(1866-08-20) Three Days
Three Days
Summary: Graham comes to Adrienne with bad news about Emilia and Clara having vanished on their way to Lonnaire. They decide to ride to the faegate by Sunsreach and investigate the matter.
Date: 23/08-01/09/2015 (Date of RP)
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Sunsreach - Rivana
Starting at the Cassomir Manse, then moving onward to the Faegate outside of Sunsreach.
Aout 20th, 1866

It has been a couple days before the Masque was to take place up north in celebration of marriage. Though he had misgivings about it Emilia and Clara had both talked Graham into remaining back home and them going with indeed their guards in tow. The reason for his worry well not the exact reason but something unforeseen has indeed happened and now they are missing.. apparently the fae gate everyone else exited it besides the two in question. The Lily knight knows there isn’t much he can do in this case but he cannot sit and do nothing clearly and so the Cassomir Manse is his first stop he moves towards the quarters of his sister knocking to see if she is indeed inside.

Not being the only Cassomir that has been left behind, Adrienne is indeed to be found in her room, about to leave apparently as becomes clear when she opens the door, a brow raised as her green eyes regard her brother with a hint of indignation. “What is it?”, she inquires, motioning him to enter, before she closes the door behind him. “I was about to go out and have a stroll about the town,” this admitted with a slight shrug of her shoulders. She points to a chair by the small table in her quarters, and takes a seat on her bed. “Any news from Couviere? They will be having a wonderful wedding feast there, I am sure.” The tone very much conveying a ‘no, thank you’ attitude, still, Adrienne watches Graham attentively, and notes his unrest with the certainty of a sister who knows her brother all too well.

Graham looks upon his sister though he’s unsure about her anger before he does indeed take the offered seat. “I will not keep you Adrienne, I am sorry for interrupting your trip out.” He looks across though once she’s seated. “In a manner of speaking there has been.” The Lily knight shifts in the chair looking quite unable to calm himself. “Our cousin Emilia, and Princess Clara.. never made it to Couviere.” he finally speaks the words he wishes he hadn’t had to.. “Their group went through a fae-gate, and the two never arrived on the other side.”

That slight irritation may be caused in part to their stay at the Capital, which has for whatever reasons grown longer than expected. And Adrienne, being the Huntress that she is, longs to return to her duties in her home county. “Ah, nevermind,” she shrugs, waving her brother’s apology off with a swift gesture. “It isn’t pressing, really. Not as much as what is on your mind, obviously.” The news makes the freckled Cassomir recline against the wall, air leaving her mouth in an audible exhale. “Never made it? When were they supposed to arrive? has somebody gone to check, whether they really went through? Maybe they made up their mind not to go at last notice… and went somewhere else?” Like, home? The gleam in Adrienne’s eyes gives away her thoughts linger on that particular potential destination. She sighs, speaking her suspicion aloud: “To Castle Roseguard, perhaps?”

The Lily knight longs for home as well he’d spoken of such both with Cat and with Emilia and so understands. “They were to arrive in time for the wedding or at very least the masque.” Graham says though he looks over things in the room a moment to get his mind straightened. “I am not sure if the party tried to return to the previous fae-gate or not, but that was my first stop, it is likely chasing my tail, but I could use the tracking help of a huntress on this one?” he looks to her hopefully that she will come with him. The young man sighs “I wish to be home as much as any save perhaps Cat, but we’ve no word that they have made it to Roseguard if that is indeed the case.”

Adrienne sighs again - this time with an expression of concern when she hears what Graham has to say. “They should have arrived. And they haven’t. Either way, you are right. We should look into this. So what do you suggest? That we’d go fae-gate travelling after them?” She doesn’t look too pleased with that option. “But yeah,” she shrugs again, accepting the inevitable. “You can count on me on this one, of course.” She is already wearing her riding leathers. “Shall we? I’d send a messenger to Roseguard as well, to inquirie if they know anything of Emilia’s whereabouts.”

“I think we must at least try though indeed we can’t exactly go fae-gating all around to see where they ended up only follow the trail to make sure that they had indeed entered the gate.” Graham says he sighs at the prospect of this though he smiles softly “Thank you sister, I knew I could count on you.” He is glad for this. “I will see if Raelyn can send word back in case they are indeed safely home.” He seems ready to travel himself “My pack’s out in the hall so I am ready.” He stands from the chair and will wait to walk with her.

