(1866-08-14) Clearly Besotted
Clearly Besotted
Summary: Late in the evening, Emilia comes across her sister, who is clearly drunk and clearly besotted.
Date: 1866-08-14
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Emilia  Raelyn  

Sitting Room - Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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It's a late hour, late enough that most of the help is either bedded for the night, yet not so late as to be too past the witching hour. Raelyn steps out of her bedroom, wriggling a bottle of wine that seems, impossibly, to have emptied. She looks at it sourly, and then goes searching for a new bottle, singing as she goes:
"Slashing through the Thorns
With a good two-handed blade
Over their corpses we go
And through the gore we wade
Arrows on helmet rings
One sticks in their eye
What fun to sing our Slaying Song
And watch these bastards DIE!"
Raely, clearly, is a bit besotted.

There is a voice that comes as Raelyn goes a singing along,"Having a good of evening, mine-sister?" After all she must be if she is singing about the death of Thorns. "Or practicing of your wooing of skills perhaps?" That voice tracing back to Emilia when sought, still up, or up again, it is ever hard ot be certain just what her sleeping habits really were. Though she was barefoot and dressed in a fairly simple tunic and leggings.

An exaggerated head bob is followed by an enthusastic, and emphatic, "-Yes-." She grins, brightly. She squints, then, and holds her fingers together a miniscule fraction away. "Drank. Just a bit. Too much. Maybe. I need to drink some more, to see if I did, or not." She nods, sagely. Then she giggles, some. "You," she points to her sister, "Are not sleeping. Everyone else is sleeping."

There is just amild eyebrow quirk at the rather enthusastic 'Yes' that comes. "And have you had of success in using of such…wooing of skills?" Emilia canting her head a little as she does take in the rather expressive and energetic turn of her sister at the moment. "Can be of getting of some wine, though you may be having a rough of day tomorrow." Or a long morning in bed..with the covers over her head! Emilia blinks when she gets pointed at,"Of true, most of others are of sleeping. I am of not. But nor are of you. "

"Yes. Get us wine. Wine. We need wine," agrees Raelyn, stoically. And, then she takes Emilia's hand and leads her over towards the sitting room. Because the sitting room has comfy chairs. And she flops down in one, "I do not know if I have had success, until the thing happens," she frowns, and waves her hand around as if Emilia knows, or ought to know, what she means, "You know. The thing. With the Greycens. And Stephen. And things."

"Of aye, wine." Cause clearly Raelyn needs more wine! There is a gently tugging to the corners of Emilia's lips as Raelyn graps her hand and leads her along to the sitting room. Drifting to see about the wine from the cabinat as Raelyn flops into on of the chairs. "Of aye…the thing." Through her brows scrunch in throught. "The of official of thing. Are you not of knowing if there is of success in of interest by of Stephen in of having the thing of happen. Even if both must be of waiting for it to be of happening?" Drifting along and offering a goblet of wine to Raelyn, before settles along with one of her own.

"Oh, he's - interested," assures Raelyn to Emilia. "His lips definitely tell me he's interested." She exhales, a little happily and then awaits the wine to be shared, sipping from her goblet when it's poured. She says then, not quite slurring her words but close, "But it doesn't matter what I want, or what he wants. What matters is what -they- want. Now Jaren?" She points a finger at Emilia, nodding, "Jaren will do what I want." She doesn't even realize how that sounds, and she certainly doesn't mean it like it sounds. "But -her-? Who knows if she'll do what -we- want." Her, meaning the Duchess. "Nobody knows what -she- wants. So," she shrugs, and sighs, "We'll have to see what they all want." She nods, finding her logic sound thusly, and drinks more wine.

Emilia cants her head a little as she listens to this response. "So there has been of kissing." A question..or well tease..that had gone unanswered before. There is a faint nod,"Is of true, matters of what they of want. And we of know Jaren wishes you of happy in of this." Knowing her sister didn't mean it quite like it sounded. Emilia knew her brother simply wished them to find some turn of happiness in their lives. Sipping on her wine as she listens, some turn of curiousity in thos dark eyes. "Is hard to be of saying what she will be of doing. But there is good of politics in of it." Which was certianly the important of thing. "But he is of making you of happy of then?" There is a slight hesitation before she asks,"Is that of how one knows one is one interested, by of their lips…in of kissing?"

