(1866-08-28) A Contract Signed
A Contract Signed
Summary: Raelyn and Stephen's betrothal contract is signed.
Date: 08-28-1866
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A clear, late-summer day finds the Viscount Jaren Cassomir and his sister, the Lady Raelyn on what hopes to be a happy errand. While Jaren would like to simply travel icognito in the colors of his house, it seems Alysande is taking no chances these days, and thus at least a pair of Royal Lancers accompanies him when he's out and about in public. Thankfully, they're also a reasonably good deterrent to well-wishers and would-be hangers-on. Especially with the addition of a Huntress or two (or three counting Raelyn). Jaren still does a lot of smiling and nodding and waving along the way, but finally they reach the Greycen Manse.

Jaren dismounts his horse and hands the reins off to his dutiful squire Liam Haldis, who's already off his own horse, and offers a hand for Raelyn's reins as well, to see them properly cared for while the matters are attended to. And of course a servant goes running to inform the Lord of the Manse that his guests have arrived.

"I don't imagine the actual signing will take terribly long, but knowing Thad he'll have a dinner prepared." Jaren notes, smiling towards Raelyn, "As straightforward as all this has turned out, I should task you with finding a match for Devlin as a test instead…" He teases Raelyn lightly, knowing she's been diligent in her training with the Master Steward, but also knowing she's not the most enthusiastic of students in such matters. "Though perhaps Lord Stephen will be of some aid to you in these matters."

Thaddeus Greycen is in the manse's study at his desk. He knows that the meeting is today and is dressed in appropriate attire to greet the future king and his sister, the future viscountess, the colors of his house. At the desk are a couple of chairs, a sidetable with wine, and three copies of the contract on the table, strangely absent of other parchment or clutter. As Thad waits, he goes and gets some wine for himself.

"I think," Raelyn shoots back at Jaren, for once in proper attire for a Lady of station, an elegant gown of fine forest green instead of her usual Huntress garb (afterall, this is a Courtly affair, even if low key and private), "That you have tasked me enough with running Ironhold, brother-mine." She is in good spirits, however, and shan't be so easily deterred. "A dinner would be fine. I shall make effort to not imbibe so much that I begin singing songs again." This, too, humors her some, as she follows Jaren in to meet their host.

Jaren follows the attending servant through the Manse, grinning sidelong towards Raelyn. "I suppose I have, though taking care of your family's weddings is part and parcel of that." Jaren notes, then nods to her next bit, "That would likely be well. Otherwise we might all join in and set all the dogs and cats in Sunsreach to wailing with our…stirring renditions."

As they are shown into the office, Jaren offers a slight bow from the waist for his host, after stepping aside to allow Raelyn to enter as well. "Lord Thaddeus, a pleasure, as always." Jaren smiles, one that's more laced with genuine warmth for his friend than simply polite, as given to the well-wishers in passing.

Thaddeus nods to the arriving Cassomirs and gives a smile in response, "Your excellency, my lady. If it is acceptable, we can dispense with unnecessary formalities." A hand moves towards the wine table, "Please feel free to the wine and teh chairs. I also extend the greetings of my house and my mother." Thad looks at Raelyn, "I assume you are rather pleased with this?"

"You would assume correctly," Raelyn says not bothering to hide her smile. She does not even oust Jaren for springing this on her the way he did. "Quite pleased. Thank you, Thaddeus." She moves, thus, to take a bit of wine, and to seat herself regally into one of the chairs. "I think this union shall benefit both of our houses, greatly." This is truth. Sincerity.

