(1866-08-14) Justice Done
Justice Done
Summary: The guilty are punished but have all of them been found?
Date: 1866-08-14
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Stag Keep
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With a shove and the creaking of rope, three lives come to an end. Tommard the merchant; Cole Berrand, captain of the guard; and finally Osmund Barrand, are shoved from the walls of Stag Keep, clad in chains to until the nooses around their necks pulled tight and their necks snapped with a crack audible to those on the battlements bringing an end to the screams of Cole and Tommard. Osmund, though could not scream, before he was led upon the walls he was taken out before the crowd, stripped of his spurs and then had his tongue removed with hot pincers. A bloody end to a day that began with running the lesser offenders, those who took bribes, broke oaths and stole from their lords out of town, their property placed in the hands of their lord.

There is a cheer from the villagers as the men hang, but the townsmen who knew them best are more sober in their study of these deaths. Though none cry out in protest.

Among those standing on the battlements, Michael l'Corren makes the sign of the One, offering "May the One judge them justly," before he glances down at the crowd. "The people they hurt seem pleased however, so, perhaps this dirty business has at last reached it's end?" he asks the Baron and his son as he looks in their direction.

Benjamin stands with the others and snarls as the men are pushed to their doom, "And justly thrust into damnation." He looks to Michael, "Perhaps. Unless others wish to cause trouble, which I doubt they will."

Watching the final sentence being carried out on the three traitors, Elrick's expression is outwardly passive, though there is a hard gaze as he studies each man as they cease their trashing with their necks snapped. He keeps an eye on Osmund the longest, remembering what the man had said when he questioned him, how it was so easily tempting to begin pilfering the t'Tremaine's coffers. after the cheers died down, the heir to this land looks to his father for a moment before moving his gaze to Michael. "Almost, cousin. From questioning them, it appears that the bandits have been scattered. My intention is to track them down, there were two names given from Viscountess t'Corbeau when she came to visit. Cas and Ben. Their last location puts them in Rovilon."

Michael nods to the Baron. "Keep a close eye on your roads, desperate men will oft do desperate things. Hate to lose one set of bandits only to gain another," he counsels before he looks with evident surprise at Elrick. "Rovilon? She was sure of that? I had not thought of the capital as a hiding place for brigands," though he seems more curious than doubtful as though the idea had not occurred. "Save for one in a Cardinal's hat of course," he adds with a tight smile.

Benjamin looks to Elrick, "Then I will send word to Rovilon that I want them apprehended and sent back here for trial and execution." His tone is blunt and he rests his hand on the shortsword on his hip. "But i will see htat the roads are watched."

"The location I obtained from our prisoners when I spoke to them." Elrick says with a slight shake of his head at Michael's reply, "Apparently they where hired from the outside by Osmund and Eustace. Most likely selected from various locations to avoid suspicion." Attention shifting to his father, the younger t'Tremaine nods his head, "There is also the issue of our people, Father. Because of the traitor's actions, our people are severely weakened and damaged, which in turn weakens our House."

"Hm," Michael says at Elrick's news. "Interesting." He pauses when Benjamin speaks of sending men to the city and speaks up afterwards. "I'll see it done for you, I must return to Rovilon anyways, my wife, among others awaits me there, and tracking bandits through the streets of Rovilon does have a certain appeal."

The talk of the people earns a look from Michael but he does not comment.

The talk of the commoners gets a moment of pause from Benjamin. He then speaks, "I will not punish them for raising arms, this time. But we have little enough for ourselves after this entire mess. So there is nothing that we can do."

The thoughts of possibly chasing the bandits through the streets of Rovilon is certainly very appealing, and Elrick is definitely entertaining the thought. But he is older now, and much wiser, after surviving the war in the north and now dealing with this uprising at home. "I see, Father. Do you wish me to remain to help go over the affairs of our House? Or should I ensure that Sir Michael reaches Rovilon safely?"

Michael's smile appears fully this time, in quiet encouragement of the trip to Rovilon. "Well, if you cannot spare him for Rovilon, at least let him come west for my brother's wedding. My father will be there, and Elrick can see to it my report of what I've seen here is fair and honest." To say nothing of letting the man and Nadine attend the Masque.

"I have things well in hand here, you may go to Rovilon if you wish, but do not tarry too long, there is work to be done." Benjamin's tone is firm, but not angry by any measure.

With a nod to his father, Elrick seems slightly pleased with this news, though part of him is still worried. He will definitely not tarry this time, "Understood Father." He then looks to Michael and manages a weary smile, "I guess we can prepare our return to Rovilon, in a day or two perhaps? Gives me time to prepare for the short trip."

Michael gives a grateful smile to the baron. "Thank you, uncle," he says using the man's more familiar title for the first time. To Elrick, he nods, "I can spare a couple of days, it will let me get some much needed rest." To say nothing of the image of hanging men out of his mind.

Benjamin stands and takes a breath, "Take what you need, just be careful out there, especially if word has already gotten out." He frowns and shakes his head, "Damn peasants, never should have trusted them."

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