(1866-08-26) Memories of Couviere
Memories Of Couviere
Summary: Rivanans in Lonaire share their memories of their once enemy's lands.
Date: 1866-08-26
Related: None specific, but those surrounding Alina and Gabriel's wedding in general.
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Grand Gardens
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The hard sun of the middle of the day as retreated into a late afternoon cool, aided by a turning of the wind to bring a breeze in from the sea. Having spent much of the afternoon out and about exploring the city and it's sights (and only a couple of taverns), Broderick is now strolling back towards his lodgings in the hope that it might now be time for dinner. His stride is slow and steady, for he's in no rush to get there, more simply tkaing in the surroundings as he ambles back.

Dawn has come to the church to pay her respects, and after it she's walking through the sweeping gardens then. Her hands are folded over underneath her robes and Dawn has an otherwise introspective look upon her face as she looks through some of the flowers, idly noting in her mind which are for scent, which are for poison, and which are for other things from long experience.

Broderick had been tothe lunchtime service so feels his dedications done for the day. It does mean though that he's approaching from a different direction to his aunt, so she becomes recognisable in profile rather than merely another back of a head. "I trust the day finds you well?" he calls once close enough, not wanting to creep up and startle her, "have you seen the Princess yet?"

Dawn shakes her head, "Other than at the Masque, no." She's glancing down over at a small flower to the side, and then speaks quietly, "It is not natural." Meaning the flower. A few moments of thought later. "its' one not native to the realm.. You can tell that none of the insects would ever go near it. They could tell it shouldn't be here.."

Broderick looks to the flower, although he can see no such indications. "Ever a keen eye I see," he replies though, nodding gently, "although I suspect we may mean different Princesses. I'm afraid I was referring to my cousin, Clara. Her and her entourage were due for the celebrations but there was a mishap with the gate and they only arrived just before the melee. I have only spoken with the Lady Cassomir so far, but she claims that our cousin is well, and I see no reason to doubt her."

Dawn shakes her head, "Lovely then. I hope that all is well with her and otherwise. And no, I haven't spoken wtih the Princess. Though I suppose I've only met her in passing then so I would hardly be.." She shakes her head a few moments. "Those were near the trenches. They almost seemed to advance with us when we took part of the countryside. Whenever they were taken back the flowers would vanish only to regrow when we took them over again."

"I hope to at somepoint" notes Broderick, "even if just to see for myself that all is well. I doubt her Majesty would forgive me if I travelled back and told her all was well without having set eyes on the affected party." The two southerners had been making their way through the gardens near the cathedral until a certain flower had caught Dawn's eye, so now they have paused to examine it. Taking another look he frowns slightly thn shakes his head, "I can not say I remember it I'm afraid, but then I was still but a squire then, and had other things on my mind than the local flora."

Dawn sighs, "For the best I suppose. But, bitterness dies a slow, wretched death." She looks down at the planet quietly. "I never thought I would come here again willingly. And perhaps I shouldn't.." She shakes her head, "So much back and forth over the same pieces of ground. Each time we would come in a little, they would burn it and withdraw. Then we would overextend and fall back a bit and they would take it back. Then we would come again and they would withdraw and burn it." Looking quietly at the flower. "And each time we wouldsee that wretched little flower.."

The garden seems to attract many, perhaps curiosity to what gardens in the north are like, or simply escape from the masses of people. Though not all are so easily noticable at first. For Emilia has always walked with a rather soft tread and prehaps goes unnoticed in her own stroll, easily drifting into this or that shadow. Hard to miss though, that soft voice that does gently interject upon catching some of the words being spoken,"We have of done such just as easily within our own of lands." The young Cassomir, a short distance behind the pair, dressed in the simpler fashion of a Huntress, one of which is a short ways off, keeping a bit of an eye upon the future King's sister. There is likely another around somewhere.

"It sounds like a hardy little thing," Broderick replies, noting Dawn's mood and letting her say as much, or as little as she wishes. Crouching to examine it closer he still has no recallection of it, but he does not doubt her words. It's as he straightensthat he hears the other voice and glances over to Emilia. "Lady Cassomir," he greets with a faint nod, "it is good to see you up and about. My aunt and I were just talking of the flower she found. Do you know it also?"

Dawn gives a light bow over to Emilia, "Lady." Otherwise going to cross her arms, "What brings you over to the gardens?" She takes a breath then. "Aye, we did. That does not make it any easier to bear on any lands. And forgive me.. I have far too many bad memories of this realm, and they tend to choke out the more pleasant ones. And it is a hardy little thing, difficult to stamp out but not choking everything around it."