"Well, if we're dispensing with formalities, I suspect your greeting and your houses' are probably a fair bit warmer than your mother's." Jaren notes, moving to accept a cup of wine and settling into a chair as well. One might take umbrage at such a statement, but there's a tone in Jaren's words that speaks of a jest long held between them. Nothing terribly secret…just the fact that upon meeting her, Jaren did often give Thad a bit of a hard time about his mother…only in jest though, and never lacking for proper respect when it mattered. Because while he may not like Eleanor Greycen terribly much…he does respect her, and greatly. Though Jaren adds, "Also, let me offer a bit of thanks for allowing Stephen to assist with the investigation into our Uncle's murder. While it would be a deep abuse of truth to say Lyssa was pleased by the turn of events, once the reasons were made clear she did agree it was the…least horrible of many horrible possibilities." He shakes his head, "But enough of that…Your mother commissioned a fairly generous contract." Which is to say that both sides are getting a fair amount, and both sides are giving a fair amount. "And given that we're speaking freely…I'd venture that she would be able to count upon Raelyn's support when the Archducal elections arise." Because the "read between the lines" meaning of the generosity was there, even if not openly stated. "I may be required to be more outwardly neutral by that point…but I'll do what I can."

Thaddeus takes a seat and snorts in amusement at Jaren's remark. "I underestand entirely, and I am sure that Stephen was glad to help you." He rubs his chin and gestures to the contracts, "Indeed, our houses are aligned in purpose and have fought alongside each other, it makes sense that we should be bound in blood and it should be fairly done. And yes, the time for such a thing is coming, I will not lie, though I would have liked to think that we are natural allies with this marriage or not." He shrugs, "But it is what it is, you deserve a fair contract. Besides, who else is there to support that would be worthy for the job?"

Raelyn sighs just a bit, shaking her head. She sips at her wine, looking pointedly at Jaren, then looking back to Thaddeus, "In truth I was looking towards your house before Alyssande and Jaren's contract was even known. Or I had met Stephen. I am not entirely keen on marriage, but I do have duty. And I do desire children of my own, to teach." At this, she smiles. "But, if for all we've been through the One chooses to bless a small part of my life, his life, with a marriage that suits as well as contents? Then I shall not complain."

Jaren laughs a bit, but warmly, "You and I see that the alliance was already in place. Raelyn does. Stephen does. Even Devlin and Emilia would. But your mother? She would still hedge her bet." Which is to say the woman takes little for granted, much less without putting her own stamp upon it somehow. "As for other candidates, I'm not here to proclaim anyone's virtues, but you know well that I know Darren Haldis for a better man than you would credit him with. Not a better candidate, but a viable one. Symon Gerrell will have to make a token attempt, but ultimately Normont's votes may be what decides the whole affair." He shrugs, chuckling after a sip from his wine, "But we can talk these politics another time. We've a contract to sign, and given that Raelyn, in her future position as Viscountess will be the one more bound by its' terms, I'd like her to have the primary signature for our house, and I will undersign."

Thaddeus nods, "I understand, the duty of being an heir is not lost on me. I am glad that you and Stephen will be pleased with this." He looks to Jaren and continues, "No sense in hashing that out here, as it is likely not going to accomplish anything." He nods again at the mention of having Raelyn sign, "If you wish for her to be your proxy, you have that right, just as I am my mother's." He points to the three copies, "One is for our house, one is for yours, and a third is for the couple to be. It is all fairly straightforward and pretty much a formality."

At least for her part, Raelyn is alert, and paying close attention. She's not attended one of these functions before and it is perhaps ironic the first she is, and learning from, is her own. She inclines her head easily to the suggestion, agreeable. "I shall so sign," she agrees. And, taking up quill and ink, she carefully signs each in her elegant writing style.

"I'd wager we're all going to be sick to death of politics in weeks to come." Jaren notes with no small degree of rueful humor at the realization. When Raelyn is finished signing, he takes up the quill and does indeed undersign. A mere formality, indeed. "Likely the last of these I'll have to sign." He chuckles a bit, "Almost makes me wish I'd had more of them to do so…almost."

Thaddeus listens and laughs. While he is signing his own to the documents he says to Jaren, "And these are my first. And considering the status of my other siblings and cousins, there will likely be more to come." He then pushes the documents towards their assigned owners. "Well, that was relatively painless, and yes, more politics is to come, but at least htere will be a tourney, but I doubt the Queen will allow you to ride?"

