(1866-08-24) Checking In
Checking In
Summary: Broderick comes to check upon Clara in hearing that she has finally arrived to Lonnaire, but fins Emilia instead.
Date: 1866-08-24
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Recovery Quarter - Lonnaire - Couviere
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What should have been a simple walk through a faegate and appear upon the other side, like every other gate tripe…Had not worked out that way this time for Emilia and Clara. Their arrival had been 'delayed' causing a 'bit' of worry amongst the Lancers and Huntresses sent along to protect and watch over the pair. As well as a few others who had known to expect them. But they had eventually popped out of the gate (Thank the One!) It was just nearly a week later then expected.

The Lancers appointed to Clara had been exceedingly happy to see them, not that the Huntresses weren't pleased by this as well. They had yet been gatesick, even if a bit confused about eveything. Thus they were yet settled away in the quarters set aside for their recovery. A day had passed since their arrival, to late to actually attend any of the wedding festivities. Those certianly of a Tracano bent would know where to seek out at least the young Tracano, it only took a word with a Lancer to gain that knowledge. The rooms were simple, not mean for overly long stays, but comfortable given the high stations, especially the Princess. There was a few cups and a tea pot set out upon a table along with a small selection of biscuits and fruit. Emilia herself was settled off in a chair, her legs pulled up and tucked beneathe her, what seemed to be a sketching pad in her lap. But it seemed untouched as her dark eyes looked off into seemingly no where.

Having travelled primarilly to accompany his aunt, rather than with the royal party, Broderick had missed a fair amount of the panic and surrounding the delay by dint of being entirely unaware anything was amiss. The anonymus nature of the masque hadn't helped either, but a chance encounter with a pair of Lancers shortly before the melee meant he was caught up on the incident pretty quickly. With word that the missing were returned safe, but sick he's left it a day before stopping by, to give them time to recover, and so now he is, expression of faint concern and still with a sore head and ribs. He'll live though, as apparently will they. Wins all round. The Lancer on the door seems content that he isn't some dastidly assassin and so steps inside to announce his arrival to those within.

The panic itself was kept mostly to the party, and perhaps some of the Vigiliant that kept the gate, an attempt to not impact the wedding festivities. Though perhaps some word of apology had been delivered to the Duke so no slight was to be precieved in that way of cross boder politics. The announcement of a visiter had Emilia's attention drawing back from wherever it had gone. A brief look of puzzlement touching her normally stoic features..that the Tracano name is what seems more her to uncurl her feet and seeking to rise. The younger Cassomir is still looking just a touch pale as one might expect. "Sir of Broderick, is is good to be of seeing you again. Though I will of admit, I was not of expecting to see you."

"Nor I you," Broderick admits once the Lancer has withdrawn again. Feeling that perhaps there should be a touch more of an explaination thatn that he notes, "I am not hereas a representative of my House but as fellowship for my aunt, Lady Dawn Bazan, who desired ot attend the festivities. I heard of your arrival" or lack of it, "onlyyesterday, but was informed the sickness had it's grip firm." Moving a few paces into the room he asks, "has my Cousin's suffering eased yet do you know? I looked for her at the melee, but I suspect it was too soon yet."

Emilia does offer a bow of her head to the knight, though does not quite seem to risk a full curtsey. "Ah, that is making more of sense. As I am of knowing that Clara was to be of representing, and had asked me to fo come with her. Thus mine-own House allowed me to be of doing likewise for of them." Not that the Tracano and Cassomir Houses hadn't had a long history. Usually Cassomir's protecting/supporting Tracanos in some fashion. A mild down turn of her mouth in a faint frown,"Though is of seeming we were of missing of everything." There is still a spot of uncertainty and confusion that comes. Days lost…and not knowing where they went. "Oh, of aye, it has eased of some. it was not of so of bad this time…lesser then of usual. But she was still having a spot of light headness this morning. The GateWardens were not of wishing us to be of away until everything was quite of right again with us. So we were not of permitted to make of any attempt for the melee. " There is a mild motion towards one of the chairs,"You can be of waiting to see if she is feeling up to of guests. And if you are not minding of waiting, could perhaps tell me of how the melee of went? Of other events that you attended?"

"The GateWardens are wise," Broderick proclaims gently as he takes the seat offered, "but I am glad that you are both recovering well." Once he's settled he nods to indicate his understanding of all that Emilia says regarding representations and the like before he considers how best to start. "The Melee was won by a Sir Jonathan t'Maren," he starts, going for the easy one first, "there were nine northern knights, with myself and the Lord Warden representing Rivana. It was well faught, but I fear they learnt their lesson from your brother as we were both taken on two-on-one at times." Then there's the ngith of the wedding itself. He has to consider that for a few moments longer before he finsihes with, "the masque was something I am not sure I can fully describe. They were very keen on the mask rather than the person behind it, and yet some very obviously were keeping to their close frinds only. Perhaps there were neuances I missed but it was a fine night all told."

