(1866-08-19) A Morning Discussion
A Morning Discussion
Summary: Michael and Bella discuss the Masque and other matters
Date: 1866-08-19
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Guest Chamber, Highwater Castle
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Alout 19th 1866

OOC Warning: Mature themes

Morning at is oddly much like that at Murnord. No wicked rituals, no assassins brought in with the morning's breakfast, just a plain normal day under the Alout sun. Though, Michael has found one difference and that is the view of the ocean. So, morning finds him ensconced in the window seat, a mug of small beer clutched in hand as he stares out over the water illuminated by the rays of the rising sun. Gripped by the beauty of it, he fishes out his sunburst medallion from beneath his bedrobe and kisses it briefly. A silent thanks given to the One for the beauty of His creation.

"Well!" Bella flops down in the window seat next to him. "I can't believe I'm here in Lonnaire and I haven't gotten even ten minutes to discuss dresses with Lady Alina. And really— our wedding wasn't even half this… busy." For Lonnaire is bustling and abuzz with nothing but wedding plans and plans for the masque.

Speaking of that… "Have you decided whether or not we should meet up at the masque, or enjoy ourselves however we please?" she asks. "There are such benefits to both, though the major detriment to… dalliances… is that it will put me assuredly drinking moon tea for the next three weeks and that delays the potential for me to give you a child." Not a son, not a daughter. Just a child.

"Hm," Michael says in agreement about how busy the wedding was. "We didn't have a Masque to contend with, which is where most of it comes from," he comments before setting down his mug. "And speaking of the Maque, I would prefer we meet up," he says. "A shame to waste the effort we put into making a child thus far, no?" he says playing it off lightly as he leans down to kiss the top of her head.

Bella isn't fooled by Michael's slight possessiveness, and she even grins merrily at him for it. "Oh," she teases. "But I had so hoped to see what I may be missing out on by marrying you…" Though she quickly leans up to catch his lips in a hungry kiss, giving some lie to her words.

Only some, though. She wouldn't mind a bit of fun.

As she breaks the kiss almost as suddenly as she gave it., she regards him with another impish grin. "Well, then. We'll simply have to redouble our efforts, I think."

Michael can't help but laugh and return the kiss, though when she breaks off so suddenly he's left wanting more. "Hey-" he begins before she makes her suggestion and he grins. "Redouble?" he asks wrapping his arms around her. "One above! Where will we find time for anything else?" he teases, before quickly adding, "Not that I am complaining, mind you." His glance goes from Bella to the bed the invitation plain. "I suppose this is one of those duties it wouldn't do to put off till later…"

"Mmmmph," she replies, following his gaze to the bed with a light laugh. "I just got my face and hair done, and you want to muss it?" she teases. "Besides, isn't your father around? I thought you and your brother had some sort of manly men boy things to do today." She snuggles against him. "I just couldn't bear to keep you from it…" she murmurs sensually, fingertips moving down his chest.

Michael laughs. "What you don't just wake up looking like that?" he asks wide-eyed, teasing. He steals another kiss, accepting other pleasures would have to wait. When he breaks away he gives her a playful shove away so he can stand. "But you're right, I do have 'manly things' to do today, to say nothing of bringing father and Gabriel up to date on what happened in Hartswood," he glances back as he stands, peering out the window. "And in not too long either," he says and shakes his bedrobe before padding barefoot across the room to where the servants left his trunk. "What will you be getting up to while I'm gone? Or is it best that I don't know?" he teases. He lifts the lid of the trunk and begins to find something suitable for a day out riding.

Having already been filled in on the Hartswood incident, Bella frowns, the expression not nearly as fitting on her face as her usual grins and impish looks. "Baron t'Tremaine is a fool, and you suffer him with far more forgiveness than my father would," she replies with a touch of steel in her voice. "You should arrange for— Sir Elrick, was it?— to inherit, and soon, before that barony has fallen into too much disrepair to be worth the trouble of sinking coin into to save."

She frowns further. "Besides, I suspect that any coin the man finds will be spent most unwisely, instead of repairing what needs repaired. You should suggest to your father a hunting accident or something similar happen to Baron Benjamin." Well, Michael knew she came from a rather ruthless family. "For the good of the duchy. Their taxes have been late and short for years, according to the documents— oh, and of course I've looked into them, dear, you were off galavanting to save one of your vassals so of course I was curious— and even besides, their timber, sugar, and syrup outputs have been terrible low in the past… mm, decade? and lets not talk about the limited amount of furs coming from a place that used to be the primary source of mink and sable.