"I'll be certain, Jaren, to save a stack for you when you visit Ironhold, then. It's the least I can do," mentions Raelyn in regards to the paperwork. She looks, curiously to Jaren, her mind of simliar like to Thaddeus', however. But she doesn't inquire, as Thaddeus already has.

"Who'd have thought we'd live to see such days? Signing marriage contracts and talking about Archducal elections…." Jaren notes to Thaddeus, and though the smile is genuine, there's a touch of melancholy to it in remembrance of those that did not complete the journey with them, but it fades quickly, masked momentarily by another sip of wine. "Oh I'm sure there will still be plenty of correspondence for me to deal with. Alysande isn't likely to allow me to simply be a trophy husband, I fear." He glances to Thaddeus at his question and laughs softly, "I suspect if I truly had any desire to compete, she would not expressly forbid it, but better for me to stand aside and watch others find their glory, as my Cousin did in Couviere. Besides, my heart was never really in the tourneys after the War." Even if he still often won them when he did compete. "But I think Graham will be competing again. So hopefully he might start a streak. Been a long time since a Cassomir was a Circuit Champion." Since before the advent of the Thirty Years' War, to be precise, and by more than a few decades.

"Ha," Thaddeus says with a hollow laugh. He nods and sighs, "Damn, we could have used your sword at the last one and that damn Couveiri wolfpack is enough to cause us problems. But your kinsman's sword will be most welcome." The last statement gets an eyebrow raise, "To be fair, you could have claimed it if you had riden at the final tourney last year."

A smug smile touches Raelyn's lips, for she knows Thaddeus' words to be true. And mayhap she even spoke them to Jaren, but she says little enough on that particular subject, only, "Graham did a fine job taking your place, Jaren. Who knows. He might even be better." Warm teasing, in Raelyn's words. She looks at Thaddeus, pointing out, "They've only one decent archer amongst them though that ever goes to competition. In that respect, my Huntresses and I shall hold much sway still. Fear not, Thaddeus. The arrow is quicker than the sword, afterall. And from a lot further off." She winsk.

"Perhaps he is, or will be, one day." Jaren notes of Graham to Raelyn with a small smile, and adds to Thaddeus, "Devlin wasn't out of striking distance by the final tourney last year. A long-shot, perhaps, but I didn't want to rob him of his chance." And Jaren had enough points that barring a massive upset he likely would have handily won the Circuit. "I was pleased with my performance in the Tourneys I did compete in. That was enough." He grins at Raelyn, "I knew we kept you and your Huntresses around for a reason."

"Indeed, though I pray we have more this next time fighting alongside us." Thaddeus smiles and relaxes in his seat and takes a drink. "Indeed, though hopefully the champion will be a Rivanan this go around. Though I would have liked to see my in-laws' true reactions to us sweeping their coronation tournament!"

"Does Stephen know yet?" Inquires Raelyn, oddly it having taken this long for her to find courage or gumption enough to ask the question that's been gnawing on her a little bit. She can't help but smile, as she asks.

"I'll drink to a Rivanan champion." Jaren grins, lifting his cup in the semblance of a toast before sipping once more. He glances to Raelyn when she speaks up, then turns back to Thaddeus, curious as to the answer.

Thaddeus raises his cup in response and takes a drink. He sets it aside and rises, "Well. I am glad that we were able to conclude a rather enjoyable piece of business. I shall send my mother your regards." Thad grins and looks to Raelyn, "He does not, but I ask for the privilege of telling him. I have something in mind." He takes a breath and continues, "But I am glad you all came by, and we should speak again soon."

Raelyn looks vaugely disappointed that she will not be able to 'break the news' to Stephen, such as it is, but nods to Thaddeus, "The priviledge shall be yours. And thank you for your hospitality, Thaddeus." She raises her own cup to toast, before finishing off the evening with her brother, and her friend.

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