Emilia bows her head to Broderick,"Sir of Broderick, " and to Dawn in turn,"Lady of Dawn." Before her eyes drift to the flower in questions before shaking her head a little,"I am not of familiar with it. But I am mostly of familiar with that which is of aboutIronhold, this is only of my second time into the northern lands." Her drak gaze shifting over to Dawn,"I had of wish to strech my legs and see least a little of Lonnaire before I must be returning." Canting her head just a little as she studies Dawn a moment,"It is ofwithin our own power and choice of which memories to which we cling of to. It is much of easier to remember of the ill, of the bad. Just as it is being of easier to become of lost amongst the shadows and forget of the light. It is of us that give of such power to be of choking out of pleasant or of not."

Broderick lifts a hand to rest it upon Dawn's shoulder shoudl she let him. "We shall be home soon," he says gently, "we have perhaps overstayed ourselves already, but should ensure my cousin's health before we depart, so as I might report it to the Queen on our return. I will not be long now, I promise." Parsing Emiliea's words takes until a moment or two after she has finished but then he nods silently, knowing he can't beat her for words of widom on this score.

Dawn gives a bow over to Emilia, "Aye my lady, your wisdom is impeccable." The parsing of words a little easier for Dawn then as she turns her attention over. "And it is hardest to give up that which we feel has done us ill. And perhaps something that shall take me a little too long to properly do. That does not mean that I should not. But I fear I do not have enough time left in the world with which to do so. But still.. Better something done properly than left to ashes. At the very least I can tend to my own garden and ensure that I do not leave behind mere thorns and thistles."

A faint incline of her head is offered to Broderick,"Clara is of doing of well…Even if we are both perhaps of yet having some lingering…confusion." Not hard to blame either of them for that. Emilia noting,"I am sure she would not mind of a visit, though was of needing to give of pleasantries as well, now that we were of being of here and of recovered." Even if delayed, on all accounts. Emilia dips her head to the compliment paid by Dawn about her words. "It can be of hard to give up such feelings, and it is of taking oftime. Much of time and of difficult of even. But to hold of such wish for ill in return is doing of no of good either. It is of how such of ill continues, doing of onto others who are thought to have of done ill onto of us. Clining to of such, is much of like a hint ofinfection being of allowed to of fester within of a wound. Of aye?"

Broderick gives Dawn's shoulder a faint squeeze as she talks, but still leaves that section of the conversation to the ladies, not being entirely sure what he could say that would be of use to either. They seem to have it striaght between them. On the subject of Clara though he nods to Emilia, remmebering the Queen's words regarding her, "I have not yet been able to find a time when she is receiving," he replies with a rueful shrug, "I seem to find the times when she is eithe rresting or otherwise engaged. I do not dout your word though," he'd've heard something from the lancers for a start were things amiss.

Dawn gives a light nod over to Broderick, "I'm sure that the Queen will meet with you eventually, and if she does not it is not a slight upon you, but mjore likely due to her arranging her affairs for the coming wedding." She lightly folds her hands together and gives another sigh then. "Then again I do not know her at all, so I am not.." She shakes her head then. Giving a bow over to Emilia, "Aye, illness makes it's own bed and spreads it ot others. You are in the right of that. Forgiveness is one of the ways of preventing it's fertility from an ever present infection.."

It was a topic Emilia could talk well to, especialy considering her young age. The event that took most of her family was well enough known to those of Rivana…least those old enough. Emilia dips her head to Broderick,"Being of representiative to of the Queen for of this event, I am fearing there is some of pull yet upon of her time, of duties to of see of to." Thankfully, Emilia only had to deliver the polite turn of words from House Cassomir, Clara was of more interest to those about. Many had also already made for home with the events wrapped up. Noting lightly,"Clara is actually of tasked with seeing to much of the wedding, as of the Queen is being of more of focused to of the up of coming Peace of Talks, and regular of business of the of Kingdom." It was no small task that. Especially with many of the positions of her court yet remaining unfilled. There is a mild tugging to the corners of Emilia's lips,"Forgiveness is of important, is not of meaing we are of forgetting. But are of wililng to of move on, of wishing well enouhg of ourselves to not of allow that which has been doing of ill to keep of us from having of joy, of happiness of yet. "

The cool of an afternoon breeze from the sea has done much to dispell the heat of the middle of the day, meaning a small collection of southerners can gather outside int he gardens near Lonnaire's cathedral. Dawn is stood by a flower that she has been examining, Broderick stands beside her witha a hand on her shoulder and Emilia is a pace or two off with at least one Huntress in sight as well. For now though there's deep conversation going on betwene the ladies while the knight contents himself with dipping in round the edges. For a moment though, after Dawn seaks he blinks in surprise, then offers an apologetic expression, "did that truely slip my mind? You must forgive me for I have had my audience, just before we left for the gate." He keeps the summary short, there's one not born of their house present, but shares, "I am not in the highest of favour, but nor am I banished from court. I was also right in suspecting that efforts may be made to correct my lack of an heir, although not immediately I believe." Then, to Emilia, "I know my cousin must be busy, I just hoped to set eyes on her myself, so that I might report her progress first hand rather than second when I return."