Having found what he would wear for the day Michael begins tugging on his smallclothes as he gives Bella a disapproving look. "We don't arrange accidents for our vassals," he says firmly. "Even for ones as stupid as my uncle. Elrick has managed to put his men in place around the Baron and I plan to talk to Baron Artos about finding a good steward for that house, someone Elrick can champion to his father. I suspect my uncle will be amenable to the idea if the steward is presented along with the heads of some of Father Eustace's brigands."

Bella purses her lips and flounces to the edge of the bed, then flops down unceremoniously and sulks. "You're far too forgiving," she repeats, but doesn't press any further.

Smallclothes on Michael pulls on his breeches. "Our vassals won't put up with the same treatment your father's will. If it came out I had a hand in killing a vassal and one who was my own uncle besides, my people would never accept me as duke. No. It is better to let him limp along as he is and support Elrick the best I can when he is baron, than risk having all of Murnord turn against our house." Breeches on he discards the bedrobe and begins searching for his shirt. "Anyhow, did you find us something to wear to the Masque?" he asks moving on to safe topics.

Bella drapes an arm across the bed dramatically. "I had to work to find something," she says mock-tiredly. "But I found an excellent pair of costumes." She sits up languidly. "I commissioned a Dread Pirate costume for you, and I will be a Siryn." She grins wickedly. "You should see my dress."

But wait, those costumes match (after a fashion). Had she already figured on him deciding they should stay together for the masque?

Michael pokes his head out of his shirt and peers at his wife. "A pirate and a Siryn?" he asks pulling his shirt the rest of the way down before fiddling with where it ties into his breeches. "So, you did want us to meet up after all," he remarks with a pleased grin gracing his lips.

"I expected it might happen," she replies with a laugh. "After all, you'll want to bed the most beautiful woman there," she says without humility, "and there's only a couple that might hold contest. And one's your brother's wife— so I suspect you'd behave yourself at least for this masque."

Michael finishes with the ties and looks up at Bella. "There would be no contest," he says with a smiling sincerity. "Even with Ali in the running," he says as he grabs his doublet and begins pulling it on. "What about you? Are you happy with just me or do you wish you were showing off this dress of yours to other men on the night of the masque?"

Bella laughs. "I look at the possibility like choklat, my dear husband. Sweet, decadent, expensive— and not something I would like every day. But should a morsel cross my plate from time to time, should my darling husband not disagree? Who am I to resist it?" She shrugs. "If it makes you feel at all better, I prefer you almost every time, and should I get to acquire some choklat… I'd prefer to share it… or her… with you."

Michael does up the frogs on the front of his doublet. "Her?" he asks raising a brow. Clearly there were questions he should have asked of his wife sooner. He runs his hand through his hair then and moves to sit down on the bed. "Are these morsels we're talking about men or women?" he asks.

"I'd like either," she shrugs, "but I can hardly share a man with you." She tilts her head, considering. "Well, perhaps. But that seems a fair bit more complicated than an afternoon of pleasure should be."

Michael shakes his head "To say nothing of not being to my tastes," he adds patting his wife's hand with his own. "Let us table this topic for now, but certainly something to revisit another time," he says as he looks over to her, trying to gague her thoughts.

"Mmm." Bella kisses his cheek cheerily. "Perhaps will shall," she teases, then rises from the bed. "But! I'm off to try and catch Alina again— even if that means spending time with your nephews," she says with mock-horror. "Do be prepared after dinner tonight to be so tired tomorrow you can barely stand…" she leans down to nip his earlobe, "because I require a very thorough showing of your desire for me tonight."

With that, before he can answer, she flounces out the door, blowing a kiss behind her.

Michael is barely able to get a comment in edgewise before the whirlwind that is Bella blows out the door. He does however smile his goodbye and then chuckles bemusedly when she had vanished leaving only the scent of her purfume lingering behind. He rises then, off to find his family, wondering just what he'd gotten himself into with his vows. Though, whatever it was, it was certainly far from dull…

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