It doesn’t take long and Adrienne is ready as well. packing a few things, her bow, quiver and hunting dagger included. “Does your pack include provisions?”, she inquires in an aside to Graham. “If not, we should grab some at the kitchens. “The One knows for how long we will be away…” She leads the way, taking a stop by the kitchen as announced, only if it is necessary, then moves out onto the yard and then to the stables to get Checkmate ready.

The Lily knight nods “Hopefully not too long, there is only so much we can do Adrienne short of going to the north ourselves which shouldn’t be necessary.” He comments though he does move back out and nods as his pack is completed with provisions and everything including tent and such, and then on to the stables. “You’ll get out into the wilds for a time it seems all the huntresses I know wish this to be the case.” He says lightly to his sister smiling for the first time properly his horse is ready and he’ll mount up and wait to ride alongside her.

“Oh yes, we do!”, Adrienne agrees, her green eyes gleaming eagerly. “Any excuse to leave town… Well…” She shrugs, swinging herself into the saddle and smiling when she feels Checkmate prancing impatiently. She shoots Graham a glance. “By the way, where is Cathrynn? And why doesn’t she come along? Because this is a Cassomir thing?” She gives a bit of rein, when her brother rides up beside her, and Checkmate falls into a moderate trot that will take them out of the courtyard.

The Lily knight does manage a small smile at this though he rides beside his sister. “It helps having a Consort, cousin and sister who are huntresses.” He says simply about knowing about the wish for outside city time. He glances back towards the castle a moment at the last question. “I think she sometimes feels that way, though I have tried to make her understand she’s family chosen or otherwise. She had other duties though which didn’t allow her to come this time.”

“Cousins even,” his sister interjects. “Don’t forget our Mistress of the Hunt,” a glance is shot Graham’s way, and she shakes her head in mild amusement that he could forget to mention Raelyn. “Hmm, I see.” Adrienne says then in regards th Cathrynn and rolls her green eyes ever so slightly. “Not that I don’t enjoy to go on a ride with a purpose. So I’m glad she was detained.” Adrienne falls silent until they have reached the gates of Sunsreach, with the road towards the North ahead of them, which would be the direction to go for the nearest faegate. “Hah! Keep up, if you can!”, the freckled Cassomir exclaims, before she urges Checkmate on to a gallop.

“Well no I haven’t forgotten Raelyn.” Graham says with an eye-roll at his miss speech only. He looks over riding beside her. “I am glad you can come, sister, we don’t get to spend enough together lately though of course there could be better reasonings. I will try to do better.” He smirks as she bolts off all the same and will spur his own horse on to try and catch up.

Adrienne rides ahead for a bit until Graham catches up to her, and when he does he will notice her demeanor is already much less grumpy than it used to be. A content smile adorns those freckled features, the Cassomir Huntress apparently pretty close to being at ease with herself and the Edge. “Of course you have,” she contradicts with a smirk. “Or you’ve forgotten to mention Emilia, which I doubt. Honestly.” A chuckle comes in reaction to his words. “Ah, yes , brother, but I am no fool to assume you will spare much of your time for me, when playing sweetheart to Cathrynn is perhaps the preferred manner to while away your time.” She shoots him a glance. “I do not blame you. Envy you… perhaps.” Her smile turns a bit pensive, before her gaze returns to what lies ahead of them. “How far is that gate again…?”

Graham enjoys the look of contentment she wears glad to see it outside of the castle walls which it seems all Cassomir’s which to be free of at least for the ones of home or the wilds there. He doesn’t answer the question about Emilia sighing perhaps she will hear or perhaps not. The Lily knight no doesn’t forget Emilia. “I give you my word, that time will be spared, plus I am giving Cathrynn a gift at the same time, time away from me.” He winks over to her, though the next question “Just on the other side of the forest trail here.”

Adrienne laughs when she hears her brother’s jest about Cathrynn needing time away from him. “Oh Graham, I think this will only make her think more of you!”, she quips back. Her green eyes narrowing with determination then as she urges Checkmate on. “Better get there quick.”