Dawn nods over at Broderick, "In that case, mayhaps you will. I have only had the honor of meeting her in passing.. She is a most astute lady and cares much for the kingdom. It will be in good hands with her." As rosy as Dawn could ever get then, even as she slowly rises up from the flower, and the ill memories, that had been washing over her for awhile then. "And is all well with you, My Lady? Are you finding your time over in the city well?" She lets out a sigh. "And I can at least attempt to move on, as you said. I cannot guarantee it, but I owe it to others who hvae moved on from far worse than I have had then to do so. If they can, how can I not?"

A flash of green silk catches the light as a female figure dashes into view. It would appear to be a joyful young maiden, perhaps the daughter of a merchant or a minor northern lord, judging from the skillful way she navigates the pathways of the gardens, as if she has visited them frequently. For, it doesn't seem like she is a more important figure, for there doesn't seem to be a guard about her. But…a second look betrays that the lady's finery is much too elaborate for a simple lord's daughter. And…just emerging into view is what seems to be a knight or two…in immediately recognizable garb. The undeniable livery of the Royal Lancers. "Princess Clara! Would you please wait for us? You are not safe to traverse these streets alone!"

"Nonsense!" calls back Clara Tracano. "I am as intimate with these streets as any Couvieri. You are just too slow!" The princess laughs as she does slow down…her steps taking her toward the Rivanans already within the Gardens.

There is a mild uptick of a brow, just ever so slight to hear words and talk about correcting the issue of lacking a heir. It was not a great surprise, for the Queen was trying to see her House repopulated, as were several other Houses that had been hit hard by the Succession War. Emilia nod to Broderick,"Is of understandable, and am sure she would be of appreciating of such of effort being of made." A mild nose twitch comes as Dawn speaks of Alysande. Her only response to the kind word about her future sister-in-law. "Of aye, all is of well. Have not had much of chance to see to of much yet, just of getting to be of about as of yesterday. Least of a little. But it has been of nice from what I have of been able to see." There is a tiny little flutter of Emilia's hand in the air as the corners of her lips do that tugging thing again. "It is of good to be of acknowledging of feeling of hand. Helps with of the moving of on. There is of always of those who have suffered of worse, of those who have of suffered of less. Is not being of a contest. But of aye, do be of trying."

The turn of laugher and shouts does cause Emilia's head to turn. Her Huntress watcher already smirking in watching the particular show as Clara yet again gives her guards a run for their money. Though not out right laughing, for knowing how well those very guards were fretting over the girl's 'absence' in recent days. There is a tugging to the corners of Emilia's lips to see Clara, a glance over to Broderick,"See..was of telling she was of fine." A hand raising and giving a fluttering little wave to Clara as she approaches.

Broderick having never, to his knowledge, set eyes on Clara before, Broderick is first taken in by the idea of her as some local, a northern lord's daughter out enjoying the day, and why not after all, the weather is rather fine. He's turning back to the pair infront of him when he the Lances hove into view and then suddenly he's paying them an awful lot of heed, and, by extension, her. "So I see," he replies sideways to Emilia once he's heard the soldier's call, then tilting his chin up so his voice might carry that much further he calls over, "Cousin. It is good to see you up and about as well." There, that should set their paths to collide.

As Clara approaches, Dawn turns her attention and then clasps her hands together and gives a bow, "My Lady, an honor to see you again. I am glad that you do not seem to have taken more disoriented from the faegate." She brings her hands together and then puts them overbehind her back then, after a moment reproaching herself as she recalls Clara's preference for more informalities most of the time then. Ah well, something to remind herself to not partake in the next time she meets.

She glances over at Emilia, and gives the woman a bow, "You have a great deal of wisdom to you. I would hope to get the honor of spending more time with you so that I might partake in some of your lessons. Old ones such as I do not often get the chance to learn new things, after all. And too often I partake but only of my own viewpoint in things."