Raelyn points to Emilia's wine, "You're not drinking," she accuses, "You have to drink, otherwise you won't know if you have drunk too much." Again, drunk-logic. She falls back into the couch, squinting at her sister, "Well that is one way. In of kissing. In of holding hands. In of being happy when they're around."

At the accusation, Emilia takes another sip…more of a drink of her wine. Her dark eyes giving Raelyn a slight look over the rim of her goblet. Oh, she knew when she drank to much…They started trying to take over! But she wasn't going to actually point this out to her sister. "That is way of telling of ones of self is being of interested. " There is a mild frown,"But how does one of know if the other is truly of interested, of happy…if they are not speaking of it? What if they are just of wanting of kisses and not really of interested, of caring? How does one of tell of the difference?" Such a question!

Raelyn frowns a bit, eyeing her goblet and then her sister, and her face scrunches up some, "You can tell," she says, wisely, sagely, and nods to herself. "By the way they treat you. And by how they react to you after not seeing you for a long time. And even how they write to you. You can tell." She gestures widely with her hand, and it causes her to go slightly off balance and tip over just a bit. She giggles, just a little, "Like Stephen."

A few small sips of wine are taken after that question is asked, Emilia rather curious to the answer it would seem. Faint little nods of her head perhaps coming at some of the things said. Hifting just a little as Raelyn goes slightly off balance, keeping an eye upon her sister…so she doesn't go tumbling out of the chair. And ha! There are love letters!! "I am glad to be of hearing he is having such of interest, and it is of showing..of telling." She had not spent much time with the man to really get to know him, and she did care about her sister's happyness! "It is not..of a bad of thing if there is really not any of writting though. But the person is still of seeming to be of…pleased ot be of seeing?"

A finger lightly jabs into Emilia's side, and she says, "I'd stick him with an arrow if he wasn't." She titters, then, just a little bit, as if finding the entire affair utterly hilarious, and the funniest thing she'd heard in years. Which probably means the answer is yes.

The finger jab causes a faint shift and look along towards Raelyn,"Well of course /you/ would be of doing of that. But is not like /I/ can be doing of that sort of thing." A light sigh slips from Emilia. It wasn't like one could force someone to write. Right? There was a flicker of a smile though to see her sister so entirely amused. And hopefully drunk enough she'd not remember Emi asking such…questions…in the morning.

"You can write whateeeeeeeeeeeeeever you want, Emilia. You're my sister." As if that were reason enough. Raelyn pokes at Emilia's side some more, and then exhales, and looks up at her sister. "I," she declares, "Am besotted."

"I meant of with the poking with of arrows," says Emilia, squirming just a little at the continued pokings. Murmuring faintly,"Suppose..I could perhaps of write of though. Can't be of hurting, right?" A mild sigh before she ends up squirming a little again as there is that Rae-rae finger poking into her side. "I am of seeing of that, mine-sister. Quite of besotted. I am not thinking I have ever seen you of so before." A hand drifts and lightly strokes Raelyn's hair,"Sounds as if he is of being of besotted with of you as well. Though of how any one would not of be.." There is just a slight shrug, as if that sentence needs no finishing.

"If you tell him so, I will shave Naois," warns Raelyn, playfully, but her eyes close some at the hair stroking. It would seem she's had her fill of drink and is 'winding down' into that lull of alocholic stupor before utterly crashing.

Those lips quirk in to a faint smile, an actual smile,"I would never of tell him, Raelyn." Emilia's fingers continuing the gentle stroking of her sister's hair. "Though he perhaps may know already, like you are of knowing of his of interest. Hmmm?" Shaking her head a little as she watches her sister, murmuring,"AM thinking you have of indeed drank of plenty of enough." Setting aside her own goblet to try and ease the one from her sister's hand before it might crash along when she does. Seeming content to be a bit of a pillow for her drunken sister.

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