There is a small nod of agreement from Emilia,"They are of wise in of that. It is of best to of keep of watch and ensure we are of well before we depart again." Even if she might find the questions frustrating that had come…more so because she had no answers for them. Her head cants a little as she listens to the events of the tournament, a mild tug at the corners of her lips. A hint of a smile, or really, what most learn amounts to a smile for the young woman. "Of mine-brother, and of mine-cousin as of well, he won of their Cornatation tournament of months back, despite of their best of efforts even. It was quite of the series to watch. Thogh of seeing of the Lord Warden before, I am having of faith that you both of showed them a fine showing, and that there was wisdom in of their tactics. " There is a flickering turn of curiosity when he moves on to the masque, cause well..weddings are all the same. But the masques..they do not have them in the south, and this was to have been Emilia's first to attend. "I have been of hearing of that, the focus is of upon the masque…One is allowed to be of it, then of as they are of every of day. I am thinking, some are of perhaps arranging of customes together, to of tell yet..who is of being of whom. " Emilia settles back with a mild sigh,"Am sorry to have missed, not sure I will have chance again to attend of such a thing. But I am of glad you enjoyed of the night."

Broderick shrugs faintly at her words regarding the melee, and the previous tournement for the Northern King's coronation. "The Lord Warden," he starts, using Thadeus' title rather than his name, "started in a one on one with the knight who would eventually place second. Sir Joffrey I believe his name. I took out one of my attackers just before he was set upon by another. Sir Jonathan took on my second foe so I went to relieve our Warden, although sadly I was to late to aid him much." Is that a hint of a smug grin? Yeah, most liekly, although he's trying not to broadcast just how deeply satisfying it was to remain standing longer than his much renowned cousin. "I believe the concensus was that we accounted ourselves well, I suspect we stood longer than our opponants had planned at least." Definitly a hint of smug there, he can't hid it all, although he does have the good grace not to linger. "I suspect that the dance, I beleive they hold them yearly, is worth visiting once, for the novalty of it if nothing else, but yes, i suspect that you are right in the fore-planning, and must confess to having done somewhat of the same with my aunt so I could ensure that she was not abandoned and overlooked during the festivities. I am not sure I would rush back to partake in another without another reason to be inthe area at the time, but it was definitely worth going for the experience."

"Ah, Sir of Joffrey was of doing of ok, seemed to have much of a following of though, higher of expectations for him, when he competed in of the Coronation Tournament. Least in of hearing of the crowds and their of reactions." The name mostly known got Emilia from her time there, flickers of stories about the northern knights gathered then. A brow raises just slightly in noting the first sign of the smug grin, but nothing is otherwise commented or shown. The Warden being a friend of her brother…but then some days it felt like..who wasn't? She lived in some rather large shadows between Jaren and Raelyn. There is a bit of that tugging to the corners of her lips when he is smug about standing logner then expected,"it is of sounding like you did of well, especially if there was surprise for staning longer then they were of expecting."

Emilia gives a small nod,"Of aye, they are of holding them of yearly. But is not oft of chance for us to of travel on to of them." Wars, disbutes…and the Wraiths of the hosting House, and the Huntresses of House Cassomir..have a long standing rivalry to say the least. "I was of figuring this to be of mine chance with the invitations of given to the wedding, and Clara of wishing company upon of the trip. I have heard the cotumes can be most of elaborate, I had so of wished to see them. Was of the Lady of Dawn enjoying of coming as of well?"

"I can't claim to know much of him," Broderick admits of Joffrey, "I was young during that war, and have faught more since. Nor I'm afraid, can I claim to have seen much of his work yesterday." Being somewhat busy at the time as he was. Noting the eyebrow he tilts his head in consideration for a moment before offering "my uncle is his father, yet his mother has never allowed an easy relationship between our families, nor have I always seen eye to eye with him myself. With his reputation being what it is I can not claim that it was not satisfying to be standing longer than him, especially with the greater odds I'd faced. I hope perhaps one day it will be him and I the last two standing." And then to give Thad the proverbial bloody nose of couse, infront of a huge crowd if possible. Surely everyone is allowed a dream. The question of his aunt gets him back on track though and he nods, "she sees to have. Both at the masque and the melee, although she sat mostly to the sidelines at both."

There is just a faint and brief tug at the corners of Emilia's lips, noting softly,"I was much of young for that of war as of well, Sir of Broderick." Being but an toddler for the Thirty Years War…and all of thirteeen when Ironhold Castle fell in the Succession War. "Am mostly of knowing of Northern Knights from of seeing tournaments where mine-brothers were participating, though really mostly of this of last of one." A hand lightly smooths the tunic worn, being dressed more to a Huntress..then a lady at court that way. Slacks and tunic. "Family can be of that way, and in having met of Sir of Thaddues," no doubt when he hangs with Jaren," can seem much of…stuffy at times. Of perhaps, the One will be of granting such of a thing some of day for you." A small nod comes,"As long as she was of enjoying of herself, that is what is of important. Some of prefer of the sidelines, to be of watching, rather then of partaking. "

Broderick had been old enough to fight, but young enough to still be squired until the very final blows of the war. So perhaps has less of an excuse that Emilia, but there it is. "I tired the tourney seen briefly, so a few faces were known, but it proved difficult for a number of reasons and I hadn't competed for several years before yesterday." Not that he seems to be about to divulge those reason for as soon as they are mentioned he moves on. "I think perhaps that she thinks less of herself than she should, due to her age, or possibly it is a behaviour she has learnt since her marrage, but yes, she seemed happy enough so I did not seek to encourage her to change her ways." Shifting a little in his chair to gain a fraction more comfort he adds, "I hope you and my cousin did not put so much effort into your costumes that it would be accounted a great loss for them to have not been aired. It would be sad for great works of art to go to waste in such a way."