The twittering wave of Emilia is immediately recognized, causing Clara to quicken her pace, much to the chagrin of her guards. Their fretting melts to relief as it is apparent Clara goes to meet Emilia only. Clara seems positively overjoyed to see Emilia…with none of the unpleasantness of the faegates seeming to affect her. "Why, there you are, Emilia! I was wondering where you went to! I was trying to talk my guard into a ride in the countryside but they are being so overly cautious. It is simply dreadful." The laughter indicates that she is not angry, just amused at the situation. "I tell them I could walk these streets blindfolded, but they are none too keen upon the idea."

A nod is given to Dawn with a soft smile. "Greetings, Lady Dawn. It is a pleasure to see you once more." However…the call of cousin from the male knight gives Clara a moment of pause. With confusion clearly on her face, she offers a hesitate greeting. "Cousin, you say, Sir Knight? My cousin? It seems I collect cousins as one would collect coins in a purse. May I have the honor of your name, good Sir?"

There is actually an uptick of a brow to Dawn's words, Emilia was not used to many wishing to spend more time with her. Her words more often confusing people, unable to follow what is spoken and thus dismissing her outright. She does dip her head slightly,"Itis of good to be of considering many of views, even if not of agreeing with of them. Helps in of under of standing."
The corners of Emilia's lips tug upwards a touch,"Of aye, here I am of being. Was wishing to strech of mine legs, to be of seeing some of things before we are having to be of returning." Knowing that their time would be short, with everything over by the time they got here. Even if that was still hard to quite grasp. "I am of betting they were not of keen of that of idea. Mine HUntresess are not of overly fond of me of going of out and of about. Such promises I am of having to make." Being in the heart of Wraith country had perhaps been a factor too.

Broderick gives the approaching Lancers a nod too, thinking back on how that could have been him had he taken a different path. Apparnetly content enough not to be chasing around after teenagers with far too much energy he instead offers a polite inclination of his head, something of a cross between a shallow bow and a deep nod. "Cousin indeed," he replies with a faintly amused smile, "although not the closest I must admit. We are of the same house though and while I am sure there are those who will bore you with the lineages well enough soon, for now know that I am Broderick, here to escort my aunt here to the festivities and represnt our house in the tournement."

Dawn crosses her arms as she looks from her nephew back to the princesses then with a look of amusement in her eyes. "Aye, you speak well." She gives another nod over to Emilia at the younger woman's words. "And your Huntresses are wise then, and caution is always something best well heeded. Necessary or not, it is always that one time you do not do enough of it that you regret later.." She sighs, and closes her eyes for a half moment before she gives a nod voer at Broderick. "And my nephew, whom has more wisdom than his supposedly wet behind the ears aunt as well. He speaks well. Far better than I have."
She nods lightly over at Clara, "And have you had some time to enjoy the city, events aside? It is my first time here in.. Some time." A slight edge to her voice that she tries to keep faint, admittedly unsuccessfully.

Clara ahs softly and offers a smile to Broderick upon introduction. "Well then, my knightly cousin, well met indeed. You would have to excuse me for not being aware of our relation. I have had only a little over a year to find my true family and it seems my efforts are ever continuing." She turns to Dawn with a light shake of the head. "Alas, through whatever events that taried my travel here that I have yet to comprehend…a trip that should have taken mere moments resulted in a week of lost wanderings. I had not arrived until the night of the tourneys…and I was not about to leave for the tournament so soon." Of course, that might have something to do with the necessary detainment to ensure the princess was quite alright.

Emilia nods to Dawn, agreement upon the wisdom of the Huntresses. Not risking to point out that she herself is a Huntress as well. There were many who did not think that particualr position was wise to bestow upon the young 'touched' woman. Falling silent enough for those moments as introductions are managed. She nods some at Clara's words,"We did come to miss of even of the last of the tournament of events. And there was of wish to least see some of the city before of having to head of back." Or perhaps just not keen to walk into a gate again so soon in discovering whole days had been lost…near a whole week really.

Broderick smiles faintly at Dawn then holds one hand up faintly to Clara, "and I have been absent from Sunsreach for the best part of the last wo years. I am not in the least surprised our paths have not crossed until now." He'd've prefered them to cross afew days ago mind, at the masque, and to have had a Princess of the Realm cheering for him from the stands when he faught, but he can't blame her for those. a thought occurs to him then and he glances back to Emilia for a moment. "I spoke with the Lord Marshall by the way, he is, or perhaps already has, travelled back today with his guards. As such I do not see how his travel plans mwill interfer with any you might draw up for yourself."

