demands it then she demands it." In truth widowerhood is a situation he's happy with, it suits him these days, but it's not his decision to make. "It must be two years now since I saw her, maybe pushing three. My travels have kept me away from Sunsreach for some time now and I have little enough to go on regarding her mood of thoughts for I did not know her well even before. Time will tell though, time will tell."

Dawn nods, "And I've only seen the Queen at times of formality. I probably know her less than even you do." She goes to tap over a ther chin in thought. "There are some of the Princesses of the realm that seem to be quite approachable. I saw some of them out a few days ago after you departed. You might gather some information from them should you approach htem politely enough. The lady of the realm, Clara, has a deft touch with the commonres so you could likely find out mor eof the state of the court from her."

"A few quiet enquiries as to her current leanings mgih not go amiss," Broderick muses, noting the name Clara for future reference. "I thank you though, for your time and thoughts, they are useful for while you may not be close to our cousin, you have at least been in Sunsreach at least a bit. Which is more than I can say myself. I will seek out the Princess though, and re-make our acquaintance so as to see what can be learnt."

Dawn nods, "Aye. I can only speak for the citizenry, however, not the Queen herself. The citizens seem most enraptured over with the coming proceedigns and festivities, as do the nobles. Perhaps if you wish o make a name for yourself amongst them you could enter in some of the tournaments that will be held for the wedding. And I wish you well."

Dawn's last comment gets a wry smile from Broderick. "I tried the tourney scene briefly, just after the war. In my first two I was drawn against a cousin, so had to withdraw for fear of breaking my oath. Then during the third I recieved word of my sister's sickness. I never got back into it after that." He considers it though, then shrugs, "with the occasion I fear the lists and melees would be too full of our House, but there is hope in the archery perhaps. I shall think on it, and see what the festivities allow." Taking her hand for a moment he then adds, "if you will forgive me now though, I should go see to other matters. We should talk again though, if we have the chance."

Dawn just smiles over, "Good. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. At the very least it's a way to demonstrate what skills you have mastered without risk of injury to other, and to get to relax for a change. Otherwise, you would no doubt get some merriment from watching others. So long as no one has the sense knocked from them and the doldrums.. And do enjoy yourself, nephew. For the land is at peace, and so should we be."

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