(1866-08-19) A Meeting with the Queen
A Meeting with the Queen
Summary: Broderick meets with the queen for the first time since he's returned from gate hunting.
Date: 1866-08-19
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Queen's Office - Sunsreach - Rivana
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It's rare that the Rose Queen meets with family in her throne room— she reserves that for formal court sessions and days when she must be the queen, not Alysande, nor even just the head of the household. It is for this reason that when summons are sent to Broderick, they specify to meet in Alysande's office, a large room not far from the throne room, towards the family quarters, where she does the true bulk of the work of running the kingdom.

Ledgers and parchments crowd the tops of two of the tables pushed against the walls of the office, though Alysande's desk is fairly neat and mostly clear, save what she is working on presently. The Queen has a pair of Royal Lancers at the door to her office, which escort Broderick inside, and another in the office with her, keeping an eye on the door and all who enter through it.

"Cousin," Alysande greets the man politely, though somewhat chilly. "I understand you're back from your wanderings." No, she was not entirely pleased that he had chosen to, in her mind, run away when the Thorns had resurged.

Broderick has made an effort to be presentable. If not perhaps in all the finery and trappings of court he is clean, freshly shaved, and decked out in a fine silk tunic of house colours. Not flashy, or overly elaborate perhaps, but unashamedly Tracano. A faint nod is given to the Lancers on the door, although once he's through that the one inside is soundly ignored in favour of his cousin. Bowing respectfully he holds it a moment or two longer than strictly nessecary, having noted the cold edge to her tone, then straightens once more. "For now Magesty, yes. Word of your betrothal reached me at a time when I had no substantive leads to follow, so I thought it prudent to turn for home once more. "

"It would have been prudent," Alysande says with a hint of annoyance in her tone, "for you to have stayed and defended your house from threats from without." She gives him a look. "Perhaps I should dimply be pleased you didn't take up their cause and join the resurgent Thorns?"

"Had it been threats from without then I would not have found myself with the conundrum I did," Broderick replies with a touch of rue in his expresion. "Any but our own and you have had my sword willingly, but you know the oath I am bound by. Perhaps, with hindsight, I should have sworn it to include a clause regarding open rebellion to the Crown, but I did not, and what kind of a man is it who breaks such a vow merely because it becomes inconvenient?" Pausing for a breath he still keeps his eyes on Alysande, rather than allowing them to flick back and forth to examine the room. "I won't claim it was an easy decision to make, but if naught else I am at least a man of my word, and prepared to accept the consiquences of that."

"Farrants. Gerrells. Save little Maya Tracano, foolish nit that she was, those that flew the Thorns banner this second time were NOT Tracano." Alysande glowers for a few moments, then sighs. "My betrothal to Jaren is what brought you home? It will still be months before the wedding, I'm afraid."

Broderick digests that news with a neutral expression for a few seconds, then dips his headas a brief mark of contrition. "Those were not the rumblings I had heard before I left," he explains briefly, "perhaps it was an exaggeration on the part of the tellers, perhaps a deliberate ploy to draw more out of the woodwork." It's an explaination rather than an excuse, so he neither tries to spin it to his advange, nor dwells on it once it's said. "Then I may stay those months, reacquaint myself with civilisation for a while. If of course, that would not o'rely displease you."

"Stay as you wish, go as you wish," Alysande replies with a frown. "I won't stop you in either event." She considers. "Speaking of going, we've recieved invitations to the wedding of that l'Saigner girl Tristan was besotted with. I don't want him going, I certainly won't go myself, and Martyn cannot go. I'd be pleased if you went in our stead. I know Clara is planning to go as well, but she is, for that she is a Princess of this kingdom, just a girl. If you're willing, go, participate in what passes for a tourney, you know."

The North, how grim. Still, a visit for a wedding is not a banishment forever. "Then it would please me to go," Broderick replies, sounding more pleased that she's giving him house business rather than the exact details of it, but little steps. "I believe my Lady Aunt, of House Bazan" to distinguish Dawn (the aunt he speaks to) from Eleanor (the aunt he does not), "is also planning to attend and we have discussed the Northerners'.." he almost says 'odd' but replaces it at the last moment with "'different' customs to help aid her preparations. I will fight, for house and kingdom, as you desire." And if he manages what Graham did and give them up there another proverbial bloody nose then he's fine with that too.

"Good," Alysande says. "If you win their wedding tourney, more the better. And when you come back, please keep to yourself how lovely the affair was or how happy the bride and groom look. One knows I don't need Tristan moping. He has his own betrothed to attend to."

She regards him. "And soon enough I'll need to be considering wedding you off again. Our house falters with a lack of scions to fill it."

Broderick starts as if to say that if Tristan should ask he'd say it was terrible, but then realises that that might also make the Prince mope so instead he merely nods a silent assent before moving on. Her news is not entirely unexpected but he takes a moment to mull it over for a moment before he asks, "are there ladies yet in mind?" He obviosuly has opinions on the matter, but isn't exactly on solid enough ground to do any sort of pushing at the moment.

"Nothing solid yet." Alysande shrugs. "I have prioritized my own wedding over furthering my cousins', but soon enough I'll be able to focus upon growing our family again." She glances to him. "Is there anything further?"

Broderick gives a silent nod in understanding, followed by an "as it should be." At her question he can't immediately think of anything, but takes a moment to make sure anyway. Go north, be nice, fight, come home and shut up about it. He reckons he can manage that so gives her a simple shake of his head. "Nothing further," he answers, then bows to start taking his leave.

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