'Touched' or not, Dawn is well unaware of Emilia's position as a Huntress. And Dawn goes to cross her arms then and nods over at Broderick, "Aye. Things change. And I doubt any of us, from Commoner to Queen, are familiar with all of our extended families. I think that is a truism from all of the kingdoms to one another." She watches over from Clara and nods, "New family to meet and greet, and hopefully in more pleasant circumstances. And hopefully the remainder of events shall prove fortuitous and of good cheer then before we depart back to our own kingdom."

Emila bows her head to Broderick at the words concerning the Lord Marshall,"I am not of surprised he does not tarry, certinaly of much that he is needing to of see to. But is of good to be of knowing there is not of chance for interference, for of either." Dawns words bring about a small nod from Emilia,"Is of true, always of many cousins that are of un-of-known." All those crazy political marraiges. One could take up a full time job trying to keep track of it all. "Am thinking we will be of tarrying but of a few days of more, before seeking of a return."

"Oh, what events there shall be in Lonnaire for me shall be of my own making, if I have a say." There is a glance back to Clara’s guard, flashing the pair of Lancers the warmest of smiles before she turns to Emilia and tips her a knowing wink. "I had promised Emilia a tour of the city, for I have spent many a day of my childhood here. It is less than what I would want…but I dare not push my luck. Already I fear there may be many questions…from Queen or Church. Most likely both."

That is what scribes and heralds are for. To keep track of all those things. There is a faint smile from Dawn over to Clara, "In such a case, you might enjoy getting a chance to go out in the city, even if you are as familiar with it as you say, which I have no reason to doubt. And I'm sure that you will enjoy your explorations and rediscoveries. Have you not been here in awhile?"

Clara shakes her head. "I fear that I am a more recent visitor than most. Last I was here was for the circuit tournament last season…barely a year ago. Before that, I was under the false impression that I was of another house…vassal to the l'Saigner…andI visited here quite often." The female Tracano pauses…for a moment to collect her thoughts. "things here still have the feel of familiarity. I would truly like to see the forests of Varna…but that will not be. For we have not the time, nor would it be…healthy…for me to do so."

Dawn nods over to Clara, "Then I hope that you enjoy your time here and more times in the future. I.. Do not expect I willcome back here for some times then. But, I have already surprised myself, and as your.. Cousin has said, we all must work towards leting go of the past, and sometimes by facing it it can be aided."

Emilia nods a bit to Clara's words about that promised tour, noting softly,"Not of sure there will be to many more of questions from of the Church, given of what the Gatewardens have already been of asking." And the utterly lack of answers either girl has been able to provide. Nodding just a little as Clara speaks about not having time for a visit to the forests. "Not of sure of when I might of have chance to of return, or when there will be chance for attending of a masque of again." It was to hav ebeen her first. And truly when was there much opening for her to attend such things. There is a glance towards Clara, all the planning on their costumes…that yet remain tucked away in that trunk. "Should of perhaps be of heading of back, before other of Huntresses begin to fret of to much. They are not much caring for me being about to long with so few. It was good to be of seeing you again, Lady of Dawn."

Dawn gives a light bow over to Emilia, "I hope to hear more of your words of wisdom soon enough, Lady Emilia. For I'm sure you have numerous more and that an old one such as myself can always stand to hear such things, and to get a fresh perspective. And be safe then, both for the remainder of your stay in this realm and for the journey back." She gives a light gseture over to Emilia and Clara. "And the forests are lovely." Her voice cracks a bit,softly. "Though I shall never enjoy that aspect of them. That, Id oubt is within my capacity to ever change, from this life to the next."

Emilia offers a small bow to Dawn, since curtsey's just look funny in trousers. "I would be of happy to share what words you might of wish to hear. Not of sure they are all of something to be of considered of wise, but I am knowing I do of oft have a different of view, of perspective upon of things then some." Living through the things she had…did have that effect. "It is always within of one's selft to be of changing, it is part of choice. If you do not believe it is of possible, then it will not be of possible. A thing to be of pondering of upon of perhaps?"

Looking over to Clara, before drifting to give the other's arm a gentle touch,"Will be seeing of again soon. Do not be of giving your poor of guards to many of heart attacks, you know they have been much of worried already. Even if you can well of see to yourself." Offering both one of those odd Emilia smiles, that can barely be considers a smile at all. Before she does start to make her way from the garden, that Huntres falling in beside her in time. Another appearing to do similiar before the garden is fully exited.

Dawn nods lightly and gives a light bow to the Princess, "A good day to you my Lady, and a good journey for the remainder of your stay here and transit back to your home." She glances over at that flower from earlier then. Trying to see the city, the forests, the gardens.. And in her mindscape to not see the walls caked with blood. Closing them for a moment and dismissing the thought, glancing back to Clara, and then to that flower once more.

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