Emilia nods with a hint of understanding, even if he she might not know his reasons specifically,"Not of everyone is of caring for of doing tournaments or finding them to be much to their of liking. Mine-cousin is only of recently of trying of them, outside of the small of one we have in Iron March." Off Circuit and generally for squire and up and coming knights. "Not being of knight, I am much of content to support of mine-familiy and others form the sidelines. Though of admitting, am usually off to of the side." For many a reason she does not…speak of. Her expression perhaps becoming that hint more solemn and stoic though. "Some simply are not of caring for large of crowds." At the mention of the costumes, Emilia does hesitat slightly,"There was some of effort put into of them, and of planning. Though we have not been speaking of what to be of doing about of them. There is still some..disconnect, confusion about what has been of happening." It was taking some to wrap her mind around missing whole days.

Broderick pushes himself to his feet with the faintest of wices as his ribs protest, then strides the few paces to the window so that he can look out as they talk. "He did well to win the tourney then, I've seen knigths who've faught the circuit for years and yet have still to achieve such heights. Should he continue he will likely aid in the rising of your house." Not perhaps as much as Jeran for marrying the queen, but every little helps. "It was he who you were with when we met back in Sunsreach?" He remembers it was another Cassomir, but isn't entirely sure which one. Turning his head to watch her as he notes the confusion he tilts his head in silent apology fo bring up what appears to be a distressing topic, then straightens again and nods, "there will be other balls I am sure. Perhaps they might be fitting, or could be altered to be so, for the wedding itself?" Not that he knows about such things, but it's a positive spin to put on things.

In all fairness, Jaren did also make a name for himself on the tourney circuit..as a Lancer…and well..lots of other things. Walking story book hero, her brother. Emilia nods,"Of aye, he did. Even with not having of good as gear as of many, he was much of surprised. But much of his of experience is not from of the circuit but from of the battlefield of itself." Those little 'wars' gave many a Rivanian life experience. Emilia gives a little nod,"Of aye, that was of him. Graham…he…" she pauses slightly as a thought hit her,"keeps much of watch over me. Is very fretting that of way…and I am of imaging being very of fretful right of now. I am doubting he will be much of allowing me to go on trips without of him now." There is a mild sigh and shake of her head. It would only feed his protective edge, this. His suggestion brings a slight incline of her head,"Not of sure that would of quite work…least not for the of wedding, mine-brother has asked that I of stand with him. I will be of needing something more..of fitting for such. Properly of fashionable." The Queen was known to be a fashion mavine….Whatever Emilia wore would have to be 'perfect'.

Those little wars ahev given Broderick much of his practice as well, and likely account in no little part for how he was able to keep himself up while outnumbered the day before. As for those back home fretting he offers what he hopes is a consoladatiory, "I am sure word will have been sent back now to advise them that all is well, but I can check with the Lancers if you wish to be sure. Or if you have word of your own you wish to be sent now the sickness is easing, something that might reassure him?" He can play postman as far as finding a soldier to pass the role too. "I will also check with them how many your party contains, so that our journeys back can be organised efficiently." Either as one group, or ensuring that Clara's party goes first incase the gate decides to have a huff and not open to Sunsreach for days after the first party departs.

Emilia nods just a little,"It likely of has, but have not been of told about such things. Mostly have been of resting and of speaking with GateWardens." For obvious reasons. They have questions. Even if they get no more answers then with other incidents like such. Rare as they might be. "I will see about something, and have a Huntress of send it of perhaps, if something had not already been of sent. Though he may not fret of less without seeing something in my hand." Or really until Emilia is returned herself. "That would be of a good of idea, though I am of thinking they will of wish for us to of rest for a few of days after the sickness is of passed, before of attempting more of gate travel." Even if there is likely now some trepidation about stepping into a gate…again. "But would be of good to of get it of arranged, I am of agreeing. If you are not of minding to see to of such?" Not that he hadn't already offered or anything. "Of thanking for of that, Sir of Broderick. I should of likely be of seeing some rest and ensure Clara is of recovering of yet."

"I shall see to it," Broderick agrees with a s,iple, yet solid nod as he turns properly away from the window. "I do not yet know my aunt's plans, but I shall enquire of her and then find out what is most fitting, also of the Lord Marshall, see where it is he intends to travel to." Athough perhaps a servant will be sent with that question. "Should you find my cousin awake and off a suitable mood, do pass on my regards for a swift recovery would you? And of course, one for yourself." With little else left to say he take shis leave with a slight tilt of his head and makes for the door.

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