“Mayhaps so, which is a good thing likely. I will still spend time.” Graham says though he nods to her words and spurs on forward “Yes we should.” He says though it may be lost to the wind as they speed towards their destination. “Where have you gone.” He mumbles to himself as well “Run my friend.” He speaks to his horse who puts on a burst of speed further along the path.

In fact it will take them a two more hours to reach the clearing in the deepest part of the woods, where the faegate is located, a structure that is well guarded; as both Graham and Adrienne will notice when a pair of Gate Wardens step into their way.

“State your business, and who you are,” says one of them, the tone calm but carrying that unmistakable authority of the Church of the One.

Adrienne frowns, her green eyes darting from on to the other. A slightly grumpy sound leaves her throat, before she focuses on one of them. “Adrienne Cassomir, Huntress of Ironhold,” she introduces herself, tone likewise calm, demeanor stoic.

Graham rides up beside his sister, looks to the gate wardens and dismounts. He will move over. “I am Lord Sir Graham Cassomir, my cousin and Princess Clara came here with two lancers. The lancers arrived on the other side, my cousin Emilia and Clara did not.” The man usually unshakable seeks shaken by this. “We wish to investigate further on this matter, any help you may offer would be appreciated.”

Dismounting herself now, Adrienne offers a nod in greeting to the Wardens. “What my brother is referring to, is an incident that occurred three days ago, Lady Emila Cassomir and Princess Clara Tracano. Two Huntresses accompanied Emilia, they apparently reached the other side, with the lancers. Our question would be… who of you Gate Wardens can attest that both our cousin and the Princess stepped into the Gate.” Her green eyes sweep the clearing with a brief glance.

“They both did,” one of the men says after a moment, with a frown. “I was there, I saw them walk into the gate with mine own eyes.”

Graham looks to the man awaiting the response, though figuring he knew this answer before it’s given. “I see, and they never returned this way I take it?” He knows this is a no but still he must ask. “If they didn’t come out on the otherside.. is it possible they were diverted? Perhaps a nearer-by faegate?” He is remaining calm, trying to figure out this puzzle so he may be of some help.

Adrienne’s lips form a thin line, but she inclines her head to the Gate Warden’s words. Her green eyes shift to Graham, and she shakes her head ever so slightly. Seems she does not need to wait for the man’s reply to already assume this is a dead-end.

The two Gate Wardens exchange a brief glance. “No, Sir.”, the one who had witnessed the departure through the gate clarifies. “They didn’t.” The other hrrrms in slight indignation though, when Graham expresses his doubts and wild theories. “With gatesickness?… they would not have been able to return through it so quickly,” He snorts, at the Cassomir’s ignorance. It is the other one, yet again who interjects, in a slightly more helpful manner: “These faegates can be a bit fickle at times, such occurs. It is possible Lady Emilia and Princess Clara have simply been delayed. All I can do is advise you to wait, if…until they re-appear.” He sighs. “I wish, I could give you a different answer, Sir.”

The Lily knight listens to the men’s words though he catches the look from his sister and will not ask further questions his face calm though catching the word ‘if’ makes his eyes glint in a rare way.. wrong choice of wording indeed to use with him though he will nod “Thank you Sir’s.” he comments peacefully looking back to his sister “We could ride to the next nearest gate, but it may all be folly sister.”

Adrienne’s brows furrow at the confirmation from the Gate Keepers. “They could be anywhere. Or nowhere,” she contradicts, shooting Graham a sideways glance. “I believe we will have word from Lonnaire if there is any news…of belated arrival.” Her green eyes shift back to study the two men before them with a glare. “It has been THREE DAYS, by the One!” The implied accusation left at that, as she turns towards her horse, mounting in a slow and somewhat resigned fashion. “Back to the Manse at Sunsreach we should go, brother. To await news there. If there will be any.”

“They will be found safe sister.” Graham says he nods a last time to the gate wardens though and will return back to his horse. “Perhaps you are correct back to Sunreach until we hear something or return to Roseguard.” He will mount up and turn his horse away waiting for his sister before they ride back quickly the way they had come.

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